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This video is scary because it shows how dumbed down many people are and these people believe they should help make political decisions and they vote. This incredible ignorance is why I write this site.

Food For Thought

This is what Trump is quickly preparing to handle concerning war.

You can bet that, when the lefty commie traitor war gets in full swing requiring US forces to get involved on a big scale internally, at least China, North Korea, and Iran will start wars with the US military and possibly also Russia. Other concerns are that the EU, Mexico, Canada, Central America, and South America may also start a war with the US to help the lefty commie traitors bring down the US so they can set up their global dictatorship.

It is going to be the biggest mess in the history of the world and the US MUST quickly win this fight or die. You can bet the US military will recall every able bodied US veteran to quickly beef up the military and bring back all weapons available in mothballs and the Bone Yard to hold off the attacks until we can turn the tide of war. You can bet that, if push comes to shove, nukes will be used, there will be preemptive strikes and special operations strikes, and other desperate actions by the US. The US fighting gloves will be taken off and everything will be done to make sure we don't lose this war and our nation.

Then they will bring out Uncle Sam's super secret black closet toys and that is when things will get very interesting very quickly. Those toys and units were created for this type of war where it could be the US against the world. This will be a last man standing fight and it won't be pretty.

You can thank the lefty commie traitors for this.


I guess that I should make it clear that what all Black Magic, hexes, and spells are really just the practitioner using incantations to summon Satan and his demons to use the powers of Satan and the demons to cause harm to others. It isn't that the practitioners have super natural powers but that they use the super natural powers of Satan and his demons.

The different types of spells are them summoning different types of demons with different powers to do different things to others.

Everyone practicing Black Magic is worshiping Satan and his demons by practicing the Black Magic.

Easy Prediction

If you think the lefties went bonkers mad when Trump won the election a few years ago, wait until they don't gain control of Congress in this election. They will go well beyond their normal current level of insanity to super duper spastic. Then they will opening preach every form of treason and try it. They will stop at nothing to stop Trump from destroying their evil, vile plans to rule the world. Every form of evil will be slammed down on the table.

And will they stop their evil plans because they lost in the last mid term elections and then lost in the last presidential elections and then lost in this election?

Oh no, they will just regroup, reorganize, and increase their wickedness to get what they want. The only thing that will stop them will be death and they will prove that to be true. When they don't get what they want this time, NOTHING will be beneath them.

You have to understand that these monsters are the most evil, vile, barbaric monsters in history because no other evil butchers even planned, much less tried, to butcher billions of people globally the way these monsters are CURRENTLY working to butcher billions of people globally to "depopulate their planet". Their wickedness dwarfs Hitler, dwarfs Linen, dwarfs Stalin, dwarfs Mao, dwarfs Pol Pot, dwarfs ALL other evil, vile despots before them including the horrid butcher Tamerlane because NONE of those butchers tried or even planned to butcher billions of people to "depopulate their planet" the way these evil monsters or right now butchering billions of people to depopulate "their planet".

Words cannot describe how evil these monsters really are. These despotic, barbaric, evil monsters are Satan's very best monsters in history. No one in history has been their equal. Hitler was nothing compared to these lefty demonic beasts. Hitler only butchered about 12 to 13 million people and these evil monsters are right now working to butcher almost 600 times more people than Hitler butchered to "depopulate their planet". Just with unborn babies just within the US these evil monsters have butchered 5 times the humans Hitler butchered. No, these lefty monsters are not Hitler; they are far worse than even Hitler and are RIGHT NOW committing their horrid crimes against mankind.

Think about that for a while.


I think we should start a petition to turn Hollywood socialist where the income for all movies and TV productions is divided up equally by everyone including janitors instead of the top few taking most of it.

And then I thought, "Hey, I am somebody," so I started a petition at to "Solve the income disparity in Hollywood so that everyone can equally share in the revenues instead of a few taking most of the revenues", and I did it using the video of Bill Maher and Jim Carrey, you know, those two openly avowed rich socialists.

So go to and sign my petition by Carl Cantrell to stop the income disparity in Hollywood because, after all, aren't most Hollywood celebrities avowed socialists? Shouldn't they walk the walk and not just talk the talk?

By durn, if they are going to start a socialist movement, it should start in Hollywood by ending income disparity...and then we can watch the commie celebrities squirm their way out of that one. That should be lots of fun.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Is that too funny or what?

But, I have to add that, after almost a week, I have not gotten one signature because conservatives don't want to support socialism and lefties don't want to betray their lying, hypocritical "Marxist" celebrities who are preaching that everyone except them should live under socialism. Go figure.


There is a false and very bad attitude that all women are angles and all men are the bad guys all of the time so that, if anything goes wrong, it is almost always the man's fault.

No, women are human and you can bet that at least 50% of the population in Hell will be women.

Did you know that, during WWII, both the Germans and Japanese often hired mean women to torture men because mean women can consistently be more cruel and ruthless than mean men?

