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Cost of Living

They said that Social Security will get a cost of living increase next year of about 2.8% but that is figured totally on the increasing and/or decreasing prices for items you need for living. There is much more to the cost of living, especially the increase in cost of living, than the genius x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities, especially the overpaid college professors, will ever figure out on their own.

Let me give you an example. I tried buying shoes at Walmart to save money but their worthless shoes are so cheap that the insoles collapsed within just a few weeks causing my feet to quickly start hurting. It got to where I could barely walk. So I have been buying Nike shoes at Penny's with the prices increasing regularly quite a bit but those shoes used to last me at least 2 years. The last time I bought the shoes they cost me about $60 US, which meant that my cost of living for those shoes was about $30 per year. When I purchased the shoes this year, they cost $70 for a cost of living for the shoes of $35, an increase in cost of living per year of 16.7%.

But those shoes began to fall apart after just 6 months, which would require me to purchase those shoes twice a year at a cost of living per year for the shoes of $140 or an increase in cost of living of 467% but you can't ever expect those all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, college professors who got the right degrees from the right universities to figure that out.

You can't just base the cost of living on prices and must also include increases and decreases in quality of product because that determines how often you will have to buy that product, which affects the cost of living. It is possible for the cost of living to increase while prices are going down, if the quality of the product is decreasing faster than the price so that you end up paying more for that product per year because you have to buy more of that product per year.

But you can't ever expect those all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, college professors who got the right degrees from the right universities to figure that out.

You also have to understand that the quality of the product decreasing hurts the poor more than it hurts the middle and upper classes because the poor have less wealth to keep replacing products faster because the quality of those products keeps getting worse.


OK, this is funny and shows that Israel knows how to counter attacks by others.

Spain has stated that they will recognize a Palestinian state forming out of Israel so Israel responded by saying they may recognize Catalonia, who wants to secede from Spain, as a state. Oops!!!

Make it personal, baby. Great move by Israel. They should do this with every nation and the EU who want to divide up Israel and give more of it to the Muslim Arabs.

The Universe

I want to point out that the Bible says that nothing is impossible with God, meaning that God can do anything you can think of and much more.

Therefore, it should be common sense that God can fold space and teleport. This means there are any number of different possibilities for which we could be able to see light from stars billions of light years away with God having created everything just 6,000 years ago.

I already told you about the hypothesis by D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. but there are other scientifically feasible ways God could have done it and some of which we probably have not thought of yet.

First, it is possible that God folded space in some incredible way we couldn't ever figure out and then, after he created the cosmos, unfolded space or "stretched space out" in a way that would have put everything in its current place with light from all of the stars reaching us today. The Bible does say that God stretched out the heavens, which could be referring to Him having unfolded space.

Second, God could have simply teleported everything to where it is today only giving the appearance of those stars being billions of years old.

Proof that God probably did this is in the fact that the astronomers keep finding young stars billions of light years away that shouldn't be billions of light years away. Gee, what a coincidence.

Then God could also have done some complex combination of all of these methods for creating the cosmos in one day, placing stars and galaxies billions of light years away, and us being able to see the light from those things.

You see, it isn't whether or not God created the cosmos in one day only 6,000 years ago but how God did it and we can still see the light "from billions of light years away" today. These are only a few of a number of different ways in which God could have easily done this.

Remember that one of the things I stated at the top of the main page before I ever posted the first essay was that I wanted to show that creation is scientifically feasible because we may not be able to figure out exactly how God created everything until He tells us on or after Judgment Day because the best we can do is guess.


Evolution is nothing but God hating lefty revisionist history meant to discredit the Bible and God.


Bwahahahahaha!!! This is just too funny!

OK, the idiot lefties are bringing false charges against Kavanaugh to drag out the vote so Congress can't approve Kavanaugh until the next Congress convenes with the hope the lefties will have stolen enough seats in Congress with their vote rigging to prevent any more appointments by Trump. That is exactly what this is all about and all it is all about.

Their insisting on an FBI "investigation" into a false accusation knowing that the alleged crime is not in either the FBI jurisprudence or jurisdiction so they can't bring any charges against the accusers for making false accusation is just a bluff to buy more time.

So, now Trump is calling the lefty bluff but he can't call an FBI investigation into the sex charges because he knows the FBI can't investigate that but he can call an FBI investigation into the lefties making false claims against a government official, which is a federal felony and everyone involved in any capacity would be complicit, you know, like Feinstein and Georgie Boy Soros, can go to prison.

That is the only way to really stop this crap...dead in its tracks, baby, dead in its tracks. Start putting the criminals in prison when they commit crimes.

Now that Trump has called for this investigation, it must go forward and the lefties are complaining about the investigation, which should tell you what?

