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Macron is quickly losing popularity in France as this revolution continues and conservative Le Pen continues to grow in popularity.

So, what does that pompous, arrogant little Mac do?

More of what caused this revolution, you know, more of his arrogance.

Listen, Frenchies, he really deserves you people parking a guillotine in front of the presidential palace, testing it to make sure it works by slicing a few melons, and leaving a sign on it saying, "Eat Cake, Baby!" Let him listen to the swhish, kerchunk of that guillotine in his dreams.

If you French do that, you watch the change in attitude throughout Europe. The upper class trash will learn to fear the people again, which is a good thing.

Then I got this from American Thinker By Rick Moran:

"French president Emmanuel Macron has hardened his rhetoric about the continuing protests that are roiling France for the thirteenth straight week.

After the first cabinet meeting of the year, Macron apologized to the French people, saying through a spokesman, 'Maybe we have made too many concessions to conservatism, we'll have to change that.'"

Is Macaroni stupid or what? After 13 weeks, he still ain't learned nuttin' yet?

No, stupid, people don't revolt because you give them too much, they revolt because you are screwing them too much.

That's OK, because the harder he pushes back, the more angry the people will get and the revolution will grow until he eats cake.

Hey, you Frenchies want to buy a guillotine or two or three...? You have not parked a guillotine in front of his palace yet, have you?

Many Christians

One thing that really gets me about many of today's "Christians" is that they are pagan god worshiping faithless hypocrites. The same Christians who quote the scriptures saying, "Nothing is impossible with God" will turn around and believe that almost everything is impossible with God.

They refuse to believe that God created the cosmos and everything in it in just 6 Earth days. "No, no, God could never do that, it had to be the false pagan goddess, Mother Nature, or maybe the false pagan gods Accidents and Coincidence. Or maybe we should call their god, the great god, Oops. Yeah, that is the ticket, it had to be one of them thar false pagan gods but it couldn't be God and, therefore God is also an incompetent liar."

They can't even believe that God parted the Red Sea or that He even knew where the Red Sea was and crossed the Gulf of Aqaba thinking it was the Red Sea. It had to be their false pagan goddess, Mother Nature, who just accidentally and coincidentally caused the waters to part at the exact place and exact time there were a bunch of Hebrews who needed to quickly get across to keep from being slaughtered by Pharaoh's Army and, by another incredible accident and coincidence, just at the right moment Pharaoh was crossing, their false pagan goddess, Mother Nature, caused the waters to stop being parted and drowned Pharaoh and his Army. Oopsy!!!

But it is not possible for God to have intentionally done what their false pagan gods accidentally and coincidentally did? Really? Just how stupid are these people? Can't the fools realize that it would have been a much more incredible miracle for their false pagan gods to have accidentally and coincidentally done it than for God to have intentionally done it?

These are the same "Christian" fools who also believe in space aliens, in spite of the fact that there is not ONE shred of evidence they even exist, and that some of those spacy alieny thingies could be superior to us and be able to do things we can't do but not God, in spite of the fact that we have a huge amount of both scientific and historic evidence God is real, He lives, He exists, and He is infinitely superior to us humans, which means He can do lots of things we humans can't do. God could not possibly be superior to us and do things we can't do. "Why, to believe that fairy tale would be childish."

But the same fools will turn right around and say, "Nothing is impossible with God."

These people are so stupid they don't even realize just how stupid they sound.

And you don't believe me when I tell you that Satan's people infiltrated the church? Really?

Food For Thought

If the lefties could impeach and remove both Trump and then Pence, Pelosi would become president because first in line for the job behind the Vice President is Speaker of the House. Think about that horrid thought.

Yeah, now you know what to expect, right? And you really believe that Pelosi isn't going to try to impeach Trump and Pence to become president and restore their evil globalist agenda?

Election Fraud

If this is enforced, this is a big victory for the people and loss for the lefty commie traitors. Watch this video.

This is only the start and we need more such victories across the US to at least decrease lefty voter fraud.


Regardless of whether they make a deal with the very corrupt and oppressive EU, Britain is scheduled to officially leave the EU on March 29, 2019.

Expecting possible trouble from the EU, Britain is ramping up its military for war.

What do they know that we don't know? Is the EU, mostly under the control of Germany and France, planning to invade Britain or take other military action against Britain?

Keep an eye on this.

Also, May 23 - 26, 2019 will be elections for EU Parliament and the conservative "populists" are expected to take control of the EU Parliament. If the conservatives take control and are smart, they will dissolve the EU to remove it as a future tool to be used by the power mad globalists to force their dictatorship on everyone.

Also keep an eye on this.

Gender Identity

Do you know who is making a fortune off of this gender identity crap?

Lefty college professors. They get to sell books, go on speaking tours making tens of thousands of dollars per speech, get well paying contracts with lefty run universities, and other revenues and the more radical they can dream it up and sell it, the more money they make so, of course, they are going to keep teaching and pushing this insanity.

Hey, it is the latest lefty academic crusade and the college professors always make a fortune off of their insane crusades.


