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Media Control

The lefties are betting that, if they can control the dialog on the Internet, you know, censor the truth while spreading their lies, misinformation, and propaganda, they can win this next election. Therefore, FB, Twitter, Google and the rest are setting it up so they can control information release and replace the truth, you know, their "hate speech", with their propaganda.

They have a little problem. The people know this is happening and it is going to get worse between now and the election and it is already pushing more people to the right, which will cause the left to lose even more votes.

It isn't just that the right was able to get the truth out that lost the left the last election but that the left is increasing obvious about their corruption and working to control the people, which is turning increasing numbers of people against the left. As the left continues with their wickedness, it will just continue to get worse for the left until it becomes completely hopeless for the left, which is already happening and why the left is breaking up but the left is too stupid to figure out that what is causing them to increasingly lose votes is their own criminal behavior.

For example, the very fact that Suckerberg is working and planning to censor the right on FB is really ticking off more and more people and causing increasing numbers of people to turn right.

Their own wickedness is backfiring on them and they are too stupid to figure it out so they keep doing more and more damage to their own cause because they are stupid enough to believe that, if what they were doing didn't work, then doing more of it will work.

And you think these corrupt fools are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you earned?

Everything these over educated fools do fails and backfires on them. The problem for the left is that the left keeps drinking their own Kool-Aid and actually believes they are smarter than they really are and that the rest of us are dumber than we really are.

After I wrote the above, the FB stocks fell by $119 billion in just one day because of FB's censorship of conservatives. Me thinks that the share holders will want to have Suckerberg removed as CEO.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Michelle Obama

The left is starting to make the moves to run Michelle Obama for president in 2020 and this movement is being started by a bunch of stupid rich white guys. This will be interesting. Keep an eye on this.


There were two villages in the Idlib area holding out for Assad and they were both just evacuated of all Syrian civilians and patriots with control being turned over to the terrorists. Syria is doing this to prevent the terrorists from storming these villages during the coming military action and taking hostages after Syria starts its offensive in the Idlib area.

Obviously, this is Syria preparing for the offensive in the Idlib area. This is battlefield preparation. Keep an eye on this.

Here is a little food for thought. When the final push for control of the Idlib area starts, can there be peace agreements based on the terrorists turning in their weapons and being bused to another area? What other area when the Idlib area is the last terrorist held area? Oops, is this the corner that Putin and Assad have painted the terrorists into?

By sending surrendering terrorists to the Idlib area, Syria and Russia are setting things up for a final battle to the death in the Idlib area, which is why they evacuated those two towns. This battle is going to be extremely ruthless, vicious, and to the death. No quarter will be given by either side and Syria and Russia are setting this up to finish off the terrorists once and for all.

Syria and Russia are right now quickly finishing off the last ISIS held pocket in South Syria and will soon start moving troops to the Idlib area to start that final battle.

Keep an eye on this.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

It should be obvious by now that Alexandria is so ignorant and stupid that she cannot be anything but a puppet for the upper class trash. She is being "hired" to do everything they say no matter what they say. She is nothing but a disposable front for the evil upper class trash who has obviously sold her soul to the Devil for free stuff stolen from others.


So, how is that adultery thingy working out?

They have a FB page for people who take a DNA test and find out that "mommy screwed around on daddy because I ain't his."

It turns out that the truth is coming out that women are just as promiscuous as men, because, as my mother taught me, "Carl, don't forget that, for every man screwing a woman, there is a woman screwing a man."

We are finding out the hard way that women are not as sweet and innocent as we are being told, especially when you realize that millions of them in just the US are cold blooded enough to murder their own unborn babies, about the only innocent people left on this planet.

Feminists like to believe that, "if we women were in charge of the planet, things would be different", meaning better but history teaches a different story. There have been plenty of female rulers in history and they weren't so nice, people. My favorite is Catherine the Great who was easily one of the worst tyrants in history. She was a brutal, cruel, savage murderer who had people put to death just because they were there and she wanted to have them put to death, you know, for the fun of it just like Che Guevara did.

Then there is the ugly truth that every male tyrant had his female accomplice called a wife, who often was just as bad or even worse, you know, just like Jezebel. History is replete with examples of cruel, brutal, savage, murdering women.

Did you know that during WWII both the Germans and Japanese often used women to torture people, especially men, because women were much better at torturing and inflicting pain?

So, here we are today, getting DNA tests and finding out that mommy wasn't so sweet and innocent because "I'm not daddy's kid." Some people are finding out that DNA testing isn't always a good thing and that adultery is causing increasing numbers of people a lot of pain.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out," and they are, just like God said.

But, hey, you want to see when ALL of our sins will find ALL of us out?

