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Socialist Medicine

Boy, that was a fast and easy prediction. It was only yesterday that I predicted the murder of the child in Britain by a death panel would open people's eyes about commie medicine and everyone is raving about it today...well, against it.

Me thinks we won't see any more commie medicine in the US any time soon. People just found out the ugly truth about commie medicine.

Even the commies in Europe are getting really upset about these child murders. This murder of a child by the lefty Marxist utopia in Britain is turning increasing numbers of people against the pagan lefty commie traitors, big time.

Red Wave

Do you know why Kimmy Boy suddenly is talking about ending the Korean War 68 years after it started and was temporarily halted by a truce?

Because, if we are still at war with North Korea, it will be much easier for the US to use any provocation to resume hostilities because a Congressional declaration of war still exists against North Korea and it will be much more difficult if a peace treaty has been signed, partly because Trump will have to get a new declaration of war from Congress, which will be particularly difficult if the GOP loses control of Congress.

After Syria, Kimmy Boy is intelligently covering his butt. He read the writing on that wall.

Trump can look at this from two different ways, 1) if Trump stalls the peace treaty negotiation, he can use any provocation to resume military hostilities and take Kimmy Boy down or 2) he can make the peace treaty to help the GOP keep and win seats in Congress, which will make it much easier for Trump to achieve the rest of his agenda and get a new declaration of war against North Korea when needed.

Option number 2 sounds pretty good for Trump, doesn't it?

Ending a war without one shot being fired that no president since and including Truman has been able to end could actually cause the GOP to increase the number of seats they have in Congress in both houses. Besides, it will make both Obama and Clinton look really stupid...along with both Bushes. The last four presidents' faces look like they have been in a egg fight. It will definitely put Trump right at the top of the list of best presidents ever.

Then we have Kimmy Boy saying that he will invite US and South Korean nuclear experts to inspect his nuke sites when he closes them in May. Let's see, Ronnie defeated the lefties' wonderful commie Soviet Union and Trump my end the 68 year war in Korea without firing a shot.

Did Syria convince Kimmy Boy that Trump can take out his fat little butt any time Trump wants with cruise missiles, without one US soldier setting foot in North Korea and that Putin's SAMs can't save his butt or what? Yuh think that just maybe Kimmy Boy is running scared?

You know the left is messing their britches over this. Just the fact that Trump's tough talk and stand have caused Kimmy Boy to start talking peace when all of the lefties were condemning Trump for his tough talk makes the lefties look really stupid.

What blue wave? Maybe even a red wave, you know, like when Trump got elected?

Yeah, but you won't see that from any of the lefty polls that said Hillary would win with a land slide.

Did you notice that Trump's first meeting with Kimmy Boy will be in May and the elections will be in November? Nice timing, huh?

If that peace treaty is signed by the end of October ending that 68 year war without a shot fired, it will be a red wave, baby.

Some are now saying that Trump should get a real Nobel Peace Prize, not a phony one like Obama got.

Do you really expect the lefty run Nobel Committee to give Trump a Nobel Peace Prize? Maybe Obama should give his fake Nobel Peace Prize to Trump?

After all, Obama didn't earn it or use it.

BTW, suddenly things are not looking too good for Iran either right now...or China...or Russia...or Turkey...or the upper class trash.

I just read that the US is holding off on selling Turkey F-35s until we "think about it more".

Do you realize just how stupid Trump is making at least the last four presidents, especially the glorious lefty commie traitors, Clinton and Obama, look right now?

Infinitely stupid.

That background thunder you hear is hundreds of millions of lefties around the world beating their stupid heads against walls.

I got this at Newsmax by staff:

"President Donald Trump took aim at familiar political targets and added a few fresh ones during a campaign-style rally in Michigan, an Upper Midwest state that gave him a surprising victory in the 2016 election.

Trump has been urging voters to support Republicans for Congress as a way of advancing his agenda. In his rally in Washington Township Saturday night, he repeatedly pointed to Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan as one of the Democrats who needed to be voted out.

After saying Stabenow was standing in the way of protecting U.S. borders and had voted against tax cuts, Trump said: 'And you people just keep putting her back again and again and again. It's your fault.'"

