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When referring to time, BC stands for Before Christ and AD stands for the Latin phrase, "Anno Domini", which means "The year of our Lord" or the year that Christ was born. BC refers to the time period before Christ was born and AD refers to the time period after Christ was born.

The problem is that the God hating pagans hate to even acknowledge that Christ was born, much less that it was the most significant event in history so they changed the names for the exact same time periods from BC and AD to BCE, Before Common Era, and CE, Common Era, so they don't have to acknowledge that Christ was born, even though they do stupidly acknowledge His birth by keeping the two separate time periods exactly the same.

Yeah, they are really that stupid.

Who gave them the authority to try and leave Christ out of the two time periods...other than Satan?

Dey gots dem sum college degrees and dey said so. That is it; they really are that arrogant. Dey is are be smarty pants.

Well, remember that I have been teaching you that man plans and God laughs?

I gots me a couple of college degrees too and I just said so that BCE and CE don't stand for "before common era" and "common era". From now on, BCE stands for "Before Christian Era", you know, before Christ was born, and CE stands for "Christian Era" or after Christ was born.

If you think about it, that is really what BCE and CE stand for; before Christian era and Christian era.

Hey, I can be a smarty pants too. So there, take that, God hating pagans, your move.

Illegal Immigrant Armies

Remember that I told you that Trump has to take down the people who are funding and organizing these illegal alien armies invading the US?

He is trying to fight this by stopping foreign aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras but the rich upper class trash can easily replace that foreign aid and more to encourage those nations to keep organizing and sending armies to invade the US, which you know is what they will do.

Trump MUST take down the upper class trash and their minions who are funding and organizing these invasion armies. That is the only way to stop the invasions...that and sending the Marines to those foreign countries.


Biden is having his butt shoved under the commie bus because they know he can't beat Trump, in part, because he is old, white, and male but also because he is a blatant public pervert and just dumber than rocks.

The left will have trouble getting their own whacko people to vote for him, much less independents.

I believe that Trump only said that Trump is most concerned about beating Biden to sucker Biden into running and the left into nominating him. It would be very easy for Trump to beat Biden.

Besides, if Biden were US president and ever got even close to the Queen of England, he would probably spend the rest of his presidency in a British dungeon for groping her...or get something whacked off by the royal headsman.

Running Biden against Trump would be a nightmare even worse than running Hillary against Trump.

Think not?

I got this from Breitbart by Trent Baker:

"Sunday on MSNBC's 'AM Joy,' network contributor and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart reacted to former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores' accusations that former Vice President Joe Biden inappropriately kissed and touched her at a campaign rally in 2014.

Capehart questioned if the Democratic Party has the 'patience' to entertain a potential Biden 2020 presidential run, given the accusations and 'awkward' videos and images of Biden from over the years.

'I don't know if the Democratic Party even has the patience anymore to entertain someone like Vice President Joe Biden who has these accusations against him running for president,' Capehart stated."

Capehart knows too many crazy commies won't show up to vote for Biden.


The big reason why so many rich people hate Trump is because he is stopping them from stealing as much from you, the tax payer. That includes RINOs, you know, like the entire Bush family. They are losing a lot of money because of Trump. That cash cow has gone dry, baby, which is why the parasites are whining so much.

Valery Jarrett

Valery Jarrett just wrote a book, "Finding My Voice", that really compliments Obama and makes him look wonderful, you know, while she is still working with Obama just a few miles from the White House trying to stage their lefty coup of the US Government.

Gee, you don't think it was written to get you to want Obama back in office as your president/dictator, do you?

Gee, what timing; what a coincidence.

Basically, it seems she wrote the "book" as part of a PR campaign to get you to forget about how lousy a president Obama was and to start believing Obama is just "a really good buy" so stupid people will vote for him again.

Does this mean they are getting ready for the final phase in their coup and this is really just a little psychological warfare prepping the battlefield?

Keep an eye on this.

Food For Thought

If you think lefties are not crazy, why are they always the ones seeing shrinks or going into mental health institutions?

They see the shrinks because they can't solve their own problems and want the shrinks to solve their problems for them but the shrinks never solve their problems so their problems never go away. Lefties are walking head cases.

So, they can't solve their own problems but they think they can solve your problems and know what is best for you? Is that stupid or what? Maybe they should try to solve their own problems before they try to solve your problems by telling you how to live? Why would anyone want to listen to people about how we should live, who can't solve their own problems?

Just how stupid can people be who think that out of the asylum called Hollywood could possibly come words of wisdom?

If you are seeing a shrink to solve your problems, keep your mouth shut until you don't need the shrink any more. We sane people really don't want to share your insanity with you. Yeah, I know, the shrinks lie to you and tell you that seeing a shrink doesn't mean you are nuts so you won't be afraid to see them but you really are nuts, which is why you need to see the shrink who lies to you and will never solve your problems because 1) they are nuts too and 2) that would be bad for business. Hey, they have to keep you nuts to keep you coming to see them, baby, and, you know, paying them the big bucks to keep you nuts.

