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Scientific Research

Remember that I told you that I am trained as a biologist to do both laboratory and field research?

I came up with a little fun backyard science lab research project that should take about two months, which I want to share with you. It will be fun and a nutshell lesson for you in proper scientific research or a good teaching opportunity plus the information may be useful for you for gardening.

Last night, while trying to sleep, right after going to bed (you have all been there, right?), I was thinking about how I could get seeds I am having trouble germinating to germinate.

What is the first thing a seed does when it germinates?

It grows a root.

My question was, "Will root stimulator, used to get cuttings to grow roots, also cause seeds to grow roots or germinate?"

Therefore, my test hypothesis is, "Rooting compound used to cause cuttings to grow roots will stimulate seeds to grow roots or germinate."

Now, I have to test my hypothesis to see whether it might be true and could be a scientific theory. If it doesn't prove to be true, then it is just a lesson learned. That's science, baby.

You have to understand that, in doing scientific research, you have to eliminate as many variables as possible to make your research as valid and conclusive as possible.

One of the really big red flags you will see with bogus scientific research is that they don't eliminate enough variables to make their research conclusive so they can deem the research non conclusive so they can get more government money, you know, your tax dollars, to do the same research again and again or known as milking ye ole cash cow by getting paid good money to do very easy and worthless work.

Another form of very common bogus research is to use unrelated statistics that just happen to have a match for a bad analysis. This latter type of bogus research is now the most common form of bad scientific research, also known as fraud.

In doing research, you also have to have what is called a "control group", which is a group of test specimen which, in this case, are grown without using the root stimulator. My control group will be the seeds I previously planted this year without the root stimulator and either did not germinate well or did not germinate at all so that any significant increase in seed germination will tend to prove my hypothesis true. (I still have my records from those plantings to use for this research.)

By using the same type of pots from the same pot stock, the seeds from the same seed stock, using water from the same water system, and the same seed starting soil from the same bag, I will eliminate most variables and make my research more conclusive or valid.

The only significant variables will be the root stimulator and time of year by only one or two months. The root stimulator should be the most significant variable and the timing should not affect the research much, if at all AND I am continuing to try to grow the seeds that have thus far not germinated so that I will be trying to germinate them at the same time, further decreasing the effect of timing.

To increase the validity of my test, I am testing the same root stimulator on 7 different types of plant seeds I am having trouble getting to germinate instead of just one type of plant seed but my sampling will be small because I am only using 4 seeds for each plant type, which is all I currently want and need but will slightly decrease the validity of the test only a little, with the validity being acceptable. If the test shows significant success, I will definitely test it even more by using the root stimulator on all seeds I plant from now on, especially for next spring.

The plant seeds will include cantaloupe (7-10 day germination) for which I have only gotten 4 seeds to germinate out of almost 15 planted this year, yucca (28-42 day germination) for which I have not gotten any seeds to germinate out of 4 planted this year and about half a dozen planted from the same seed stock last year, violas (10-20 day germination) for which I have not gotten any seeds to germinate out of 4 seeds planted this year, snap dragons (10-15 day germination) for which I have gotten 2 seeds to germinate out of 4 seeds planted this year and almost none from the same seed stock last year, fox glove (7-14 day germination) from which I have not gotten any seeds to germinate out of 4 seeds planted this year, Canterbury bells (15-20 day germination) of which I have not gotten any seeds to germinate out of 4 seeds planted this year, and carnations (10-15 day germination) of which I have gotten 4 seeds to germinate out of almost 20 seeds planted this year.

All of the experimental seeds were just planted on April 5, 2019, they are sitting in the sun next to the other seeds, and I will run the test until May 25, which will be past the last date shown for seed germination for the longest germinating seeds, the yucca seeds, which will be May 17. Obviously, based on germination periods, almost all of this research test will be done by April 30 and only the part for the yucca plant will continue into May.

When you do science research, you have to document the crap out of everything so I have recorded all of the above and more information. That means that most of the work you do with laboratory research is the paper work, analysis, and the write up and what the media show you as scientists doing laboratory research is the fun stuff that requires the least amount of time.

