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The more I watch the news about the Middle East, the more convinced I become that Turkey, not Russia, is the Gog and Magog of the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Erdogan keeps trying to find an excuse acceptable to the West to lead a Muslim invasion into Israel. He is currently demanding that Israel stop the retaliatory attacks against Hamas for the rockets Hamas keeps firing into Israel. You know, Israel is supposed to just let Hamas fire all of the rockets they want into Israel without Israel doing anything to stop Hamas.

Erdogan is determined to get his invasion and destroy Israel. Putin isn't.

Poor Britain

Prince Charles is chomping at yee ole bit to become king of England and, oh, BTW, he is a globalist so you can bet they will be replacing the globalist queen with a globalist king because the queen and her bunch are failing. I am sure he will learn them how to do it right.

While we are talking about poor Britain, it is being announced that May, her party, and the EU have reached a deal on Brexit and you can bet that May, a globalist, will screw the British people. That is an easy prediction for anyone who has been following this.

Marketing People

More and more I am becoming convinced that marketing people are having a contest to see who can aggravate and infuriate their customers the most on web sites with the most and worst popups and banners. It is getting to where you have to close half a dozen popups and banners to just be able to read the news or anything else.

Punishment by God

In conjunction with the links I put on one of my last essays about God punishing us for turning our backs on God, I decided to add this piece from my e-book, "Yahweh":

"Then Moses read on to show the punishments Yahweh would place against Israel if we will not walk with Yahweh, 'But, if you will not listen to me and will not perform all of these commandments, if you consider my decrees loathsome, and if your being rejects my ordinances so as not to perform all my commandments so that you annul my covenant, then I will do the following to you: I will assign upon you a panic, swelling lesions, and burning fever which causes eyes to long and souls to suffer. You will sow your seeds in vain for your enemies will eat it. I will turn my attention against you, you will be struck down before enemies, those who hate you will subjugate you, and you will flee with no one pursuing you.'

The second chastisement for continuing to reject the laws of God, even after the first chastisement, will be drought, the third chastisement will be our country being overrun by wild beasts, the fourth chastisement, if we still continue to reject Yahweh and His laws, will be disease, the fifth chastisement will be famine in our land and the sixth and final chastisement will be dispersion into other countries. All of these are meant to drive us back to Yahweh and His laws when we stop obeying them."

This is important because we are late in these judgments and don't have much time left. It says,"you will be struck down before enemies, those who hate you will subjugate you, and you will flee with no one pursuing you," you know, like in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Gee, what a coincidence.

The second chastisement will be drought, you know, like we have been having for years and ain't helping the Commiefornia fires. The third chastisement will be our country being overrun by wild beasts, you know, like these idiot lefty pet owners turning their pets loose on us like pythons and the rat pandemics in all or our cities. The fourth chastisement will be disease, you know, like AIDs and the increasing number of diseases being brought into our nation by illegal aliens. The fifth chastisement will be famine, you know, like many poor people in this nation are already starving. The sixth and final chastisement is for our people to be dispersed into other nations, you know, like increasing numbers of our people are leaving to live in other nations and even giving up their US citizenship in record numbers.

Gee, what a coincidence.

It kind of looks like our chastisement has been going on for a little while and getting worse, doesn't it?

"if you consider my decrees loathsome", you know, like the lefty pagans consider God's Law loathsome.

BTW, for those of you who don't know, loathsome means: "hateful, detestable, abhorrent, repulsive, odious, repugnant, repellant, disgusting, revolting, sickening, abominable, despicable, contemptible, reprehensible, execrable, damnable", you know, just like the lefties feel about God's Laws.

Gee, you think that maybe, just maybe the reason we have lost or just not won so many wars since the Korean War in spite of the fact that we have had the greatest military in the world since WWII just might be because we, as a nation, have turned out back on God? Getting kind of obvious, is it?

Of course it is and it will continue until we turn back to God, just look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. We struggle against inferior armies.

Want to start winning wars again?

Repent of your sins, turn back to God, and accept His forgiveness...or you can just keep losing wars. Your choice.

