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Cuba opening up to US tourism is another great sounding liberal commie traitor idea which will backfire on the commies. When the commies rush to glorious Cuba to see their beloved communism in action, many will see the third world poverty of the masses and the wealth of the commies. They will see with their own eyes that they were lied to by their liberal commie traitor college professors, media, and politicians and what is in store for them.

You can bet that the hard core commies will wear commie blinders and will only see what they want to see. But all eyes will open and they will all make an informed decision and choice as to which side they will be on.

Expect to see a number of disappointed former commies returning from Cuba telling the ugly truth about Cuba. On the other hand, expect to see the hard core commies with hardened hearts return spreading lies about how great a place Cuba is while forgetting to tell you that it is only great for the handful of commies.

New York

The New York governor, Commie Cuomo, is decreasing state land taxes and other expenses because too many people are leaving commie New York and its absurd taxes causing the state to have decreasing tax revenues. Cuomo is trying to 1) keep more people from leaving New York and 2) encourage more people to move to New York.

Gee, why is a devout commie using capitalism to revive his state? You think it might be because he knows what really works and has been lying all of these years?

New York City mayor, De Blasio, says he is giving IDs to illegal aliens because he "doesn't want them to feel like second class citizens." Someone needs to inform the twit that they are not citizens but illegal aliens and shouldn't be made to feel like any kind of citizens.

And you still don't believe these twits have been inbreeding too long?


Because of the US and EU putting more sanctions against Russia to destroy Russia's economy, Putin has responded in two parts.

1) Putin has cut off all of the natural gas passing through Ukraine, which has effectively cut off 60% of the natural gas to Europe and all of the gas to six nations, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia and Turkey, during the winter months when it will have the greatest effect.

Suddenly, the rest of the EU nations will have to send supplies to those six nations, which will quickly drive up the price of natural gas throughout the EU and probably even in the US putting a huge dent in the Euro-American economies.

2) Putin is selling off foreign currencies (read US dollars and Euros) to buy rubles. This will quickly increase the supply of dollars and Euros on the market to drive down the values for the US dollar and the Euro while decreasing the supply for rubles to driving up the value for the Russian ruble. Things will quickly get more expensive for the US and EU while getting less expensive for Russia hurting the Euro-American economy and helping the Russian economy.

Now, who is sanctioning who?


Mean while, Switzerland is putting distance between its franc from the Euro by selling off Euros and buying Swiss francs causing the Euro to plunge even faster. Many people think this is sending a message that the EU may be about to collapse so Switzerland is getting out. We may be getting close to Germany leaving the EU and one has to ask, "What kind of deal did Putin make with Merkel?". Is Germany about to pull the plug on the EU to cause the rest of the EU nations to economically and financially collapse so Germany can just march her troops into those nations to get their bad loans back? Keep an Eye on this.


Iran has started building missiles in Syria. Obviously, Iran isn't too worried about Syria falling to the Sunni Muslim terrorists...uh...rebels. This will put Iran's missiles within range of all of Europe by building and stationing those missiles in Syria. That won't be as obvious a hostile act as actually shipping completed missiles from Iran to Syria for positioning against Europe. This is an Iranian strategic sleight of hand.

Is the EU taking a beating or what? What kind of deal did Putin workout with his ally, Iran? You think maybe the Euro-American upper class trash white cracker plans are not going so well? Will the EU even be around six months from now? And one has to wonder, "What other moves will Putin make next?"

You know this happening at this time was no coincidence.

Al Capone Sharpton

This is hilarious. Al Capone Sharpton is going after liberal Commiewood, you know, the greatest hypocrites on the planet. It seems those liberal white crackers running the show didn't nominate one leading actor who was black (read Oprah's "Selma") for the Oscars. All they nominated was white leading actors, the liberal racist pigs. So now the liberal commie traitors in Commiewood get to find out what it is like to have to nominate an actor for the Oscars just because he is black.

Al Capone Sharpton is definitely going to get that $4.5 million in back taxes paid off via extortion. The liberal commie traitors are definitely finding out that being a liberal commie traitor doesn't make you black.

BTW, have you noticed that almost all of the "Black Lives Matter" protesters are white crackers? What, don't blacks care about black lives? Gee, it wouldn't be a commie thing instead of a race thing, would it?

BTW, oh yeah, Commiewood is also coming under attack by feminists because the racist liberal white crackers don't show female geniuses in their movies, the sexist pigs.

Don't you just love it when the commies and black Muslims turn on each other?

This is the best possible TV sit-com. Sit back and enjoy the show, you know, watching the liberal white commie cracker racist and sexist traitor pigs get some of their own.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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