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The Trump Tower has had its second fire since Trump was elected plus there was a case of an armed intrusion. Either the upper class trash is trying to burn him out or the Trump Tower has really bad wiring, the latter of which I am not buying.

The upper class trash destroyed McCarthy, they shot JFK, they shot Bobbie Kennedy, they forced Nixon out of office, they shot Reagan and then, after Reagan survived the shooting, Reagan mysteriously developed Alzheimer's but I clearly remember reading in the 1960s or 1970s that the CIA had developed and was using a drug that caused that, and now Trump Tower is mysteriously having two fires within a little over a year? Gee, you think that just maybe this isn't a coincidence? When was the last time the Trump Tower had two fires in one year?

This is along with the new efforts to get people to think Trump is crazy. Listen, if Trump is crazy, he is a better president crazy than the rest are sane.

Racism didn't work, sexism didn't work, Russia didn't work so now Trump is nuts.

Now, who do you think really is nuts?

Yeah, the power mad, greedy left.

The left's behavior is almost exactly the same as the Nazi behavior was in getting Hitler elected. This isn't a coincidence because the left has studied how Hitler got himself elected and are trying to do the same.

Big Deception

The left has created a very big deception in how they portray the social/economic/political spectrum, which is something you should expect from the left because they NEVER tell the truth. They always have to lie and distort to get most people to accept or believe them.

The true spectrum has all Marxism, both communists and socialists, on the left with true conservatives on the right.

What the left has done is move the focal point for the spectrum so far to the left that socialism is on the right with communism on the left

Just imagine a horizontal line with communism on the very far left and socialism just barely to the right of that, moderates in the middle, and conservatives on the right. That is the proper spectrum.

What the left has done is move the focal point all the way to the left so the center of their focal point is half way between communists and socialists, which obviously skews and distorts the perspective, just like the left wants it to look. With their distorted perspective, everything between left and their right is Marxism.

They have distorted this line to make people think that only Marxism is acceptable and the true moderates and conservatives are the "far right" or "extreme right" so the lefties can try to completely eliminate the conservatives from the spectrum and brand the conservatives and even the moderates as "extremists" to make anyone except the left look bad in an effort to turn everyone against the right and for all forms of Marxism.

That is exactly how Marxists make Hitler look like a right winger instead of the true left wing socialist he really was.

Know that ever person who calls Hitler a right winger is a hard core communist. They are the only ones who can see Hitler as a right winger because even a true socialist would have to see Hitler as a moderate and not a right winger. Therefore, all of these lefties who keep calling Hitler a right winger are telling you they are radical and fanatical communists, you know, the people who butchered more than 100 million people last century and believe it is alright to murder people to promote the cause of communism, which is why they see Che Guevara as a hero instead of the murderer he really was. They KNOW he murdered a lot of people and they think it was a good thing because he was a communist.


Remember that I told you the upper class trash are purging the older, washed up puppets to replace them with younger, new faces in hopes of fooling more people into voting for the lefty commie traitors?

I got this from CenturyLink news by staff:

"PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - CBS News has selected "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson as Charlie Rose's replacement on the "CBS This Morning" program, pairing him with current anchors Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell."

Gee, what a coincidence that they are replacing an older, worthless man with two younger, new faces. Who would have thought?

Yesterday, Oprah said she was thinking about running for president in 2020 and the right is already all over her showing her hypocrisies while the left is slobbering all over her.

With Oprah now running for office, the left is about to shoot themselves in the foot again by chasing off even more white male voters to the right because her main emphasis is on hating white males. She may draw some more women to the left but her sexist campaign will drive increasing numbers of male voters away.

Oprah's campaign is also very racist, which will tend to chase off at least some white female voters and I am thinking even women from other minorities such as Latinas and Asians.


I got this from CenturyLink news by AP:

"Flu season has turned out to be a bad one and it came early, bringing patients in need of fluids into hospitals already running low."

Did you know that better than 90% of the flu viruses we get and kill thousands of people every year come to us from birds?

By this time, this particular flu is being spread human-to-human and not by birds. Think about it and keep an eye on it.


Remember all of the fires in Commiefornia caused by over foresting caused by your beloved conservationist tree huggers?

I got this from CenturyLink news by AP:

"Firefighters have rescued a 14-year-old girl from the rubble of a home devastated by a mudslide in the Montecito area of Southern California after a powerful storm hit an area ravaged by a December wildfire.

Santa Barbara County authorities say there have been five confirmed fatalities as of Tuesday morning and there is a backlog of 75 calls for rescue or evacuation from the area.

The storm hit hard in the early morning hours, sweeping a number of homes off their foundations."

