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Lefty Insurrection

The left has already tried to murder Trump, is rioting in the streets, and they are openly calling for everyone to riot in the streets. This is nothing short of open insurrection just like Linen did in Russia to set up the Soviet Union.

What should this tell you?

The lefties KNOW that they will either not get the seats to gain control of Congress to seize control of the US government to topple the republic and set up their lefty commie dictatorship even with rigging the vote or that they will actually lose seats so they are staging their only remaining option of violent insurrection and it has ALREADY started. This is going to get much worse before it gets better.

This is nothing short of open treason.

This has nothing to do with Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court. He is just being used as the excuse or catalyst to start the open insurrection. If it were not Kavanaugh, the left would be using another excuse. They don't care about Kavanaugh, they are just using him as an excuse to seize power and set up their commie dictatorship because everything else has failed.

It is like I have told you again and again, if you beat the lefties, they won't stop, they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again. The ONLY thing that will stop the lefty insanity is death, their death. They don't leave you any other option.

The worse this gets, the more it will show the ugly true colors of the lefties and the more people will turn against them. The lefty plans keep failing and backfiring on them so keep it up lefties, you are doing more for us than the conservative leaders and media could hope to do. You are both the worst and best thing that has happened to us.

And, of course, the lefties, by the strangest of coincidences have accelerated their drive to confiscate guns to prevent patriots from fighting back against the lefty insurrection.

BTW, after Kavanaugh is confirmed, it will be time for him to file charges and litigate for damages to hold the false accusers responsible and prevent this from happening again. If he doesn't, this will just continue to happen until someone does.

Note: In one of my last essays, I wrongly stated that Amy Schumer is Senator Schumer's daughter. She is his niece but don't worry, you know he will protect her from any criminal charges for the crimes she commits, the upper class trash always do because they are the modern royalty and are above the law.

Stealth and ECM

How do stealth and ECM work together in reality?

We still don't have stealth that, in of itself, will make a plane invisible. The true idea behind stealth is to make the radar return for an aircraft small enough that the plane will be easier to hide with ECM.

For example, the SR-71 was the first plane to use shape and materials combined for stealth. We knew that the radar return for the SR-71 on Ruskie radar was about the same return that an eagle would provide. It is much easier for the ECM on the SR-71 to hide the aircraft from Ruskie radar when the return is the size of an eagle than if the return is the true size of the aircraft.

Imagine trying to find the SR-71 when its radar return is as small as an eagle and it is streaking through the sky at mach 3 and an altitude of more than 80 feet. Now try to find that same SR-71 when it is using ECM. It would be just a wee bit tough.

From what I understand, the radar return for America's best stealth plane today, the F-22, is about the size of a golf ball. Try finding that F-22 traveling at supersonic speed on a small radar screen and then try to find it being hidden by ECM.

It will take an extremely good computer with an extremely good program to find that golf ball size return at that speed or any speed and the ECM will cover the plane up well enough that even the computer and program won't be able to find it.

Basically, stealth hides what it can and ECM hides the rest.

In a nut shell, that is how stealth and ECM work together to hide aircraft. The stealth makes it easier for the ECM to hide the aircraft.


How many of you have forgotten that all of the "rebel" or terrorist organizations in Syria are Sunni Muslim and Assad is Alawite (a sect of Shiite Islam) with Iran and Hezbollah are both Shiite?

I bet that almost everyone in the US and Europe have forgotten that very important fact. Don't ever forget that because a big part of what is going on in Syria is the West helping the Sunni Muslims take Syria from Shiite control to Sunni control.

Also, Turkey's Erdogan doesn't care about either sect because he wants to revise the Turkish Muslim Ottoman Empire, which ruled over both Shiites and Sunnis and used people from both sects to conquer other nations. He just wants to rule the world and doesn't care who his puppets are, which is why Erdogan is playing both sides against each other.

Lefty Great Sounding Stupid Ideas

I have been watching the "fight" against terrorism and our side is losing because of rampant stupidity by the left.

In Israel, they gave a "would-be" terrorist 7.5 years in prison.

"Yeah, that will learn him!"


Think about what that terrorist is going to do while in prison and you have to understand that when a person DECIDES to commit an act of terror is when they become a terrorist and not when they commit the act of terror. There are no would-be terrorists. You have either decided to be a terrorist or you have not decided to be a terrorist.

That terrorist is going to spend 7.5 years learning from other terrorists in prison and getting those other terrorists' help for planning his next act of terror, so that, when he gets out, he will be better trained and far more dangerous with a set of plans in his mind.

Yep, you're going to learn him alright; how to do a better job of terror.

