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Lefty Death Camps

In my last news essay I stated that the left cunningly hide their Nazi death camps by calling them "Planned Parenthood" and the German Nazis hid their death camps by calling them work camps.

There is another similarity between the Nazis and today's lefties.

How did Hitler and his bunch justify murdering the Hebrews?

By saying that Hebrews are not human so it was alright to murder them. The German Nazis dehumanized the Hebrews to justify killing them.

How do the fascist lefties justify murdering tens of millions of unborn babies?

By saying those babies are not human, they are just "blobs of flesh" so it is alright to murder them. The lefties dehumanize the unborn babies to justify murdering them.

Gee, what a coincidence; they both teach it is alright to murder people by dehumanizing those people.

It is no coincidence. We have known for a very long time that the left has been studying and copying Hitler and his bunch to be more successful in setting up their beloved Marxist dictatorship. Almost everything the left is doing is based on what the German Nazis did to set up their socialist dictatorship.

Hitler hid his death camps by calling them "work camps" where people were "sent to work for the state", you know, a Marxist thingy. Today's Nazis are hiding their death camps by calling them "Planned Parenthood".

The left have openly admitted they learned everything they could from Hitler, improved on it, and planned it this way. If you study Hitler's Nazis, you will quickly find yourself studying today's left; same satanic monster, different name.

BTW, the lefty upper class trash are justifying murdering better than 90% of the people on this planet by saying those people are inferior and, therefore, not true humans so it is OK to murder them off or "depopulate the planet", you know, making their evil plans not sound evil by using certain words to dehumanize those people.

Don't you just love the way the left uses less revolting words to mask their wickedness?

Hey, if you use the right words, it is easier to convince stupid people that evil is good.

What do you think PC is all about?

It is about 1) using the right words to make their wickedness sound good to stupid people and 2) denying anyone else from using words that make their wickedness sound obviously wrong. It all starts with a war of semantics, baby. If you get the words right, you fool the stupid people.

Now Planned Parenthood is suing to maintain their access to children in public school sex education. Hey, they have to maintain their baby farms, you know, your daughters, so they can keep making the big bucks selling dead baby body parts for the big money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Mueller Investigation

Get this; the left is clearly and illegally staging a phony investigation of Trump to get rid of Trump but the investigation has found nothing incriminating on Trump while finding incriminating information on the left, exposing the corruption of the left, AND the left insists on continuing the investigation while the conservatives are trying to stop the investigation? Really?

Is it possible that the conservatives are insisting the investigation be stopped or are pretending they want the investigation to be stopped to fool the lefties into insisting the investigation continue so the investigation will continue to expose the corruption of the left and the left is so stupid it is falling for this? Maybe this is why Trump hasn't fired Mueller yet?

Separating Children

I do hope you are intelligent enough to realize that this crap about separating children from their illegal alien parents is just to distract you from the fact that certain members in the FBI have just been exposed as being complicit in committing crimes with the Commiecrat Party to steal control of the US and set up their lefty commie dictatorship and also distract you from noticing all of Trump's successes.

"Oh no, don't look over here at the corruption in the lefty deep state that has just been exposed by Mueller's investigation or at Trump's successes, look at those poor widdle children who are being separated from their criminal parents so we can put those criminal parents in jail for their crime of illegally entering the US without having to also put the children in jail and punish the children for their parents' crimes."

Yep, that is what all of this lefty self righteous crap is all about. The lefties have been exposed for their corruption and they are trying to steal back being the "great righteous ones" while making conservatives look heartless and vile for being evil to poor widdel children the lefties love and care so much about that the lefties want to murder them all off with abortion.

People, there are only 4 main reasons for the lefties to support bringing illegal aliens into the US; 1) to use those people as worker slaves to drive your wages down so the upper class trash can steal more money from more people faster because they can't steal enough money from enough people fast enough, 2) for the lefty commie traitors to use those people as voter slaves to steal your votes from you so the left can set up their lefty commie dictatorship so the upper class trash can have absolute power and control over you so they can steal more money from more people faster, 3) to help move more drugs across the US border faster, and 4) for child trafficking. It is all about slavery and money by the lefties.

Look, there is absolutely no reason to allow illegal aliens into our nation but the lying lefties keep telling you that the illegal aliens should ALL be allowed here because SOME of them are applying for asylum, which is not a crime. Yeah, applying for asylum is not a crime but illegally entering the US is a crime.

Listen, the lefties are intentionally "forgetting" to tell you that these people can LEGALLY apply for asylum at hundreds of US embassies and consulates all over the world, in almost every country on this planet, you know, without even leaving the comfort of their homes or committing the crime of illegally entering the US. Why, just in Mexico alone, you know, where almost all of them are illegally entering the US from, there is a US embassy in Mexico City and nine consulates spread out all over Mexico from which these illegal aliens can legally apply for asylum without dangerously dragging their children across our borders and through our southwestern deserts, which, technically and legally, is child endangerment and child abuse, you know, more crimes in the US. You can also legally apply for asylum at any LEGAL port of entry to the US without illegally entering the US somewhere else or endangering or abusing your children.

Listen, if the lefties really cared about the children, they would do everything they could to discourage these people from endangering and abusing their children by illegally dragging those children across our borders and through our southwestern deserts, where quite a few of those children die, by encouraging those people to apply for asylum at one of hundreds of US embassies and consulates around the world or at any legal port of entry.