After a big fire, when it rains, there are always severe mud slides because the vegetation that was holding the soil in place has been burned off. These mud slides don't just kill people but also kill animals and often depopulate fish in steams by filling the water with mud and causing the fish to suffocate.

Remember that when you hear stupid crap by the media and lefties about controlled burns being a good thing instead of logging out over forested areas. Controlled burns are terrible and do a huge amount of damage.

Good old lefties screwing up everything with their great sounding stupid ideas.

Also remember this when we get to the scientific study of the Tribulation.


Here is a very good article about lefties by Mark over at his site, "The Bible Church Online."

Please note that it is the less capable people who are always screaming for equality because they are too stupid and/or too lazy to make themselves more capable, you know, the commies and socialists.

UAVs and Drones

Remember that I told you that it would be incredibly easy to fight against drones and UAVs and that the US should not become too dependent on UAVs and drones?

I got this from SOFREP by staff:

"Russia says 13 armed drones have recently been used to attack its air base and its naval facility in western Syria.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on January 8 that there were no casualties or damage as a result of the attacks on the Hmeimim air base and Tartus naval facility.

Russian forces were able to overpower radio signals for some of the drones and gain control of them during the attacks overnight on January 5-6, a statement said.

Other drones were destroyed with short-range Pantsir-S1 antiaircraft missile systems, it also said, adding that the unmanned aerial vehicles were carrying foreign, professionally manufactured explosives."

Basically, the Ruskies took them all down preventing any damage. Yep, the Ruskies made short work of them and I warned you about this.

As a former member of SAC and ECM, I know just how easy it would be to defeat UAVs and drones. We need to keep most of our weapons, especially aircraft, manned. With a top nation like Russia, UAVs and drones will just be good target practice.

Space Colonies

I want to show you just how stupid our current plans and goals are for space exploration and planet colonization.

First, I have told you about many of the problems they will face in colonizing Mars. One of them is that Mars only gets about 20% to 25% of the sun light per square foot that Earth does. That means that nothing that requires full sun or partial sun will grow on Mars because there won't be enough sunlight per square foot. So I sure hope you like eating lots of mushrooms and mold without spices because even most spices won't grow on Mars.

Plus the Martian soil contains a toxic chemical the plants will absorb that will just kill you so you can't even grow mushrooms in Martian soil unless you treat it first to remove the toxic chemical.

Plus that won't really do much good because you are going to get the toxic Martian soil on you and into your treated soil on a regular basis, especially with the really bad Martian soil and their dust storms, and that toxic chemical will still get into your body can kill you.

A Martian expedition is a suicide mission.

Then we have NASA's plans to send an expedition to Alpha Centaury, which is 4 light years away. At least NASA has enough sense to postpone this mission until our technology has improved enough so the trip will only take 40 years instead of taking more than 100 years.

What that means is that, if you are 20 years old when you leave Earth, you will be 60 years old by the time you get there so it is a one way trip, baby. You ain't commin back.

Plus I have not heard anyone address what their plans will be if the expedition gets there and they find there is no habitable planet.

Remember that I have been telling you that they THINK there are planets there and there is no way they could know whether any of them are habitable?

Yeah, that is going to matter a lot.

Will the expedition just stay there and die? Will they try to come back? What will happen?

The logistics for a 40 year trip there will be a nightmare and to include another 40 years coming back would be at least three times the nightmare and probably fatal to everyone. They will have wasted their lives just flying through space.

Let me give you an example. The best craft on this planet for durability and prolonged service is a US Naval aircraft carrier, which is nuclear powered but it still has to be "refueled" every 25 years so it couldn't handle traveling for 40 years, much less 80 years. It is just a wee bit short on fuel for such a trip and that doesn't include the other supplies required for the crew and planes. A US carrier has to be regularly resupplied with things like fuel for its planes and food for its crew and it requires an entire fleet to handle all of those logistics.

To supply the fuel, food, and other required goods for such a trip, they would probably have to send at least a few dozen supply ships along with the main ship and those supply ships will have to be abandoned along the way and cannibalized to conserve fuel and parts.

I figure that expedition will also be a suicide mission unless we develop much more than our ability to provide fuel for a longer trip. They will have to develop the ability to recycle everything they use by using the complex combinations of fission and fusion I just taught you about in my last essay, "Scientific Bible Study 3", where they will use fission to break waste, including human waste, into basic electrons and protons to be recycled by fusion to create the things they need, even human food.

An example would be to use fission to break human waste down into electrons and protons, convert the electrons and protons into water to store them because water is very stable and won't spoil or break down, especially if stored in a massive bladder, and then use fusion to turn the water into food. But, hey, they would have to read the Bible to learn that and many of them hate the Bible and God because they love their sins.

