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Sarcastic Rant

I just have to do this sarcastic rant to show just how stupid the lefty PC people are and how stupid they think we are. This rant is about a clear terrorist attack in Australia where a Muslim drove his truck into a crowd, injuring 17 other people plus the driver and a cop, some seriously. I got this crap story from SOFREP By Alex Hollings (Note that Alex was only reporting what he was told by the crap tellers). Hang on, I am ticked off at these PC idiots.

"An Australian man of Afghan descent drove his vehicle into Christmas shoppers in the Australian city of Melbourne on Thursday, injuring 19 people. Although the incident appears to be an intentional attack, Australian authorities have made it clear that they are not treating it as a terror related incident, citing the suspect's history of mental illness and violent criminal record."

"Nah, he cain't be no Muslim terrorist, he is are be just mentally ill, dat's all", said the fool who thought they were brilliantly fooling us. No, you are the one who is mentally ill so shut up, quit your job, and let them hire a sane person who isn't so stupid they think they can fool us about something so obvious. Quit insulting our intelligence.

BTW, I think such people should be hung because they are a big part of the reason the Muslims are not being aggressively confronted to stop the killing and are, therefore, very responsible for the continued killing by Muslims. At the very least, these PC idiots are complicit in the Muslims crimes of murder by covering up those crimes, WHICH IS A CRIMINAL ACT! Someone needs to start arresting these PC criminals for helping Muslims cover up their crimes.


"'At this time, we don't have any evidence or intelligence to indicate a connection with terrorism,' said the acting chief commissioner of Victoria State, Shane Patton."

The fact that he is a Muslim and committed the same act of terror numerous other Muslims have committed as acts of terror isn't evidence that he is a Muslim terrorist? Do you even have an IQ?


"' This is horrific. It's evil,' Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said. 'We are not defined by these sorts of incidents.'"

No, you are defined by the fact that you are stupid enough to continue encouraging these attacks by continuing to cover up for these being Muslim terrorist attacks and insulting our intelligence. Now, get back to your asylum, twit.


"Despite the indications that the attack was not terror-related, many can't help but draw parallels between this attack and similar ones perpetrated by "lone wolf" terrorists claiming affiliation to groups like the Islamic State that have happened all around the world."

The ONLY indication that this was not a terrorist attack is your lies saying it was not a terrorist attack and the people are drawing parallels between this attack and other Muslim terrorist attacks because they are not stupid enough to believe your blatant lies that this was not a Muslim terrorist attack! Get a clue, stupid!

Who let the nuthouse out?

This next item is proof of the left's infinite insanity.

"This is the second such attack to take place in Melbourne this year. In January, another man with a history of mental illness drove into a crowd only blocks away from where Thursday's attack occurred. He was charged with six counts of murder following the incident, and authorities have made it clear that they do not believe that attack was terrorism inspired either."

Gee, what a coincidence that two crazy Muslims did the same terrorist attack in the same place in the same year. Who woulda thunk it could have also been a terrorist attack?

See, I told you these whackos are having an international stupid contest.

The sad thing is that these nut cases don't realize just how incredibly stupid they look and sound saying such obvious lies and expecting anyone intelligent to believe them.

"No, the king ain't naked, he just got hisself them thar new fangled inbissible cloths, yeah, that's the ticket, his cloths is just be inbissible, das all."

Listen, if I can see his butt hanging out, he is naked and I will believe my lying eyes long before I even think about believing your lying mouths!!!

The only thing these idiots are doing is destroying any and all of their credibility on a global scale so that we know we can't believe a thing these liars say. They have ZERO credibility!!!

Maybe, along with having a stupid contest, they are trying to see who can insult our intelligence the worst without getting hung? Maybe, if we hang a few, they will stop insulting our intelligence?

These morons act like none of us have an IQ above 1 because they don't. Arrrrrrrh!!! I want my own planet away from these raving lunatics. My cat is smarter than all of them combined because it can tell a threat when it sees one.


I got this from Arutz Sheva Dr. Martin Sherman:

"INTO THE FRAY - Obama: Worse than Chamberlain?

'Iran will become a nuclear power. The only mystery over how that will happen is whether Obama was inept or whether he deliberately sought to make the theocracy...strategic power.'- Victor Davis Hanson"

Oh, heck yeah. Obama is a traitor while Chamberlain was just terminally stupid.


Spain removed the pro secession Catalan government and forced new elections. The pro secession parties just won a majority in the new election so Catalonia once again has a pro secession government.

Wow, that worked well, didn't it, Spain? Which of you heavily inbred upper class trash fools dreamed up that one?

Headlines: Spain makes a bold move for the lead in the global stupid contest!

