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Stupid Countries

What really kills me is the nations the US is giving billions of dollars to every year to keep those nations afloat and those nations are working with our lefties to help destroy the US.

What will those nations do when the US falls, fall with her?

Yep. They think they will get to help sack the US when she falls but they are just being played for suckers by the upper class trash to help destroy the US and then they will all be thrown under the bus by the "New World Order" thingy.


I support much of what I see Trump doing but I keep an eye open because I don't agree with everything he does or says. There are red flags that bother me and I quietly keep an eye on them.

The biggest red flag is that he is obviously a phony or poser Christian because the "Christian leaders" he associates with are all corrupt posers who are only Christian preachers because of the millions they make bilking the people in the name of Jesus (blasphemy) plus Trump refuses to admit that he repented of anything and accepted Jesus as his savior. That means he is only a Christian in name, which is like you claiming to be a hippopotamus or giraffe. Just because Trump says he is a Christian does not mean he is one, it just means he says he is a Christian.

Think not?

Obama claims to be a Christian while opposing Christianity and helping Islam.

Anyone can talk the talk but they must also walk the walk and I have seen Trump walk like a pagan too many times.

So far, we don't know what deals he is making in private and who he is making those deals with. Trump really likes to keep everyone off balance and guessing, which is why he tweets so much stuff to keep the lefties off balance, which isn't difficult because the left is always unbalanced.

The good thing is that he is destroying the lefty commie traitors' one world government but is he just working with another group to topple the lefty commie traitors so Trump's group can seize control of the world? Is what he is doing just a power struggle between two different upper class trash groups for control of the world? Is Trump the lesser of two evils?

If so, God will bring him down. He won't any more succeed than the lefty commie traitors will succeed.

Mean while, I thank God for sending him to destroy the lefty commie traitors who almost had control of the world to set up their global commie dictatorship and are still trying. God often uses evil people to destroy other evil people but can also use good people, when appropriate, which is why I am keeping my eyes open.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often because we need it.

To show you just how much the left hates Trump, in Trump's visit with the Queen of England, he didn't bow before her and actually started walking before her in reviewing her troops, both of which are a violation of European royal protocol. Of course, the lefty media are making a big stink about this in spite of the fact that they don't normally make a big stink about the European royalty. They are making it look like the US president is supposed to submit to European royal protocol, you know, the rule of their lefty leaders who are part of the upper class trash.

Hey, anything to turn the people against Trump to stop Trump from destroying their evil globalist plans.

International protocol says that a ruler of one nation does not bow to the ruler of another nation unless the first nation is ruled over by the second nation, you know, the first nation is a vassal state of the second nation. Also, the president of the US, the most powerful man in the world, is NOT supposed to bow or kneel before any other ruler.

Bowing before someone is saying that that person you are bowing before it superior to you and you are submitting yourself to their rule, which the president of the US is NOT supposed to do. He is also not supposed to bow before any religious leaders, including the Pope.

Personally, I don't want Trump to bow before any human, only God, and I hope Trump keeps breaking European royal protocol and you better bet that Trump has enough international experience and advisors that he knows European royal protocol. It helps make me feel free to know that my president isn't subservient to anyone but God.

It is also important to know that we, the people of the US, are NOT supposed to bow before the president because he works for or serves us and, therefore, we are not supposed to bow before any rulers from other nations or of religions. We are also not supposed to accept any titles, such as knighthood, because that is us submitting to the rule of the leader who knighted us.

Let me remind you that our American ancestors fought and won a war more than 200 years ago to free us from being subservient to any leader, political or religious.

Then we have Georgie boy Soros who is whining that "Trump has ALMOST destroyed" Georgie boy's global government or dictatorship.

Awww, poor evil Georgie boy, I guess he is going to have to give up his vile plans to rule the world and enslave you. Keep up the good work, Trump. We want more than almost destroyed, we want their evil, vile plans completely destroyed.

BTW, Georgie boy saying that Trump has "almost" destroyed their evil, vile globalist plans should tell you that the evil, vile globalists have not given up and are still working and trying to set up their evil and vile global dictatorship over you.

