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Lena Dunham is saying that she warned Hillary about Weinstein being a sexual predator before Hillary took a bribe...uh...I mean, donation from Weinstein.

Is this the younger feminists also trying to stage a coup against the older feminists to get rid of all of the older power brokers?

How long do you think it will be before Lena Dunham commits suicide, you know, with two bullets to the back of the head?


I am watching something you should also watch.

It is very apparent that the younger lefty coup against the older lefties or lefty puppets is being staged by the upper class trash, you know, Soros and company. Their game plan is failing so they have regrouped, reorganized, and they are purging the older puppets who are now damaged goods because they sold their credibility for the globalist cause. Fewer and fewer people are believing and willing to follow the older puppets, they are used up, and are being thrown away, you know, just like the younger puppets will be some day. All of you lefties are throw away people just like I have been telling you for years and the upper class trash is proving it.

This is very critical because this is all being done just before the 2018 primaries begin so expect to see younger, new, more trusting faces this coming spring that are not already known to be liars and criminals so more people will trust them. The upper class trash are doing this to close the eyes of the people they lost because God opened their eyes.

I can just hear the lies now. "We are the new Commiecrat Party. We got rid of the old, lying, deceitful, criminal Commiecrat Party so you can trust us, comrades." It is what marketing people call "rebranding" where they give the product a new face or look to get more people to buy it. It will be new faces, new messages, and the same old evil plans to steal from, enslave or kill you. It will just be a new song and dance in the same old parade, so don't be deceived by it, though many will be deceived, at least for a while.

Have you noticed the shock and surprise of the lefty old guard who thought they were in forever because they were such good little puppets, you know, like Al Franken?

Why, everyone was OK with their free sex and sexual abuse thingy, it was cool, it was even funny, the feminists teased and lead them on, and they were helping cover it up...until now...suddenly, all at the same time...decades later? Really? Do you believe that? Want to buy another bridge? Do you understand why they are all surprised?

They believed the lies that, if they sold their souls to the Devil, they would be part of the gang forever.

No, no, no, they will be part of the gang only as long as they are useful and, when they are no longer useful, you know, everyone knows they are liars and criminals so no one will listen to them or follow them, they will be purged and tossed under the commie bus, just like everyone before them, and you young commies are next.

When you sell your soul to the Devil, sooner or later the Devil is going to want to take possession of your soul or, should I say, his soul he bought from you? It ain't yours no more, baby, and the Devil can take it any time he wants. Hey, you were stupid enough to make the sale.

"The Commie Bus is here! All aboard! Or should I say underneath? It is commie purge time...again!"

You young little commie traitors should pay really close attention to this purge because, as the song says, "Your time will come". The upper class trash made the same promises to these traitors they are making to you.

Does it look like the upper class trash is keeping those promises?

If the upper class trash will lie to them, they will lie to you. It is like I have been telling you, no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor. Evil is evil and you can't trust evil.

"Next greedy, power mad, fool suckers! Who's next?"

I got this from American Thinker By Lloyd Marcus:

"Sexual harassment is a hot topic. I wanted to get my liberal Democrat relatives' thoughts regarding sexual harassment. Each of them believes that sexual harassers should be punished. They also believe much of what is now labeled 'sexual harassment' is simply men being men and women being women in the workplace. In a word, 'biology.'"

I got this from American Thinker By Martha McCarty:

"My voice echoes that of intelligent and successful professional women I know who are appalled by a female-driven blood sport -- hunting men down and finishing them off, like animals. News commentator Lynn Sher actually labeled the targets as Swine. Animals.

To think women of power and authority do not sexually harass others in the workplace is not only naive, but ludicrous. Women do."


"These three questions go unasked by the media:

Why is it that only men are being vilified?

Why do biased journalists fail to lift a corner of the rug to see what dirt powerful women have swept under it?

What do the accusations say about society's current lynch mob mentality?"


"What is my purpose in telling this? Simply to voice a side of this issue that is ignored by holier-than-thou commentators. Also to say that not all women hate men. Finally, to confess that if I were a man, I wouldn't hire an ambitious woman.

Beware: Glance at her or say something she might not like, she can put a noose around your neck. That's the latest fashion."

Easy prediction: women are going to find it harder to get hired by men, fewer men will be willing to be alone or near women, and more men are going to start being celibate. You can bet there will be backlash caused by fear.

They are also trying to seize control of and completely censor the Internet along with starting new sites to continue fighting the war.

What, you thought you would beat the evil upper class trash and their puppets this bad and they would quit?

Yeah, right. They won't quit. They are obsessive, compulsive evil. They are infinite evil because their evil is never ending.

