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I was just reading an article at SOFREP where some "careerist" officers and upper level NCOs are forcing our special operations like Green Berets and SEALs to pass women through their qualifications at lower standards and this always infuriates me because it helps no one but our enemies. A lot of good people are going to die to promote the careers of these jerks.

Stupid stuff like this is always done by what they are today calling careerist officers and NCOs and we called "lifers" who are promoting their careers by doing politically correct things at the expense of the military to get promotions from other lifers.

I don't care how wonderfully sounding the fairy tales are you dream up while smoking dope in your white palaces, they are still stupid fairy tales that won't work in reality and, in this case, will get both the men and women killed.

This fairy tale is based on the feminist mythical belief that women can be as good at everything as men, you know, the feminist Amazon thingy and not reality.

When I was coaching bicycle road racing and founded the Los Angeles Racing Team (LART) in LA, California, I quickly built the best women's team in the US and one of the best in the world along with one of the top 5 to 10 men's teams in the US and probably top 30 men's teams in the world by training beginners up from scratch.

There were times my women swept the podium against the best women's teams in the US and some of the best in the world, taking the first three places and many more times that they took 5 of the top 6 places. They didn't just beat the top teams in the US, they crushed them. LART was clearly the very best women's team in the US and women from other top teams told me so. There was no doubt about it and no room for discussion.

There were a few of my very best women who decided to ride against the best men and they ALL got their butts handed to them. They were hammered. They couldn't even do what we called, "ride at the front of the pack", which was to go to the front of the peloton and trade blows with the best of the men, you know, slug it out. NOT ONE ever rode front of the pack against the best men and, believe me, if one had, they would have made the cover on every cycling publication in the world.

The best my best women could do against the men was hang in and finish in the pack. Then they would ALWAYS come to me telling me how much faster and stronger the men were and return to women's racing where they controlled, they hammered, they dominated, and they won.

I had a weekly fast paced training race on a one mile course for everyone, men, women, juniors, and masters, that was designed to cause the riders to race as aggressively as possible to build their fitness as much as possible. The men went to the front and furiously blasted each other again and again. The women would make it to the front top 10 positions when things slowed down for a minute and get hammered back into the pack at the next attack. The men dominated the front of the pack and the women, juniors, and masters rode hard for pack position, usually about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way back in the pack.

If you want to see the real differences between men and women, coach men's and women's marathon sports teams at the same time the way I did. There are HUGE differences between men and women, both physically and mentally.

This transgender thing should prove this to everyone because men who are losers against other men are CRUSHING the best women in women's sports and this should not be allowed. I warned you about this when the transgender thing started and loser men are now taking over women's sports leaving the women with NOTHING!

And this all because of this idiot feminist bull crap that women can be as good as men at everything. Yeah, tell it to the women who are being crushed by the transgender men who were losers against the best men. The best women can't even compete against the loser men much less the best men.

Now, you lower the standards for women to get into the best US combat units to face the best men from other nations and our nation will lose its first war and that is a very easy prediction based on science, experience, and common sense. You watch, it isn't if but when will the US send a mixed combat team into battle and that team will get slaughtered and, when that happens, everyone who promoted this politically correct fairy tale should be hung for treason, EVERYONE, all of the generals, all of the politicians, all of the media, all of the college professors, ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE!

This is some of the worst insanity dreamed up by our stupid lefties and it is going to get a bunch of good soldiers murdered. We are talking a major massacre here, people, on the scale of the Little Big Horn or worse. It will easily dwarf any US military loss we have ever had.

Don't believe me?

Coach men's and women's marathon sports teams at the same time, have them train together on a regular basis to help the women get stronger the way I did, and then tell me about it.

The one thing this leftist insanity will do is open people's eyes about the leftist insanity, especially the feminist lies and myths. Unfortunately, some good people will have to die to open those eyes and the idiots who caused it should ALL be executed for treason.

The lefties are great sounding idiots.

