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Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash would consolidate power by purging even its upper level members?

I got this from CenturyLink by Philip Toscano:

"LONDON (AP) - Britain's financial 'old boys' club was rocked by its own sexual harassment scandal Wednesday after a Financial Times investigation found that female hostesses were groped at a men-only charity gala attended by hundreds of senior executives.

Last week's event at London's Dorchester Hotel featured about 100 female hostesses who were required to wear short skirts and high heels. The hostesses included two undercover FT reporters, who described harassment, lewd comments and 'repeated requests to join diners in bedrooms elsewhere in the Dorchester.'"


"As senior politicians expressed outrage, repercussions were swift. The Presidents Club announced Wednesday that it would shut down after distributing its remaining funds to children's charities, and 'will not host any further fundraising events.'"

You know, like the upper class trash just started doing this or the media just found out about it? Really?

The upper class trash isn't just purging other rich and powerful people in the US now, they are purging internationally and using feminists as their excuse to purge without making it too obvious they are purging. Good old Stalinism hard at work. "Purge everyone, baby, purge everyone!"

Please note that this purge is including but not limited to journalists, entertainers, politicians, college professors, and members of the upper class trash, you know, everyone who has been helping the upper class trash to achieve their evil goals.

I warned you lefties about this and now it is happening because you all believed their lies about you being part of the privileged inner core group who will share power. But, hey, you bums deserve it. Enjoy your trip to Hell because, after you get there, you won't be doing any more traveling for a very long time.

And all of you lefties thought you were special and going to get to share in the power? Maybe you should have learned from history? You sure are repeating it, aren't you? Surprise, surprise.

Hey, welcome to the Stalinism you love so much. He only purged 100% of the people who helped him get into power. If anyone tells you they are a Stalinist, you better run because they plan on killing you.

US Christianity

This is very interesting. It states that conservative Christianity is growing stronger in spite of and probably because of "moderate" or poser Christians leaving the Church.

I got this from Newsmax By Theodore Bunker:

"New research from Harvard University and Indiana University Bloomington shows that religion, and Christianity in particular, holds 'persistent and exceptional intensity' in the U.S., The Federalist reports.

'The United States clearly stands out as exceptional,' researchers Landon Schnabel and Sean Bock wrote in Sociological Science, 'almost one in three Americans prays multiple times a day, but the average for other countries is only about one in fifteen.'

Additionally, the United States has 'a rate of more-than-weekly attendance about twice as high as the second-highest country and more than three times as high as the average for other countries,' and 'about a third of the American public [say] the Bible is the literal word of God. In Ireland, the only other country where more than 10 percent of the public are biblical literalists, fewer than one in five people are biblical literalists.'

Between 1991 and 2014 the number of people who attend religious services multiple times a week has increased, and from 1991 and 2008, the percentage of people in the U.S. who pray multiple times each day has increased as well.

'We have demonstrated . . . that only moderate religion has declined and that the intensity of American religion is persistent and exceptional,' Schnabel and Bock write. 'The decline of moderate religion is not, therefore, a pervasive secularization consistent with the secularization thesis. Instead, it appears to be a reaction of moderates against religion that has become too intense, too strict, and too politicized in the face of social change.'"

God driving the posers out of the church is making the church stronger. God is cleaning house, baby, getting rid of those posers. Getting rid of the posers will also help the church grow because it is the posers who make Christians look bad and keep good people from joining the church. God knows what He is doing.


Remember that I told you the left would purge Schumer now that he failed to get them what they wanted?

A bunch of lefties "stormed" Schumer's home demanding amnesty for illegals right now, you know, like he can do that by himself.

I keep waiting for feminists to start saying he sexually attacked them, you know, while the feminists were wearing those very sexually suggestive and enticing clothes showing almost everything they own, you know, their whore suits.

The upper class trash are purging just about everyone who has helped them, you know, just like Stalin did. But, hey, they are the ones who love Stalinism. The idiots won't learn from history, then they will repeat history.


Remember that I told you that Turkey is playing both sides and the US having nukes in Turkey is a bad idea?

Right about now I am thinking, "Maybe I should have made this an 'I Told You So' essay?"

Turkey is turning on the US expecting Trump to back down and not support the Kurds so Erdogan can destroy the Kurds. Now the US has suddenly become concerned about having nukes in Turkey. The problem is that, if the US tries to remove those nukes now, it will certainly escalate into worse trouble but will probably do so anyway.

How long do you think it will take for Erdogan to use those nukes on his base to extort the US into caving to what Turkey wants?

We could end up going to war against Turkey over those nukes.

You think that, maybe, we should be just a wee bit more selective as to who we trust and turn our backs on? Maybe we wouldn't create so many of our own problems and get screwed so much?


This is just too funny.

After all of the hype and her "wonderful" speech that really said nothing, Oprah has announced she is not going to run for president, leaving lefties looking for another hope to run against Trump in 2020.

You can bet that Oprah just lost a lot of popularity with lefties.

Can't you just hear the lefties whining and crying?

"Oh, the trauma! Our goddess has betrayed us! Where is my safe space? Oh yeah, in my parents' basement."

