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Space Force

One thing I have been wanting to talk about is how a military space force will be structured and used. It will be nothing like Star Trek with individual space ships battling it out in space.

Once the force has been properly developed, there will be fleets of specialized ships and crews just like in the US Navy. It is interesting that the US Air Force is in charge of our space warfare program because, at some point, they will either have to send their officers to the Navy academy or bring in Naval officers to run or help run their fleet programs. We will also have to have everyone trained and some units will specialize in space and terrestrial warfare, which will be fought differently and even in conjunction with each other.

There will be a variety of aircraft carriers like we have with our navy super carriers and combat assault ships that will carry fighter and attack space and aircraft along with such things as surveillance and shuttle aircraft.

There will be missile ships just like we have with our destroyers, frigates, cruisers, and other ships that will also have other weapons like lasers.

There will be smaller gunships like we have with our gunboats.

There will be troop ships just like the US Marines have with their amphibious assault ships, which will quickly deploy troops and Terra based weapons like tanks, helicopters, and watercraft to the surface of planets and the Marine boarding parties will be used to seize control of enemy spaceships, maybe by blowing airlocks open or blowing holes through the hulls.

There will be a variety of supply ships for things like food, fuel, and munitions with each fleet and they will have cargo planes for landing supplies on planets or transporting those supplies to fleet ships.

You will NOT see the commanders and top crew of spaceships leading landing parties on unexplored planets the way they did in Star Trek or fighter pilots doing ground based operations the way they did in Battle Star Galactica. Those landing parties and ground operations will be entirely the responsibility of the Space Marines and special operations units like our Navy SEALs.

Almost everything will be done as fleet actions with specialized fleets being sent on special operations or as parts of larger fleet operations.

We will also need a space "coast guard" for search and rescue of disabled civilian spaceships and for local law enforcement patrols around planets and space stations.

That is significantly different from what you see in the movies and on TV but more realistic, logical, and functional. But, hey, the movies have limited budgets, have to keep the number of actors low to increase profits, and show you unrealistic bull crap.


A teacher from a small Arizona community recently posted her income online and it has started a fire storm because she said she is only making a little over $35,000 per year.

I am willing to bet that what most of the idiots involved in this discussion failed to think about is her pay in relation to her cost of living.

You have to understand that teachers in the bigger cities are making a lot more money because their cost of living is much higher than in most smaller communities. For example, in Los Angeles, California it was very difficult for a single person pinching pennies to live on $20,000 a year 30 years ago but in Alamogordo, New Mexico $20,000 per year puts you in at least middle class, which is why many teachers migrate from the big cities to smaller communities.

You may get paid less in small town America but it also costs you much less to live. For example, you probably can't buy much of anything for a house in Los Angeles, if anything at all, for less than one million dollars but you can buy a nice used home in Alamogordo for $60,000 to $70,000 and the housing here is inflated that high because of a number of European militaries basing their people five miles away at Holloman AFB for training on flying the F-16 and the lefty idiots fleeing the messes they made in their bigger cities, driving up the price of homes here by increasing the demand and having the money to pay more than locals can pay.

The median income here is probably still about $14,000 to $16,000 per year and someone making $35,000 per year is making better than twice that. Here, if you are making $35,000 per year, you are easily one of the best paid people in town and among the top 10% for income.

The proper idea is that, if you want to make and spend more money, you move to the big city but, if you want to make and spend less money, you move to the small towns away from the big cities.

The question everyone should have asked that teacher is, "What is the median income where you live?" She might be making really great money for that community and just be greedy.

Maybe she is upset because she can't afford a Ferrari?

Guess what, if she were making a lot more money teaching in a big city, she wouldn't be able to afford a Ferrari either.

BTW, a poll is showing that most teachers won't carry guns in school and that may be a good thing because it is most likely the teachers who can't even use a gun. In a gun fight, they would probably miss the killer and hit students. Some of them would probably be a bigger threat to the students than the attacker would.


I keep hearing all of the lefties talking about how chaotic the Trump administration is and then, when I see that he has done more in less time than anyone, including Reagan, I wonder if maybe all of the previous administrations were not chaotic enough?

All of the previous administrations were as "chaotic" as Trump's administration with regular turnovers and the lefties are always preaching that chaos is good until it benefits them to say otherwise.

But, have you noticed how well Trump can manage in chaos?

BTW, Trump is using CIA hit squads to go after terrorists, especially leaders, and it seems they are taking down quite a few really fast.

Gee, why didn't Obama do that?

Trump is making Obama look very incompetent, probably because Obama was helping the enemy.

Saudi Arabia

Remember that I have been telling you that Saudi Arabia is trying to build a super city, Neom, first in Saudi Arabia and now in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia to be THE global economic center of the world to counter Iran rebuilding Babylon as the global economic capital but they don't have the cash?

