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I hope you realize that the real reason Obama is living in Washington DC is because he is working with and using the deep state to continue running the government from outside of the government?

People, this is just a wee bit of a federal felony for everyone involved.


Remember that Trump and the Pentagon are delaying and upgrading weapons scheduled for retirement to quickly and less expensively increase the size of the US military?

Putin just decided to do the same thing. He was going to scrap 10,000 tanks and decided to upgrade and keep 6,000 of them to quickly increase the size of his tank force.

Knife Control

Here is an interesting satire written by Mark about "knife control" years ago showing that the left is stupid enough to do things normal people know are stupid. He was showing the stupidity of the left with the satire and then the left proved how right he was about their stupidity by fulfilling his unintended prophesy.

Do you believe me now that the left has invented infinite stupidity?


Here we are on April 15th, you know, spring time, temperature is varying between 60 and 90 degrees F where I am in the Southwest US and the lefties are still having severe winter blizzards that are killing people in the US Midwest and Northeast.

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, God is driving it into the lefty thick skulls that their global warming ain't happening and, if they want warm weather, they need to renounce their global warming lie?

Bad Judges

When I was a kid, I quickly learned to dislike judges who felt sorry for criminals and turned them losing, sending the criminals back to our neighborhoods to commit more crimes against us. We all hated it.

I believe that every idiot judge, politician, or anyone else who feels sorry for any criminal and turns them loose on the people again should be required to quietly attend the funerals of everyone those criminals later murder.

Maybe they will stop feeling sorry for the criminals and start caring for the people?

As a matter of fact, it would be great to require every government official to directly endure the negative consequences of their actions. Make it personal, baby.


Comey is using the very lame excuse for dismissing Hillary's e-mails that he was concerned she would win the election, meaning she would then go after him, you know, like he was afraid of her.


You mean, if Comey had brought felony charges against Hillary, which would have disqualified her from being president, she would have still won the election? Can these liars insult our intelligence or what?

The truth is that his felony charges would have prevented her from becoming president and he knew it, so, obviously, he really did it so she could become president and not because she would become president.

The man clearly covered up Hillary's crimes, which is a federal felony, he is a criminal, and he belongs in prison and not running around writing books or giving interviews. They need to check his offshore accounts and see how much money he took from Hillary.

If you really want to get rid of most of the worst in the deep state, raid the Clinton Foundation to get their books and find out who they have been bribing.


OK, this is funny. Every criminal involved in this mess had their own agenda and what they wanted Trump to do with Syria but Trump flanked them all and gave none of them what they wanted. Trump didn't remove Assad from power like the Euro-American upper class trash wanted, he didn't even significantly damage their ability to make war and win back their conquered land, and he didn't just do nothing. Basically, Trump ticked off ALL of the bad guys, so it must have been a good move.

What Trump did was what Obama only pretended to do, which was to destroy Assad's chemical weapons factories and storage facilities so that Assad couldn't "stage any more chemical attacks against his own people."

Look, Assad is winning his war and therefore has no reason to stage a chemical attack against his own people and bring down the wrath of Trump on himself, especially after last year. Therefore, you know that the chemical attack in Syria was either faked or staged by the Euro-American upper class trash/Sunni terrorists to get Trump to invade Syria and remove Assad. Before these last attacks, the lefties were screaming for Trump to remove Assad.

What Assad, Iran, and Hezbollah really want those chemical weapons for is to use against Israel when their combined armies invade Israel but Trump just removed those weapons from Assad's inventory.

That has ticked off everyone except Trump and Israel.

Once again, Trump outsmarted every one of the bad guys and they are all screaming.

But, on the other hand, why is everyone permitting nations like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China, and Iran to brutally murder their people? Is it because they are not using chemicals?

Then you have the hypocrisy of the left. For example, Bill Maher said that Trump would have loved Hitler in 1938.

No, Trump is a capitalist who hates Marxists and Hitler was a Marxist, you know, like Bill Maher.

Bill Maher and all of the rest of the commie lefties would have LOVED Hitler in 1938, you know, just like they LOVE all of today's evil Marxists like Linen, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Che, Xi, and Kimmy Boy, because birds of the feather flock together, baby.


One reason why Trump has not yet fired Mueller or Rosenstein is because their continued blatant acts of treason for staging a coup against Trump and those who voted for Trump is ticking off conservatives and will help get more conservatives out to vote to stop the lefty treason and insanity.

The left persists in making their criminal activity obvious and Trump is letting them, knowing that it will continue to infuriate and motivate conservative voters. Trump is using the left to beat the left.

Also, Trump is imposing tariffs on China for several reasons. The most obvious reason is to level the playing field for US businesses in competing against Chinese businesses.

A less obvious reason is because it will further hurt China's already struggling economy, which will hurt China's ability to build and maintain its military, which will decrease the aggressive actions China can support against the rest of the nations plus a booming US economy will increase the US's ability to rebuild and maintain its military.

China is already showing signs of backing down to Trump so it must be working and that didn't take long.


I just saw a picture of an aborted baby and my first thought was, "There are going to be a lot of doctors burning in Hell."

Upper Class Trash

I need to give you more of a clue as to just how corrupt the upper class trash really are. For decades, I have been quietly watching a number of criminal activities being run by the upper class trash such as child trafficking, especially for sex. I have seen interviews of a number of law enforcement officers where they stated that the reason why law enforcement can't stop child trafficking is because the "pillars of our nation", you know, the upper class trash are behind it and keep stopping any investigations that get started into it. They are the problem.

It also appears that the media are behind it and are helping to cover it up.

In the 1980s two men started a national paper in which they published the pictures of young people and children who had gone mission. Within just a few years, that paper was working so well that they were getting more than 10,000 children per year returned to their families out of 50,000 young people and children per year who went missing. That was a 20% success rate and it was growing.

Then 60 Minutes started a campaign that was clearly designed to stop this paper based on the "righteous" idea that these two men should not be making any money (they were making $60,000 per year each) getting young people back to their parents.

"Why, it was just so terrible that these men were actually making money returning those children to their families."

You know, it wasn't terrible that 50,000 young people a year were probably being abducted, with a lot of criminals making money from most of those abductions, but it was terrible that someone was actually making money getting those kids back home.

The 60 Minutes campaign was so successful that they got the paper shut down within months and stopped tens of thousands of kids from getting home to their families, which means that hundreds of thousands of kids since then have had no hope of making it home to their families because of the "righteous indignation" of the lefty media shutting that paper down.

You know that was done because the paper was posing a threat to the upper class trash who are involved in selling kids as sex slaves. It was probably hurting business just a wee bit.

BTW, I recently saw a report where they estimated that better than 70% of children in foster care are being used for some form of sex slavery.

And, people, all of this information is coming from me just scratching the surface on the corruption of the upper class trash and their minions. From everything I have been seeing out there, it is huge and it is horrible. You can bet that ALL of the upper class trash and their minions will burn in Hell and, when you find out on Judgment Day just how horrible it is, you, like me, will have no mercy on those committing these horrible crimes against today's children.

Keep an eye on the many horrible crimes the pagan lefties are committing against our children.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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