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North Korea

Remember that I have been telling you that the North Korean soldiers are poorly fed and malnourished?

I got this from SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"The fate of the North Korean soldier who seriously injured by North Korean gunfire as he fled across the demilitarized zone into South Korea last week remains uncertain, but doctors may have already learned quite a bit about the state of the North Korean military through their attempts to save the life of the badly injured man.

The soldier had driven a military jeep into the Joint Security Area dividing North and South Korean territory, where according to reports, he was already taking fire from North Korean troops. The soldier then fled the disabled vehicle and was hit by North Korean rounds five times as he scrambled into South Korean territory. The defector collapsed some 55 yards past the border, where South Korea troops low crawled to his aid, removing him from the scene and loading him onto a UN Medevac for transport to a hospital near Seoul.

Once the North Korean soldier was brought in for life saving surgery, however, doctors discovered some horrific clues regarding that condition of North Korea's military, and possibly, their populace at large. The soldier's unconscious body was riddled with parasitic worms; some reaching lengths as long as 11 inches."


"North Korean soldiers, particularly those stationed at or around the Joint Security Area, are traditionally better fed and cared for than those tasked elsewhere in the nation. That's not merely a security precaution, but like so many of North Korea's efforts to manage perceptions of the nation from beyond its borders, it is intended to convey the health and vitality of Kim's regime. Beyond the worm infestation, doctors also found hardened kernels of corn in the defectors stomach, suggesting food rations must be significantly limited, otherwise the soldier likely wouldn't have resorted to eating them."


"Although the famine of the 90's has subsided, it is believed North Korean citizens suffer from widespread malnutrition, stunting the growth of many young people within the state.

The defector, for instance, is believed to be in his late 20s, though he stands only 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs just more than 130 pounds. By comparison, the average South Korean high school student just past the border stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs in at around 154 pounds."

Not bad observations on my part.

If we just bomb their troops with millions of cheese burgers before we send our troops in, they will be too busy eating to fight our troops.

Listen, when their health is that bad, they won't have as much strength and endurance, won't react as quickly or well, and won't think as well. The North Korean troops are seriously disadvantaged by bad health and don't be surprised that, when the shooting starts, most quickly surrender just for food, you know, using a little psychological warfare.

Tyrants tend to have very little loyalty from their abused people.

I got this from another article at SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he has designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, reversing President George W. Bush's 2008 decision.

'Today, the United States is designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism,' Trump told reporters at the White House. 'Should have happened a long time ago should have happened years ago.'"

This is probably to further justify war with North Korea.

Saudi Arabia

The purge in Saudi Arabia is pretty serious. I got this from SOFREP by staff:

"Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, the son of the late King Abdullah who was once considered a future crown prince, was beaten and tortured, along with five other princes, when he was arrested and interrogated in Riyadh during the ongoing political purge in the kingdom, Middle East Eye has confirmed."

Yep, it is a power struggle, just like I told you and it is just about global now.

BTW, I forget to tell you that the coup in Zimbabwe is also a power struggle, just in case you didn't figure it out. Maybe it is part of the rest of this global power struggle. I am waiting for more intel on that.

I just found out that Mugabe has resigned. They probably threatened to kill him, if he didn't.

Feminist Power Struggle

I got this from Breitbart by AFP:

"New York (AFP) - Sixty percent of US women voters say they have experienced sexual harassment and more than two-thirds of them said it happened at work, a nationwide poll revealed Tuesday."

This is clearly a feminist uprising to subjugate men and seize control of the US. From what I am reading, if you just asked a woman for sex, it is being considered sexual harassment.

So, how is that free sex thingy working out? Paying for it now, are we? You mean adultery has a price, you know, just like God warned us?

Gee, I guess that wasn't so free after all.

Are you guys ready for a little Christian celibacy now? Is God's way looking better yet?

I bet I can think of more than a few men who wish they had been celibate, you know, before free sex and adultery ruined their lives. Yep, Christianity is looking better every day.

Speaking of power struggles, have you noticed how hard Mitch McConnell is working to defeat Roy Moore?

Mitch is clearly afraid of Roy and that alone makes Roy worth voting for.


Some of the people in Europe are fighting back and making some progress against Islam. I got this from Breitbart by Simon Kent:

"French authorities have banned mass Muslim prayers from a Paris street after clashes between worshippers and protesters angry their public square had turned into an open air mosque.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb confirmed the move and said local police authorities have the power to forcibly act this Friday.

