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North Korea

Remember that I told you that North Korea was working with our lefty commie traitors to persuade us to reunify North and South Koreas under one rule with him in charge or at least a "shared rule"?

I got this from One America News Network by staff:

The headline read, "U.S. Pacific Commander: N. Korea is Plotting to Annex South"

Then, "A top admiral confirms North Korea is seeking to reunify the Korean peninsula under communist rule.

On Wednesday, U.S Pacific Commander Admiral Harry Harris said Pyongyang's recent military build-up is aimed at blackmailing the south,undermining regional security, and intimidating the U.S.

This follows reports that North Korea is waging an ideological warfare against Seoul as part of its effort to annex South Korea.

Admiral Harris also warned of the rogue regime's 'charm offensive' against U.S. allies.

'Clearly a charm offensive, and I think that it behooves us and our great allies not to be charmed, and consider North Korea for the regime it is, and to deal with it on the basis of fact and not charm,' stated Admiral Harris.

The commander went on to say Kim Jong Un is seeking a 'Korean reunification' under his rule to accomplish what his father and grandfather failed to do."

Gee, who would have guessed that our slime bag lefty commie traitors are working with North Korea to annex South Korea...other than me?

Remember that I told you that North Korea is almost certainly getting help from China on their nuke program, which would explain their rapid development in nuke missiles?

It turns out that North Korea is not only getting help from China but is also getting help from Russia. I got this from Newsmax By Steve Michaels:

"It's 'highly likely' the ICBM North Korea tested last year was built with blueprints or parts that are similar to designs of Soviet weapons dating as far back as the 1960s, The Washington Post reports.

The paper said it based its report on a 'new technical analysis' prepared for the British-based international security journal Jane's Intelligence Review.

The report could explain why North Korea was able to fast-track its missile development and 'skip the months and even years of preliminary testing,' The Post reported."

This explains why the North Koreans are so quickly developing nuclear weapons and missile technologies.

Now, gee, I wonder how the US found out about this? Do you think they were doing like I said, you know, letting Kimmy Boy fire his missiles into the sea so the US could fish them out and reverse engineer them to see what is going on and how far along their technology is?

"Hey, boss, look at this, this is 1960s Russian missile technology."


I recently heard an unconfirmed claim that China just "warned the US to not side with Japan and Australia in the soon coming war." This was done in conjunction with China sending 40 fighter planes to the outer edges of the airspace for the Japanese Senkaku Islands as a show of power, trying to back Japan down.

Is this being done in relation to North Korea's nuke weapons buildup with the two nations planning a synchronized attack against South Korea, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, India, and other allies?

If you know anything about this, please let me know.

Remember that I told you that, if they want to go to war against the US, the sooner they do it the better their chances are for winning before Trump rebuilds the military Obama destroyed. Every month they wait, the US military will be stronger.

The Economy

I got this from NewsmaxFinance by staff:

"Groundbreakings on new homes jumped 9.7 percent last month to the highest level since October 2016, welcome news for a housing market struggling with a shortage of homes for sale.

The Commerce Department says housing starts came in at an annual pace of 1.33 million in January, up from 1.21 million in December and 1.24 million in January 2017.

Construction of single-family homes rose 3.7 percent. Construction of apartments and condominiums shot up 19.7 percent, the most since December 2016."

I guess Trump destroying Marxism and crony capitalism is causing so many more people to make more money that increasing numbers of people are wanting better places to live?

And, if you think Trump's little bitty tax cut is really growing the economy, just think what a Biblical 10% flat tax will do.

God's Line

Remember that I keep telling you that God has drawn a line and is making us choose between His side and Satan's side?

I got this from The Wall Street Journal by Douglas MacMillan, Keach Hagey and Deepa Seetharaman:

"Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is relocating his home and personal investment firms to Los Angeles from San Francisco and scaling back his involvement in the tech industry, people familiar with his thinking said, marking a rupture between Silicon Valley and its most prominent conservative."


"Mr. Thiel's plans are part of a broad move by the venture capitalist, who has ties to dozens of top startups, to reduce his direct role in the Silicon Valley tech industry that he helped to shape, the people said. Mr. Thiel has grown more disaffected by what he sees as the intolerant, left-leaning politics of the San Francisco Bay Area, and increasingly pessimistic about the prospects for tech businesses amid greater risk of regulation, they said."