I will keep you informed on any results I get from the test and, hopefully, this will help you better understand true scientific research so you can better identify bogus scientific research when you see it.

Also, if my test shows what scientists call "promising results", supporting my hypothesis, I will definitely run the test on a larger scale for next spring's planting and keep you informed about those results too.

Please note that, over the last year, I have experimented with a number of different types of seed scarifying using soaking the seeds in various ways and have gotten little, if any results for these 7 types of plant seeds. The best results I have gotten with these specific plant seeds was by simply placing them individually in Jiffy seed starting soil you get from Walmart or Lowes Hardware in one inch pots.

Hey, science is fun, you get to be in my science lab with me and see real scientific research in progress, which will be fun.

I always test new ideas like this in my "science lab" called daily life because it involves learning and it can teach you how to be more innovative. Who knows, maybe one of you will use this information to invent something that will make you rich and help others.

BTW, I am getting a lot of marketing calls and always just hang up when I realize it is a marketing call without saying one word. All they hear is the click. I just got one such call while finishing writing this and the computer started by saying, "Do not hang up, I have important..." and that is when I hung up.

Either they have IDed me as a person who just hangs up or more people are just hanging up. Hey, it is their time and dime, baby, and they still have to pay for the call and waste their time even though I hang up as soon as I know it is a marketing call. If they are smart, they won't call me back again because it will just cost them money. I don't even let them get their foot in the door by so much as saying, "Hi" or "bye", it is just click, baby.

I hope you understand that all these marketing people are doing is trying to con you into buying something you don't want to buy or giving money to something you don't want to give money to. If I wanted to buy what they are selling, I would call them.


Remember that Commifornia is inviting in illegal aliens to work for their corrupt, greedy businesses for less money to drive down wages, you know, your wages?

They are now having a number of disease outbreaks because of the diseases those illegal aliens are bringing into the country.

How long do you think it will be before the people revolt over that...or die from it?

BTW, those disease outbreaks are going to cause those greedy businesses to lose money with increasing numbers of employees taking off on sick leave, which will cut back on their productivity. Also, note that the illegal aliens are causing these disease outbreaks in lefty run cities where stupid lefties keep voting those corrupt lefties into office, therefore, the majority of people who get sick and/or die will be stupid lefties.

And you think there isn't a God who holds us responsible for our actions?

Man plans, God laughs.

Idiot Lefties

Biden said that he "doesn't like the way things have changed".

But, Joey Baby, it is your lefty great sounding stupid ideas that have caused these changes. Are you telling us that you don't like the results of your lefty great sounding stupid ideas?

Neither do we conservatives, Joey Baby, but we didn't force these changes on you; you forced these changes on us because you is are be a smarty pants and knows what is best for us.

Then we have that commie hypocrite, Jim Carrey, telling us that America is doomed if we don't regulate capitalism.

OK, Jimmy Boy, let's start with regulating your capitalism. You are worth a few hundred million bucks that you earned with capitalism. Let's regulate you into stopping being the capitalist you claim to hate and actually practicing the socialism you claim to love by you redistributing your wealth to the poor. You know, you leading by example and not just talking the talk but walking the walk. Prove you are a true socialist, redistribute your wealth to the poor, Jimmy Boy. As a poor person, I am waiting for my million dollar check from you, Jimmy Boy, gut I ain't going to hold my breath waiting for you to walk the walk for the talk you talk. So put up or shut up, Jimmy Boy.

Then we have the devout commie, AOC, demanding that we "draft all genders", you know, destroy the US military by turning it into a mental institution.

Hey, I have an idea, why don't we draft AOC's gender and send her to fight on the ground in Afghanistan? Shouldn't she be the first to get what she wants?

Let's see how that works out for her and, to make it even better for her, we will put her butt in a special "all gender" unit with other whackos like her and her life being on the line and in their crazy hands. Hey, that sounds really great.