The left just doesn't get it and they have many on the right believing bull crap about the poor widdle terrorists.

Then we have the idiots who keep deporting terrorists, you know, "That will stop them!"

Let me get this straight, sending a terrorist out of country will cause them to stop being a terrorist? Really?

No, what it does is move them to another location where you have no control over him for trying to stop any acts of terror against you. Yeah, that's a brilliant move, geniuses.

All they have done is kick the can down the road to another neighborhood and it is only a matter of time until that can comes back as a barrel and some of your people will die because your leaders and judges are simple minded idiots with great sounding stupid ideas firmly imbedded in their stupid heads.

The crap "solutions" I see coming from these all-knowing, all-wise, natural elite, intellectually superior, over paid, upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities is brain numbing stupidity that never solves anything. Obviously they are idiots but it is like I have been telling you, stupid people can't tell they are stupid because they are stupid and they start thinking they is are be smarty pants who is are be smarter than anyone else and they are determined to prove it by forcing their great sounding stupid ideas on you.

These over educated fools don't care and don't want to know the results of their actions so that they can pretend their actions are the "right thing" by believing the lefty great sounding stupidity. They don't care that you get killed as long as they can make lots of money sounding righteous and "civilized". Why they is are be wonderful and magnificent in spite of the many good people who die because of their stupidity.

The ugly truth is that terrorism or even just planning an act of terrorism which will result in people dying should be a capital crime to permanently stop these jerks from doing their evil again. The only thing that will stop evil people is death.

But, hey, sentencing terrorists to death to stop them from murdering other people is "uncivilized" and beneath the lefties who have seized control of our nations. No, no, it would be better and more civilized that you die at the hands of the terrorist than for them to execute a murdering terrorist to stop that terrorist from murdering you.

Do their job as the government to protect you?

It ain't ever going to happen, baby. The lefties clearly don't care about you or they would protect you from the criminals. The lefties care more about their fellow criminals than they do about you. So you die, not the terrorist, even after the terrorist murders you so he can murder someone else too.

That is their idea of being civilized?

I can't wait for Jesus to be our king and leader during His millennial reign because we won't get any of this great sounding stupidity from Jesus. Just imagine 1,000 years of peace because the idiot lefties won't be in charge any more. There won't be any crime or wars because it is the idiot lefties and their pagan pals who cause the crime and wars. Those 1,000 years will be the best years in the history of this planet.

You want "golden years"?

Those will be the platinum years...except for the pagan lefties because the pagan lefties won't be able to steal from others. The Bible tells us this because it says that, when Jesus returns Satan to Earth to test the people who were born during that time, the pagan lefties will go chasing after Satan and create the same evil mess we have today requiring God, the Father to put down that insurrection Himself.

Exercise Physiology

This video amazes me. Note that this video was posted on March 21, 2018.

We knew in exercise physiology more than 50 years ago that exercise improves your brain functions but, the geniuses in biology and medicine wouldn't look at our research work because we was are be dummies because we was in sports, duh. Why, everyone on campus at every campus believed that everyone in sports were the stupidest people on campus and the only reason we went into sports was because we is are be too stupid to get one of their degrees.

To this day, I have to deal with that myth when, in fact, coaching and physical education was the fourth hard science on campus.

"Say, what? How dare you say that coaching and physical education was a hard science?"

Um, probably because we had to study up to junior and senior level molecular biology to graduate with a coaching/PE degree. I had to sit in the same molecular biology and cell physiology classes, listen to the same lectures, read the same books, and pass the same tests as future doctors and I'm stupid because I chose sports? Really?

We have known for well over half a century that BETTER THAN 90% of college graduates, you know, the men and women who get degrees, can't pass freshman and sophomore level hard science courses because they ain't as smart as they like to think they are. Those people go across campus and get up to Ph.D.s in the "soft sciences" because they are not intelligent enough to pass the hard science courses and most of them are today's liberals with many becoming our politicians. Think about that one for a while.

When I started college at the University of New Mexico in the spring of 1968, I started out in mechanical engineering, you know, one of the recognized hard sciences called engineering but it was too easy and not challenging enough and I was what we called hyperactive and today they call ADHD. I knew I had to find something more interesting and challenging or I wouldn't be able to keep my focus on my studies long enough to get a degree. My mind had to be challenged or kept interested in my studies for me to keep up my studies.

So I thought for the last few months of the first semester about what I would enjoy the most. As a poor kid, the only thing I had been able to enjoy was school sports because they were free so I decided I wanted to go into sports, you know, physical education and coaching, to help kids have a better chance in life by teaching them how to dream and then how to achieve their dreams. I wanted to help young people so, in the fall of 1968 I changed my major to Physical Education.