This site recently had some problems and I am watching to see if it happens again telling me this site is under attack because I tell the truth. When you tell the truth, you have to expect to be attacked again and again until either you quit telling the truth or they die.

It is very likely that someone on the left doesn't like me exposing their wickedness. The left wants to shut down ALL truth and not just some or most of it.

I will continue as long as God makes it possible for me to continue.


I just saw a headline that said, "Violence Erupts After Trump's Jerusalem Decision".

No, no, no, the violence didn't erupt, it was already there, it just continued just like it would have if Trump had not made the decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

The idea that Trump caused violence to erupt or start because of his decision is just deception to turn you against Trump and his decision. The Muslim violence has been going on for 1,400 years so it couldn't "erupt" it could only continue. The truthful headline would say, "Violence Continues After Trump's Jerusalem Decision" but that wouldn't go well with promoting their commie agenda.

Do you want to know one of the biggest reasons the EU is having so many problems?

The EU has vowed to make Jerusalem the capital for the Muslim Arabs called Palestinians.

The Bible teaches that, if you bless Israel, you will be blessed and, if you curse Israel, you will be cursed.

I expect to see things get worse in the EU concerning Muslim terrorists and general behavior. Europe just may be lost by now.

Watch, from now on, the EU will blame every terrorist attack in Europe on Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. That is an easy prediction because it saves their evil butts politically and turns their people against Trump. "Don't blame us for the mess we caused, blame Trump for trying to clean up the mess we caused!"

BTW, Trump's moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is so bad that the Czech Republic, Philippines, Ethiopia, and a number of other African nations are also considering moving their embassies to Jerusalem. Netanyahu has stated that he has since been contacted by a number of other nations about them also moving their embassies to Jerusalem.


The lefty UFO nuts are saying that NASA "found a large cannon ball on Mars". They are already telling us the space alien fairy tale that the cannon ball was fired from space down into the Martian atmosphere and it caused the destruction of the planet's ecosystem destroying all life on Mars, you know, the life for which we have not found any evidence for having ever existed.

My brain hurts a lot lately.

Do you really believe that just one little canon ball being shot at Mars from space destroyed all life on Mars? Then why haven't even bigger cannon balls being shot here on Earth for centuries destroyed all life on Earth? Why haven't even bigger meteors falling to Earth destroyed all life on Earth?

What are these people smoking to even be able to think up such stupid stuff much less the ones who are stupid enough to believe it?

One thing about it, they shouldn't have to worry about brain cancer, maybe vacuum cancer but not brain cancer.

Who fired that cannon ball at Mars to destroy all life on Mars?

Oh, I know, the feminists from Venus. Yeah, that's the ticket, the Venetian blinds did it. (For the slow witted, pun intended.)

Mean while, NASA is saying it is a round rock created by normal processes and even described those processes.

At least we still have some sane and rational people on this planet.

Corrupt Preachers

You know Jesus is furious about this; people using His name to get wealthy and not helping the poor, especially when they lie in Jesus' name. I am talking about corrupt preachers making tens of millions and living lives of luxury because of false promises in God's name, you know, blasphemy.

I do not believe preachers should live in poverty the way Jesus did but they should not use God's name to lie and deceive people to get people to send money because of guilt or false promises.

These include people like Joyce Meyers, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and others who preach that, if you send them more and more and more of your money, God will bless you more and more and more in spite of the fact that God, Himself, limited the church giving to 10% of your income.

They have poor and desperate people giving what little wealth they have for false promises of getting rich or being healed and have no problems living a life of luxury while stealing from the poor. They are Satanic predators in Christian clothing.

There is nowhere in the Bible that says that, if you give your money to a preacher you will get rich or be healed, nowhere. I have not listened to more than a few just a few times in years but, every time I have listened to any of them, they have all lied about God, the Bible, and Christianity. Read the Bible and you will stop giving to them.

I seriously doubt that any of these con artists will make it to Heaven and they also make good preachers, God, the Bible, and Christians look bad. It is my belief that these con artists are all servants of Satan and their actions and words prove it to be true. I wish I had the power to heal so I could put these parasites out of business.

I look forward to seeing them stand before God on Judgment Day. Believe me, they WILL be held accountable for their crimes against God and you.

BTW, God gave the church, not the government, the commission to help the poor. But, hey, the corrupt churches are glad to let the government help the poor so the corrupt churches can stuff more money in their pockets, selling out the poor to the government.

Land Grab

Remember that I have told you that the federal government is grabbing land to control you and about the racket the biologists are running at your expense so they can have their own private personal paradises?

Trump is starting to reverse a little of that by downsizing land seized by Obama and Clinton and turning it back to the states. Of course, this is causing some whining by the commies but that is always good because, if the commies hate it, it must be good for the rest of us.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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