Why are they still trying?

Because they ain't dead yet.

New Weapons?

I keep seeing sensationalized articles about small boats being built and used as a new super weapon to "swarm" larger ships and fleets, especially being used by Iran. This is supposed to be some new, scary super weapon that will destroy the US Navy. Waaaaaah!!!

Hint: During WWII, we called them PT boats. The late President Kennedy commanded one during WWII. Been there, done that, and it didn't destroy the US Navy.


Here is an easy prediction. With criminal organizations like MS13 and Antifa using tattoos to identify themselves and it recently being made known that criminal organizations are using tattoos to brand their human trafficking victims, the use of tattoos will become much less popular in the future. Tattoos won't be so "cool" any more, after all, no one wants to look like a slave.


I have been seeing and getting bombed with ads encouraging me to buy their new over the counter (OTC) pot drugs.

Two things:

First, you don't think the big chemical companies bribed our corrupt politicians to legalize pot because those companies had developed a new OTC pot dope to get you high and hooked to increase the profits for those chemical companies, do you?

Wow, they sure have suddenly and quickly developed a massive inventory of pot dope. Gee, what a coincidence. That happened fast.

Second, I don't believe our corrupt and bribed politicians should have ever allowed drug companies to advertise because the only reason for them to advertise their legal dope is to persuade you to buy drugs that your doctor won't prescribe for you, which you should never do.

Gee, those chemical companies sure are corrupt and greedy, aren't they?

Yeah, and that is not the only racket they are involved in either.

Did I tell you that I hate most marketing people because their job is to figure out new ways to steal more money from more people faster?

When I get a marketing call, as soon as I find out it is a marketing call, I just hang up. I don't even give them a chance to begin to try to con me out of my money. I don't say, "bye", "I'm sorry", or anything, I just hang up. I consider it to be very rude of them to barge into my home and try to con me out of my money. It definitely isn't showing me any respect.

I have noticed that I am getting fewer marketing calls since I started doing that because calling me is just a waste of their time and money. Think about that.

And, if they decided to keep your phone line open to "punish you" for hanging up on them, that just means no other marketing people will be able to call me until they hang up and they have to pay by the minute for holding my phone line open.

So, who is the loser there?

That is one way to get rid of marketing people.

And don't give me that crap about, "They are just doing their job." I have had several opportunities to make quite a bit of money stealing from others like that and I always went and got me another job as soon as I found out I would be stealing for someone else.

When the international courts tried and hung the Nazis following WWII, they set the precedence that "just doing your job" is not a valid defense for doing something you know is wrong. You are still knowingly doing something wrong that makes you complicit in the crimes you are committing. They hung every Nazi who tried to use that as a defense.

My soul ain't for sale, baby, Jesus already owns it and Jesus ain't going to let me get away with that Satanic crap. Jesus holds me to a higher standard than He holds those Satanic pagans and I am required to try to keep that standard. I may not always succeed but I still try.


Japan needs to replace its aging F-15 fighter jets with better fighter aircraft. The US refused to sell her the F-22 but is permitting Lockheed and Northrop to work with her to develop a new fighter plane that could end up being more advanced than the F-22. She may even get a more modern version of the YF-23 the F-22 beat out.

Will Japan end up building her own and the world's first sixth generation fighter plane?

Keep an eye on this.

Mueller Investigation

To save their butts from prison and, hopefully, their jobs, the traitors running the FBI have indicted 12 Russians for interfering with the US election in 2016, who will never go on trial so we will never see any evidence that they really did anything. Basically, they have indicted 12 known spies for spying.

This is just a cover up for the criminal behavior of those running the FBI. These indictments of the Russians are an obvious and vain effort to give credibility to their investigation of Trump, which was fraudulent and criminal in order to save their butts.

Will it work?

I sure hope not. These people need to be held accountable for their crimes, if for no other reason than to discourage such behavior and criminal activities by others in the future.