Trump isn't playing defense to protect GOP seats in Congress, he is going hard on the offense to gain GOP seats in Congress. He is quickly and steadily stealing the momentum from the Commiecrats to increase the GOP control of Congress so Trump can finish his agenda and Kimmy Boy surrendering right at this moment before the elections is adding gasoline to an already roaring fire.

BTW, more and more blacks are turning against the Commiecrats and openly encouraging other blacks to follow suit.

Is there an increasing black wave growing against the Commiecrats, you know, after decades of the Commiecrats just using and throwing blacks away?

Keep an eye on this, especially with so many Muslims running for office instead of blacks and Latinos as Commiecrats.

Getting just a wee bit warm for the Commiecrats, don't you think? Blue wave? Really? Why do I not believe that lefty fairy tale, you know, like the "Clinton will win by a landslide" fairy tale?

You know, I think I am starting to like these "the lefties will win by a landslide" prediction fairy tales.

Oh yeah, then Trump just moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, may be there for the opening, and then will reveal his Middle East peace plan. This could be interesting.

Then Trump is showing that he is about to show us how to fight a real war on drugs, which will cut heavily into the profits of the upper class trash, who only pretended to wage a war on drugs while making a fortune from the drugs. I got this from Breitbart by Ian Hanchett:

"During Friday's Weekly Address, President Trump talked about opioid addiction and said his administration 'is committed to using every tool at our disposal to combat the opioid epidemic - that includes getting tough on the drug dealers and pushers peddling this poison in our communities. We have to get really, really tough, really nasty - whatever it takes because we have to keep them out of our country, out of our communities.'"

Then I got this from the Washington Times By S.A. Miller:

"President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to start pulling the federal government out of K-12 education, following through on a campaign promise to return school control to state and local officials.

The order, dubbed the 'Education Federalism Executive Order,' will launch a 300-day review of Obama-era regulations and guidance for school districts and directs Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to modify or repeal measures she deems an overreach by the federal government."

Stopping the pagan lefty commie traitor brainwashing of our children?

Yep, Clinton and Obama are looking infinitely stupid right about now.

And Trump just keeps crushing the pagan lefty dreams and fairy tales, one after another. Trump has done more damage to the evil lefty agenda than any other president in history.

Mean while, the conservatives are fighting back. I got this from Breitbart by Robert Kraychik:

"Conservative Review's Michelle Malkin joined SiriusXM host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Sam Sorbo for a Friday interview on Breitbart News Tonight to discuss political censorship via technology companies. She dismissed "purist anti-regulation tendencies" while describing companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter as "quasi-monopolies" and "trusts that need to be busted."

The right is organizing to take back the control the lefties have seized over the Internet to censor the truth the right was using the Internet to get out to everyone. They are talking about breaking up the monopoly control of the Internet by the left.

Increasing numbers of people are turning against the pagan lefty commie traitor sanctuary city tactic.

Have you noticed that everything the pagan lefty commie traitors are doing is turning people against the pagan lefty commie traitors? Blue wave? Really?

In November, it will be time to make the pagan lefty commie traitors cry again...long and loud. It is past time for a red tsunami.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, what Trump is doing to permit some pickers into the US to pick the few crops that are still picked by hand is what is called worker green cards. These green cards permit foreigners to legally enter the US to work, usually until the job is done or during the work hours and then they must go home.

Here in Alamogordo and down in El Paso contractors and other employers pick up workers with these green cards to do the jobs they literally cannot get most Americans to work, such as construction jobs. At the end of the day, the employers return these legal foreign workers to the border so they can go home.

Almost every nation has these and, in professional bicycle racing, you have to have a green work card for every country in which you race professionally.

These people are not illegal aliens but are in the country legally because they got a legal permit to enter that country to do certain work under certain conditions. If they violate those conditions for that permit, they won't get another permit.

There is no reason for illegal aliens to come to the US to do legal work. The only reason most of them are brought into the US is to do illegal work and often for slave labor or as sex slaves for the rich.


The people in Israel keep trying to get one of our presidents to permit the US navy person, Pollard, who spied for Israel, to return to Israel because Pollard is Hebrew.

You have to understand that the US can't permit Pollard to return to Israel because Pollard still knows too much classified information he could give to Israel and, until that intel becomes declassified enough, Pollard MUST remain in prison in the US.

The people in Israel either don't get it or they want that classified intel Pollard still has.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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