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Euro Upper Class Trash

If it were not such a crisis that is hurting so many people, this would be hilarious.

Get this; the upper class trash, with all of their wealth and hired professionals for planning and operations, their plans are failing.

They started out trying to force Russia to accept their global commie dictatorship. When Putin refused, the Euro upper class trash placed sanctions against Russia, Putin retaliated by cutting back the oil and gas he is selling to Europe, which makes up about one third of Europe's imported oil and gas, so the European upper class trash retaliated by stealing oil from Tunisia and Libya and tried stealing oil from Egypt and Syria, with them succeeding in Syria until Putin intervened.

With Syria, the Euro-American upper class trash also wanted to run oil and gas pipelines through Syria to replace the oil and gas Putin had cut off to Europe but, being an ally of Putin, Assad refused, which is what the war in Syria is really all about.

Now that all of the upper class trash plans are failing, the Euro upper class trash are making buds with Putin for oil and gas.

What, you mean Putin won?

First it was Her Merkel (I know and intended that) and now it is Madame Macron begging at the feet of Putin.

Gee, how ironic. The Euro upper class trash are groveling, crawling, prostrating themselves, begging, and pleading at the feet of the person they tried to destroy to get that person to save their evil butts. You can bet Putin is making some really sweet deals right now.

And these "natural elites" think they are superior to anyone, especially intellectually? Really?

Man plans, God laughs.

This morning I was looking at and being amazed by one tiny work of God that dwarfs all of the works of mankind. In my mind, I can see at the molecular and cellular level what is taking place in that one little plant of more than 100 million cells, you know, the first shoot for my giant elephant ear as I watch its first leaf growing and unfolding.

The molecular design, structure, function, coordination, and timing required for that little plant to grow from a bulb into a very large plant is just mind boggling. At a number of specific moments in that plants growth, millions of cells stop doing one thing and start doing something else they are programmed to do at that time in the plant's growth. The design, structure, function, coordination, and timing of just that one plant growing dwarfs the complexity of the "magnificent" plans of the upper class trash to seize control of the world put together by these over educated fools and millions of their overpaid idiot lackeys who all got the right degrees from the right universities and the upper class trash plans are failing miserably. Their combined intelligence is easily dwarfed by the vastly superior intelligence of God.

And these pompous, arrogant, over educated fools think they are gods? Really?

Clearly they think more highly of themselves than they should. It proves what I have been telling you that stupid people can't tell they are stupid because they are stupid and that having more money than someone else doesn't mean you are more intelligent than them; it only means you have more money than them.

Listen, these over educated idiots couldn't design a fungus at the molecular level.

It is fun and amusing to watch God bring down the arrogant mighty evil people of this world, who abuse their power.


The evolutionists have gotten a hold of some really potent dope to dream up this fairy tale being put out by PBS in a vain attempt to explain away the geological evidence for a global flood without admitting God is real and the Bible is true and this fairy tale is a whopper. The stupidity of this pagan evolutionary fairy tale, called the "Carnian Pluvial Episode", shows just how much these pagans hate God and His Law. We are talking about evolution being a super fanatical religion or cult. You have to be either ignorant or want to believe this crap to believe it.

This fanatical dope induced fairy tale also proves that the evolutionists' fairy tale called Catastrophism has died the big intellectual death and is no more. That didn't take long.

The whackos claim that, during the Carnian Pluvial Episode (hey, if it gots a fancy name, it gots to be true) it rained for 2 million years causing massive floods that laid down the strata we see in the Earth today...well, some of it but that doesn't explain the rest of the strata. To make this fairy tale sound plausible, they say it averaged raining 55 inches a year all over the planet at the same time for 2 million years and state that is as much as it rains in one of today's rain forests.

So, it rained so much that it laid down numerous massive soil stratas but only rained as much as it rains in our rain forests today? Where are the massive soil stratas being laid down in our rain forests today?

I have not seen or heard of any.

Also, that much almost constant raining on a global basis would have caused global flooding that would have wiped out all life on Earth.

They say that this 2 million years of raining on a global basis was caused by an increase in volcanic activity which increased the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which increased the planet's temperature, which increased water vaporization, which caused massive clouds of water vapor, which caused it to rain almost constantly for 2 million years.


I know, let's do the math.

What would have happened if volcanic activity increased the atmospheric carbon dioxide enough to cause that much rain?

