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Eyes Opening

The New York cops turned their backs on their beloved mayor twice, once at the funeral of a fellow officer. The cops are realizing that they are right now in the process of being betrayed and thrown under the bus by the upper class trash, you know, just like I have been telling you for years. Eyes are opening.

Right now, Pharaoh Obama is using this chaos caused by false claims of racism and their phony race war to justify "nationalizing" the police and other law enforcement agencies in all cities, states, and the federal government under the direct control of the President, you know, Pharaoh Obama. You should know by now what will happen when Pharaoh Obama has complete control of all police and other law enforcement agencies. Pharaoh Obama will use this phony race war to justify replacing all of the good cops with his CNSF, you know, throwing the cops under the bus. Then Pharaoh Obama will use his CNSF to disarm you while Pharaoh Obama finishes off the US military so there will be no significant armed opposition to his hostile take over of the US government.

This means that this country is RIGHT NOW in the jaws of a hostile take over by the commies and black Muslims. This is no longer a thing of the future. It is happening right now before your eyes. Shots have been fired, police are dead, a fireman is wounded, and our Fort Sumter has happened but most people don't even know it. The fight is on. You are witnessing the death of the greatest nation in history by the power mad, greedy, corrupt, white crackers and the Muslims. And note that this is all being done in such a way to turn all whites against all other races so the Euro-American upper class trash white cracker Luciferians can justify using genocide or "Eugenics" to wipe out more than 7 billion people on this planet so these sick, twisted Euro-American Luciferians don't have to share "their" planet with the rest of us.

Obviously phony race war?

You know the blacks will be the first race to go but the others will quickly follow.

But, hey, the US Cuban dissidents are realizing that they have also been betrayed with this Cuba deal. The upper class trash never intended to do away with any of the communist governments from around the world until the Euro-American upper class trash had their communist global dictatorship up and running. They used their liberal containment policy to keep the US military from destroying these communist governments until the Euro-American upper class trash Luciferians needed those commie governments to set up their global dictatorship. Containment is an act of treason and not just against the US, but against the entire planet.

But, hey, just like Stalin did (remember that they like to call themselves Stalinists and you do remember that Stalin murdered 100% of the people who helped him get into power once he had control?), as soon as they have their global commie dictatorship in place, the Euro-American upper class trash plan to purge everyone who helped them get into power, you know, all of the other commie traitors because no one can trust a traitor.

And they already started sacking or plundering our nation years ago. What do you think $18 trillion in debt is all about? It is stealing more money than exists on the planet from everyone else's future. Get it straight, Rome II or the US is being sacked RIGHT NOW by the commie and Muslim barbarians. And that is just the US, they have already sacked the rest of the nations to where the US has been propping those nations up with foreign aid. And who has all of that wealth? The upper class trash.

And, in many ways, you are already slaves but they don't quite have their chains completely secure on you and won't until they disarm you. That is why they have been fighting so hard to disarm you by staging so many shootings with their doped up and brainwashed liberal mass killers.

Don't forget that this entire mess was designed, planned, and is being orchestrated by the Euro-American upper class trash with the help of the rest of the upper class trash from around the world. They have all been inbreeding too long and are nuts to the maximum. The world isn't just going crazy. It is being taken over by the crazy.


I keep seeing the experts talking about how to revive the economy. They are all full of crap spouting out a lot of smoke and mirrors to make it look more difficult than it really is. Hey, they have to prove their "right degrees from the right universities" really are better than the degrees you got from other, "inferior" universities and justify their bloated salaries as experts. Japan is considering spending $29 million to "create new jobs", you know, the temporary kind you will have to steal another $29 million from the economy next year to keep them going, dragging the economy down even more.

Isn't it interesting how the commies keep destroying the economy and jobs while telling you they are creating new jobs with their big government communism?

All you have to do is do away with all taxes except one national flat 10% tax just like the Bible said we are supposed to do and do away with almost all business regulations and the people will begin starting up businesses in huge numbers. That will eventually turn into jobs for everyone with businesses having to compete for labor, which will drive up wages, and turn into the fastest growing economy in history.

All you have to do is set up a non crony, non regulated, non socialist, small government, capitalist economy and our economy will take off faster than a Saturn five rocket. You DO NOT try to micro manage the economy. You just get out of the way and watch God work His miracles through the people. Unless you think you are smarter than God and the experts do.


Did you notice the timing of Hollywood's new "Bible" movies?

These movies have been designed and directed to cast the Bible, Judaism, and Christianity in a bad light by portraying events and the people of the Bible as not being good people and discourage people from even thinking about believing the Bible. This is just part of the war against the Bible, Jews, and Christians to turn people against the Bible, Jews, and Christians. This war and persecution of Christians will draw poser Christians out of God's church and the liberal churches are already declining in membership rapidly. The conservative churches are rapidly growing as true Christian eyes are opening and God is drawing his people out from among the pagans.

And this is only a small part of the growing Christian persecution.

All of these lies coming out about the Bible and Christianity are what the liberal commies call "poetic license" or the right to tell any lies they want in the name of creativity. It is how they have been getting away with fraud and treason for decades.

Keep in mind that we are now only days from the end of this year when the Catholic Church announced last April, if Jesus doesn't come by then, the Catholic Church will stop waiting for Jesus to come, will convert to Islam, and change its name.

Remember that for years, the last Pope kept telling you that this current Pope would be the last Pope?

That was a hint that the Catholic Church has been planning this for at least a decade or two. My bet is that Jesus won't come before December 31, 2014 and we will find out who the true and poser Christians are in the Catholic Church. Don't be surprised to see at least some fighting and quite a few churches break away from the Catholic Church.

US Military

Did you notice that the liberals (from both parties) are increasing their recruiting of non citizens into the US military in order to fill the US military with people who have no allegiance to the US, our people, and our Constitution?

It is the same thing which happened in Rome before Rome fell. It permitted the leaders to use the military to brutally beat down and subjugate the people of Rome.

Gee, you don't think that is what the upper class trash is planning to do to us, do you?

Jet Blue

Did you notice that the liberal commie traitor activists are now boycotting Jet Blue because Jet Blue gave free passage to police who traveled to the recent NYPD funerals?

This is part of the left's war against our cops and other government agents and military to turn the US people against these agents to justify replacing them with the commies' beloved CNSF.

I am wondering how many conservatives will fly Jet Blue to beat the boycott, you know, the way they did with other lefty boycotts against Christian businesses. Stick around and we will both find out the answer to that one.

Have you noticed that the lefties are waging war against everyone, including each other? Aren't they supposed to be the peace party? Do you think that was also a lie?

Talk about a shoe storm. We are seeing quite a few very significant shoes hitting the floor right now with many more on the way and it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up with all of them.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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