BTW, God already designed a system on Earth for recycling animal waste by using a variety of organisms to break waste down into biomatter for plants to eat and the plants convert the biomatter back into food for the animals to eat.

You think that extremely complex system just accidentally happened?

BTW, for decades I have been wondering and waiting for us to grow some common sense in the use of nuclear energy. We use fission to break down commercial grade U-238 into nuclear waste and then just store the toxic nuclear waste somewhere while hoping it doesn't get into our environment and kill us.

I have been wondering why we are not working towards developing fusion to the level even a little closer to what God used to create everything to turn the nuclear waste back into commercial grade U-238 so we could use it again and again and again, you know, recycling our nuclear fuel.

Probably because we stupid humans didn't think of that and we have not developed fission and fusion to the level of sophistication Yahweh can use them and we would rather slither after Satan than walk with God so God won't teach us?

Now THAT you could use for the trip to and from Alpha Centaury and even beyond with almost no limit on your fuel supply and you could even use any space debris to get new electrons and protons to replace the ones you lose in what would have to be at least a gradual bleed off of electrons and protons because you know your system won't be anywhere nearly as efficient as God's system is so it won't be 100% efficient.

Also note that using water the way Yahweh did to store our electrons and protons for such a long trip would also provide the crew with a regular supply of fresh water. Gee, what we could learn from Yahweh.

Hmmm, you think maybe NASA should read the Bible for some really great science ideas?

Think about what I just did. I just used the Bible to theoretically solve many of the problems NASA will face for such an extended trip.

Now, why can't they do that?

Oh yeah, many of them hate God, the Bible, Hebrews, and Christians because they love their sins. See, you do pay for your sins in more ways than one.

At the sub atomic level, you can recycle EVERYTHING into anything you want because EVERYTHING is made up of electrons and protons, proving that nuclear physics is potentially the best recycling science there is.

Now, why hasn't anyone else thought of that? Because they hate God, the Bible, the Hebrews, and Christians and won't read and learn from the Bible?

Now do you understand why I beat the crap out of those other coaches with better science than they had?

They didn't have a prayer, baby.

Isn't Biblical science wonderful?

And you ain't seen nuttin' yet, baby. It gets better. Just think how the Navy could improve their aircraft carriers by reducing the supplies that have to replenished by other ships.

Hold it, if I can get more electrons and protons from the ocean water, you know, like Yahweh got his electrons and protons from His water, will I even need most of those supply ships?

Boy, what the US military could do with just that one Biblical science. Wait until you see what other Biblical sciences they could use.


Let me teach you some basics even the Chicom know about stealth but you won't hear from the ignorant and sensationalizing media.

First, stealth doesn't make the aircraft invisible. It just causes the plane to return less of a radar signal so it is harder to find and track and easier to hide with ECM. All of today's stealth planes use ECM to hide those planes because they do return a signal, a very small signal, but they do return a signal.

Most people don't know it but we developed and used ECM during WWII. I have played with a transmitter that saw battle on a B-17 during WWII.

The first plane to use special paint and materials for stealth purposes was the U-2. The first plane to use shape and materials for stealth was NOT the F-117, it was the SR-71. A big part of its shape was for stealth.

When I was in the Air Force in ECM, there was a joke about the SR-71 being tracked by a SAM 3 that said that, "the only reason a SAM 3 can tell it is tracking an SR-71 is because eagles don't normally travel that fast". This was because the return for an SR-71 was about the same size of a return that an eagle would make.

Now, when you have a radar return that small or smaller, it is much easier to hide the plane with ECM than to hide a return the actual size of the aircraft.

Every stealth aircraft also uses ECM to help it hide and the quality of that ECM along with the quality of the stealth in relation to the quality of the radar system tracking it and the skills of the radar operator are what will determine whether the plane will be found. It isn't as simple as the ignorant media idiots make it sound.

Now, if a fighter plane has eyes on your plane, the stealth will only matter if you can fool his fire control and targeting systems, you know, the Hollywood weapons lock thingy. If he can't get a weapons lock because of your stealth and ECM, it is guns time, baby, and you better be able to out dog fight him and, again, that also is decided by the strengths and weaknesses for both planes AND both pilots and not just the planes. Know that a better fighter pilot with a slightly less capable plane can beat a lesser pilot with a slightly better plane in a dog fight plus modern dog fighting is a team game so the team with the best tactics will usually win, which is why US fighter planes always fly into combat areas in pairs or more and never alone.

Stealth ain't magic, baby, but it sure helps a lot in a number of ways.

Global Warming

For the third time in 40 years, it just snowed in the Sahara Desert.

Good old lefty global warming hard at work.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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