North Korea

I just read over at SOFREP that the day after Russia assured the US that North Korea had stopped its missile testing, partly because it has been a few months since their last test, North Korea launched another missile test. This test was supposedly to test North Korea's ability to move a missile to another sight and launch it to prevent the US from being able to hit the missile because it had moved.


I am going to share with you some of the key elements in this story for you to think about. Note that the copied material will all be from an article at SOFREP by Alex Hollings.

1. "U.S. and South Korean experts have been anticipating this test for days, as North Korea has been observed relocating potentially nuclear ballistic missile equipment leading up to the launch."

In other words, we knew about this secret launch before it happened and were waiting for it.

2. "Relocating missile assets prior to the launch would seem to indicate that North Korea is preparing for the possibility of U.S. and allied reprisals to an offensive attack."

Gee, you think the US watched Kimmy Boy relocate his missile equipment for the launch and knew where it was going to be launched from before Kimmy Boy even got his missile setup to launch so they knew where to destroy it?

Probably, but it gets better.

3. "Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Japanese Coast Guard saw the missile splash down in the Sea of Japan, within the nation's exclusive economic zone."

Gee, you don't think the US knew approximately where that missile was going to land and had Japanese ships in the area to give an exact location for the sunken missile so the US Navy could salvage the missile, take that missile to a hanger on a US base for our top engineers to reverse engineer it, do you? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, the US could have easily shot that missile down and the only reason the US is not shooting Kimmy Boy's missiles down is because the US doesn't want to discourage Kimmy Boy from sending the US more free samples of Kimmy Boy's best weapons technology to reverse engineer, do you?


4. "Immediately after the North Korean launch, South Korea's military conducted a missile firing test of their own."

Actually, South Korea fired 3 missiles.

Gee, you think that with that missile firing being on such short notice that it was planned in advance to send a message to Kimmy Boy that, "We are ready for you"?

There sure were a lot of coincidences in this thing, don't you think?

Now, do you better understand why I am not worried about the "Great Kimmy Boy" but am concerned enough to keep an eye on him?

Listen, Al Quaeda got the jump on the US because Billy Boy Clinton had torn down the US military and intelligence agencies so terribly bad that we just couldn't see it coming and Bush didn't immediately start rebuilding those agencies when he got in office the way Trump did. Because of that, 9/11 convinced most people that the US military and intelligence agencies are more vulnerable than they really are and that the enemies are more capable than they really are.

This is not Billy Boy Clintons military and intelligence agencies. It is Trump's and he is doing a much, much better job of rebuilding them after Obama than Bush did after Billy Boy. I have a very good idea of what the US is capable of when not hamstrung by the lefty traitor presidents. Under Obama, I was much more concerned because I could see the damage he was doing and I now see how Trump is quickly undoing that damage. We still have a ways to go but it gets better every day in spite of the lefties still working from within to destroy the US.

Will the Deep State cause more damage and trouble until they are cleaned out?

Yes, and they should all be hung for treason, but they are clearly becoming less and less capable by the day and there is still a lot of work to be done because the four previous presidents did a lot of damage, especially Bush I, Billy Boy, and Obama.

Here is a little extra interesting information about North Korea from Breitbart by James Zumwalt:

"Interestingly, while defections from North to South Korea before 2000 numbered about a hundred total, there have been more than 30,000 since 2000. Evidence that living life in the North is brutal, enough people have escaped there in numbers sufficient to populate a smaller nation in the world. Despite the regime's promotion of the fantasy that life in the North is utopia, those living in that utopia know differently."

Good old communism hard at work destroying people's lives.

Yeah, things are not doing too well in North Korea regardless of what the lying lefty commie traitors want to believe or say. That is better than 1,764 escapes per year or better than 4.8 escapes per day.

Gee, I wonder how many people are escaping from the US to a communist country per day? Don't you wish a few of our lefties would escape to North Korea?


Remember that I told you that the Muslims would set up feudal states and wage war against the rest of Europe to conquer Europe for Islam?

I got this from SPEISA by staff:

"A French academic has suggested creating a Muslim state within France in order to prevent a civil war.