Have you noticed that all of the polls that showed that Hillary was going to decisively beat Trump in the last election have been showing Trump's ratings low and that just about anyone, including Sponge Bob, could beat Trump in 2020? Are you stupid enough to believe those obviously biased lefty polls?

"Hey, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, get screwed jerks!"

I'm not. It should be obvious that the lefties are desperate and their propaganda machine isn't working quite so well because people have learned to not trust them...for some reason.

Maybe, just maybe Oprah got a hold of real polls that said she doesn't have a prayer?

Listen, her popularity started downhill with increasing numbers of middle and lower class women years ago and you think she can win?

I really doubted the polls that said she could win and, obviously, they were wrong.

Now John Kerry is "thinking" about running for president in 2020...if he doesn't end up in jail with Hillary and Obama.

Oh please do!!!


Remember that I told you that you can't destroy evidence just by deleting e-mails on your computer because they will also be at least somewhere else?

I definitely should have made this an "I Told You So" essay.

The DOJ just recovered the "missing" FBI e-mails.

Gee, who would have thought?

Hillary's e-mails are still out there somewhere too, they just have to find them. If nothing else, you know the NSA, CIA, and military have them, especially after Benghazi, hint, hint.

I still think Hillary is more likely to end up dead than in prison because she has too much on too many rich and powerful people and will become a threat to them. She has already pretty much said she ain't going down alone. I am surprised they have not finished her off yet, you know, by her committing suicide with a couple of bullets to the back of the head.

They keep trying to throw her under the bus but she keeps slithering out. I figure it will only be a matter of time until they just kill her.

Scientific Bible Study

This morning, after I posted my essay, "Scientific Bible Study 5", yesterday, I woke to the realization that I had forgotten to add something important concerning the meteor strikes.

With the fossils having tropical plants and animals all over the world, that should tell us that there was perpetual spring on Earth before the Flood and the Bible confirms this. Gee, what a coincidence. This meant that Earth's axis was vertical with both poles equal distance from the sun 100% of the time AND that Earth's orbit around the sun was in a perfect circle.

This means that, not only did the massive meteor strike tilt Earth's axis but it also altered Earth's orbit around the sun to where it is now an elliptical orbit with Earth getting further from the sun and returning back closer.

Based on the basic law of physics, which says that, "for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction", it should be expected that a strike by a massive amount of debris from an exploded planet traveling at great speed within a brief period of time would have altered both the Earth's axis and its orbit and probably also its rotation. Those changes combined are what causes our current 4 seasons instead of the one season of perpetual spring the fossil record and Bible both say was the situation before the Flood.

You don't have to have dancing continents doing a magic ballet all over the planet to explain the fossil record, just the evidence in relation to basic science will do much better.

Maybe the evolutionists should try that?

Hey, it works, believe me, I know, but, hey, then they would have to accept the existence, knowledge, and power of Yahweh and they ain't going to do that, baby, so smoke some dope and dream up fairy tales about dancing continents.

But, hey, what do you expect from a fanatical pagan religious cult like evolution, the truth? Do you really think those fanatics will ever give up their false pagan god, Chucky Darwin?

No, of course not. They are just as fanatical as the Flat Earth Society and the most fanatical and irrational of them will never give up on rewriting and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting their false pagan fairy tales, with the help of some really bad brain frying dope, of course.


I have noticed that the left has pulled off another con on everyone else. The people stood up to the left about letting cats free roam so the left fooled most people into a compromise that will get the left what they want.

What the left did was to con people into agreeing to a compromise to where people can have free roaming cats IF those people get their cats fixed "to prevent the cat population from getting out of hand".

Really? You really believe the left made that compromise to prevent the cat population from getting out of hand and not to kill off cats to permit the rodent, bird, and bug populations that carry deadly diseases go through the roof?

If you people fix all of your free roaming cats so they can't reproduce, what will happen over the next 3 to 5 years because of attrition that most people are not even thinking about? (The average life expectancy for free roaming feral cats is only about 3.5 years.)

The existing cats will die and the cat population will die off causing the rodent, bird, and bug populations to keep growing until a deadly disease gets into those populations and kills from tens to more than 100 million people in just the US.

You see, the lefty compromise is ALWAYS a con to get what the left wants by getting rid of free roaming cats or depopulating them. It is a sucker punch.

The lefties are masters at using compromises to get what they want at your expense by making you feel like you got something out of the sucker punch the left just gave you. Fooling you into fixing your free roaming feral cats is just another way to get rid of the free roaming feral cats.

This proves what I have been telling you that, if you do manage to beat the left, they will just regroup, reorganize, and try again and again and again and the only thing that will stop their criminal behavior is death.

How many times do the lefties have to prove that to you?

You can't make compromises with the left, you can't tolerate their criminal activities, and you can't do anything else that will permit the left to get what they want one way or another or they will sucker punch you and screw you every time. You have to lay down the law to do what is right and stand firmly on it and the only way you can do that for the long term is if the lefties die. They just proved that again.

You can't trust the left AT ALL because they will use that trust to screw you one way or another.