I didn't know it at the time but, at UNM, their PE program was ranked as one of the top 3 to 5 such programs in the US because of all of the science we had to study to get a degree.

When I started the program, the classes for PE and coaching were at about 60 students per class but by my sophomore year, they were down to 30 to 40 students per class. One of my professors pointed out why this was taking place. You see, about half of the PE students flunked out in the first year because of all of the hard science courses we were required to take and went across campus to get degrees in the soft sciences. Another 20% to 25% flunked out in the sophomore year and went across campus to get degrees in the soft sciences.

I knew some of those students and saw them across campus getting degrees in the soft sciences. They always asked me not to tell anyone they had flunked out of PE because they didn't want their soft science friends, intellectual snobs, and sports hating friends to know they had flunked out of the degree that was considered the degree the stupidest people got.

Also, you need to know that the people going after or teaching biology degrees refused to consider even looking at our research work done in the sports department because we were the stupid people on campus in spite of the fact that we had been some of their best students and they had taught us how to do scientific research. I was taught to not let the professors know that I was a PE student or they would dock my grades so most of us kept our little mouths shut.

It was nothing unusual for some of us to be some of their best biology students making As and Bs, walk "across the street" to finish our PE degrees and suddenly become the stupidest students on campus.

What I find interesting about that video is that a woman, who is one of the leaders in neurological research in the world, is presenting this information about exercise positively affecting the brain as a new revelation when we already knew about the affects of exercise on the brain from our research in the 1960s. Welcome to the wonderful world of exercise physiology, darling.

You need to know, what we knew half a century ago, that sustained exercise increases the blood flow to the brain by more than 30%, which increases the work, growth, and healing the brain can do by more than 30%, and, therefore, increases your intellectual abilities by (conservatively estimating) at least 10% to 20%.

Over the last half century, I have known quite a few research scientists in all fields who liked to exercise and they ALL told me that they "did some of their best work while exercising" and I would have to explain why, you know, when your brain is getting better than 30% more blood, it can do better than 30% more and better work. Gee, what a coincidence.

Maybe it is about time for biologists to climb down off of their high horses and take a look at our research work going back more than half a century and learn some things they are just now finding out?

There is a little secret we have known about in exercise physiology for more than half a century that even today's biologist and doctors still don't know about. They use non athletes for their research subjects and have to be careful to not push those subjects beyond 90% fatigue levels or their subjects could die from heart attacks.

In exercise physiology, we use athletes that we can safely push to 100% fatigue level without having to worry about cardiac arrest and we can learn much, much more from our research, you know, learn things about the function of the human body and mind they couldn't possibly learn.

Now do you better understand why, when the MDs gave up on me almost 10 years ago and told me I should have died more than a decade ago, meaning that all of their other patients would have died more than a decade ago, Carl was able to keep Carl alive because he knew things the doctors couldn't possibly know?

I had a very good doctor once who knew about this, knew I had studied all of the sports sciences, and, whenever I came in with my kids to see him, he would reserve the half hour spot following my appointment spot for himself so he could pick my brains about the sports sciences. He knew that I knew things he didn't know and wanted to learn those things.

This is to provide you with a little look into the real and secret academic world so you can better understand what is really going on in that world. Most of it is bull crap by some really mentally challenged bull crappers called idiot lefties. Believe me that most college professors really are not that intelligent. Many of them are very stupid and couldn't pass the prerequisites for some of the courses I took in college.

Don't blindly believe anything any college professor says without question. Question everything they tell you. This video is a perfect example of some of the stupidity that goes on in the academic world.

I have studied all of the hard sciences at least a little, have taken some of the toughest courses on any college campus like endocrinology, and I have never taken a college course that I thought was difficult but, because I studied sports, I is are be stupid.

Maybe I am not the one who is stupid?

Food For Thought

What China is doing in the South China Sea is exactly what Hitler did with Czechoslovakia that lead up to WWII, they just moved in and took control. Hitler's next move was to invade and seize control of Poland, starting WWII.

I believe that, if Trump doesn't stand up to China in the South China Sea, China's next move will be to attack and seize control of Taiwan, starting WWIII. Therefore, Trump must stand up to any further aggressive moves by China or there will be war. China went into the South China Sea for the same reason that Hitler went into Czechoslovakia; China knew that Obama would not stand up to China the same way that Hitler knew that Chamberlain would not stand up to Hitler. They were both right so they both went in.

Gee, who would have thought that history would repeat itself if we failed to learn from it? But, hey, how can the lefties learn from history when all they study is the upper class trash revisionist history instead of real history?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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