Professor Christian de Moliner claims that a second society has formed in France, which he described as: "A branch that wants to settle their lives on religious values and is fundamentally opposed to the liberal consensus on which our country was founded.

'We can never convert the 30% of Muslims who demand the introduction of sharia law to the merits of our democracy and secularism.

'We are now allowing segregation to take place that does not say its name. Rather than veil the face or adopt unimaginable measures in democracy (remigration, forced evictions of the most radical), why not establish a dual system of law in France?'"

"Hey, just give the Muslims their own feudal states and there will be peace in spite of the fact that the Muslims already have their own feudal states and there still isn't peace."

Yeah, that will work; the Muslims will just use their new feudal states to wage war against what is left of France to conquer and seize control of the rest of France and the idiots still have not figured it out.

Is this simpleton an idiot or what?

France is also almost gone.

Know this, when the Muslims take over even just most of Europe, there will no longer be an EU.

I also got this from the Daily Crusader By : Joshua Alayon:

"Over 500 Muslim 'refugees' joined in a violent protest against Christianity in Brussels, looting and destroying all public Christmas displays they could find.

Why did they do this? Simple - Morocco just qualified for the world cup, and this is how they showed their national pride - by destroying Christian displays.

Scenes like this are becoming more and more commonplace all over the Western world, as the powers that be bend over backwards to appease Muslims and pay jizya in any form they can.

At least 22 police officers were injured. Civilian injuries have not been tabulated, per the EU law against publicly sharing information about non-muslim victims of Muslim crime.

Countless stores and vehicles were also destroyed by these members of the 'religion of peace.'"

Yep, tiny Belgium is going the way of France and Sweden. The EU is about finished.

In Germany, the mayor of the German town, Altene, was attacked by knife because of his pro immigrant policy. The Germans are increasingly fed up with the upper class trash and clearly want to kill the upper class trash to stop them.

I told you that, when enough of you got mad enough, almost all of you will be willing to kill the upper class trash to permanently stop them. History teaches that the upper class trash will abuse their power only so much to steal more faster and enough people will get mad enough to kill the upper class trash and that is already starting to happen.

But, do you think the upper class trash will learn from this bow shot and stop abusing their power?

Of course not, they are too power mad, greedy, and arrogant to learn. They will just increase their personal security, pass stricter laws against those they are stealing from, and continue abusing their power to steal more faster until it is their turn to be killed. They will finally learn when their butts bounce off the bottom of Hell.

Listen, these evil beasts are given more opportunity by God than everyone else combined because they control better than 95% of the wealth in the world, which isn't enough for them, and they waste that opportunity by choosing to spend their entire lives learning to steal more faster until they lose everything and are plunged into the bowels of Hell, which is the only thing that ever stops their criminal activity.

When you see these evil beasts being lead to the executioner, don't waste your sympathy on them because they have earned Hell more than anyone else by refusing to learn from history and their ancestors' mistakes to not abuse their power for their own insane and selfish lusts to steal more faster. If they refuse to learn from history to not abuse their power, then they deserve to repeat history with a onetime visit to the executioner. Remember that these evil people chose to be the evil beasts of your nightmares while pretending to be saints and have earned their eternal stay in Hell more than everyone else. No one forced them to be the vile criminals they are.

Current events are already proving this to be true and all I am doing is pointing it out to you. The EU is dead but it just has not stopped kicking yet because the vile upper class trash refuse to stop abusing their power to steal more faster. The evil idiots running these nations are too stupid to figure out that they have already caused themselves to lose their overpaid jobs because of their own stupidity because, either the people will vote the corrupt politicians out before it is too late or the Muslims will vote the corrupt politicians out because it is too late, but the idiot politicians will get voted out of their overpaid jobs because of their insane corruption. The only question is when and why.

Since Georgie Boy Soros just burned $18 billion in an act of desperation to save his failing plans, I am waiting for his spoiled rich brats, you know, his kids, to have Georgie Boy institutionalized as incompetent before Georgie Boy can insanely burn all of their inheritance. That will be fun to watch.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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