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Have you noticed how fast the traitors have come out to say that the FBI using a fake document and committing perjury in court to obtain a warrant is not grounds to dismiss the investigation of Trump? Let me get this straight, committing perjury and using a fake document to start an investigation doesn't invalidate the investigation? Really?

I want to know why Comey and the rest of those criminals have not been arrested and charged for their crimes.

We have documentation proving they committed a number of crimes and they still have not been arrested and charged?

Below is an excellent story by John Nolte at Breitbart about this. I would post a link to the story but this page on my site could be up for decades and I doubt that story at Breitbart will be up that long so I will just post the story here as an archive for the story so people can read it decades from now because this is something everyone should read, even decades from now. This is easily the best article I have seen about this and it needs to be preserved because this is a very important event in our history.

"In its partisan zeal to protect the ongoing witch hunt against President Trump, our Nixonian media went into hyper-drive last week to ensure that the unethical and un-American behavior of President Obama's FBI and Justice Department remained covered up from the public.

After this cynical effort failed with the release of the Nunes memo Friday, the media quickly switched tactics and is now working feverishly to muddy the waters about the horror show revealed in the memo.

To begin with, it is obvious that a hysterical talking point about declaring the release of the memo a 'Constitutional Crisis' has been spread far and wide... Naturally, the 'constitutional crisis' in question is not the wrongdoing committed by federal law enforcement. Instead, because we are now deep within the head of the media's fabricated reality where wrong is right and up is down, the 'constitutional crisis' is that government wrongdoing was uncovered.

One way the media are hoping to shield the federal government from accountability for its indefensible lies, cover-ups, and civil rights violations is to muddy the waters; to distract us with nonsense so that we lose focus on the sins committed by an FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) that abused its power and public trust in unprecedented ways.

Here are 16 things the media do not want you to know about the Nunes memo:

1. The so-called Russian Dossier, the creation of Fusion GPS and former British spy Christopher Steele, is a political document - namely, opposition research, created for the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

2. Using what it knew was opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign, in October of 2016, the FBI and DOJ obtained a FISA warrant from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to install a wiretap to spy on Hillary Clinton's opponent - the Trump campaign, specifically Carter Page. This spying would last for a year.

3. It should be noted that the FISA court was set up to stop foreign terrorists. The fact that the FBI and DOJ would use this court to not only wiretap an American but to wiretap a presidential campaign belies belief. Why Obama's FBI and DOJ used this court as opposed to a normal court is obvious. As you will see below, a normal court probably would have denied the wiretap.

4. Worse still, in the summer of 2016, Obama's DOJ had already opened a counter-intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign. The fact that nothing from that months-old partisan investigation was used to obtain the Page wiretap is revealing.

5. According to the Nunes memo, an 'essential' part of the FISA wiretap application was the Steele dossier, which again is a partisan political document created for the Clinton campaign.

6. So essential was this partisan dossier, Andrew McCabe, the disgraced former-Deputy Director of the FBI, admitted in December that 'no surveillance warrant would have been sought' without the dossier.

7. Not only did the FBI knowingly use a document from a partisan campaign to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the competing campaign, the FBI knew the dossier was mostly 'salacious and unverified.' We know this because disgraced former-FBI Director James Comey told us so in June of 2017.

8. According to the Nunes memo, 'Steele told [former FBI official Bruce] Ohr, he 'was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.''

9. Ohr, who was part of the FBI's anti-Trump Russian investigation, was not only friendly with Steele, Ohr's own wife worked with Steele at Fusion GPS doing opposition research (the dossier) against Trump for the Clinton campaign.

10. Despite a) knowing the dossier was opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign b) knowing the dossier was 'salacious and unverified' c) knowing Steele was desperate to destroy Trump d) the breathtaking conflict of interest in having an investigator's own wife working on the dossier, the FBI still went to the FISA court to obtain permission to spy on Hillary Clinton's opponent.

11. In order to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, all of the conflicts of interest above were withheld from the FISA court - an indefensible (and possibly illegal) lie of omission.

12. Even worse, in order to legitimize a warrant request based on a piece of partisan opposition research they knew was 'salacious and unverified,' the FBI and DOJ used a media report to bolster the findings in the phony dossier. The FBI and DOJ told the court that the media report was independent verification of the dossier. But this was not true, and, according to the Nunes memo, the FBI and DOJ knew this was not true. The truth is that the phony dossier was the source of this media report.

13. Also hidden from the FISA court was the fact that the FBI obtained Steele as a source but had to fire him in October of 2016 when, in a bid to use his phony dossier to derail the Trump campaign, he leaked his information to the far-left Mother Jones.

