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American Indians

I just saw an article about how the American Indians are bringing back the buffalo in spite of the fact that an awful lot of whites have been working to bring back the buffalo for more than half a century.

The lefties, Hollywood, and the lefty media make it look like the American Indians are more holy than the dastardly white man and the Indians are the "keepers of the land" or "holy guardians" for wildlife because they are more "in tune with nature".


No, they are just as human as the rest of us and have committed their sins against nature just like everyone else.

Did you know that, long before the white man was ever seen on this continent, the American Indians hunted dozens of species into extinction that we know of, you know, just like everyone else around the world?

That is right, they hunted the giant bison, saber toothed tiger, at least two or three species of wolves, the wooly mammoth, the mastodon, and at least three species in the horse family along with many others into extinction, THAT WE KNOW OF. It was probably much more.

And that doesn't even include the hundreds of Indian tribes in North, Central, and South America they wiped out before Chris Columbus was even born.

Gee, they didn't do a very good job as holy guardians, did they? Gee, you think that maybe it is because they are human just like the rest of us, no better and no worse?


Did you know that, in spite of the US government giving American Indians large sums of your tax dollars every year, there are many American Indians living in poverty today? Do you know why?

I know why because I have had a number of American Indian friends from different tribes tell me why independently of each other. You see, according to my Indian friends, the great, wonderful, saintly, magnificent American Indian leaders get that money and are responsible for making sure it is fairly distributed among their tribes with no accountability to the US government and they are sticking most of it in their won greedy, rich pockets while letting many of their people starve or at least live in poverty. I have also gotten the same information from white friends who worked on reservations helping the Indians manage their governments...until they couldn't stand the corruption any more and quit.

Gee, you mean that most American Indian leaders are corrupt just like most of the rest of the leaders around the world?

Yep, American Indians are human just like everyone else and there are good Indians and bad Indians just like there are good whites and bad whites (mostly lefties), good blacks and bad blacks, good Asians and bad Asians, good Latinos and bad Latinos, and good humans and bad humans all around the world. No race is any better or any worse than any other race with both and good and bad people in all races. Hell will not be racially oriented and will be full of plenty of people from all races as will paradise.

Gog & Magog

Here is even more confirmation that Gog and Magog are Turkey and not Russia. I got this from Arutz Sheva by David Rosenberg:

"The Russian government has warned Lebanon not to permit violations of Israeli territory by the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, the London-based Arabic media outlet Asharq Al-Awsat reported."

Mean while, Turkey continues to encourage all Muslim nations to gang up on Israel and destroy her. It is getting more than just a wee bit obvious.

Keep an eye on this.


I decided to try something. When I browse through the news, I usually make comments or have interesting thoughts about some of the things I see and I decided to share some of those comments with you as I browse through the news today.

Woody Allen is being accused, again, of having a teenage lover by a woman he knew when she was a teenager. I don't know whether or not this is true, especially with it now being the fad to falsely accuse men of sexual mischief, but, with Woody Allen and him marrying his adopted daughter after she grew up, this would not surprise me.

You know, based on his behavior and movies he produced, that he isn't a Christian and hates Christians so you know he will burn in Hell and don't be surprised, if, during his turn during the Final Judgment, you find out there were more than just a few teenagers he was screwing, you know, when God said that everything will be made known.

God has taught me that the Final Judgment will be very interesting and a real eye opener, especially concerning the rich and powerful and those who only pretend to be good to hide the evil they do. You will be amazed at what you find out about some of the people you currently respect. God tells us that there will be many surprises because everything will be made known.

Mean while, Comey arrogantly thinks he is getting away with his crimes because all he has to do is pretend he doesn't remember anything that would incriminate him. Yeah, here is another case where on Judgment Day, his sins will find him out and he ain't getting' away with anything, baby. In that courtroom on that day, ain't nobody getting' away with anything, no one. His smirk will be permanently wiped off of his evil face forever as you learn the ugly truth about him.