President Bolsonaro of Brazil is requesting a coalition between the "three largest Christian nations in the world", Brazil, Russia, and the US, to fight against globalism and their anti Christian war.

Such an international Christian coalition would finish off the left's globalist plans and start turning the planet around.

Keep an eye on this.


This is a very interesting video by "The Apostate Prophet" who is a man who converted out of Islam, after a spending all of his prior life in Islam, and is determined to tell the truth about Islam and fighting against the lies about Islam.

I have found his information to be very reliable.

This particular video is about the growth rate of Islam and he tells some interesting things which show that Islam is not growing as fast as we are being told and why.

The book of Revelation tells us that people will continue to leave Islam (the one world government and one world church of the Tribulation) during the tribulation and their heads will be cut off just like they are being cut off today.


The commies are celebrating Pelosi being voted back at Speaker of the House but, did you know that 15 Democrats didn't vote for her?

These were all first term Democrats and it is a sign of a building revolution by the younger politicians against the older politicians. "Here come de bus, baby!"

The Commiecrat Party is pretty heavily divided and it could easily continue to get worse. All of their little "coexisting" groups are quickly turning on each other because they have conflicting agendas plus the younger members are now turning on the older members.

It has reached a point to where they spend almost as much time fighting each other as they do fighting conservatives. I just can't see that party lasting too much longer before their conflicts tear the party apart.

Keep an eye on this because some of them have been talking about forming other parties for at least a few years.


I just love the way so many people, especially the media talk about starting your own business, especially on the Internet.

"Why, it don't cost nuttin', anyone can start their own business for nuttin'. Yuh can do it on a shoe stringy." Yeah, right. That is one expensive shoe string.

I just watched a video about Vloging where the guy was saying the same thing. "Why, all you needs is a camera," or two or ten and a stick and a microphone and a tripod and an expensive computer set up with a number of different expensive programs for editing so that it can easily cost you thousands of dollars for a good start in the business plus you have to either spend a lot of time learning how to use everything by trial and error or pay someone to teach you how to use it right.

I have spent most of two decades looking for a business you can start on a "shoe string" and there ain't none, people. To start a business properly, it will cost you at least thousands, probably tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and I can't even afford to buy a camera, forget the other stuff.

There is an old saying that is very true; "It takes money to make money" and I call that opportunity. I have learned the hard way that, without opportunity, you ain't goin' nowhere in business and money buys opportunity but not all opportunity. That is why I have been trying to create a little extra cash flow so I can buy a little extra opportunity so I can get a little start in some business to build from there.

There are other types of opportunity you can't buy for yourself but you can hire people who have it to use their opportunity for you, you know, like health, intelligence, skill, and other such things. Without enough health, intelligence, or skills or the ability to hire someone who has those things to work for you, you ain't going nowhere in business, baby.

God has taught me that opportunity is the most critical thing in life for succeeding at anything, which is why stupid rich people do so much better than intelligent poor people, because they can hire intelligent people to help them become successful. It is important to understand this because God provides all opportunity, which makes prayer a very important part of becoming successful.

Before I got sick with this virus and lost my health, I was very good at everything and was intelligent enough that I took some of the most difficult courses in college and never had a college course I thought was difficult, not one. Not molecular biology, not physics, not nuclear physics, not chemistry, not calculus, nothing was difficult for me. It was all easy and, today, I live in poverty.

I had become very arrogant and believed that I didn't need God to be successful and God knows the cure for such arrogance.

Now I can't learn or remember anything unless God specifically wants me to learn or remember it and I have learned that I am completely at His mercy for being successful at anything and everything I do. I have learned that God is my opportunity. And believe me that there are plenty of really stupid people who are rich because they were born rich, were in the right place at the right time doing the right thing, were able to hire others to help make them get rich, or any number of other reasons. Having more money than someone does not mean you are more intelligent than them; all it means is you have more money than them. It is our arrogance that causes us to believe that having more money than someone means we are more intelligent than them.

Don't believe me?

Just look at all of the really stupid people who are among the richest in the world and say, believe, and do the stupidest things.

BTW, all it takes to get a Ph.D. in any of the soft sciences is an average intelligence and/or be good in bed. Most college professors couldn't pass the prerequisites for the hard science courses I easily passed in college. Most college professors are not that intelligent. Our universities have a surprising number of really stupid college professors who only sound intelligent because they can use a lot of big words and complex sentence structures but they only sound intelligent.

You have to know that many of the "indicators" we use to determine whether a person is intelligent are false indicators, almost all of them dreamed up to make the upper class trash and their pals look smarter than they really are. For example, all IQ tests are heavily culturally biased to make the upper class trash look smarter than they are and the rest of you look dumber than you really are so you will think that them having more money than you means they are smarter than you when they really are not.

All you have to do is watch the news to see and hear just how stupid most of them really are.

Clue, clue, clue; their evil globalist plans are not failing because of their superior intelligence. Think about it.

Their biggest mistake is that they think they are smarter than they are and that you are stupider than you are. They arrogantly think too much of themselves and too little of you, fortunately for you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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