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This is just too funny. The lefties were deviously trying to make it look like Trump is unfit to be president so they can use the 25th Amendment to just kick him out of office in spite of the fact that Trump is doing or trying to do what he was elected to do, you know, get rid of the lefty criminals and stop their criminal activities.

So Trump's doctor said Trump is VERY fit for duty and that Trump doesn't have any medical or mental problems. Trump's health is reported as being excellent and Trump "did exceedingly well on cognitive assessment".

Now they need to give all of Congress the cognitive assessment but you can bet it won't happen because too many would flunk.

You KNOW the lefties are all sitting in a corner playing with themselves and each other crying and whining. Don't be surprised to see reports of their tears causing massive flooding in blue states.

That shot down that desperate plan but, have no fear, they will never quit because they can't let Trump remain in office destroying their criminal plans and organization.

Man plans, God laughs.

Next great sounding stupid lefty idea.

BTW, they are now reporting that black unemployment is the best in recorded history as increasing numbers of blacks whose lives are finally getting better than they ever were under the lefty commie traitors continue to jump ship in increasing numbers. The number of blacks supporting Trump has better than doubled since Trump was elected, probably because Obama did NOTHING for blacks and Trump is doing a lot for blacks. Eyes are opening.

Please note that EVERYONE working to help ILLEGAL aliens in any way is being complicit in committing a crime and should go to jail. It is called aiding and abetting and is a crime.

Crafts and Trades

I am seeing increasing numbers of men and women learning crafts and trades that have almost been forgotten. YouTube is full of videos teaching everything imaginable from building modern homes to building very primitive homes, blacksmithing, carpentry, survival, welding, plumbing, building canoes and kayaks of different types, guns, working on cars, and everything at just about every level of technology in man's history. Increasing numbers of people are ditching high technology and returning to creating and building things the "old way". Some of these people can do incredible things with their hands.

I thought, "Is God preparing some of these people to colonize other planets?"

Think about that.

National Parks Panel

I just got this from CenturyLink news by Kate Seamons :

"'I wish the National Park System and Service well.' It's a goodbye, but not just any goodbye: They're parting words from the chair of the National Park System Advisory Board, who was one of nine members to suddenly resign in protest on Monday.

The federally chartered board, which had numbered 12, is tasked with advising the secretary of the interior-Ryan Zinke, currently-on matters such as the designation of national historic and natural landmarks.

But the Washington Post reports Zinke has declined to meet with them following a May decision to put committees on ice as his team reviews their function.

'We understand the complexity of transition but our requests to engage have been ignored,' says chair Tony Knowles.

Alaska Public Radio reports Knowles saw his board as somewhat singular, however, as it was chartered by Congress in 1935. The Post details other advisory bodies that remain at a standstill, among them two tied to the Bureau of Land Management."

Note that these people, especially the BLM people, have been abusing their power to help people like Clinton steal land, you know, like from the Bundys, and illegally sell uranium to the Russians. They probably saw the writing on the wall about them about to get fired and decided it was time to put their resumes on the market without having it on their resumes that they just got fired for unethical activity that could be illegal.

Don't be surprised if some of them end up facing charges, especially with a number of the criminal activities Clinton was involved in and are now under investigation. It couldn't happen to a more deserving group. They may even be leaving in hopes of not being prosecuted because they voluntarily left.

This is Trump cleaning out more of the Deep State.

Feminist Coup

Remember that I told you that most of the lefty feminist women crying foul for powerful white males "sexually harassing" them is hypocritical because those women regularly lead on the men, making the women complicit?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"PARIS (AP) - Former French actress and sex symbol Brigitte Bardot says most actresses who have protested sexual harassment are 'hypocritical' and 'ridiculous' because many of them "tease" producers to land film parts."

Then we see many of these same self righteous women show up at awards shows wearing very sexually explicit attire, which sends a message to men that those women are looking to commit adultery. Most people realize that, if women dress like whores, men will treat them like whores.

More people are realizing that these feminists on a self righteous crusade against powerful white males are not very righteous and are just screwing the men so the crusade is faltering and will soon fail.

Remember that I told you that the current feminists sexual harassment thingy is really a feminist coup?