Did I tell you that there is NO right to privacy in the Bible?

God and His angels along with Satan and his demons know EVERYTHING about you and everyone else. Believe me, it is going to be the most interesting day in history because we will ALL learn absolutely everything about absolutely everyone, no exceptions. The Final Judgment will be the greatest history lesson ever.

All of the corrupt upper class trash think they is are be such smarty pants and are getting away with all of their crimes but they ain't getting away with nuttin', baby, they is are be all going to burn in Hell. (Remember that the upper class trash is only the corrupt members of the upper class.)

Then we have Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper joining the fad of coming out of the closet that they are homosexual lovers.

Oh, are they cool, or what? Why am I not surprised Cohen is a homosexual?

People, one of the many reasons God permits the wicked to get in control is so they will become over confident enough to let their skeletons come dancing out of their evil little closets exposing every dirty little secret about them because it is the thing to do, you know, the pagan lefty commie traitor fad, so that everyone will know the ugly truth about those evil people and then, when God has all of the varmints out of the woodwork, He will spring His trap on them, you know, like when the black Muslims stage their violent coup of the US under Obummer, you know, like God told me in my dreams and I told you. God has set an absolutely brilliant trap for these evil pagans because the Muslims will clean house on the pagans and you better bet that, after the Muslims take over, they will remember all of these pagans they are going to shove off of tall buildings.

You do know what the black Muslims will do with all of these homosexuals, feminists, pagan lefties, and other perverts, right?

Yeah, there will be a lot of traffic going one way to the tops of tall buildings everywhere and then taking the express route down, you know, just like is going on everywhere else Muslims have taken over. Surprise, surprise!

Now do you understand why God is going to permit the black Muslims to temporarily succeed with a violent coup of the US?

If you won't clean up the pagan mess, then God will do it while also punishing you for being tolerant of evil. God almost always does more than one thing when He finally makes His move and all of these lefties are heading for the sidewalk from the sky, baby, you know, like the "transies" or homosexual queens. You better bet that the Muslims are keeping track of all of these skeletons dancing out of those evil pagan closets. Once again, the evil smirks will be wiped off of the evil faces just before their judgment, you know, when they get that final push from the tops of those tall buildings.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

BTW, this also applies to pot users letting their skeletons dance out of their closets because pot is now legal because, under Sharia Law, all recreational drugs except hash are criminal and require capital punishment. Yep, the idiot pot users are making themselves known and you know the Muslims will be either pushing them off of tall buildings or cutting their heads off because they will soon know who all of the pot users are.

Isn't it interesting how God works when we fail to work?

Believe me, just like God told me and I told you, the Muslims will soon stage a temporarily successful coup of the US just before the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and all hell will break loose on the lefty commie traitor pagans who have been showing off their evil skeletons because it was a fad and cool to do it. Don't be surprised to see the Muslims put the lefty commie traitor pagans on the front lines with AK-47s and 100 rounds each for invading Israel to clear the mine fields and absorb machine gun bullets so the Muslims can get closer to the Israeli lines before they start dying.

Do you see some of the number of different things God is going to take care of by permitting the Muslims to briefly seize control of the US and impose Sharia Law on you and you can bet that He will also use this to show all of you the ugly truths about Islam AND the lefties you didn't listen to me about because you is are be going to get to live under the oppressive rule of Islam for a little while and it ain't going to be purdy, baby, especially for the lefties. You will welcome a Christian theocracy to protect you from the evil pagans with your arms wide open. Many of you will fight for that Christian theocracy to protect you and your families from the evil pagans.

Clue, clue, clue, clue, clue; go ahead, take one, they are free.

Lefty Nonprofit Organizations

It isn't just the Clinton Foundation nonprofit corporation that is criminal. All of the lefty run nonprofit corporations and their feel good crusades are lies and criminal and you learn about some of this by studying college level biology.

