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The new governor of Commiefornia, Gavin Newsom, just canceled Commiefornia's high speed rail because it will be too expensive to finish at $10 billion more. That would have put the finished price for the rail system at $77 billion, enough to buy more than 200 747-8s. Of course, that $77 billion doesn't cover the cost of the maintenance of the high speed rail, which you know will be considerable.

Well, so much for AOC's "Green New Deal" thingy, which is flopping and even AOC is now trying to distance herself from in spite of the fact that 5 of the commie presidential candidates are running at least in part on the Green New Deal, which will probably not help them get elected.

Something tells me that the commie part of this coming election is going to be very interesting (read insane.)

But, hey, dem commies is just soze smarty pants. Dey just knoze what is best for us because demz is intellectually superior to us peasants, in spite of the fact that every great sounding stupid idea they have dreamed up has failed.


Trump has handed the EU another right cross to the chops by helping Britain with the Brexit. I got this from Breitbart by Jack Montgomery:

"The United Kingdom and the United States have signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement to ensure British-American trade continues seamlessly after Brexit, undercutting EU loyalists who claimed it would be damaged.

The United Kingdom trades with the United States, its largest single trade partner and number one source of inward investment, largely on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms - a so-called 'No Deal' situation - as the European Union has failed to strike a bilateral agreement."

The EU globalists kept trying to screw up the Brexit by playing games, which just opened the door for Trump to help Britain.

But, the Brexit will be meaningless if the right takes control of the EU in the May elections and does away with the EU.

Keep an eye on this.


The reason the lefties, especially the RINOs, are looking for someone to beat Trump in the soon coming GOP presidential primaries is they are looking for someone whom they hope can beat Trump, because they know they can't beat him, but that the lefties might be able to beat in the main election. They are all hoping you will be stupid enough to elect a RINO that most people won't show up to vote for.

This should tell you that the lefties know that they can't beat the conservatives in a fair election so they are hoping to get a lefty commie traitor Republican or RINO that they can beat.

In a nut shell, it is a desperate fishing expedition.

Christian Testimony

When I tell you about the problems I am having because of my illness and poverty, I know that I am not the only sick and poor person going through these problems and you should know that too. There are many other people who have been plunged into poverty because of illness who are facing the same problems I am facing and dealing with the same bureaucrats I have to deal with and you need to know about that.

I often wonder how many such people have been killed by the pompous arrogance of the doctors, nurses, and bureaucrats who think they are too wonderful, magnificent, and superior to help us lowly poor people, how many more have been plunged into poverty because of the doctors', nurses', and bureaucratic arrogance, and those poor people don't have my college training and physical changes caused by my marathon sports to help them get through these things that I have, especially with most people believing the myth that the only reason people are poor is because we are stupid and/or lazy.

When I was in Commiefornia in 1984, they released information about a study which showed that better than one third of the homeless people on the street had college degrees with many having doctorates, with many of them having formerly been upper middle to upper class and the media always make it look like ALL homeless people are just stupid people who can't make it on their own.

Remember that I have a master's degree, have studied all of the hard sciences, the history and archaeology of every continent on the planet, everything about business management, economics, and financial management, and much more. I am easily better educated than most rich people, one third of whom don't even have a college degree, proving my theory that, for most people, being rich isn't about intelligence but about them being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing and Bill Gates has confirmed this with similar statements.

Plus, before I got sick, I normally worked at least 60 to 80 hours per week AND I was a marathon athlete. Before I got sick, there were very few people on this planet who worked as many hours and as hard as I did.

Obviously these people and I are not stupid or lazy, something just went wrong in life that plunged us into poverty and then made them homeless. The arrogance of such people as doctors, nurses, and bureaucrats makes it even easier and more likely for ANYONE, including you, to end up in poverty and homeless. You need to know that because you all walk a very thin line between the good life and poverty and even death, especially when you can't get help from the arrogant butt holes who are supposed to help you.

You would be amazed at how many doctors and nurses think they are too good to waste their time helping the poor. I see this almost every time I see doctors and nurses. "Why, it is beneath them to help the poor." I personally think that ALL of the elites who think they are better than the poor should end up poor so we can see just how wonderful they really are and how differently they will treat the poor afterwards.

I believe that the only reason I still have a home is because God wants me to write this blog. I regularly thank God for the blessings I get that keep me alive, in a home, and fed.

National Emergency

Pelosi is saying that the next Commiecrat president can now declare a national emergency to seize guns. Someone needs to tell that lefty commie traitor to think 1776 because that is what they will get, if they try to seize the guns. The right will rise up, if the left does that.

The left's stupidity is amazing. Just remember that the left's plans are not failing because they are geniuses.

Electric Cars

They are finding out that really bad cold weather, you know, like they have during the winter in the Midwest and Northeast, where many lefties live, will decrease the battery charge on electric cars by as much as 40% just over night and it will take hours for the owners to recharge those batteries the next day.