Does that mean that all women are bad and all men are good?

No, it means that men are also human and about 50% of the population in Hell will be men.

One of the big problems we need to deal with in relationships is what is commonly called wife beating. The simple minded and macho men think that wife beating is only the man's fault and the wife is a pure, sweet, innocent victim.

I told you that, when I was a kid, my mother used to say, "Carl, get a toy, one toy, and come with me" because she gave me an education about women that most men never get. She would take me to her women gossip groups, sit me on the floor to play with that toy, knowing that I listened to what was being said and would ask questions on the way home so that she and I discussed what I heard and saw. She got to teach me the dirty little secrets about women.

In one such group, there was this woman who usually came all battered and bruised and she liked to use those bruises to get sympathy from the other women, you know, she was the victim but my mother explained to me that about the time those bruises would start not being visible, she would suddenly show up with new bruises because she would push her man to the breaking point so he would beat her again so she could have bruises to get sympathy from the other women.

Then there was the woman who sadistically got off on the power and control she had over her husband and literally bragged that she could cause her husband to beat her any time she wanted by pushing all of the right buttons until he lost control and beat her.

If you get past the simple minded and ignorant attitude that wife beating is always just the man's fault and you dig deep, paying attention to the attitude of the woman who keeps being beat, you will find that most of the time, probably at least 70% to more than 80% of the time, the woman is at least 50% responsible, often more than 80% responsible for the beating because she sadistically likes to push her husband to the breaking point so that he will lose control and beat her. This is a sadistic little game some women like to play.

Note that these are rough but conservative estimates based on my observations.

If you ask the battered woman, "What did you do?", her response will almost always be, "Nothing", but, if you talk to the man, as the police have learned to do, you will find that, most of the time, she has been playing sick sadistic little games "pushing his buttons" and caused the man to break and beat her.

Such women should not be allowed to get away with playing the victim. They should ALSO be held responsible for their actions contributing to the violence. You can't solve a problem by only addressing half the cause of the problem.

What you will also find out, is that it isn't like idiots like Oprah keep telling you that abused women "keep marrying the same type of guy", but that most of those women push every man they marry to the breaking point causing that man also to beat her.

Law enforcement is finally learning this, you know, after a few thousand years, and they are increasingly also arresting the woman for contributing to the beatings and fighting, called "mutual combat".

I knew I had problems when my first wife started telling me that I should beat her so she wouldn't have to feel guilty for messing around on me. My response was, "If you don't want to feel guilty for messing around on me, why don't you stop messing around on me?", but you know she didn't want to do that so I just let her keep feeling guilty until God saved me from that marriage with a divorce, which is much better than going to jail for beating her.

God used that marriage to teach me why God made adultery a capital crime because the pain and other problems she caused with her adulteries were indescribable. I can also understand why some people kill their spouse for adultery because it creates a massive black hole of indescribable pain in your heart that can cause you to lose control and kill someone. I believe that people who kill their spouse for adultery simply can't stop themselves because of the immense pain and they kill to try and stop the pain.

If I were a judge, I could never convict or punish someone for killing their spouse for adultery. I know that pain and it is the worst pain I have ever felt.

There are many reasons why men lose it and beat women and most of those reasons are at least partly caused by the women but our society keeps punishing the men and letting the women get away with and continue to cause those problems.

Why are increasing numbers of men killing their families and then killing themselves?

What you will find is that, most of the time, not always, the woman pushed the man to the breaking point, he beat her and either was still out of control so he got a gun and shot her, then realized he was now legally screwed, so he shot his kids and then himself or he just realized after he beat her that he was now legally screwed, and shot everyone.

This is happening more and more frequently because more and more people are getting more and more stressed by the crap the lefties, especially feminists, are doing to us so that it is becoming easier for men to explode, lose control, and either start beating and/or killing their families. I am convinced that the feminist war against men is increasing male violence.

Women who like to play these sadistic button pushing games with men need to understand this and know that, in today's world, such sadistic games can much more easily get you killed so it just might be a good idea to stop playing those sadistic games with men, you know, the way feminists love to play their sadistic games with men.

The ugly truth about men is that, if you stress a man out enough to cause him to break and lose control, most men will get very violent, so society and sadistic women need to stop stressing men out so much or it is just going to keep getting worse.

There are a number of proofs that the lefties and, especially feminists, are stressing out men more and more and one is that increasing numbers of nations from Israel to Europe to the US are now seriously considering bringing back the death penalty for a variety of crimes the lefties and their pals like to commit to stop the bad people playing their games and stressing everyone out. Increasing numbers of people are sending the message that they have had enough.

The wicked people need to stop their sick games because a major backlash is developing against those wicked people.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

If you sick people keep pushing those buttons, sooner or later someone is going to push back with a fist, a knife, or a gun. Today, those sadistic games are more likely to get you killed.

Treat people right so they will treat you right. If you treat people with disrespect, they won't respect you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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