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All of the lefties are throwing a fit about Trump daring, I tell you, daring to go golfing and making tweets during traitor McCain's funeral, especially when Trump was uninvited by McCain, himself.

Really? What was he supposed to do; sit and stare at four walls while crying because some traitor who obviously hated him died?

I'm upset too. I think Trump should have taken some patriotic vets and/or soldiers golfing with him and paid their fees and then Trump should have thrown a party with some patriotic vets and/or soldiers to celebrate the death of the traitor and us finally being rid of him while all of the lefty commie traitors were at the lefty commie traitor McCain's funeral pretending to care about losing McCain.

Hey, don't be a hypocrite and pretend to mourn the death of a lefty commie traitor who caused the deaths of good soldiers! Celebration; come on!!!

I would have gone to Trump's party with patriotic vets and soldiers to celebrate the death of a traitor, especially if they had ice cream.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney said he saw God during a psychedelic trip, you know, on dope.

Whose god? His pagan god, Satan?

That is the question you should always ask when some God hating pagan says they were sent by, saw, or otherwise are referring to "god", especially in a positive manner.

Whose god are they referring to, their god, Satan?

These pagans ALWAYS say god so that you Christians will think they are referring to YOUR God, the God of the Bible, but that is not who they consider to be god. With pagans, there are many different gods and they recognize THEIR chosen god and not YOUR God so ALWAYS ask, "Whose god", when some evil twit like Pelosi says god sent her to do something because you can bet they don't mean the Christian God. Hey, most of the Euro-American upper class trash pagans worship their god, Baphomet/Lucifer, and not Yahweh/Jesus and you can bet they would never even think of considering or calling Yahweh/Jesus god.

So, whose god did Paul see; whose god sent Pelosi, whose god are they referring to because it should be obvious they are NOT referring to my Christian God, Yahweh/Jesus or their behavior would be different.

Dear Christians, get a clue, when pagans say god, always ask, "Whose god?" because it ain't your God. They would NEVER call your God, God. So whose god are they talking about?

You see how the pagans are always deceptive?

They don't think of your God when they say god because they would never think of your God as being their god.

Paul McCartney saw a huge wall when he was stoned and thought it was god and said it in such a way as to make most of you Christians think he was talking about your God and most of you did. Pagans always sucker punch Christians that way.

When a pagan says, "god", they ain't talking about your Christian God.


Mark asked me a question about EMPs and there is no way I can completely answer his question because some of it is classified but I keep seeing x-spurts online and in the media, you know, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated media called journalists, who don't know crap, putting out bull crap about EMPs as if they know what they are talking about.

What I can tell you is that EMPs are 100% dependent on throw weight of the nuke AND I have never seen any of these x-spurts even mention throw weight when saying anything about nukes. They talk and act like all throw weights function the same way and cause the same damage and/or that all nukes have the same throw weight.

Nope, ain't happening. When you see any x-spurt talk like that, ignore what they are saying because you are getting ignorance based bull crap.

Understanding throw weight is critical to understanding anything about nuclear warfare.

You need to know that different throw weight nukes have to be detonated at different distances above the earth for the EMP to work. Also, the EMP effect for different throw weight nukes will have different strengths and cover different size areas. It ain't as simple as the idiots keep telling you.

For example, when comparing EMPs for a 10K nuke verses a 100K nuke, you need to know that the 100K nuke has to be detonated higher above the earth for the EMP to work, the EMP will be stronger, and the EMP will cover a greater distance. Also, the EMP for the 10K nuke ain't going to cover or cause damage to the entire US (neither will the EMP for the 100K nuke).

You don't just shoot any throw weight nuke up over another nation at just any altitude, it goes kaboom, and you get an effective EMP that covers that entire nation. It ain't going to happen.

If the x-spurts don't tell you that, you are getting bull crap.

Now, what should this tell you?

Knowing that both Iran and North Korea are working on building arsenals of 10K nukes, you should know that they CANNOT take out even one quarter of the US with an EMP from one of their nukes, even if they know the right altitude to detonate their nukes. They are going to need much bigger throw weight nukes than that to take on the US, baby.

Also, having never seen any signs that Iran or North Korea and maybe not even China have done ANY high altitude nuke testing the way the US did in the 1950s and 1960s, it is impossible that they would know the altitudes required by each throw weight to develop an effective EMP UNLESS some traitor like the Clintons or Obama sold them that information, which is why corrupt leaders are a bigger threat to the US than North Korea, Iran, or even China and I believe those corrupt leaders should be shot or hung.

Note that I have been watching this very closely. It wasn't even possible for even China to do such high altitude nuke testing until the Clintons sold them certain classified weapons technologies in the 1990s, for which the Clintons should be hung, shot, and drawn and quartered.

