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Blood Moons

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 will be the second of the current four blood moons and we are rapidly approaching the half way mark of about January 1, 2015 (January 4 is actually the mid point) when the Catholic Church will complete its conversion to Islam and change its name to some Muslim name forcing their members to convert to Islam or get out. I am sure things will only continue to get worse and much more interesting as the power mad upper class trash continue to lose their minds all over us. It leaves me to wonder just how much mind do they have left to lose? It can't be much.

California Drought

The California drought is getting very interesting. It seems that the drought has gotten so bad that the swimming pool industry is hurting. Horror of horrors!!!

What, you mean to tell me they are having a drought in Commiefornia so severe that the people are talking about cutting back on producing food so the city people can have water to drink, fix meals, water their precious lawns, wash their expensive cars, and fill swimming pools and hot tubs? And you think liberalism isn't a form of insanity?

The stupid liberals think the drought is the fault, or at least partly the fault, of the evil farmers who keep using so much water to produce the food the liberals eat. The idiot liberals want to cut back on water for food production so the liberals can continue to have their lives of luxury while starving to death (I am still undecided on whether to support this idea). The liberals refuse to admit that their drought is due largely to there being more than 35 million people living lives of luxury in Commiefornia, wasting huge amounts of water. Oh no, it couldn't possibly be their fault.

Out of touch with reality? Just maybe a little?

The idiot liberals are drying up aquifers really fast and, when you dry up an aquifer, the soil shifts down filling in that aquifer which causes soil movement and sink holes. Also, greatly decreasing the water in the soil decreases the weight of that soil so there is now less downward pressure. If you put those two things together with Commiefornia being split down the middle by a major rift between two plates, you are going to upset the balance of those plates and the downward pressure keeping them in place and you are going to get very significant plate movement causing very significant earth quakes.

Keep an eye on Los Angeles. It may not be around much longer.

Assisted Suicide

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!! It seems that assisted suicide has gotten out of control in the Netherlands.

What, you mean that ultra liberal government can't effectively manage and can't be trusted with running an assisted suicide program?

The story I saw mostly focused on how the number of mentally ill people being assisted murdered has trebled in the last year. Wait until they find out that the government is using assisted suicide to kill off dissidents and other "enemies" of the government for political reasons. Governments always do sick crap like that when they think they can get away with it.

All that is required for a government to abuse assisted suicide or death panels is for some whacko bureaucrat to decide on their own that people should be murdered for this reason, that reason, or some other reason. The first thing you know, people will start being murdered for really sick reasons to even liberals.

You still think liberalism isn't a form of insanity?


Well, the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated genius powers that be are finally talking about restricting air traffic to and from countries which have been infected with Ebola to help prevent the spread of Ebola.

Hold it, don't both the US and Britain have Ebola cases and are, therefore, infected with Ebola?

That is right, both nations have had or still have recent Ebola infections. Remember the woman who dropped dead in the British airport upon arrival and Thomas Duncan?

Does that mean we are going to stop all fights going in and out of the US and Britain to stop the spread of Ebola?

Nah, our politicians are not that smart. Besides, it would kill both of our economies and our corrupt upper class trash really don't care whether they spread Ebola to other countries. They are not even trying to stop flights to keep it out of their own country. They are only going to stop flights going in and out of OTHER infected countries to prevent the spread of Ebola. Yep, it is the inbreeding and getting the right degrees at the right universities from the right doped up liberal college professors.

BTW, we will soon find out when Duncan became contagious, how many people he infected, and whether this strain of Ebola is spreading pneumonically within the next week and a half and possibly by Friday, October 10th, when new cases start showing up who were infected by him. Keep an eye on this.

CDC also says it is quite confident there will be no Ebola epidemic in the US because we can contain it.

Hold it, aren't these the same people who said it was almost impossible for Ebola to get to the US?

Oh, I am so relieved by their latest statement. (/sarc)

If smallpox stages a come back and starts spreading, it will be absolute proof that this disease mess was engineered by the upper class trash to murder everyone off. Smallpox was completely eradicated decades ago with only two samples remaining, one at the CDC (remember the big stink a while back about them finding that smallpox sample sitting outside of a secure area?) and one in Russia (I bet that turned on a light bulb or two). Keep an eye on this.