'They will not have prayers on the street, we will prevent street praying, Collomb told Franceinfo. 'We will make sure we resolve this conflict in the next few weeks.'"

Is it too little too late?

BTW, increasing numbers of people are asking for Merkel to step down for a younger person to take over.

Hey, where did the EU go? Wasn't it here a moment ago?


Remember that there are two schools of thought concerning who Gog and Magog will be, Turkey or Russia?

There is a third possibility, a combined force from Turkey and Russia. Russia and Turkey are getting much closer and are having a meeting about the destruction of ISIS and what will now happen in the area next.

I am keeping an eye on this.

Food For Thought

God created man in one day with His first try from scratch, you know, from dust.

Man has been trying to create a robot man for years and still isn't even close in performance and ability.

And we think we are smarter than God?

Think about it.

My Lessons

Over the years I have come to realize that God has caused things to happen in my life so I could teach you more about those things. You pay closest attention to things when they are personal to you, especially for survival, which is one reason why God has plunged me into poverty and permitted my illness to get so severe.

For example, God caused me to lose my Los Angeles Racing Team to my evil ex-wife and her slimy attorney so I would go back to college to study law so I could protect my future sports programs, my athletes, and myself from such predation by unscrupulous people or thieves. Then God had me get an MBA while studying law so I would be taught to play the upper class trash games the upper class trash are playing to steal from you so I could blow the whistle on them by telling you what they really are doing to open your eyes to their criminal activities. Then God plunged me into poverty so I would pay closer attention to what the upper class trash are doing instead of me running a business.

I see those upper class trash playing those games every day at your expense and try to tell you about them as much as possible. In economics, they have a thingy they call the "basket" in which they put the factors they use for determining your increase in cost of living so they can increase your Social Security benefits to prevent your Social Security from declining in buying power.

The problem is that the criminals running the government intentionally manipulate that basket by removing and adding things so that your cost of living benefits will increase less than the real cost of living so you will get less so they can steal more. Remember that I was trained in college to play that game and recognize what they are doing.

Obama intentionally had them remove three of the most important factors for determining real cost of living increase so your Social Security buying power would increase the least because of him increasing your Social Security cost of living benefits the least so he could steal more (I am also trained to know how to steal more from you). Your Social Security buying power has been steadily decreasing while their buying power was quickly increasing, especially under Obama, and it would have gotten much worse under Hillary. You better than God for the reprieve we call Trump.

The people this hurt the most were the lower-middle and lower classes, proving that Obama and company (read lefties in both parties, i.e. RINOs) don't care anything about the poor; they prey on the poor.

When they say they care about the poor or pretend to care about the poor, they are blatantly lying. The only thing the pagan lefties care about is themselves and that should be getting increasingly obvious by now but I have been telling you about it for almost two decades.

"Warning, Will Robinson, warning!"

When I see these criminal activities against the people, it infuriates me. Remember that Jesus said that we are not to persecute the poor because the poor are His; hint, hint; it infuriates Jesus too.

How do these animals justify this stealing from the poor so they can sleep at night?

First, they have no Christian morals, values, or ethics, which makes it much easier to sleep at night when preying on poor people.

Second, remember that they teach you that the reason poor people are poor is because poor people are lazy and stupid?

Them justifying stealing from the poor is one of the reasons the lefties teach that lie. Their derailed train of thought is, "Since the poor are poor because they are lazy and stupid, it is their fault and, therefore, it is alright to steal from them."

Get the picture yet?

They don't care about Jesus' poor. They prey on Jesus' poor and then pretend to be Christians so you will keep voting for them, which is blaspheme because they are using God's name to commit crimes.

BTW, I am convinced that there should be no taxes other than a Biblical flat 10% income tax because all other taxes, especially land taxes and sales taxes hurt the poor the worst. Every new tax the upper class trash add is just so they can steal more faster and their excuses are just lies. Global warming and their carbon tax is just so the upper class trash can steal more faster. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything else.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

These evil monsters are cursed and how do I know that?

The Bible tells me they are cursed because they rape and murder children and Jesus said that ANYONE who harms the least of the children is cursed.

And what happens to people who are cursed?

The Bible says they spend eternity burning in the Lake of Fire.

And I bet many of you think (because you were brainwashed by the upper class trash to believe) that I am being barbaric when I speak of having these vile animals drawn and quartered or skinned alive because they don't want you to even think of doing such things to them. Oh no, holding them accountable for their evil, vile crimes would be "uncivilized".