Question: If he is keeping his investment firms and he is leaving the "tech industry", what is he going to invest in? Maybe he will eventually invest in competitor businesses to steal market share from the corrupt lefty tech businesses like FB? Maybe he is reading the writing on the wall with FB now losing more than 50,000 viewer hours per day?

Keep an eye on this because this guy could really screw over the lefty tech businesses by stealing a lot of their market share very quickly. He could easily cause the same thing to happen to those lefty tech businesses that has happened to the MSM, you know, go down the tubes. This could be very good news for the nation and very bad news for the left.

Hey, if FB and others are going to chase off customers with bad business practices, why would he want to stay around, lose billions of dollars with them, and not pick the customers they are chasing away with bad business practices? Maybe the guy is in the business of making money and not in the business of losing money? Maybe it is time for investors to get out of the businesses this guy is getting out of before they lose their butts and get into whatever businesses this guy starts up next?

Illegal Aliens

Remember that I have been telling you that the illegal aliens brought in by the lefties to vote for the lefties are actually voting for Muslims and Latinos instead of voting for the lefties?

I saw this at the Geller Report By Pamela Geller:

"Minnesota: Hijab-wearing sharia apologist running for Mayor of Rochester"

Minnesota, you know, where Obama and the lefties sent tens of thousands of Muslim illegal aliens? You think all of those Muslim illegal aliens just might vote for this Muslim instead of voting for the idiot infidels who brought the Muslim illegal aliens to Minnesota?

I wonder which white lefty politicians she is going to take their job away from them because you know all of those Muslims will vote for her and not a lefty infidel?

But don't worry, the stupid lefties won't learn because really stupid people can't learn.

Brought to you by a lefty great sounding stupid idea.

What would be really funny is if a Latino beat Pelosi, Boxer, and/or Feinstein in the Commiecrat primary putting those idiots out of work because of the Latino illegal aliens they brought into the US to vote for them.

Why are rich conservatives not running conservative Latinos against those twits in the Commiecrat primary?


More and more it is looking like the lefty shrinks are doping up and working on the heads of unstable lefties to send them out to murder groups of people, especially children in schools, to achieve their lefty commie traitor goal of setting up their glorious commie traitor dictatorship. Nothing is beneath these people.

At the very least and the best possible scenario is that these lefty shrinks are doing an incredibly terrible job in dealing with nut cases and should not be allowed to work with such cases and definitely should not be allowed to dope them up.

I want to know why what these lefty shrinks are doing to cause or contribute to these slaughters is not being investigated to see whether they are incompetent or criminal in nature.

The appearance makes me wonder whether another lefty shrink was instructed to turn loose another doped up, brainwashed unstable lefty killer to 1) distract everyone from Trump's successes and/or 2) help the left grab everyone's guns by causing increasing numbers of people to get tired of the killing and start wanting to just do away with guns so the left can stage a coup to set up their glorious commie dictatorship without the people being able to fight back because the people have been disarmed.

The things that are consistent with almost ALL of these mass shooting is that 1) they are lefty Commiecrats, 2) they are seeing a shrink, and 3) the shrinks have them on drugs. That isn't a coincidence, it is a pattern.

This should all be investigated.

Israeli Air Attack

I am seeing all sorts of ignorance based analyses about whether Israel getting an F-16 shot down means Israel should have used the F-35 for that attack.

Take it from an old SAC ECM weenie, I have not seen one analysis where they knew what they were talking about.

Israel sent 8 F-16s into Syrian airspace, the planes attacked and successfully took out 12 targets, which means they spent quite a bit of time over Syria, then, when the planes were returning to Israeli airspace with no hits or injuries, the Syrian SAMs fired a "flurry" of missiles in the general direction of the F-16s in hopes of accidentally hitting one and they accidentally hit just one plane.

What should this tell you?

The Israeli ECM did its job so that the Syrian SAMs never knew exactly where the F-16s were, they couldn't get lock on any of the planes to accurately fire a missile at any of them, as the Israeli planes were safely returning to Israeli airspace, the frustrated Syrians, in desperation, aimed a bunch of SAM missiles in the general direction of the F-16s, pulled the trigger, and accidentally hit one in what we called the "shotgun effect" during Nam.

Syria did not shoot that F-16 down because they saw it on their scopes. The F-16 was shot down because and only because it just happened to be going to the same spot where a blindly fired missile was going and an F-35 would have been shot down just like the F-16.