I got this from Breitbart by Jerome Hudson:

"Actress and liberal activist Shailene Woodley took to Instagram on Tuesday to declare that this year's Golden Globes and the Time's Up anti-sexual harassment movement are 'ushering in sacred matriarchy.'"

Matriarchy? You mean with feminists deposing men and taking control of things? You mean this sexual harassment thingy is really just all about power and is a power struggle? Sacred matriarchy? You mean like a feminist theocracy? Gee, who would have figured?

Oh yeah, I did. That was a pretty easy prediction.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today but, if you go to the lefty "news media", you don't get the news, all you get is lefty propaganda.

Commiefornia Fires

Remember that I told you that I would not be surprised to find out the conservationists were very responsible for these recent devastating fires in Commiefornia?

I got this from American Thinker By Richard Zuber:

"According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), shrubs and live and dead vegetation are the most important factor in forest fires, being an easily ignitable fuel source that helps spread the flames quickly over vast distances. For a dry and warm state prone to fires, regular clearing measures removing this vegetation should be common sense. However, California has enacted several laws that heavily restrict such vital fire-preventing measures as logging, removal of dead trees, and clearing of dry underbrush.

During a congressional hearing in May, California congressman Tom McClintock blasted environmentalists for having fervently opposed such measures since the early 1970s. Instead, they have been advocating that forests be left to their own devices - despite the fact that thousands of years of history shows that forests need to be appropriately maintained in order to reap all their benefits and reduce the risk of fires. This understanding of the environment has too often been trumped by politics in California.

When a 2013 environmental impact report advocated the benefits of large-scale vegetation management in San Diego County, activists violently rejected its conclusions. As in the decades before, concerns over wildlife and environmental impacts were ultimately more important than the safety of fellow citizens, with the result that brush and dead vegetation were allowed to accumulate unimpeded for more than forty years."

Gee, who would have figured?

Basically, if you gave money to the conservation groups and your house burned down, you pretty much paid them to burn your house down. You just might want to think, oh, a billion times before giving them money again.

Old Carpentry

It seems to be increasingly popular to return to old carpentry but, to me, who used to work as a framing carpenter, it sure wastes a lot of material.

For example, I am watching a man make a long bow with an axe and other old tools by carving away the extra wood turning most of a decent sized log into shavings.

If he used a modern saw to cut the bow out of the log, he could have easily made two or three bows with the same wood plus he would spend much less time cutting and surfacing the wood.

In carpentry, time and wood are money and the old way wastes a lot of money. If you are trying to make a living or extra income from your carpentry and you are wasting that much wood and time, you will either have to charge a lot more for your product or go broke. Plus, what I saw, it can't possibly be as precise and the same quality.

It would be nice to have those skills for a pinch or a hobby but it just wouldn't pay to use them regularly for a business.

There are reasons why we don't do things that way today.


They are saying the US military will remain in Syria to remove Assad from power because his government is corrupt.

When is the US military going to remove our corrupt government? Are they going to also remove all of the corrupt governments on this planet, you know, all governments?

I don't buy it. There is something else here and I believe it has to do with oil and gas pipelines they want to run from the Arabian Peninsula to Turkey and have to pass through Syria to undercut Russian oil and gas. Assad is a Russian puppet and won't sell out Putin by running those pipelines through Syria so the upper class trash are trying to get rid of Assad and put a Western puppet in his place.

They are trying to decrease Europe's dependency on Russia oil and gas so they can screw Russia without Russia fighting back economically.

I am wondering why Trump is sticking with this upper class trash plan Obama started. It doesn't look good and I have been watching this for some time. This is one of the few things which have me concerned about Trump.

Government Shutdown

I am watching this thing about the government shutdown and them stopping funding the US military.

I am wondering whether the left is using this amnesty for illegal aliens thingy as a cover to prevent Trump from destroying the Taliban and other such groups in Afghanistan the way Trump has almost destroyed ISIS in Iraq, making Obama look really bad, to prevent Trump from making Obama look even worse.

Are the lefties screwing US soldiers to save face for the next election by preventing Trump from destroying or almost destroying the Taliban before the next election?

There could also be other things Trump is succeeding at that the left is trying to undermine and stop with the soon coming midterm elections by shutting the government down. You know that, at the very least, they are trying to slow Trump down. The upper class trash will screw or kill anyone to get what they want.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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