I keep seeing people dying from what is almost certainly drug abuse with no mention of drug abuse, even concerning people we know were using drugs. When confronted about this, the media always use the lame excuse that it is the protect the grieving families but it is obviously to protect the drug market and makers. The upper class trash, who also own the lefty media, want you to keep increasing their wealth by buying their dope.

I keep seeing bogus science being put out by the sellers and producers of different recreational drugs telling us that their specific recreational drug doesn't do any or any significant damage to cells and some even make very wild claims about how their drug can perform miracles like helping prevent cancer. It is all bull crap, by the upper class trash, done for the love of money to get rich with absolutely no concern for who they hurt or kill to get you to try and get hooked on their drug. I have been seeing this kind of bogus science crap since I as a kid and these criminals should all go to jail for fraud and, if their drugs cause the death of individuals, almost always via organ failure, they should be facing charges for at least man slaughter and, preferably, for murder and being involved in selling recreational and performance enhancing drugs should be a capital crime. They KNOW their drugs kill people every day but keep right on selling them, while putting out lies about their dope not causing any harm.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Let me share with you some things we have known about for more than half a century concerning recreational drugs and cell physiology. You will have a better understanding as to why I don't use ANY recreational drugs or buy into their bull crap propaganda being used to sell their drugs.

If you have any trouble understanding any of this, please read back through it slowly until you do understand it. (Have you figured out yet that you are getting a free college level education in all of the hard sciences and other fields of study on this site? And I am doing it in a way that a seventh or eighth grade student can understand. Think about that.)

The cell membrane serves a number of purposes or functions for the cell. It doesn't just serve the function of molecular containment of the molecules inside the cell. The cell membrane controls the flow or "transfer" of molecules in and out of the cell or across the cell membrane. The cell membrane does this with two types of transfer, called active and passive transfer, for very obvious reasons.

Passive transfer is for molecules like water, which are small enough they can travel across the cell membrane via diffusion.

Remember that I used nuclear physics in one of my previous essays to teach you that all atoms and, therefore, all molecules are in a state of perpetual motion caused by the structure and function of atoms. It is this perpetual motion that causes atoms and molecules to diffuse or move from one area to another area.

The rate of diffusion is based on a very simple principle that, if you have twice as many molecules of one type in one area as in another area, that type of molecules will diffuse from the first area to the second area at twice the rate as the molecules will move from the second area to the first area simply because the first area will have twice as many molecules of that type in motion. This process will continue at a decreasing rate for the first area until both areas have the same relative number of that type of molecules, which will mean that the molecules of that type will be moving in both directions at the same rate or a rate or point of "equilibrium".

Therefore, water diffuses freely across your cell membranes based on relative water molecular content in your cells and your blood stream. If you have a higher water level in your blood than inside the cells, the water will diffuse faster into your cells and vice versa. That is passive membrane transfer.

Active membrane transfer is when a molecule is too large to diffuse into the cell for the specific reason that, if that molecule gets into your cell in the wrong place, it will make contact with and have a chemical reaction with the wrong molecules in your cell, causing cell damage and potentially cell death. Therefore, active transfer PLACES a specific type of molecule in a very specific place within the cell that is DESIGNED to accept and control the movement of that molecule to prevent that molecule from randomly causing cell damage or death.

Just think about the design part of that a while and then forget about the pagan fairy tale called evolution. It didn't happen, baby.

The way active transfer works is that there is a transfer molecule built into the cell membrane waiting for that specific type of molecule to come floating by, that specific type of molecule has to make contact with the transfer molecule AND in a very specific way. You see, for molecules to have a chemical reaction, they can't just make contact with each other, they have to make contact in a very specific way so they can "nestle" so that passing molecule MUST make contact with the transfer molecule in the right position. If the passing molecule doesn't make contact with the transfer molecule in the right position so they can nestle, there won't be a chemical reaction and the passing molecule won't be moved into the cell by the transfer molecule.

This should tell you that there will be a lot of the specific molecules bumping into the transfer molecule for every specific molecule the transfer molecule moves into the cell.

At this point you have to understand that there are different types of chemical reactions. Not all chemical reactions cause a combining of the two molecules or a change in one or both molecules.