BTW, this means that this effort to get rid of Trump has failed completely, which means the lefties will now try something even more desperate to get rid of Trump. The left had put almost all of their hopes in this one effort so expect something really radical and desperate from them to get rid of Trump before he can do any more damage to their evil globalist plans. You will see that the evil lefties are not going to stop.

Note that some of the whacko lefties are still trying to push the Trump/Russia thingy in spite of the fact that even the FBI said there is no connection between Trump and Russia. They just won't quit.


You need to know that Israel is preparing for a two front war between Gaza (Hamas) and Syria. This will involve simultaneously fighting forces from Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas along with Iranian and Hezbollah controlled forces from Syria and Lebanon.

This is why Israel has been attacking forces from Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas in Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza. Israel has been trying to prevent the troop buildup for invasion of Israel to prevent the war.

Keep an eye on this.

Los Angeles

If you think God is not about to destroy Los Angeles with what they are now calling an earthquake swarm, think Sodom and Gomorrah. Today, LA is the US version of Sodom and Gomorrah and, if God doesn't soon destroy LA, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

You better bet that God will soon destroy LA like He told me and I told you. He has to in order for Him to remain just and righteous.


Here is one for you I just made up and posted on FB that is sure to go viral.

It isn't that you are an Islamophobe for knowing and saying the truth about Islam. It is that Muslims are infidelophobic who hate you because you are not Muslim and that is the truth.

So spread that one around to fight back against that Islamophobic bull crap.

Honey Bees

The lefties tell one big whopper of a lie that says that all of the honey bees are dying off and, if there are no honey bees, then all plants on the planet will cease to exist and then all other life on the planet will die off to scare you into believing what they want you to believe so you will support them doing what they want to do, which is never a good thing.

I already told you that the honey bee population in the US has grown by better than 40% since 2006 but let's take a look at the rest of that lie, you know, the part about all life on this planet depending on only one organism, the honey bee.

If you have studied college level biology or planted a garden and paid attention to the organisms that pollinate your plants, you should know that lie ain't so, baby. There are plenty of other organisms which play a much bigger role in pollinating plants than the honey bee and, if you don't believe me, all you have to do is plant a garden and pay attention to what pollinates the plants.

First, here in Alamogordo we have two different species of honey bees, the domestic honey bee brought over from Europe that most people are familiar with and did not exist here until the Europeans brought it over and the desert honey bee, which is much smaller than the domestic honey bee.

Then I have at least half a dozen different types of bees like bumble bees that help pollinate my plants. Oops! That alone proves the lefties are lying to you but it gets better, baby.

Did you know that some species of wasps also pollinate plants?

The best example is the golden paper nest wasp that doesn't kill or eat any bugs and ONLY pollinates plants just like honey bees. It is a very docile wasp that will only attack you when you get too close to their nests and they will hover about a foot right in front of your face for one or two seconds while staring you right in the face because they use "face recognition" to identify you. "Yep, it's Carl. He's OK."

So we already have a number of types of bees AND wasps that pollinate plants but it gets better, baby.

Unless you live near a honey bee hive or two, the honey bees will actually be in the minority of the organisms that pollinate the plants in your garden. The majority of organisms that will pollinate most plants are butterflies and moths. They will easily out number honey bees in most gardens by at least 10 or 20 to one and seem to be everywhere in your garden.

But that still isn't all because there are still more organisms such as humming birds that also pollinate plants. I have even seen humming birds pollinating plants like mesquite and sage brush.

There are even some bugs that don't fly that help pollinate plants like ants.

You didn't know that ants help pollinate plants, did you?

Yep, and there is even one type of ground cover with tiny flowers and fruit that the big black and red ants help pollinate and then actually harvest the very tiny red fruit the plant produces, which causes those ants to carry those seeds to other places so the plants will spread and grow more.

God designed life on this planet so that, if the honey bee became extinct, the rest of life would quickly adapt and continue on without the honey bee. Yahweh is a great and magnificent being and a lot smarter than we are.

Don't believe me?

Plant a garden.

If a lefty's lips are moving, it is probably a lie. You can't believe ANYTHING a lefty says.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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