First, the rain clouds would have blocked enough sunlight to stop planet warming and they would have also absorbed enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to greatly diminish the "greenhouse effect" and, when the rain fell, it would have cooled the planet off and the run off would have taken much of the carbon dioxide into the oceans and it would have quickly stopped raining.

It is scientifically impossible for it to rain that much on a global basis for even 100 years, much less for 2 million years.

I keep telling you that these fanatical pagan whackos won't quit just because you beat them again and again and again. They ALWAYS just regroup, reorganize, smoke some more dope, and keep on with their wickedness. The only reason the nuts are dreaming up and promoting such radical and fanatical fairy tales is because all of their previous fairy tales have been scientifically disproved and everything that is even remotely plausible and can be used to promote their religion of evolution has been disproved. Therefore, they just smoke some dope and dream up and accept ANYTHING they can use to hold God, the Bible, and creation at bay for even just a few more months. It is called desperation.

And you think that evolution is scientific and isn't a fanatical religious cult?

So they claim that it rained for 2 million years without causing a global flood but it did cause global flooding that created all of those strata?

Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

Note that the last two evolution fairy tales admitted that the strata were laid down by flooding without having to admit that the Bible is right and there was a global flood. The first evolution flood fairy tale tried to explain that the strata were laid down by billions of years of regional flooding but obviously failed. The second evolution fairy tale is admitting that the flooding took place on a global basis but took millions of years instead of billions of years. It will fail too.

At least they are getting closer to the truth and they are not that far from having to admit the Bible is right and there was just one global flood that lasted one year. The evidence and science are eating the evolutionist fairy tales alive.



Anyone pretending to be someone or something they are not is, by definition, fraud, which is a felony, and, if committed across state borders or in conjunction with a government agency or money, is a federal felony. But, because we swallowed yee ole tolerance pill, we have let the lying, stealing lefties convince us it is OK for them to commit fraud. Hey, in the name of tolerance the lefties can commit any crime they want, you know, the old "do as you will" Satanic law they love.

Rachel Dolezal, who had been committing fraud by pretending to be a black woman is now being prosecuted for fraud for not telling Welfare she got more than $80,000 and is facing 10 to 15 years in prison.

I want to know why she, Lizy Warren and other lefties committing fraud, especially the federal felony kind, are not facing charges for fraud or already in prison for fraud. Oh yeah, because they are lefties and are, therefore, above the law you have to abide by.

People, this entire transgender, transracial, and other transy stuff is just people pretending and now forcing us to accept them being something they are not, which is fraud, a felony. Everyone who helps them, you know, like doctors changing the appearance of their bodies, are complicit in these cases of fraud and should be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit fraud but you know that ain't going to happen as long as the lefties control the legal system.

BTW, people pretending to be news journalists when they are actually propagandists is also fraud and telling lies and propaganda as news is also fraud. The people who own or manage those media and tell the "journalists" to lie are complicit in conspiracy to commit fraud and should be facing jail time. College professors who lie to their students are committing fraud, as are public school teachers; revisionist history is fraud, global warming is fraud, and everything else the left is promoting is fraud.

There are a lot of lefties who should be facing charges for fraud but won't because the lefties control the legal system. To get your nation back, you first MUST regain control of your legal system.

Deep State

I got this from AP via Newsmax by Patrick Semansky:

"President Donald Trump on Friday signed a trio of executive orders to overhaul the federal bureaucracy by making it easier to fire federal workers for poor performance and misconduct, requiring that departments and agencies negotiate better union contracts and limiting the amount of time certain federal workers can spend on union business."

Trump is getting ready to clean house on the deep state, isn't he?

Me thinks the ole deep state thingy is in just a wee bit of trouble.


I got this from AP via Newsmax by Juan Manuel Santos:

"Colombia will next week formally become NATO's first Latin American "global partner," President Juan Manuel Santos announced Friday."

Why and why now?

Because Venezuela's Mad Man Maduro plans to invade Columbia and other surrounding nations to take them over, you know, just like most commie dictatorships have done. Maduro believes that Columbia should be part of Venezuela.

I guess Mad Man Maduro can't steal enough from enough people fast enough just in Venezuela?

Gee, you think this might explain why so many Venezuelan troops are "deserting" the Venezuelan Army and going to Columbia, you know, a little infiltration from within thingy?

With Columbia as a member of NATO, if Columbia is attacked, the other NATO members must come to Columbia's aid. Somebody read the writing on this wall.


Zuckerberg is now facing trial set for April 2019 concerning his abuse of user data.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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