The type of chemical reaction that takes place with the transfer molecules and the specific molecules is one where the chemical reaction causes the transfer molecule to move in such a way as to move the specific molecule into the cell to a SPECIFIC place where other molecules are waiting to take control of the specific molecule to move the specific molecule to a specific area in the cell, via chain reaction, to make precise contact with another specific molecule of a different type to cause another chemical reaction for cell function WITHOUT that specific molecule making random contact with any other molecules in that cell to prevent cell damage.

That is right, active transfer is a very complex and intricate control system DESIGNED into your cells for controlled cell functions and to prevent cell damage. And this isn't even the tip of the iceberg for the complexity of the simplest living cell.

Yeah, all of the molecular cell complexity to control the hundreds of types of molecules that move into and out of your cell every hour just "happened" by accidence and coincidence (/sarc).

I'm sorry, you are going to have to sell that bridge to someone else because I ain't buying it.

Common sense should tell you that, for recreational drugs to cause the effects or feelings and/or hallucinations they cause, they MUST get inside your cells some way, all of your cells on a random basis. We have also known in science for more than half a century that there are NO control processes in your cells for any of those molecules from those recreational drugs causing those great feeling effects so that those molecules will ALWAYS have random chemical reactions with random molecular structures inside your cells causing random damage, some of which can be repaired by the cells but most of which cannot be repaired.

What should really scare the crap out of you is that we have also known for more than half a century that, if any of those molecules get inside the cell nucleus, the molecules will have random chemical reactions with your DNA, which will cause random and irreparable damage to your cell DNA, which is a common cause of such wonderful things as cancer and organ failure or early death.

If this happens inside your reproduction cells, you know, like the female eggs or the cells producing male sperm, when those damaged eggs or sperm combine with other eggs or sperm, they will produce a zygote with damaged DNA, which is what causes birth defects and is why drug using lefties tend to produce really stupid kids. This will be especially bad if both parents used drugs, which is very common for lefties.

When I was teaching in high school, I noticed and the special education teachers I worked with also noticed that there had been an increase in children with learning disabilities as there has also been an increase in drug use in the US. Gee, what a coincidence...except it ain't no coincidence, baby. It is the parents' drug use causing all of these stupid kids from the left side of the political spectrum.

I don't think that anyone who has used recreational drugs should be allowed to have children because it is the children who will pay for their drug usage and, when those stupid kids grow up and become voters, society will pay for those people's drug usage because those stupid kids will be easy for tyrants on the left to control. Also, the children of parents who used drugs shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Now, when you know that the upper class trash have been inbreeding for more than 2,500 years, which also causes genetic damage, and that they are known to use recreational drugs, that should tell you that they ain't genetically superior to you or "natural elites" but have one of the worst gene pools on the planet and WHY they are the stupidest people on the planet AND that the only reason they have more money than you is because they stole it, not because they are more intelligent than you.

This should also tell you that 1) there is no such thing as a simple cell, 2) the simplest living cell is far more complex than anything else in our cosmos, and 3) there ain't no way such incredible complexity happened by accidence and coincidence, which is why better than 90% of evolutionists believe there is a superior intelligence which had to cause evolution to happen. In other words, they have proved that God MUST exist and MUST have cause our existence to happen or created life, whether by direct, immediate creation or via evolution.

Anyone who tells you anything different is either telling you they are ignorant, are a God hating liar, or they have no common sense, which makes them a fool. If you have common sense and you have studied the extreme complexities of life, you cannot honestly believe that it all happened by accident and coincident, which is why the God hating lefties are now trying to sell you on their great sounding stupid idea of the multiverse thingy.

Since science has proved that God MUST exist and God told us via his prophets or teachers that He created everything by immediate, direct creation, then evolution can be nothing but a false pagan fairy tale and lie and has the scientific credibility of fairies riding unicorns over rainbows.

You should also know that ANYONE who uses the term "simple cell" is telling you that they are lying to you or are ignorant because the simplest living cell is more complex than anything else in our cosmos. There simply ain't no such thing as a simple cell.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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