Great technologies have less to do with you winning wars than having Godly leaders. For example, our military won Vietnam in spite of our ungodly leaders tying their hands during the war but it was our ungodly pagan leaders who gave South Vietnam to the Commies with their legislation years later. Of course our lying lefty commie traitor media make it look like our military lost that war to keep you from realizing that they played a major role in the left just giving South Vietnam to the North, you know, treason.

I give a lot of important Christian lessons in that book. It doesn't just tell a story, it teaches important lessons about God. The title of the book is "Yahweh" because it teaches about God.


Question: How long do you think it will take for the rioters in the streets of Europe to realize that they are doing it the hard way by rioting in their own streets, burning their own cars, burning their own houses, and burning their own businesses before they learn from history, that, if you really want to get the job done quickly and completely, you have to take your riots to the streets and homes of the upper class trash and their puppets, burn their cars, burn their homes, and drag the criminals out in the street and execute them?

At least now they are standing up to and rioting against the upper class trash. That is the first step. The next step will be when they do the same in the streets of the criminals causing the problems and not in their own streets. The third and final step will be when they start holding the upper class trash responsible for their crimes and start executing them.

It is almost time to start selling the increasingly angry people of Europe guillotines and their upper class trash are barely realizing it. The upper class trash are only temporarily backing down, hoping this will placate the people and put them back to sleep but the people are too angry to sleep right now.

You are right now watching the fall of the EU and end to Euro centric end time prophesy, which I told you would happen years ago when the EU was still thriving and growing because the EU and their evil globalist plans don't fit with Bible prophesy.

So, how long until the criminals, Macron, Merkel, May, and Trudeau, lose their heads, literally?


The lefties keep claiming that the right is causing hate and division. I do hope you have been paying attention long enough to not believe this lie.

This is a standard Satanic tactic, which, if you are evil and are doing evil, proclaim that the other side is the one that is evil and doing evil so people won't notice that you are the one who is evil and is doing evil.

It should be clear to anyone paying attention that it is the left who are causing this hate and division. They ARE hate, they are the haters, and their agenda is based on hate. The left hates everything that is good and love everything that is evil. They hate God, they hate the Bible, they hate Judaism, they hate Christians, they hate Christianity, they hate Jesus, they hate God's Law that He gave you to protect good people from bad people like them, they hate children (they insist on the right to murder unborn children by the tens of millions), they hate cops, they hate the military, they hate a good government, they hate and are trying to destroy the greatest nation in the history of the world to replace it with their evil dictatorship, they hate people because they want to depopulate or murder more than 7 billion people in the greatest genocide in history, they hate anything and everything that is good and everyone who is good and loves good.

There is NOTHING good about these people; they are all evil haters.

Them claiming that you are creating hate and division is just a cover so you won't realize that they are hate and division. Without them, there would be no hate or division. They are Satan's evil, hateful, wicked children obsessed with destroying everything and everyone good.

I just saw where the lefty Schumer said that we have to stop those people causing hate and division. Yeah, we have to start with people like him because Schumer is hate and division. The man is pure evil and he hides his horns well. If we get rid of the hating left, from the top down, there will be peace.


These violent riots are getting worse in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands with it being expected that they will be very bad in France this coming Saturday. Macron is calling in the Army and just about everyone else to protect his butt and job. He has called in 89,000 people to fight against the rioters.

But the police union is encouraging the police who can legally strike to do so and even join the rioters in the streets. Also, protestors are literally flooding into Paris from all over for the riots this coming Saturday. This is open warfare in the streets being called riots.

What the yellow jackets are trying to do is force Macron to resign so they can have new elections. If they have new elections, the populists will take control and then only Germany will be forcing the globalist agenda with the EU and the EU could easily completely implode.

Things have gotten so bad for Macron in France that even lefties, the French communist and socialist parties, are talking about having a no confidence vote to remove him from office as quickly as possible because him remaining in office is destroying their agenda. One good thing about this is that Macron's arrogance seems to have at least diminished.

Also, France is just one more example of socialism failing. Marxism is now failing everywhere in Europe, Canada, and Australia. The people were promised everything for free and the taxes to pay for everything isn't getting everything for free. The people are having to pay for all of the "free stuff" with increasing taxes and don't like it.