The SAM shotgun effect works on the same basic principle as the mini gun. If you put enough projectiles in the air, you are more likely to accidentally hit something and that is exactly what happened, the Syrian SAMs accidentally hit an F-16 because they put enough projectiles in the air, not because they could see the F-16 on their scopes. No plane, not the F-35, not the F-22, or any other plane would have survived that hit.

If Israel had sent the F-35s on that mission, she would have just lost a much more expensive plane.

The only reason why the pilot and weapons officer of that F-16 got shot down is because they just had a really bad day at the office. That is war, baby. You would be surprised at how many people get killed in war because they accidentally ran into an un-aimed bullet. The guy who killed them probably didn't even know they were there. That has been going on ever since they invented the bow and arrow.

The success of that mission, with those planes being in Syrian airspace that long with no hits, tells me that Israel's ECM is good enough that they don't need the F-35 for such missions.

BTW, it is being reported that Israel took out half of Syria's air defense systems AND got back to Israeli airspace without any hits. That was a very successful mission.

Then, a day after writing the above, I read that the F-16 was hit when a vicinity detonation device caused the missile warhead to explode because it got close to the aircraft so that the missile didn't actually hit the plane.

Which should tell you what?

The SAMs couldn't see the plane to cause a direct hit, just fired a shotgun effect salvo and one if the warheads got close enough to detonate. The Israeli ECM worked fine and an F-35 would not have done any better.

The Vicinity detonation device is one of the factors that makes the shotgun effect more dangerous because the missiles don't even have to actually hit the aircraft, they just have to get close enough for shrapnel from the warhead to damage the plane.

Heck, in December 1972 we lost Buffs over Hanoi because of the shotgun effect. The NVA just put enough projectiles in the right area to accidentally hit them. They didn't see those Buffs. That is war, baby.

We had the NVA SAMs so blind they couldn't find their own butts with their radar but they still shot down Buffs by using the shotgun effect.

School Shooter

The lefties are in full bore gun grabbing mode because of this school shooting, spreading a lot of misinformation and lies with a little truth so you will believe the lies.

They are using the lame excuse that this kid is an orphan in spite of the fact that most orphans never murder anyone. This lame excuse is going to make life really tough on good orphans because everyone is going think they are all psycho, especially the simple minded lefties. It is the old lefty "blame anything or anyone else so no one will figure out what mischief we are doing" thingy.

In the article I read at CenturyLink they conveniently forgot to tell you this kid was being treated by a lefty shrink who either did a really lousy job or helped cause this mess, probably intentionally.

Let's do the math, you know I like math.

All of these lefty shrinks are Marxists/communists/socialists.

All Marxists are taught that it is a good thing to murder and torture people, even children, to promote the cause of Marxism, which is why those Marxist all worship, idolize, and fawn over Marxist butchers like Che Guevara, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Kimmy Boy, Xi, and the rest of those Marxist butchers.

Get the picture?

"But," you say, "the shrinks are medical doctors who have sworn an oath to care for people, they would never cause harm to anyone."

You mean like that Marxist doctor, Josef Mengele, who was a member of a TEAM OF DOCTORS, who had sworn to care for people and they tortured, slaughtered, and murdered thousands of people in Auschwitz in the name of scientific research?

I have set in college classes and listened to lefty shrinks and other lefties praise the "wonderful" and "valuable" work Mengele and his team of Marxist doctors did in torturing and butchering all of those thousands of people, including children, and how much it helped modern medicine, strongly inferring that it was good. Those sick, twisted college professors would very briefly state one time, at the beginning of the lecture, that Mengele was a "bad man" and then spend more than an hour praising his "very valuable work that has improved modern medicine", you know, including shrinkology.

Now, here we have all of these lefty commie shrinks who think that it is a good thing to murder people, even children, to promote their glorious communism and they worship those before them who did, they are given the opportunity to do the same by taking sick people, doping those sick people up, brainwashing those sick people to believe murdering those children in those schools to make it possible to grab everyone's guns so no one can resist their glorious communist dictatorship is a good thing, and, by the strangest coincidence, all of those mass killers were under the treatment of those lefty shrinks and on those drugs and went out to murder all of those children with the lefties immediately using that, again and again, as an excuse to grab everyone's guns so they can set up their commie dictatorship and you don't think this is all planned and intentional?

People, all of those mass killers being under the "care" of lefty shrinks and on drugs ain't no coincidence, it is a pattern that MUST be investigated. Either those are the worst shrinks on this planet who failed miserably, should have absolutely no access to people with mental problems, and just accidentally and coincidentally have the same evil results of their deranged clients committing mass murders or they are doing it intentionally. Guess which is most probable and it ain't the coincidence thingy.