Did you notice that ISIS is spreading to Afghanistan and Libya and Al Quaeda in Pakistan has said they support ISIS? Why?

ISIS is trying to reconquer the greatest area formerly held by a caliphate in order to get all of Islam to join under the ISIS banner to conquer the world. ISIS is working to gain control over at least everything from Pakistan to Western Sahara.

Gee, could that be why Obama keeps dragging his feet on fighting and stopping ISIS and is refusing to listen to his military advisors? Obama couldn't have made a deal with ISIS for Obama to be the Mahdi, could he?

Turkey is claiming to be our ally, an enemy of ISIS, and willing to fight against ISIS BUT ISIS is selling its stolen oil across the border into Turkey, getting its arms and munitions across the border from Turkey, and Turkey is just standing by watching ISIS take Kobani from the Kurds and Christians, right across the Turkish border without helping the Kurds and Christians. Gee, that sounds to me like ISIS and Turkey are deadly enemies. (/sarc)

American aid worker Peter Kassig has been designated as the next in line to be beheaded by ISIS. But, hold it, Kassig converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdul-Rahman Kassig.

Why is ISIS killing their own?

Kassig won't be the first white American convert to Islam to be beheaded by ISIS. It seems that ISIS doesn't believe that white Americans who converted to Islam really converted to Islam. ISIS seems to think they are American spies, you know, like for the CIA, so ISIS just kills them.

Kassig was over there working in some liberal social aid program but increasing numbers of liberals are converting to Islam and going over to fight for ISIS knowing that ISIS is murdering, robbing, raping, and butchering millions of innocent people, which means they will be too. When those liberal converts to Islam get beheaded, they get what they deserve and brought it on themselves. Kassig was just ignorant, believed the liberal lies about Islam, and is paying for it with his life.

BTW, when the US does just part of what I suggested they do, the Kurds and even the Iraqi Army make progress against ISIS. They have never done the entire thing I said to do, which is to provide better arms for the Kurds and provide adequate air support for both the Kurds and Iraqi Army. We are not even providing adequate air support for the Kurds and Christians in Kobani and the Kurds and Christians are getting their butts kicked.

If we just do those two things, provide better weapons for the Kurds and provide adequate air support, we really don't have to put boots on the ground. ISIS is not that good, they are just better armed than the Kurds. My military friends are telling me that ISIS doesn't even know how to use its armor right and only uses tanks for short range artillery.

North Korea

It seems that the glorious North Korean butcher...uh...leader has been out of sight or gone missing for more than a month. No one can figure out what is going on. The experts are wondering whether Kim Jong-un is sick, dead, and/or overthrown. There is even a rumor that the North Korean capitol, Pyongyang, is sealed off with no one allowed to enter or leave.

Gee, who would want to overthrow or kill a crazed butcher who goes around sadistically murdering everyone, you know, like feeding uncle to dogs? Why would they not want to sit around waiting for their turn to be butchered? Maybe Kim and his sadistic wife got fed to the same dogs he fed his uncle to?

I guess God meant it when He said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." It sounds like Kimmy boy got done unto as he was doing unto. We can only hope.

It was noted that a team of North Korean leaders suddenly showed up in South Korea for a talk with the South Korean leaders, which is extremely unusual. Keep an eye on this and pray for these people, they have been through more than half a century of hell because of our failed liberal policy of containment.

Eyes Opening

Very large numbers of Christians and others supporting family or Christian values in Italy were physically attacked by pagan liberal activists of all stripes while peacefully protesting in a number of different towns. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the true peaceful people are not the violent liberal activists but the Christians and others of the same basic morals and values.

At the same time, very large numbers of Christians peacefully protested without incident in France. It seems that Christian eyes are opening, they are choosing sides against the pagan liberals, and are fighting back, you know, like God told me He is doing. People all over the world are choosing which side of God's line to stand on and are openly standing there. Keep an eye on this and pray for all of God's people.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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