Then there are socialists/communists/Marxists/progressives or whatever they call themselves today, who are easily the stupidest people on the planet. In spite of the fact that Marxism under EVERY name has failed EVERY TIME for more than 100 years, they are so stupid they think it is a great idea. Think about that but don't try to figure out just how stupid they are because it will hurt your brain.

Yom Kippur War

I am sick and tired of the rewriting of history that I see so much of by the left. Much of what you are being taught as history is bull crap. I have decided to set some things straight about history while I still can.

I want to start with the truth about the Yom Kippur War that I have not seen even mentioned once in any documentary, not one. I know about this because we received Pentagon briefings on the Yom Kippur War at least every few weeks, While stationed at Udorn, Thailand, I was involved in the US Air Force operation that turn that war around for Israel, and later got intel from the Pentagon about what happened on Israel's end.

Everything else I have seen in "documentaries" about the Yom Kippur War is at least partially bull crap. Yes, Israel's tank forces were outnumbered and, yes, Russia had provided Egypt with new anti tank weapons that caused Israel some problems but that isn't why Israel started out losing that war.

Because of Israel's inferior tank numbers, Israel has ALWAYS used their air force to 1) establish air superiority and 2) help destroy enemy ground forces to level the ground war for Israel. Without air superiority, Israel will get crushed in a war.

The primary reason why Israel started losing the Yom Kippur War was because Russia had given Egypt a SAM system Israel didn't know about or have the equipment to defeat, we called the SAM-6. The SAM-6 was shooting their planes down like ducks in a massive duck hunting party using belt fed shotguns during duck season, therefore, her planes were fighting for their own survival and couldn't possibly start destroying any enemy tanks and other ground forces so the much larger Egyptian ground forces were pushing Israel back. Israel was losing the war.

Now, I read a bogus article in Time Magazine at that time that told us some commie propaganda that the great and glorious commie Ruskies had taken Israel AND the inferior US capitalist forces by surprise with 3 new Ruskie SAM systems that we didn't know anything about (the commies have had control of the US media for almost 75 years) and couldn't defeat. The article was all bull crap.

The SAM-8 was nothing more than a nuisance, at best, we had already been beating the SAM-3 in Nam for years and Israel had the US ECM equipment we used to beat the SAM-3, and Time Magazine claimed that the Israelis, who regularly used their aircraft to destroyed tracked vehicles called tanks, couldn't kill the SAM-6s because they were mobile tracked vehicles, you know, just like the tanks the same planes could kill. Yeah, bull crap and, if you believe 10% of what the commie mainstream media and commie Hollywood tell you, you are grossly misinformed, especially if it has anything to do with the military or war.

We had been beating the 6 in Nam for years with a little pod that hung under our aircraft wings called an ALQ-71.

The problem that Israel had in dealing with the 6 was that the 6 radar was a triple frequency radar that changed frequencies as soon as it was jammed WITHOUT losing any information so it could get the information required for weapons lock on airplanes while rapidly changing frequencies.

The only systems Israel had to use against the 6 were manually tuned transmitters but the 6 could change frequencies much faster than any manually tuned transmitters could. The ALQ-71 was a 3 canister pod system or "transiever" (it received and automatically transmitted the right jamming frequency) that changed frequencies faster than the 6 and could, therefore, deny the 6 ANY information required to gain weapons lock, while we locked our radar homing missiles (today called HARM missiles) onto their radar signal and blew their butts into eternity. The ALQ-71 pod was a short, white pod that hung under our fighter and attack plane wings and I hung plenty of them there.

A few weeks after we laughed at that bogus story in Time Magazine, we got orders directly from the Pentagon to our shop, which was a shopping list that was mostly for ALQ-71 pods but also included some stuff for the SAM-3 because Israel had started to run a little low on SAM-3 stuff because their planes carrying the SAM-3 pods were being shot down by the 6s, causing them to also lose their SAM-3 stuff. They needed replacements for their lost SAM-3 stuff.

We were given 8 hours to get our equipment rounded up, serviced, "ops checked", and loaded onto a C-141 Star Lifter cargo plane and we got it done in 6 hours. were those Ruskies and Egyptians in for a big surprise.

Three days later I came into the shop to learn that the shop had received word directly from the Pentagon telling us that, because of our equipment, Israel had turned the war around and was winning the war, you know, less than 72 hours after our stuff left our base. They told us that, as fast as Israel could unload our 6 stuff from the C-141s, they would take it straight to their fighter planes, load it on their planes, and go out hunting 6s. The worm had turned into a lion. In less than 3 days from the time the 6 equipment left our base (we were not the only TAC base they got equipment from), the Israelis had destroyed enough 6s to gain air superiority and start blowing up enemy ground forces, especially tanks, which turned the war around.

THAT is the truth about what happened at Yom Kippur. I was part of the US Air Force operation that turned that war around for Israel.


Many people today have a completely false impression about what Jesus was like. They believe that Jesus was a candy butt, spoiled rich, lazy, pacifist hippy brat.

Remember that I have been teaching you to pay close attention to the details in the Bible?

To really understand the scriptures, you have to pay attention to the details (God didn't put those details in there just for the fun of it), study history, especially Middle Eastern history, and study ancient Hebrew customs and traditions. All of that combined gives you a much better understanding of what the scriptures are telling you.