I got this from Newsmax By Sandy Fitzgerald:

Headline: "Saudis' $190 Billion in Promises to Trump Never Materialized"

"Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whose nearly $200 billion in promises to President Donald Trump have not happened, will visit the United States next week in a bid to attract foreign investment to Saudi Arabia.

The crown prince's tour will include a meeting with Trump on Tuesday. The week's tour will also include meetings with Silicon Valley tech leaders, Texas oil industry officials, entertainment executives in Los Angeles, and key people in the financial industry in New York, reports The Washington Post.

Bin Salman hopes to diversify the Saudi economy, which relies mostly on oil exports.

Meanwhile, last May, when Trump visited Riyadh, he touted approximately $190 billion of commercial and military agreements with the Saudi kingdom, but for the most part they have not happened, as American investors are wary about investing in Saudi Arabia, reports The Post."

Just a wee bit short on cash, are they? Going begging, are they?

My money is still on God and Babylon because God can't be wrong.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash converted to Islam years ago and they are now closet Muslims?

I got this from Breitbart by Virginia Hale:

"Angela Merkel has again insisted Islam is part of German culture, speaking out to contradict Interior Minister Horst Seehofer after he stressed the nation's Christian heritage.

'Islam does not belong to Germany. Germany has been shaped by Christianity,' the Christian Social Union (CSU) Bavarian leader told Bild on Friday, pointing to the church's influence on everyday life and culture.

'These aspects include shops being closed on Sundays, church holidays and rituals such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas.'

'The Muslims who live with us obviously belong to Germany,' qualified Seehofer, adding that 'this does not mean we give up our country-specific traditions and customs out of false consideration for others'.

After the minister's pronouncement, Merkel moved quickly to assert that Islam 'belongs to Germany', a claim the Chancellor has made on several occasions since she opened Europe's doors to seemingly limitless mass migration in 2015."

Yep, the upper class trash sold the European people out to Islam alright, you know, just like I have been telling you for years.

Commiecrat Bus

I am expecting Maxine Waters to end up under the Commiecrat bus along with others who have been saying really stupid things. The next three to four months are going to be very interesting as to which of the upper class trash commies will be purged this year.


The only reason why Hillary went to India to speak is because she has been thrown completely under the bus here in the US and Europe and no one is allowed to listen to her, much less pay her a small fortune to speak. Therefore, Hillary has become irrelevant and gone from being a useful tool to a broken tool that can be thrown away or disposed of, you know, killed, and Hillary knows it. Hillary is right now in the process of being purged and, if they will purge Hillary, when they are finished using her, they will purge anyone and it isn't a matter of whether you think you are still relevant but whether the upper class trash think you are still relevant, you know, as Hillary is proving.

Hillary is a dead woman walking and I figure they will eventually cause her to "die from her medical problems" and you can bet she knows it.

After all, how many people has she snuffed in her long career?

It is now Hillary's turn and she was hoping that, if she could get a following in India, she could become relevant again and not get snuffed.

Note that all of the lefties hate conservative married white women and, if Hillary had said the same thing two years ago, that she just said in India, when she was still relevant, the lefties would have all thought her comments were just the greatest thing.

The only reason they are getting all over her for saying those things now is because she dared to slither out from under the bus AGAIN and they are using her saying those things as an excuse to bulldoze her butt right back under the bus on an international level for keeps. They DO NOT want Hillary to come slithering out again.

Do not be surprised when she dies in the near future, probably "from her medical problems". Hey, she sold her soul to the Devil and the Devil is about to collect on the deal.

If you don't think the corrupt upper class trash will purge anyone and everyone when those people are no longer useful for the "collective", why do you think the upper class trash legalized euthanasia and death panels throughout Europe and are trying to legalize them in the US?

Listen, if the upper class trash want to legally murder you in those nations where they have legalized euthanasia and death panels, all they have to do is bribe your doctor to give you a diagnosis for a terminal illness, bribe a death panel to sentence you to death, and legally murder you. They can get rid of or silence anyone that way. Gee, you know, the same way they legalized abortion so they can cover up their severely damaged gene pool from more than 1,000 years of inbreeding by murdering their unborn children who have birth defects proving they are heavily inbred.

So, when do you think Hillary will be murdered...uh...I mean die from her medical problems?

Then the lefties will put on a big show at her funeral they caused so they can get their faces in the media and hoping the media will quote them about them treating Hillary like a saint, you know, the same liars and hypocrites who are currently saying really bad things about her and throwing her away.

I really am not looking forward to that lefty dog and pony show or circus of pure hypocrisy so remember who said what while Hillary is still alive...and also remember the horrible things Hillary did.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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