What should this tell you?

Several things, first, with a really good commercial charger, the owners of electric cars will have to spend at least 4 to 5 hours every morning recharging their cars during really cold weather. Even sitting out in the cold all day long, while at work, will drain the batteries by huge amounts making it a wee bit tough to get home from work.

Second, the constant recharging of those batteries will drive up electrical bills and increase the need for electricity from power plants by a huge amount, forcing those power plants to generate more electricity, which would only make global warming worse, if it were true.

They are finding out that, especially in cold areas, electric cars are just another great sounding stupid idea by the lefties and it will fail. That is an easy prediction.

People, they tried electric cars 100 years ago and there are reasons why people quit buying them. I have sat in electric cars from the early 20th Century that people quit buying because it was a bad idea then and it is still a bad idea now.

If you are going to get an electric car, you better get a bicycle with a trailer for backup. Don't sell that gas hog too fast or you might be walking soon.


I had previously decided to start planting my seeds for this coming growing season at the first of March and plant the plants shortly after the last expected frost in mid April. I was concerned that planting the seeds inside sooner might cause them to grow too large for the 2 inch pots and I only have a few larger pots, so I had decided to wait until March.

But, (isn't it interesting how God works?) Walmart got their first gardening stuff by the last week in January with some really good deals. I got bare root strawberries at $5 for 10 instead of the 25 I could get online for $17 plus shipping (I actually got 21 plants because there was an extra plant in one package), I got 10 lily of the valley plants for $5 instead of 3 for $17 online, I got 3 elephant ear bulbs for $5 instead of the $10 at Lowes, and I let the store person talk me into buying a $12 grow light instead of the $37 grow light I wanted, which cost $39 at Lowes. I later had to return to get the $37 dollar grow light.

I planted the strawberries in disposable plastic drink glasses you can get 60 of for a few dollars at Walmart, which you can use for 2 inch pots by drilling holes in the bottoms for drainage but, I realized, since the strawberries are very cold hardy, I should plant them outside because the grow lights are not that powerful and I did. I then realized the lily of the valley plants were bare root instead of the bulbs I thought they were because the 3 online were bulbs so I just assumed the Walmart plants were also bulbs and didn't read the package, which required I plant them in my homemade 2 inch pots immediately.

Because I now had two grow lights, I decided to see how large my plants would get, if I planted the seed at the start of the last week in January. If these plants failed, I would have time to replant the first of March so it was a good test.

I put seeds for some of the plants I wanted on pieces of wet paper towels inside small plastic baggies to permit them to germinate. When some of the seeds got roots and even a few stems, I planted them in some 1 inch seed pots I have and started them under my grow lights under a bathroom sink. If the weather gets above 50 degrees F, I take them outside for more sunlight and give them a little extra light in the early mornings and evenings with my grow light (the days are still short.)

You have to understand that not all seeds will germinate and not all seedlings will survive planting.

The plants that survived the first three weeks were doing well but not too large so I decided to plant seeds for the ones that didn't survive and the rest of the plants I want plus extras on February 16th because they shouldn't get too big for my 2 inch pots before the middle of April.

Always testing to see what works best. Because of that, I now know I can start my seeds germinating, especially with small grow lights, about the end of January to give them a head start on our hot summers.

I am also testing different ways to grow them in my seed pots to see what works best for the different plants. For example, for watermelons to do well, the soil needs to be about 80 degrees so I put some in seed pots inside of a small, square plastic food container with a clear top I am using for a tiny greenhouse to keep the plants warmer. We will see how that works.

Other Laws

I decided that I feel our new nation should include the following laws along with the previously listed laws under my essay "Healing":

All law abiding citizens, both men and women who are 18 and older, will be issued, trained in the use of, and must maintain a military quality, fully automatic rifle along with regularly practicing its use. They will be provided with an annual allowance of ammunition with which to practice in the use of that weapon and for annual testing at a military firing range similar to what they do in Switzerland. All law abiding citizens, both men and women who are 18 and older, will be permitted to open carry any firearm without a weapons permit.

Both men and women should be armed and trained to defend themselves and their families and not just men.

Instruction in weapons safety for children should begin at a young age, probably by 5 years of age.

If a person commits a violent felony, they will lose the right to bear arms.

Every law abiding citizen, both men and women who are 18 and older, will be required military service and training for at least one year in which they will be required training for the military, EMT, fire fighting, and assisting law enforcement because your neighbors are more likely to reach you more quickly in an emergency than cops, firemen, or EMTs but the people will not replace cops, firemen or EMTs.

For at least two years following this service, they will be required to belong to a local militia and train at least once per month with that militia wherever they are living and can change militias when moving.

Let's see criminal organizations like gangs take over those neighborhoods or our corrupt politicians plot a coup of that nation.

No local government will be permitted to bribe a business to locate any part of that business' facilities in the area of that government.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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