Listen, I have used my training in biology, the sports sciences, and sports medicine along with experiences as an athlete, experiences with injuries and illnesses, friends' medical problems, and having endured pain so severe that it caused my mind to overload and pass out to think about this in detail. I know how to inflict far worse pain on the human body than being drawn and quartered or skinned alive for much longer; so severe you WILL commit suicide, if given a chance (I had a good friend who swallowed a 12 gauge because a bad surgery caused more pain than he could bare), but I can't even begin to think of anything that could cause the pain and suffering Jesus has planned for these animals FOREVER and they won't be able to commit suicide to relieve the pain.

These evil pagan beast being drawn and quartered or skinned alive for their vile crimes is NOTHING compared to what Jesus has waiting for them when you have finished with the vile upper class trash. Hell is much worse than anything you can do to them and Hell is nothing compared to the Lake of Fire, where the fire is so hot that all impurities will be burned off so there will be absolutely no light.

At least in Hell, the Bible teaches us that people can see because there are still impurities giving off light but, in the Lake of Fire, the Bible teaches it will be completely black so that the darkness seems to go into their souls, which should tell you that ALL of the impurities will be burned off because the heat will be much, much greater. The Lake of Fire is the hottest fire in all existence and your soul is indestructible so you will never cease to exist and must endure that pain FOREVER.

Compared to Jesus, I am being nice to these beasts when I just want to see them drawn and quartered or skinned alive so everyone gets to hear them scream for a while. The 2 to 4 hours it takes to die from being drawn and quartered or the 3 to 4 days it takes to die from being skinned alive is NOTHING compared to eternal damnation. Plus you take into consideration that the human mind can only take so much pain before it shuts down and you pass out but your soul can't do that, it will be awake and enduring the much more intense pain FOREVER. There will be no relief or hope in the Lake of Fire.

BELIEVE ME, I thank and praise God for my salvation every time I think about this, usually several times a day. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to spend eternity burning in the Lake of Fire and you shouldn't either, which is why I regularly use this site to spread the gospel of salvation through Jesus the Christ. If you read this site and you burn in Hell, you can't blame me, baby. I warn you regularly, which is why I started including John 3:16 at the bottom of all of my essays.

So, me wanting to have at least the worst of these monsters drawn and quartered or skinned alive for their evil crimes they commit against you is NOTHING compared to what Jesus has waiting for them when the monsters finish dying from my punishment. The vile beasts will be going from bad to much worse in an instant.

What blows my mind is when the pagans sell their souls to Satan for things they will lose when they die and end up spending eternity burning in the Lake of Fire. When you die, the only two things you can take from this life are your soul and your salvation. If you don't have salvation when you leave this life, you don't have anything.

Wealth, power, sex, and fame are very, very limited and only for the very, very brief period of time you are on this planet. It just doesn't make sense to sell out your soul for even 1,000 years of wealth, power, sex, and fame to end up in eternal damnation, which is why I can't lie, cheat, or steal. That is absolutely the worst deal you can make, baby.

Selling your soul into eternal damnation for less than 100 years of wealth, power, sex, and fame?

You have to be really stupid to make that deal but billions do AND they think they are the smart ones...until they get to Hell.

Hey, I can easily be celibate, poor, unknown, and weak for a few hundred years to avoid eternal damnation and make it to eternal Paradise with Jesus, gladly, in a heartbeat, baby. No tough choice there. I sold my soul to Jesus a long time ago and got the best deal possible. What a bargain. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Satan offered me his very best and I turned it down for what Jesus offered. It was a no brainer. Satan told me he wanted me to be his Antichrist during the Tribulation and I told him to stuff it because ruling the entire planet for even 1,000 years, much less the few years the Antichrist will actually rule, being the richest man in history, and having sex with anyone and everyone I wanted is NOT worth eternal damnation. Billy Boy Clinton can have that deal; I don't want it. Satan's deal sucks big time and FOREVER!

What did Jesus offer me?

His love and that He would take care of me. That is all and Jesus' love is easily worth much more than ruling the world, all of the wealth in the world, sex with anyone and everyone or anything else. Yep, I turned Satan's offer down for God's love and, when I think about it, it overwhelms me with joy. I got the best deal you could get, baby.

Hey, I have my salvation to take from this life with me.

What do you have, nothing? Are you going to leave life empty handed because you made the wrong deal and had to leave everything behind?

If you can read this, it isn't too late to renegotiate that deal. Just read John 3:16 below.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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