Just wait until Judgment Day when "everything will be made known" and you will be surprised at the wickedness of some of the people you thought were good people and at the good of some people you thought were bad. That day will be the greatest eye opener and history lesson in history because we will find out every tiny detail about each other and the truth about history instead of the many lies we are being taught. You will find out EVERY corrupt back room deal by those politicians you thought were "taking care of you," when they were actually screwing you.

And, oh yeah, there will be plenty of women burning in Hell with the men.

Many heroes will be found out to have been villains and many villains will be found out to have been heroes. Every lie will be exposed and every truth made known. No one will ever lie or gossip about anyone ever again because everyone will know everything about everyone else.

Personally, I look forward to that day because some lies were told about me that no one will ever believe again, never, and all liars will be shamed before God and all mankind. That will be a great and wonderful day for some and a terrible day for many. Man kind's bull crap will stop on that day because the truth will set us free.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a saint and there will be some embarrassing moments for me but, with my salvation and what little I did in relation to harm others have caused me, I have more to gain than to lose on that day. Besides, we are going to learn the absolute truth about ALL of history, every second of it for everyone, and not the lies of the corrupt upper class who have written and distorted what we know as history.

Easy Prediction

Here is an easy prediction; there will be a lot of pagan Hebrews on the side of the Muslim invaders for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 &39 ready to help invade and destroy Israel and God will destroy them with the Gentiles.

These will be the God hating, lefty, Marxist, pagan Hebrews who also hate Israel and want to destroy it. These evil people have been working with others including the Muslims and the Euro-American upper class trash to destroy Israel for years. They will see this invasion as an opportunity to finally get what they want and will join the invasion to destroy Israel.


I realized what Hillary and Obama are doing going around giving speeches all over the world. They are running or campaigning for the position of leader of their new world order or lefty commie traitor global dictatorship.

They are giving speeches to the upper class trash of other nations trying to gain their support for being the head dictator of the planet.

This tells me that the upper class trash are getting close to staging a violent coup of the US along with softer coups for the rest of the nations.

Keep an eye on this.

Voter ID

I have been waiting for this "Russia collusion" and "Russia hacking" of the 2016 election to backfire on the lefties because now Trump can force voter ID from the national level because it has been "proved" by the left to be a threat to the US national security and national security is the responsibility of the federal government, not the state governments.

I just saw an unconfirmed report that that is about to happen, which means that, now that the lefties have "proven" that Russian hacking is a threat to US national security, Trump can force voter IDs for all elections in all states to protect national security and the courts will uphold this. The ball is now in Trump's end of the court thanks to the stupidity and wickedness of the lefties.

This is another great sounding stupid lefty idea that is about to bite them in the butt just before the 2018 elections.

Keep an eye on this.


Talk about insanity. In Commiefornia, they have made plastic straws illegal and you can get up to 6 years in jail for using or distributing a state where the prisons are so overcrowded that they regularly turn violent criminals loose. This is in spite of the fact that they admit that making plastic straws illegal will do nothing to improve the environment.

What idiots started this lefty crusade?

I think they are trying to turn Commiefornia into the national asylum.

Blood Moon

Here is an interesting thought.

What does Earth look like from the moon during a blood moon?

Think about that one. With Earth's atmosphere refracting light so uniformly around the edges of the planet, there is bound to be some kind of "glow" or "halo". We can guess but there is only one way to find out.

Just think about being on the moon during a blood moon. Everything around you on the moon will have a red hue but what about Earth? What, if any, effect will that refraction of light that causes the blood moon have on the dark side of Earth? What, if any, effect will the reflected light from the moon have on Earth?

Yeah, I tend to eventually question everything.

Climate Change

The left continues to harp on the climate change thingy because they know that, if they keep treating it as a fact, increasing numbers of people will start believing their lies. It is turning lies into facts via persistence.

Keep in mind that this is all being done so they can start charging their "carbon tax", which they have already admitted won't do anything for the climate but is just one more way they can steal more money from more people faster.

Hey, they are obsessive, compulsive thieves and will never change plus they will never be able to steal enough from enough people fast enough to be satisfied with how much they are stealing so these cons will just go on and on and on until they die. These evil monsters won't stop when they get their carbon tax and they will just dream up more fake disasters to create more useless taxes to steal more money from more people faster until they die.

Why do you think God told us to use the death penalty against such evil people?

God knows that the only way to stop such evil people is to kill them.

God knows that, if people start committing adultery, they won't stop there. They will just continue getting more and more sexually perverted until they destroy our society and civilization. After adultery, they will turn to homosexuality, pedophilia or child rape, bestiality, and out right raping men, women, and children and then, finally, to just murdering people for their gods, for the feeling of power, and for the fun of it.

ALL of the most evil people started with just "one little sin" and kept getting worse and worse until they became one of the most evil people. They didn't start out as one of the most evil people, they ended up that way because they lived long enough to get there.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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