At about 1 am this morning I woke to a dream with God showing me that the child sex slave market is huge and He is just a wee bit upset about it...OK, more than just a wee bit ticked.

Remember that Jesus said that, "whoever harms the least of the children is cursed"?

So I did a little research into millionaires globally to get an idea of just how massive this child sex slavery problem is, knowing that many middle class people also participate in pedophilia in their own homes, but especially in nations where it is legal, like in Asia and the Muslim nations, which is one big reason why our perverted lefties converted to Islam and are trying to replace our Christian based laws with Sharia Law. I am even seeing hints that pedophilia is legal in most European nations or the laws are just not being enforced against it.

Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management said there are 14.86 million millionaires in the world, Boston Consulting Group said there are 17 million millionaires in the world and Credit Suisse said there are more than 35 million millionaires in the world and it is expected to reach 53 million by 2019 and this article was dated 2015, so there seems to be a big disagreement just on global millionaire population. PLUS you have to remember that there are a lot of wealthy people who have big money stashed in off shore accounts and they are not counted.

No one agrees on how many wealthy people there are globally.

The site that said there are only 14.86 million millionaires globally said that the top cities for millionaire populations are London (one of the most corrupt cities on Earth) with 357,000, New York City (one of the other most corrupt cities on Earth) with 337,000 (the US has 4.3 million millionaires), Tokyo with 280,000, Hong Kong with 228,000, San Francisco with 180,000 (one of the most corrupt cities on earth), and Los Angeles with 173,000 millionaires (one of the most corrupt cities on earth).

Know that those people in those cities are considered millionaires based on them having one+ million units in their country's currency, which in the case of cities like Hong Kong, ain't that much in US dollars or Euros.

So to get an idea of just how bad this child sex slavery thing is, let's do some obviously conservative estimating and we will know it is much worse than our estimate.

Let's say that there are only 14 million millionaires globally and only 10% are corrupt and sexually perverted pedaphiles, which is obviously very low. There would be 1.4 million pedaphiles just from that group that would almost certainly be involved in child sex slavery, which is really bad but you know it is much worse.

Then we have 1.5 billion Muslims who believe that pedophilia is alright so all of them, especially the rich ones, are probably involved in pedophilia with many of them involved in child sex slavery (the rest are probably just screwing their own kids at home and raping other people's kids...along with goats, camels and cows.)

Then we have the lefties who are trying to legalize pedophilia in the US for obvious reasons with at least 50 million of them in just the US and probably at least 200 to 400 million of them globally. It is like I said, I have been seeing shadows telling me that pedophilia is commonly accepted and at least laws against it are not enforced throughout Europe.

Then you will find that throughout Asia, it is considered to be acceptable to screw children, especially their own and, from what I have read from a number of sources, their whore houses almost always have children in them. That is at least a few billion people who at least look the other way concerning pedophilia.

And I have learned that many people who profess to be Christians only do so to use Christianity and God as a front so they can commit such sins or crimes without other people suspecting them and you better know that this ticks God off even more.

Basically, most of the people on this planet, probably at least 5 to 6 billion, either look the other way or participate in pedophile activity. When I realized that, I got really ticked about all of those innocent children being enslaved and raped globally on a daily basis. There are going to be a lot of people burning in Hell, just like Jesus said. Bunches, baby, bunches.

And you wonder why we are being punished by God globally? Have you noticed yet that paganism really sucks and should be stopped, if for no other reason than to protect the children?

Listen, God is fully justified in punishing us globally with such things as the rapidly approaching Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and the soon coming Tribulation.

You wonder why human life will be on the verge of extinction when Jesus shows up at the Battle of Armageddon?

Believe me, it is right now as it was in the days of Noah and maybe worse. We are not even earthworms before God, we, as a people, are pond scum before God and He is am I...but you don't have to worry about me so much because I can't do much to you. You better worry more about God.

Now do you better understand why the pagans are so determined to prove that God is not real so they can feel free and safe and make it legal to commit their crimes?

You better be thanking God that I am not god because I would have just fried everyone's butts a long time ago.

We, as a people, have earned the judgment and punishment of God so get ready for it because God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out", and God is letting me know that He has had just about enough of our crap. So, most of this planet is cursed, baby, REALLY cursed.

Cats II

This morning, while contemplating this thing about the child sex slavery, I realized that God set up a control system for controlling pagans that is pure genius.

You have to understand that the protists, single cell organisms like bacteria and viruses, kill more humans every year than all other forms of death COMBINED.

Then you have to realize that the other organisms that expose humans to the most of those protists the most often include bugs, rodents, and birds.

Then you have to realize that the one predator which preys on and controls those bug, rodent, and bird populations and cohabitates best with humans is the house cat and, therefore, the house cat is the best and most important natural protector of humans God created.

Then you realize that it is the satanic pagans who consistently kill off the house cats causing the bug, rodent, and bird populations to increase, which increases those organisms exposing us to those deadly protists or diseases that kill so many of us off each year, especially the pagans, you know, because our sins find out us...naturally.

Is that brilliant or what?

Yeah, keep killing those house cats off, stupid pagans, and the protists will keep killing you off.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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