All lefty run conservation groups are criminal and lie their butts off.

Yes, the conservationists are the cause of these massive fires in places like Commiefornia but elsewhere too, especially the tree huggers.

Do you know why?

Because they stop the responsible and controlled logging in forested areas and that causes two things to happen. First, it causes the area to become over forested and too many trees in an area will suck too much water out of the ground, which will dry up aquifers, which dries up streams and rivers, which destroys riparian areas and drives species into extinction AND causes the vegetation to not get enough water so that at least most of it will die and become very flammable kindling, which any heat source will turn into a fiery inferno very quickly.

Did you know that logging companies are required by law to removed dead underbrush from the areas they log to decrease the chances of a fire getting really bad very quickly and to decrease the intensity of such fires at their own expense?

That is right, decreasing logging increases the amount of dry underbrush, which increases the potential and fierceness of a fire.

And we have known about all of this in college level biology for much more than a quarter of a century and we also know that those wonderful conservationists cause much more damage to the ecosystems than all other causes of damage COMBINED!

So you just keep making yourselves feel good by giving money to those evil, vile, lying, destructive conservationist organizations and they will keep burning your homes and businesses down. That is a fact, baby.

What? You didn't know you are paying conservationists to turn your homes down? But, hey, why stop there?

Let's look at other organizations like Green Peace who were caught using their ships to poison large areas of schooling fish out at sea decades ago to make it look like our commercial fishing is depopulating the oceans, when it was really Green Peace.

Don't believe me?

That even made the news about three or four decades ago and, from what I have been seeing, it looks like they are still doing it to further depopulate our oceans and make it look like it is either the commercial fishing, oil derricks, or US Navy sonar.

Gee, you think that just maybe that is why they keep finding dead sea creatures washing up on beaches, you know, like all kinds of fish and whales?

But, hey, you better bet that our evil chemical companies selling them the toxins know about it but who is going to turn down all of that cash, baby? So what if it makes them complicit in the crimes, they get richer.

Did you know that NONE, NOT ONE, of the top nonprofit corporations gets even 3% of their revenues where those revenues are supposed to go?

Better than 97% of your donations and our tax dollars they receive goes right into their greedy little pockets. Nonprofit corporations have become of the most common lefty money stealing...uh...making rackets. I WON'T give a penny to ANY of them because of what I have seen and learned.

Why is Meghan Markle's dad causing so much trouble for the royal family she married into? Why wouldn't he be happy for her to become a member of the royal fambly?

Let me give you a clue: clue, clue, clue, clue; just take one.

Let's do the math. We know that she descended from King Edward III of England so they is are be already royal fambly, baby. We also know that she is her husband's 17th cousin, you know, they is are be inbreeding...some more. And then her dad's side of the royal fambly has been out of power for a few hundred years because the Queen's fambly took control away from them a few hundred years ago, you know, kind of shafted them.

Yep, this is just another of those royal fambly spats that could turn into a war, if he had control of a nation but, fortunately for us, he doesn't. He is ticked because his side of the royal fambly got screwed out of all of that wealth and power by the Queen's side of the fambly.

That is exactly what almost all of the wars have been about for the last 2,500 years or longer, people, royal fambly spats by spoiled rich royal children who never grew up sending tens of millions to die for lies and power in really horrible wars. Oh, they always claim it was God, this, that, or something else they were fighting for but it was almost always just a royal fambly spat for power and wealth. The upper class trash ARE the problem, baby.

Do you know why we are having all of these recalls for veggies like lettuce and now cauliflower?

It is very simply because, in order to increase the wealth of the upper class trash globalists, we are getting much more of our food from other nations which do not have the health laws the US has to protect the people. Those nations permit the farmers to use untreated human feces for fertilizer, which contains things like e. coli and salmonella bacteria, you know, the types that kill us humans when we get it in our food.