This just got very interesting and Spain isn't winning.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash were clearly setting up web sites to put out misinformation to confuse and brainwash you?

On one of their web sites, you know, one of those top ten or 25 most or I Found Out sites, I saw purely bogus scientific research "proving with recent research", you know, of the bogus kind, that screwing first cousins, you know, like the upper class trash have been doing for more than a 1,000 years, doesn't cause genetic damage.

There, that solved the upper class trash heavily damaged gene pool problem. All they had to do was pay for some bogus scientific research saying their gene pool has not been significantly damaged by more than a thousand years of inbreeding to prove they are not bonkers mad because of their prolonged inbreeding in spite of the increasing evidence they are bonkers mad. But, hey, it wasn't their inbreeding that caused it because their bogus science said so.

Gee, I wonder who paid for that bogus science and why? Do you think the upper class trash are putting out that bogus science to cover up for their heavy inbreeding having decreased their intelligence and increased their insanity so you will continue to believe they are intellectually and in every other way superior to you so you will submit to them micro managing your lives with their glorious one world government dictatorship thingy?

Nah, couldn't be that. It must be because the bogus science is true in spite of decades of scientific research proving that the upper class trash inbreeding has decreased their intelligence and increased their insanity, you know, along with hundreds of years of really bad history caused by the heavily inbred upper class trash insanity.

Or, hey, let's just look at current events. Look what these same inbred idiots are causing to happen to the nations that have protected them for hundreds of years, you know, destroying those nations so that the heavily inbred idiots are no longer protected and submitting themselves to the protection of the power mad Muslim upper class trash who have been trying to murder the Euro-American upper class trash and have been murdering each other for 1,400 years. "Yeah, we upper class trash fools can trust them with our lives even though they can't trust each other."

Do you really think that anyone who is not absolutely stupid and bonkers mad insane would do such a completely stupid and irrational thing?

What the upper class trash are doing RIGHT NOW obviously proves that their inbreeding has caused a massive decrease in their intelligence and massive increase in their insanity. There should be no doubt about it.

And, oh yeah, BTW, this is the best it is going to get because, as they continue to inbreed, their intelligence will continue to decrease and their insanity will continue to get worse. THINK ABOUT THAT! You better enjoy just how good it is now, even as bad as it is, because every year it will just get worse and, as long as they remain wealthy, in power, and alive, they will continue to try to force their completely insane, great sounding stupid ideas on us. Just know that, as long as the upper class trash are still alive, this is the BEST it is going to be, ever.

Gee, I wonder why the upper class trash is paying dishonest "scientists" to put out bogus research "proving" that marrying cousins doesn't cause any genetic damage?

No I don't, it is pretty easy to see where that is going. They have to maintain the illusion that they are superior to us to get even just 51% of the people to permit the upper class trash to set up their commie dictatorship plus you KNOW they want the rest of you to inbreed too so you will become less intelligent so they can more easily control you, not realizing, probably because of their increasing stupidity, that, if you become as inbred as them, you will also become as nuts as them and become an even bigger threat to them because your potential to just lose it and riot will only increase putting all of them at greater risk.

Do you see just how stupid their plans are?

They are giving up their own security and safety provided by your nations and laws because of their insane, power mad, greedy obsession to set up their insane commie global dictatorship that will only increase the potential of them all eventually being killed off. The insane upper class trash are their own worst enemies and too stupid to figure it out. They are determined to get themselves killed off and take as many of you with them as they can.

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs and...

And you think their inbreeding has not had a very significant and serious affect on them, their sanity, and their intelligence just because they say so?

When these nuts get out of bed in the morning, they prove how bad their inbreeding has affected them. There is no doubt about it anymore. The upper class trash are bonkers, mad, crazy, whacko, ding bat, loony tunes, over the edge, in outer space, nuts to the max. THEY ARE the global asylum and they are in charge of the nut house!

Muslim Converts

One thing I have been watching is how the US soldiers have been brainwashed to believe that Islam is a good religion and not a ruthless warrior cult along with the affects of the soldiers serving in Muslim nations and working with Muslims to fight our enemies is having on them.

I have been seeing increasing evidence that some of these soldiers start out by being sympathetic to the Muslims and then convert to Islam. This is critical because these are the best trained and experienced soldiers in the world taking the side of Islam against the rest of us. You also have to understand that this problem is being made worse because most of these soldiers are very impressionable young men who are more likely to sympathize with the Muslims and convert to Islam. This is a serious threat to our national security.