14. Although the FBI and DOJ were willing participants in pushing a 'salacious and unverified' narrative against a presidential candidate (primarily through media leaks), this was all hidden from congressional investigators. To begin with, for months, while under oath, Comey said he did not know where the dossier came from - meaning from the Clinton campaign.

The Wall Street Journal explains:

We also know the FBI wasn't straight with Congress, as it hid most of these facts from investigators in a briefing on the dossier in January 2017. The FBI did not tell Congress about Mr. Steele's connection to the Clinton campaign, and the House had to issue subpoenas for Fusion bank records to discover the truth. Nor did the FBI tell investigators that it continued receiving information from Mr. Steele and Fusion even after it had terminated him. The memo says the bureau's intermediary was Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, whose wife, incredibly, worked for Fusion.

15. All of this dishonesty occurred under Comey, the man our media now hold up as a living saint, a man so desperate to destroy Trump, he not only oversaw those committing the above abuses, he leaked classified information to the news media in order to see a Special Prosecutor appointed against Trump, which his pal, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, immediately did.

And finally...

16. Much of the 'salacious and unverified' material in the dossier came from the Russians. In other words, those disgusting dossier lies about Trump's personal behavior came from Russian operatives. So there is no question that it was the Clinton campaign, Democrats, Steele, the FBI, and DOJ who colluded with the Russians to rig a presidential election. Yes, there was collusion with the Russians, and those in our government currently investigating Trump in the hopes of overturning a presidential election are the colluders."

The big problem is that the lefties just keep ignoring such evidence and facts, swallow the spin Kool-Aide, and keep believing the lies. The truth and evidence has no effect on them so they will never turn from their evil. They believe what they want to believe regardless of everything else. This is fulfilling Bible prophesy in that the Bible said that, in the End Times, people will believe a lie because they want to believe the lie. It isn't that these people are ignorant; it is that they are evil.

EVERYONE who is helping cover up these blatant crimes is guilty of a federal felony and should be prosecuted. What was good for Nixon, is good for them.

No one should be above the law, you know, like the IRS upper level people got away with their criminal activity. This is why the left hates Biblical Law because, under Biblical Law, no one is above the law and the left has seized control of our judicial system to make themselves above the law so they can commit whatever crimes they want with impunity.

Right now, on FB, the lefties are flooding the site with their propaganda dismissing the memo and what it proves. The lefties really are nuts and going viral over this to protect their witch hunt and political coup and what they are doing is a political coup. They will never change.

Whenever I see a lefty defending their obvious insanity, I always wonder, "What is this person stealing that causes them to blatantly lie?"

BTW, I saw a picture that showed that Trump is already showing the effects of the stress. He may be giving them what-for but his health is already taking a beating.

Also note that the upper class trash is intentionally crashing the stock market to make Trump look bad.


Do you know why the cost of housing has gone so high?

Because of people using purchasing multiple homes as a form of investment instead of just to live in. Their buying and selling homes for profit is what drives up the cost of housing because it greatly increases the demand in relation to supply.


The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that Erdogan has gone full rogue. He assimilated ISIS into "his rebel group", invaded Syria, seizing Syrian land, you know, from Russian ally, Assad, in the name of fighting ISIS, he is attacking the US ally, the Kurds, as an excuse to further invade Syria to seize more land while threatening to kill US troops if we get in his way, his terrorists have shot down a Russian jet and several choppers, and he is also threatening war against NATO member, Greece, over Cyprus.

Shades of Hitler, baby.

This guy doesn't want to have any friends, does he?

I heard an unconfirmed rumor that the US is moving troops between the Turkish troops and the Kurds east of the Euphrates River. Don't be surprised if Russia, the US, and NATO take Erdogan out together.

After the Russia plane was shot down by a manpad used by a terrorist organization supplied by Turkey, Russia bombed the area the manpad was fired from, killing at least 30 terrorists, had Assad permit thousands of Kurdish troops to move from east of the Euphrates River to the Afrin area (were the Kurds given Russian weapons in route?), Russia has suppressed Turkish air strikes against the Kurds to almost zero, Turkish vehicles and positions have come under heavy fire from anti-tank missiles being used by the Kurds (gee, I wonder who gave the Kurds those anti-tank missiles so quickly), and I am waiting to see if Putin gave the Kurds some Russian manpads to be used against the Turkish Air Force. BTW, Turkey is taking some pretty heavy losses on the battlefield with both the US and Russia quietly trying to reign Erdogan in.

I told you that Putin wasn't finished retaliating against Turkey and the terrorists for shooting down the Russian plane, didn't I?

This is getting very interesting and not looking too good for Turkey.