When you fertilize your food plants with human fecal matter, those harmful bacteria will be absorbed by the plants via their roots and fed into the edible parts of the plants, commonly called the fruit. When you eat those foods, you get the bacterial infections and it can kill you.

That is what happens to your food when you get your food grown in corrupt third world nations which have no health laws to make the greedy upper class trash more wealthy and one reason why I like growing my own food because I don't crap in my own garden. Think about it, I ain't never had to recall anything I grew because I know better than to put untreated human waste on my food plants.

Do you know one big reason why the lefty commie traitor upper class trash who are in bed with the Muslims and most of whom are closet Muslims want open borders, that is borders that are open to Muslims?

Because, if all nations are required to have open borders, the Muslims will pour into Israel and destroy her within just a few years, you know, just like they will destroy the rest of our nations.

They don't just want to destroy the West, but especially Israel and open borders will definitely destroy Israel and very quickly. This is currently the only way they can quickly destroy Israel. They have to do it from within, baby, and I have been watching them work to do that for years.

Remember that I told you that the Pope and the Vatican wanting to convert the Catholic Church to Islam so they can share power with the Muslim leaders because the Pope and the Vatican know the truth I have been teaching you about end time prophesy, won't work because the Muslims won't even share power with each other, much less with the Pope?

Well, they found out that the Muslims had plans to bomb the Vatican this Christmas.

Gee, who would have figured...other than me?

Note that the lefties are really going after Tucker Carlson because he is asking all of the right questions the left doesn't want you to think about, much less for them to answer. Keep an eye on this because the lefties really want to get rid of Tucker because he is a good and intelligent man.


This is really big. Macron is losing the support of the French police. The police are getting tired of fighting the people for Macron so Macron can feel free to impose his dictatorship on the French people.

The two police unions are telling the police to not vote for Le Pen but increasing numbers of police are voting for Le Pen against the corrupt union leaders' wishes and orders.

This creates two problems for the globalists. First, if the globalists lose control of France to the populist Le Pen and her bunch, the EU and their glorious lefty commie traitor global dictatorship are dead. Germany can't sustain the EU by itself, which is why May is working to sabotage Brexit but, if France also goes reasonably sane, then it is over and Brexit won't matter because the traitor, May, won't have anything left to sabotage.

The only globalist run nations that will be left in the EU will be Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal.

Yeah, the last four combined can't sustain the EU, especially with Spain and Portugal on the verge of bankruptcy and being propped up by the rest of the EU, read Germany.

Then Trudeau's globalist ambitions will be moot because Canada ain't going to conquer the world by herself. I also expect to see Trudeau and his ilk to lose in their next election.

Second, this puts the Macaroni Kid one step from disaster and that step will come when the French police have had enough and step back to let the people have the Macaroni Kid to do with as they please, which is why the Macaroni Kid is running scared.

Right now, parking fully functional guillotines in front of all of the upper class trash homes and businesses will have a shocking effect on the lefty commie traitors. We are talking a major dose of reality to open their evil eyes to the fact that they have finally pushed the people too far again.

At the very least, they will temporarily back down to let the people cool off. IF the people actually get mad enough they start using those guillotines in just one nation to remove the evil thoughts from their corrupt leaders, things will quickly chill globally because the rest will have nightmares about hearing the swish/thunk of a guillotine just before they wake up feeling to see if their evil heads are still attached. "Whew, it is still there; it must have just been a dream...this time."

Did you know that the evil upper class trash have an allergy to guillotines?

Yep, their heads keep breaking out from their bodies. Eat cake, baby!!!

What do you think, is the Macaroni Kid about to get a freedom fighter's hair cut?

Just like I have been telling you for years, God is destroying the evil globalists and their evil plans to rule the world for years. Get a clue, they ain't going to be the one world government and one world church of the Tribulation. That is Islam.

Get your freedom fighter hair cut today!!! They are free and will be the closest shave you ever had!!!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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