They were just bluffing to buy time and Trump is the best bluff caller in US history. Don't bluff Trump, stupid, because you should know he will just call your bluff...and you will regret it.

Gee, I wonder if one or more of Kavanaugh's accusers will go belly up on Feinstein, Soros, and the rest of them to save their own butts?

Hmmm, this is getting interesting...and, OK, fun too. Yep, the lefties just showed how desperate they really are to stop Trump from stopping their evil plans.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

I am convinced that, while all of the other world leaders are having a stupid contest to prove who is the stupidest person on the planet, Trump and Putin are having an intelligence contest to prove who is more intelligent, you know, you are watching two chess masters at work while everyone else is playing checkers and doing a really lousy job of it.

See, I told you that having more money than someone else does not mean you are more intelligent, it just means you have more money because there are plenty of stupid rich people, you know, like the lefty criminals.

BTW, I am seeing increasing numbers of signs around the world that the good people are fighting back against the lefties more and more and, so far, the lefties are losing at their own games. Eyes are opening just like God told me they would. This means that all the lefties will have left to achieve their evil goals will be violence.

BTW, the way the left is treating Kavanaugh at their Congressional witch hunt...uh...I mean interrogation is turning increasing numbers of people against the lefty because the lefties are showing their true and very ugly colors and it is motivating more and more such people to show up and vote against the left so that the lefties are now even less likely to win seats to take control of Congress and more likely to lose seats to not get control of Congress so that they still won't be able to stop Trump's appointments. Yeah, smart move. The left's own actions are backfiring against them and just making their problem worse because the left are their own worst enemy.

Most importantly, it is turning increasing numbers of women against the lefties and everyone knows that women are the primary voter base for the left.

Go ahead, lefties, keep showing everyone just how vile and evil you are because it is opening eyes and turning the people against you.

Sleight of Hand

The upper class trash are losing in their efforts to set up their "New World Order" fascist commie dictatorship so they are trying another lefty semantics sleight of hand by changing the name to something more innocent and pleasing. I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"France's leaders proposed a new alliance of 'goodwill powers' on Friday in an attempt to revive the type of global diplomacy that they say is being jeopardized by the United States, Russia and other countries that favor unilateralism over cooperation."

So, to fool people, they are changing the name of their fascist commie dictatorship from the "New World Order" to the "Goodwill Powers", you know, like them changing the name will turn those power mad, greedy fascist commie criminals into saints. Unfortunately, some people are stupid enough to fall for this con.

There is no goodwill among those evil people. It is all about self at everyone else's expense.

You can't trust a commie or believe anything they say. They have no morals, values, or ethics other than "do as you will", including lying.

The War

What will this current civil war or coup be like when it finally gets full blown into an all out shooting war?

First, you have to understand that this war won't be fought in wheat fields and meadows. This war will be fought in the cities with house-to-house fighting, especially in the medium to large cities.

Second, you have to understand that these lefty commie traitor thugs, you know, like Antifa, are not trained soldiers but are trained cowardly thugs. They will not adhere to the conventions of war and will butcher millions of civilians, often out of meanness. They will not fight a "toe-the-line and trade blows" type of war unless they are forced into it.

They will fight a very dirty and bloody guerilla war using bombs and surprise hit-and-run attacks that kill mostly civilians. The lefties will butcher tens of millions of innocent men, women, and children, many intentionally to strike fear into the hearts of everyone. They will commit horrible atrocities because they are altruists who believe the ends justify the means or that it is acceptable to do anything to achieve their goals. The lefties are evil.

They are already proving this to be true with gangs of them ambushing small groups and individuals on a regular basis.

If our military realizes that and, if they adopt an SOS (shoot-on-sight) type of war and take no prisoners, it will save millions of civilian lives and end the war sooner. This is because taking prisoners takes soldiers out of the action to 1) escort the prisoners to a holding facility and 2) to guard that holding facility. But, if the soldiers KNOW that the people they are confronting are lefty fascist commie traitor thugs and are then permitted to take them into a room or alley and just blow their brains out, then those and other soldiers can more quickly return to killing more traitors faster before those other traitors can murder more people, saving millions of lives.

The good people will be forced to fight a search and destroy type of war.

The question is, will they realize this soon enough and will they have a commander who has the guts to give the SOS order for these thugs. If not, then millions more innocent people will die and the war will last much longer destroying our nations even more.

I guarantee that, by the time this mess is over and you see just how evil the lefty fascist commie traitors are, you will strongly embrace capital punishment for them. I won't be surprised when large numbers of you insist that the leaders and worst of the thugs be publically drawn and quartered to send a message to the rest of the lefty thugs. When you get mad enough, most of you will and many of you are already getting that angry.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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