BTW, the lefties aiding and abetting these illegal aliens in coming to the US are complicit in the crimes these illegal aliens are committing including the child endangerment and child abuse crimes and everyone supporting illegal aliens coming into this nation should go to jail for being complicit in those crimes.

Now, let's get back to cleaning up the corruption in our lefty commie traitor deep state...along with putting all of these treasonous lefty perps, who are complicit in the crimes being committed by the illegal aliens, in prison for a few millennia...each.

There is ABSOLUTELY no legal, morale, or ethical reason to support people entering the US illegally and anyone doing so should be facing criminal charges...along with the people who are encouraging and helping the criminals, you know, aiding and abetting.

BTW, are the lefty organizations paying these people and covering their expenses to enter the US illegally for a number of reasons such as child trafficking, drug trafficking, and other crimes?

Think about it. Somehow, these people, who make very little money in their home countries, are paying their guides thousands of dollars for each person to help them enter the US illegally and that doesn't cover the other expenses for their trips.

Where are that many of those poor people getting that much money from, more money than most of them have seen in their lives? Don't you think there is something wrong with that picture?

Someone has to be paying those expenses because few, if any, of those people could. That someone is complicit in all of the crimes these people are committing plus other crimes, they have no trouble in scattering the illegal alien dead bodies, including children, all over the US desert southwest, and should go to prison.

Gee, you don't think that someone is the upper class trash, their lefty puppets, and their lefty minions fighting to keep bringing illegal aliens into this country, do you?

Think about it every time you hear that these poor people are paying their guides $5,000+. I am a US citizen and probably make more than most of those people but I don't have $5,000 or even $1,000 to pay anyone to take me anywhere. Heck, I have to save money to go out to dinner...OK, for a burger.

Where are these poor people getting that much money from? Maybe, if we follow that trail of money, we will find out what is really going on here?

Just a thought.

Gog and Magog

Here is a little food for thought about the discussion concerning who Gog and Magog are, Russia, Turkey, or some combination of both.

Right now, and that is important to understand because things can change, it is looking like Turkey is probably Gog and Magog and not Russia.


Because Russia is helping Israel stop Iran from being able to invade Israel and Turkey is not only working with Iran to invade Israel but has repeatedly openly stated that all of the Muslim nations should form a combined military to invade and conquer Israel PLUS, and this is a really big plus in studying Bible prophesy, Russia didn't even exist when the prophesy about Gog and Magog was given by God but Turkey did exist under a different name.

You have to understand that, when God gave us end time prophesy concerning other nations, it is understood that those prophesies are concerning the people who live in that area at the end times and not the people who migrated from that area before the end times and almost all of those nations' names have changed but we know who they are.

Everyone knows that, when the prophesies about Gog and Magog were given, they were about Turkey and, therefore, should still be about the area that was known as Gog and Magog or today's Turkey and not about Russia. The current events are telling us this is true.

After Russia, as the Soviet Union, became our evil enemy and Turkey was our Cold War Ally, the people WANTED to believe that Gog and Magog were referring to Russia so they willfully forgot that the prophesy was originally about Turkey because Russia didn't even exist as any kind of political state.

Therefore, it is most likely that the prophesies about Gog and Magog were about today's Turkey and not about Russia. It is possible that Russia won't even be involved in that war and it is looking more and more that way every day.

Keep an eye on this.

Cyber Hackers

I got this from Newsmax By Eric Mack:

"Cyber hackers hitting victims with malware are proliferating today's society - seeking cryptocurrency as ransom - and are now targeting municipalities in addition to the private sector, as The Wall Street Journal reported.

'We're right at the front end of this,' A Public Risk Management Association executive director Marshall Davies. '[Hackers are] just now coming after the public entities. They've been hitting the businesses for years.'"

And I am wondering, "Is this at least partly being funded and organized by the upper class trash to steal more money from more people faster so they can fund their dying evil empire plans because, in part, they are having trouble raising money from the usual suckers?" Have you noticed how massive, well structured, and well organized and coordinated cyber hacking is today?

This cyber hacking is on such a massive scale and so well organized and coordinated any more that someone has to be funding it and it sure ain't the poor, baby.

Hey, we know that the upper class trash can never be satiated and will always want more money and power so that they just can't steal enough money from enough people fast enough. I would not be surprised to find out they are financing this.

You can pretty safely bet the upper class trash are at least involved in this, especially with as much money as they are stealing.


BTW, all of these increasing crimes in the UK and the rest of gun free Europe being caused by the upper class trash's illegal aliens are proving Americans right for wanting to keep their guns so they can protect themselves from criminals.

For example, there is now a significantly higher level of rape in gun free UK than in gun toting US.

I told you that God was letting the left get what they want to open people's eyes to the ugly truth about the left and He is doing a great job of that.


BTW, our false pagan god, democracy, is failing again but on a global basis. It failed in Greece, it failed (a republic is a form of democracy) in Rome, and it is now failing all over the world.


Because elections make it possible for criminals to lie and bribe their way into power, corrupt the government, and destroy the nation. Therefore, democracies always eventually fail. For the first 100+ years, they tend to be pretty good governments but, after that, they go downhill as increasing numbers of criminals lie their way into power and damage that government until it fails at about 200 years or less, which is where our democracies are right now.

Right now, most of the people living in democratic nations believe their government is failing them. Unfortunately, they are right.

This is why Christian Paradise WILL NOT be any form of a democracy but will be a monarchy with Jesus as king over all. Also, God said life is a test and, based on how well we do in this test, God will appoint leaders or "give us crowns" at all levels of government for all of eternity and they better do the job right.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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