Have you noticed that the East coast, especially lefty La La Land, is being regularly bombarded with really "brutal" storms while Commiefornia, on the West coast, the other lefty La La Land, is being devastated by drought, huge fires, 80+ F in high humidity, and mud slides while I am sitting here in relative comfort in Southwestern New Mexico? Gee, you don't think God is punishing the lefties for their hatred of God, the Bible, Hebrews, and Christians, do you? Gee, you don't think their sins are finding them out, do you?

I find it interesting that Yahweh is using two different extremes to punish the lefties on two different coasts about 2,000 mile apart. In the Northeast, the lefty La La Land is being bombarded with tropical storms, hurricanes, really cold temperatures, and very heavy snows but the West Coast lefties are being ripped with drought, high temperatures, huge fires, and mud slides.

Add to all of that that Yahweh is killing the lefty pagans politically, economically, PR wise, and in every other way. The lefties are pretty much getting their butts kicked but too stupid to learn and back off.

Hint: Me thinks Yahweh is just a wee bit peeved and, hey, the lefties want to wage war against the Christians so our protector is waging war against the lefties.

You kinda might want to be careful who you pick a fight with?

Because, when you tick off Yahweh, especially by waging war against Him and His people, He don't play nice. Hey, He wiped out almost all life on the planet once and He can do it again any number of ways but then again you shouldn't expect stupid people to learn from history they are in denial about.

You do know that evolution is just revisionist history, right? How can you learn from history if all you know is revisionist history?

BTW, here last night it got down to a very frigid 42 F and will get up to a nice, comfortable 70 F today. This is one of the warmest and most comfortable winters we have had here in a long time. It is really nice and I thank and praise God for it.

Remember that I have been telling you that the illegal aliens will only vote for the stupid lefty political puppets until one of their own runs?

I got this from Breitbart by Adelle Nazarian:

"Former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has caught up to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom in the race for California governor, after trailing since the start of the race.

The two Demorats are within just two points of each other according to a newly-released Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) poll showing Newsom with 23 percent of support from likely voters and Villaraigosa with 21 percent."

What? You mean those unthankful Latinos are not voting for the lefty commie traitor whites who brought them into the country?

Nope. Those white lefty fools are losing their jobs anyway, just like I told you they would.

But will the lefty fools learn?

Oh, of course not, you can't expect lefty fools to ever learn anything. They will just regroup, reorganize, dream up some new great sounding stupid idea, and keep on trying. The lefties are obsessive, compulsive fools. Their motto should be "Fools Forever". "You cain't learn us nuttin', baby!"


Increasing numbers of Germans are rising up and protesting the immigrant situation. They are having huge protests all over Germany. Merkel just might want to start looking for other work, just saying.

Dream Confirmation

My daughter and her children are attending a local church and they have told me about a teacher at that church who is teaching the same things I have been teaching you about the rodent pandemic that has been caused by us killing free roaming cats and how it will cause a disease pandemic. They keep saying that he is using the same vocabulary or words and making the same statements that I told them about this organism pandemic.

This, in part tells me that this man almost certainly has studied biology and he is seeing the same things I have been telling you about, probably because God is revealing those things to him but, more importantly, it is confirming a dream where God told me that He has an army of people like me ready to fight back for our freedoms and set up a Christian nation as part of rebuilding this nation after the coming wars.

In the same way that God told Elijah that God had an army of many more men of God working quietly to do God's will, God is confirming to me that He has the army He told me about in a dream and I told you about years ago. Mark, who sends me comments, is part of that army and one of a number of confirmations that dream is true and God has His secret army of good Christians ready to step forward, when the time comes.

I have told you before that I am what the Bible calls a prophet or teacher who God shares things with and I share those things with you. God has told me in a dream, just like He told Elijah face-to-face, that God has an army of other prophets or teachers and preachers who are teaching the same revelations in their churches all over the world preparing the Christians for what is coming. Some of them are learning from me but all of them are also learning directly from God via revelations and then teaching other Christians the same things I have been teaching you. I am not alone.

For those of you who are involved in this and may be thinking you are alone or one of only a few, know that God has trained up millions more like you and you are part of God's secret army waiting your marching orders. Just keep believing, teaching, and waiting for your marching orders because it will soon be time to march.

Satan has been making his moves for some time and soon God will make His move, swiftly and effectively, to set up a new and better Christian nation to teach and protect God's Christians from Satan's pagans. Time is very short and God will move soon because, once again, Satan's plans are failing, he is becoming frantic and desperate, and Satan will soon make his move in desperation to save his evil plans but God will quickly and very effectively counter Satan's evil plans...again.

You need to know that you are not alone but are one of many in God's mighty army.

"Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword:
His truth is marching on."

You sang it, didn't you?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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