This morning, on the CenturyLink news, I saw a report of former Marine, Everet Aaron Jameson, being arrested by the FBI for planning a Muslim Christmas terrorist attack on San Francisco's Pier 39, which is a tourist attraction and would cause a large number of casualties. The report said that Jameson said he is affiliated with ISIS but said nothing about it being a Muslim terrorist attack or that he converted to Islam in spite of the fact that he is clearly dressed like a Muslim and claims associating with ISIS.

BTW, this is an American soldier who converted to Islam and the ONLY thing he has in common with other Muslim terrorists is that he is a MUSLIM, HINT, HINT, HINT!

Keep an eye on this because you will see an increase of former soldiers committing terrorist attacks, though most never will because they are still the most loyal patriots.

Rosie O'Donnell

I just saw a headline that read, "Could Bill Tweet Land Rosie O'Donnell Major Jail Time?"

In spite of what I would like to see, I will be very surprised if she does get significant jail time or anything close to what the law says she should get because of a combination of the upper class trash, corrupt politicians, corrupt judges, lefty juries, and the media will probably keep her out of jail in spite of the fact that she openly committed a felony.

That is the problem with the left letting each other get away with such blatant crimes. It just makes them feel more invincible so their crimes just keep getting worse and worse until finally either someone goes to jail or there will be a major uprising. This could easily be that time and I am seeing increasing numbers of people INSISTING that certain members of the left go to jail for their very obvious crimes.

It is only a matter of time until the people become so angry at seeing these criminals getting away with their crimes that the people will stand up and demand justice. We get closer every day and every time these upper class trash get away with another blatant crime.

This can only continue so long before the upper class trash has to sacrifice one or more of their lefty demons to prevent a revolt and Rosie could be the next lefty demon to get the lefty bus ride. It is obvious that the upper class trash has no problem with purging loyal lefties the way they are currently using this feminist coup to purge powerful lefty white males to consolidate power.

With the upper class trash, you are only safe as long as you remain a useful tool. When you cease to be a lefty useful tool, you get the bus ride, baby. All of you lefties are expendable and can be purged at any time the upper class trash decide you are no longer useful just like I have been warning you for years.

I guess we will just have to wait to see whether Rosie gets the lefty bus ride.


You know how the media, especially Disney, PBS (Propaganda and Bull Crap), and other organizations doing nature documentaries love to portray certain wild animals like raccoons as cute, warm, fuzzy, harmless little balls of fur?

There is a story that I am surprised even made the news, where a cute, warm fuzzy widdle raccoon attacked and tried to drag a 4 month old baby out of its crib in its bedroom with the child surviving and having to get 65 stitches to its face. But, hey, the child must have said something the raccoon didn't like.

Listen, it is getting increasingly obvious that the reason our ancestors treated wild animals the way they did is because those animals are wild and pose a threat to humans CONTRARY to the lies you are being told by the "documentaries", animal rights people, and conservationists, none of whom you can trust.

Raccoons are vicious predators that will attack humans for a number of reasons when they feel they can survive the attack.

In studying this thing about us having created our own extinction moment the same way our ancestors did 700 years ago by killing free roaming feral cats, the only wild animal I have been able to find which will control the bug, rodent, bird, and snake populations around our homes and cohabitates well with humans is the house cat and even then you must use common sense and realize that, when they feel threatened by you or you are mean to them, they will attack humans in self defense.

Feral cats are wild animals just like all wild animals but each animal has its own basic behavior based on whether it is predator or prey and where it is on the food chain. Of all of the animals which protect us from population and disease pandemics by controlling bug, rodent, and bird populations and poisonous snakes, feral cats cohabitate with humans the best, pending how well you treat them...unless of course you want skunks freely roaming your streets, alleys, yards and homes, which would tend to be just a wee bit aromatic.

They keep showing pictures of raccoons being cute, widdle, warm fuzzy creatures but, if you have studied it at all, they can be quite dangerous to humans and most of our animals. They are wild animals and vicious predators you need to keep an eye on.

You have to be careful with all wild animals because even dear, ducks, chickens, cows, and geese will attack humans.

BTW, there was a recent case where a young woman took her two dogs out for their daily walk and they are still trying to figure out why the two dogs suddenly turned on her and killed her.

I have had a number of dogs I loved dearly as pets but I respected the fact that they are vicious predators. It is very important to know your animals and know their basic animal behavior.

I hate it when someone buys a pet because "Aw, it's cute" or it is popular or an ego trip to have that pet. You just know that won't end well. Increasing numbers of people shouldn't even be allowed to have a gold fish.


Israel is having to compromise their national security by cutting back on their military in spite of the immediate surrounding threats because...wait for it...their beloved socialism is bankrupting Israel just like every other Marxist country in the world. Surprise, surprise.

They are making some very serious reductions in the Israeli military. The left destroys another nation. Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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