So, let's look at Jesus and see what the scriptures, history, and Hebrew customs and traditions tell us about Him.

First, the scriptures tell us that His father, Joseph, was a carpenter or tradesman/craftsman.

History and culture teach us that Joseph would have raised Jesus up to be a carpenter and Jesus would have started His apprenticeship with His father by the time He was 3 or 4 years of age. Joseph would have started by making Jesus small FUNCTIONING woodworking tools, probably at least a small saw, hammer, and drill, as some of his first toys and taught Jesus to use those tools to do things like make other toys (usually other tools or small boxes) and small things for around the house, probably for mommy.

By the time he was 8 years of age, Jesus would have had his own small tool box with at least a dozen different woodworking tools, was a reasonably accomplished carpenter, and would have been helping his father do things like make furniture, cabinets, and build buildings. He would have worked with his father 6 days a week and from 10 to more than 12 hours per day, doing hard work. Jesus was a tradesman or craftsman, worked very hard for very long hours, and was what we would call a blue collar worker.

You can bet that, when He traveled during his ministry, Jesus carried a bag or purse in which He carried a few basic personal things AND a few basic tools to fix or make stuff for either money or as gratitude for staying in someone's house. That would have been the cultural norm for that time.

You know, it is like you have a guest at your home who is a plumber and you suddenly have a plumbing problem, he will jump right in and help you with your problem.

He also carried a weapon everywhere He went, probably a small bronze sword that was about 6 to slightly more than 12 inches long as also did all of the apostles. He probably carried it in a small leather sheath he either made or bought from a craftsman.

How do we know this?

Because of what the scriptures and history teach us.

You have to understand that Jesus and His apostles traveled between towns a lot and there was a huge problem with bandits robbing, enslaving, and murdering people so people traveled in caravans between towns for common defense, especially to and from big cities like Jerusalem. If you didn't travel with caravans back then, you would quickly end up robbed, enslaved, or dead.

The way that worked is that you would find out when the next caravan was leaving or passing through your town to or through the community you wanted to travel to. You would meet down at the main gate early in the morning with your belongings to join the caravan and they had a rule back then that, if you were a man of 12 years or older, you had to have a weapon like a spear, bow and arrows, or sword and be willing to use it to defend the caravan from attack by bandits or they wouldn't let you in the caravan with no exceptions allowed.

Remember that an apostle cut a guard's ear off with his sword and Jesus told his apostles at least twice in the scriptures to buy one or more swords?

Jesus open carried a weapon for self defense and to protect others. Deal with it.

Jesus wasn't a liberal but was a staunch conservative. Look closely at His sermons and you will see that most of what Jesus talked about was the people, especially the religious elites, not obeying God's Laws and He gave those people the worst possible insults, which was conservative preaching, not liberal preaching. Jesus was very conservative about abiding by God's Law and everyone else, even the pretenders who claimed to be living by God's Law, was in violation of God's Law. Jesus even told His apostles to do "what the Pharisees do", which was to obey the Law.

Many of today's people like to believe and teach that it is alright to break God's Law because Jesus paid for our crimes against His Law, you know, Satan's "Do as you will" thingy. Yeah, that sounds like they are saved and walking with God.

Let me guess, which of God's Laws do you think it is alright with God that we break those Laws because Jesus paid for our crimes against God's Laws?

Do you think it is alright with God if we break the laws about there being no other gods with God, you know, pagan gods, for you to murder each other and your children to with human sacrifices, you know, like us murdering our children by abortion as human sacrifices to the goddess, Free Sex?

Hmmm, I don't think so.

Maybe it is alright with God if we break His Law about not lying so we go around lying to each other?

Hmmm, probably not.

I know, would it be alright with God, if we break His Law about not stealing from each other?

Hmmm, I doubt it.

Do you think it would be alright with God if we broke His Law about not murdering each other?

Hmmm, nope, I seriously doubt it.

Maybe it would be alright with God if we coveted what our neighbor has so we would want to steal it from them with Marxism?

Hmmm, nope, not even that sounds reasonable.

I know, do you think it would be alright with God if we broke His Law about not committing adultery so we would go around spreading a lot of deadly STDs to ruin people's lives and kill people and making babies we would want to murder with abortion?

Yeah, I seriously doubt that too.

Gee, I just can't see where these poser Christians get the idea that it is alright for us to break God's Laws and live by Satan's one law of "Do as you will", oh yeah, they probably got that idea from Satan, yuh think?

Get it straight that God didn't give us His Law so we could break that Law and go to Hell. God gave us His Law so we could cohabitate with each other peacefully. When we break God's Laws, we pay in any number of ways, including causing problems for ourselves and others.

Also, Jesus said, "Either you are with me or against me." You are either obeying God or Satan and who do you think you are obeying when you are living by Satan's one law of "Do as you will" instead of living by God's Law? Think about that.

EVERYTIME you break God's Law, you are obeying Satan and living by Satan's law, "Do as you will" and not by God's Law and God's will.

And you think that is alright with God because Jesus paid for your crimes against His Law? Really?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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