Am I worried about someone like North Korea or Iran taking out the entire US electrical grid with an EMP?

Absolutely not.


No, because it is scientifically impossible for them to take out the entire US electrical grid with 10K or even 100K nukes. It just ain't happening, baby.

Can they take out an area of the US pending the size of their nuke?

Only if they know the right altitude to detonate that throw weight nuke or guess right, very right.

I would be more concerned with them killing a bunch of people with the detonation the way we did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then they have to get their nukes past the defenses I know exist, which are classified, and other defenses we have put up since I was in the military AND with them now making our Space Force public, I seriously doubt that will happen.

Mark rightly stated that, with them making the MOK public knowledge, it probably means it is already in service. Yep, and better or they would not make the MOK public knowledge; that is STANDARD Pentagon protocol for making classified weapons systems "public knowledge". They never make our best weapons systems public knowledge so that what you know about is our MINIMUM in weapons systems and not our maximum in weapons systems. We ALWAYS have better hidden away somewhere, ALWAYS!

Just remember that, when I was in the Air Force, Buck Rogers wished he had it as well as our unofficial space force had it. Today, he doesn't even come close, baby.

Klingons, where art thou? Come and get it, baby. Bring it on!

North Korea, Iran, and China? Sandbox fist fighting, baby. If we ever use the best we have, they are toast right now, which is why Trump is making some of those weapons systems public knowledge because no one will be intimidated into not attacking you by weapons they don't know about.

Remember that Trump and Pence gave you some really BIG red flags telling you we got the best space toys in service RIGHT NOW when they said 1) we won't be building the Space Force from scratch, meaning we already have it in place, 2) it will be officially up and running by 2020, in less time than it takes to design, build, and launch a killer satellite, 3) they ALREADY have a Space Force command and control, and 4) they started telling you about killer satellites, letting you know about only one of the weapons systems we already have deployed in space, right now, just waiting for their nukes.

Pay close attention to what they say and don't say and the meaning of those statements.

You couldn't begin to imagine the space toys we had out there in 1972, just waiting to be used in an all out nuke war with the Ruskies and we have better today.

Listen, when they said the Air Force has a space command and control center today, that let me know that they didn't down size or do away with our space force after I got out because we didn't have that command and control center when I was in. The space force was controlled by SAC out of Cheyenne Mountain. The space force is still there and bigger and better than it was.

Buck Rogers, eat your heart out, punk!

The BIGGEST threat to US national security is our corrupt leaders and their puppet masters, ABOSLUTELY! They are the ONLY ones who can bring us down and the traitors should ALL be hung, I don't care which party they belong to. The GREATEST threat to this planet are the upper class trash and their lefty puppets and minions, ABSOLUTELY! Everything else is just a distraction. THEY are the only ones I am worried about and I have been warning you about those traitors for years.

If Clinton had been elected, we, the US, would no longer have a republic and this planet would be engulfed in a nuclear war to set up their "New World Order". That is how close we came to enjoying the absolute worst time in history and those criminals are still trying to seize control to set up their global dictatorship because power mad and greedy people can never be satiated; they will ALWAYS want more power and wealth and will do anything to get it.

These are the most evil people in history.

You think not?

No other butcher in history has PREMEDITATED the intentional murder, butcher, and slaughter of more than 7 billion men, women, and children on this planet to set up their dictatorship; not Hitler, not Linen, not Stalin, not Mao, and not even the Muslim ruler Tamerlane, who is considered to be the worst butcher in history. No one, absolutely no one.

The upper class trash plan to butcher almost every person in almost every community on this planet, leaving a MAXIMUM of 500 million people and have said so themselves. When they talk about "depopulating" the planet down to a maximum of 500 million people, they are talking about butchering more than 7 billion men, women, and children on the planet so they don't have to share THEIR planet with you.

The Euro-American upper class trash are so evil that words cannot even begin to describe how evil they are, much less exaggerate it. They are the worst monsters in history because no other monsters have ever posed a threat to every human on the planet. Their every thought is evil, which is why God must destroy them.

I have told you again and again that nothing but death can stop these evil people and they have proved it again and again and now do so daily.

That is why I say again and again, "You better pray long, pray hard, pray often."

Do you get it yet?

The greatest enemy to this planet and the cause of better than 90% of our problems on this planet is the Euro-American upper class trash and their owned lefty whores, ABSOLUTELY! This planet would be a massively better place without them. They should all be hung, shot, drawn and quarters, skinned alive, boiled in oil, and anything else you can think least once. They have EARNED eternal damnation more so than anyone else and earn it more every day.


John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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