It has gotten so obvious that now even the commie media are intentionally omitting that these people were being treated by shrinks and on shrink drugs, you know, helping cover up their murdering racket to steal your guns. It ain't the guns that need to be done away with but the lefty shrinks.

BTW, the lefty media are saying this killer legally purchased his weapon but they conveniently forget to tell you that it is illegal for a mental patient to purchase a firearm, this guy lied on his government form about not being a mental patient, which is a federal felony, and, therefore, he actually illegally purchased the weapon because he committed a crime to get that weapon. You know, more lefty lies, misinformation, and propaganda but definitely not the truth because they have to cover up their crimes.

BTW, the media reported that the shooter was tied to a militia group but that also turned out to not be true.

Gee, you think the lefties were using this in an attempt to shut down militia groups that would oppose their commie dictatorship?

BTW, the media reported that this was the 18th school shooting this year to scare people more to get more people to support the lefties taking guns away from people so the lefties will be unopposed in setting up their commie dictatorship buuuuuuut they just reported that number is just a wee bit inflated, you know, it was another lefty lie.

I got this from Newsmax By Zoe Papadakis:

"The Post disputed the number, saying Everytown for Gun Safety included incidents of gunfire 'that are not really school shootings,' and cited several examples.

One incident, listed as the year's first school shooting, involved a 31-year-old man who killed himself while he was parked outside a Michigan elementary school that had been closed for seven months.

Other examples included security officers accidentally discharging their weapons when no students were around and shootings in school parking lots at night longer after schools have been dismissed."

Gee, more lies, more misinformation, and more propaganda from the left. You cannot believe anything the left tells you. Get a clue, they just regrouped, reorganized, and went full bore to get rid of Trump at all costs, take away your guns to prevent you from preventing them setting up their beloved commie dictatorship, and are censoring you as much as they can to prevent you from speaking out against them setting up their glorious commie dictatorship AND they are using this to distract you from all of the good Trump is doing, which is showing just how bad Marxism really is and that the left has folded their support on illegal aliens.

"Oh no, there is no motivation for the left to send a whacko lefty shooter to a school to murder a bunch of kids, is there?"

What do think they are working on doing right now? Maybe, just maybe this is a full bore, frantic and desperate attempt to finally set up their beloved commie dictatorship so they can force their evil will on you? Yuh think?

BTW, another coincidence is the left organizing and supporting a very violent organization to achieve their goals, you know, Antifa.

Now do you really think that the same group who brainwashed, organized, and is supporting such a violent group as Antifa to hunt down and attack conservatives won't also send some of those same whackos to murder children in schools to also achieve their evil goals?

Just in case you have not noticed, the lefties are very violent, you know, just like their Marxist heroes like Hitler, Mengele, Stalin, Mao, Che Guevara, Castro, Pol Pot, Kimmy Boy, and Xi.

BTW, did you know that since the whacko lefty commie traitor, Obama, left office and Trump got into office that gun and ammo sales have been declining so that prices are falling and the manufacturers are now struggling with at least one company now declaring bankruptcy?

I just hope these gun companies don't start financing lefty commie traitors to get their sales back up. Obama was probably the best firearms salesman in history and Trump is the worst.

You want another lefty coincidence?

It just happens that, by the strangest of coincidences, at the same time, the lefties are working on a coup to take over the government of the US's best ally that is not being run by the upper class trash, Israel. They are trying to get rid of Netanyahu, who is holding back the left's attempt to destroy Israel the way Trump is holding back the left's attempt to destroy the US. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, you don't think these things, you know, the destruction of Europe, Canada, Australia, the US, and Israel is all being planned and carried out by the lefty upper class trash, do you?

"Nah, it is just a coincidence that it is the lefties doing all of that, just a coincidence...Hey, look over there, some idiot celebrity said something."

This will make your brain hurt. An Uber driver dropped the shooter off at the school, you know, with a backpack and AR-15 and he didn't call the police? And the police say the Uber drive is not complicit? Was this Uber driver stoned?

This thing gets nuttier by the minute.

RINO Romney

You know, like we need this right now. Lefty commie traitor RINO Romney just tweeted that he is running for Senator for Utah.

That is all we need is another lefty commie traitor in Congress pretending to be a conservative.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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