This is a very desperate form of damage control when they are willing to risk losing control of the French government in a new election to save what little they can save and to keep from losing everything. The left is increasingly desperate, especially in Europe.

Also, with the violent riots continuing in Germany, they are also trying to get the globalist to resign so they can have new elections. They have already forced Merkel to resign but without new elections and the rioters are trying to force new elections to stop the globalists.

Then May's treasonous Brexit plan is probably going to be voted down, which will become immaterial if the EU ceases to exist anyway.

It is also important that this coming May, there will be EU elections and, if the populists seize control of the EU, they will be able to use the same oppressive system and laws set up by the lefties against the lefties, you know, like the conservatives are now using the system set up in the US government by the lefties against the lefties. Things like the definitions of what constitutes a hate crime will change so that the lefties won't be allowed to tell their lies and propaganda and everyone will suddenly be allowed to openly criticize the failed lefty programs.

The conservatives are taking back Europe nation by nation and will soon take control of the EU itself.

Keep an eye on this.

The evil globalists are really hurting and getting increasingly desperate right now. God is not going to lose this fight, people. The evil globalists are toast.

You are watching the death of the EU and Euro centric end time Bible prophesy just like I told you years ago when the EU was growing, strong, and looking like it would succeed with its evil agenda.

Here is a pretty good YouTube Channel to help keep an eye on this.


When you pretend to be something that you are not, that is legally fraud, which is a felony.

Therefore, legally, transgender and, now, transage are both fraud because these are people who are pretending to be something they are not.

But what do you expect from the left?

They are all about fraud, their lying is fraud, their political games are fraud, their word games are fraud, deceiving people is fraud, everything about the left is fraud yet they don't go to jail because they own law enforcement and the judicial system.

Fighting Muslims

How do you win a war against Muslims like Afghanistan?

First, you have to understand the enemy and I don't see ANYONE doing that, no one, not one person.

You have to study the truth about Islam and then use the truth about Islam to defeat Islam.

The reason hundreds of thousands of Muslim continue to join forces to wage war against the US with hundreds of thousands of Muslims dying in that war is because, in Islam , they believe that, if they die fighting non Muslims, they are guaranteed paradise so that they have a win-win situation. If you just kill them, then you are sending them to paradise.

Therefore, it is only common sense and logical that you must doing something that will cause them to go to Hell and not paradise when they fight you.

So, based on Islam, what can you do to send Muslims to Hell after you kill them?

1. You sew up their dead bodies in pig skin and/or pour pig blood or urine on their dead bodies

2. You burry them with their feet pointing towards Mecca and burn their bodies so they cannot be turned around later with their heads pointing towards Mecca

3. You urinate on their dead bodies

4. Coat your munitions with pig grease to contaminate their bodies with the pig grease when you kill them

So, what do you have to do to send Muslims to Hell when you kill them so that the Muslims stop coming to die killing you so they can have guaranteed paradise?

You coat all of your munitions with pig grease, including bullets, bombs, mortars, and everything else you use to kill them, then, after you kill them, you sew their dead bodies in pig skin, pour pig's blood and/or urine on their dead bodies, bury them with their feet pointing towards Mecca, urinate on their dead bodies, and then burn their dead bodies and you MUST do all of this publically so all Muslims will know that, if they come to fight and kill you, they will not go to paradise but to Hell.

Then and only then will the Muslims stop coming to murder you because they will know that they will not go to paradise for doing so but will go to Hell for doing so. Until we do that, the Muslims will not stop coming to fight and murder us and we cannot win wars like Afghanistan.

If you don't believe me, study Islam and get to know your enemy.

But,no, we are too civilized to do any of that, so we would rather just keep losing wars to the Muslims. We're kind of stupid that way.

It would take me about two weeks to win the war in Afghanistan because I know my enemy.

BTW, according to the Bible, you cannot do anything to a Christian's body after they are dead that will deny them eternal paradise. I really don't care what you do to my body after I am dead because I know that God will give me a new, perfect body after the Judgment. You can have this old, beat up body of mine after I die.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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