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Lefty Insanity

I got this from Breitbart by Ian Hanchett:

"On Friday's broadcast of HBO's 'Real Time,' House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that he isn't in favor of impeachment yet and there is a dilemma that if President Trump isn't impeached, it 'sends a message that this kind of conduct' isn't impeachable, but if Trump is acquitted by the Senate, it would send the same message."

Uh, maybe it is because Trump's behavior isn't impeachable but Schiff's behavior is because Schiff is committing high treason, which is an impeachable offense?


Remember that it was the Commie-rat Party that fought for segregation of blacks everywhere, you know, like in schools, on buses, and such?

Now the Commie-rats are encouraging blacks to have things like "black only graduations", "black only schools", and other "black only" things.

Are the racist Commie-rats sucker punching the blacks into segregating themselves from the rest of us of their own free will?

It sure looks like it.

Yep, them racist Commie-rats are still segregationalists but they are conning the blacks into willfully segregating themselves as a "special privilege".

That sounds an awful lot like a sucker punch, doesn't it?

It looks like them racist Commie-rats are going to get their racial segregation one way or another. If the Commie-rats can't force it on the blacks, they will con the blacks into doing it to themselves.


For those of you who have trouble understanding the time Jesus spent in the grave before being raised from the dead, this is a good video explaining it in detail with a good visual aid.

Share this with your family and friends.

College Debt

What I have realized about them "forgiving college loan debt to help the students" is that, with so many students owing so much money they can't pay it off, the upper class trash are getting nothing because the students can't pay it plus increasing numbers of the college loans are getting old enough to be forgiven (the upper class trash con isn't working out the way they thought it would, you know, man plans, God laughs), which is why the upper class trash recently changed the law so the IRS would tax the students on the forgiven loans as "income" so the upper class trash could still get part of the loans they conned the students into taking out but taxes can be forgiven with bankruptcy so the upper class trash could end up losing most of that too. So, if the upper class trash can convince or con you to use taxes, you know, your money, to pay off that debt before it is forgiven, they get it all in one great big payment RIGHT NOW.

All of that debt should be just written off like a bankruptcy with no one getting anything because of the deceit used by the upper class trash to steal the money but, with the government paying it off with tax dollars, the upper class trash will get a big fat check for more than one trillion dollars. It is a con to steal more money from more people faster and, as usual, it is in the guise of the upper class trash helping people, you know, those people they conned into taking out those loans.

The only people they are concerned with helping is themselves and their bank accounts.

Think I am wrong?

Then tell me where that owed money will go when it is paid off with your tax dollars. You know it will be going into someone's pockets. Think about it.


Why is the military buying more "obsolete" F-15s instead of more very expensive F-22s and F-35s?

Because it is like I have been telling you. With today's electronics warfare and weapons systems, you don't need lots of extremely super duper planes. The newer version of the F-15 can still win wars against the best of the rest. As a matter of fact, you would win most "dog fights" with a hot air balloon.

Think not?

All you would have to do is use your electronics warfare to find and target the enemy while using ECM to keep them from finding you (hot air balloons don't give much radar return because they are mostly fabric; they are kind of stealthy), lock your missiles onto the enemy, release those missiles from the bottom of the balloon, light the burners on the missiles, and the missiles will do the rest.

Now, you won't be able to get to and from the battle very quickly, especially if the wind is blowing the wrong way, with all of that extra weight on them, you will need a really big envelope filled with a lot of hot air (read talking politicians) or they won't fly, and you won't be able to travel very far, but you could win most dog fights, just not all of them and you only get to lose one. For now, the F-15 and F-16 will do just fine for most missions.

Still think I am wrong?

They just ran a test where a propeller driven Reaper, which is not as good of a fighter plane as the F-15 or F-16, shot down another aircraft, a drone, with an air-to-air missile. Gee, what a coincidence.

With today's electronics warfare and weapons, a P-51D could easily win most dog fights.


God has just let me know why He has kept me with this very basic, old style web site or blog and not let me set up something more modern and high tech like a YouTube site.

All of the YouTube and other high tech conservative sites telling and spreading the truth are being shut down by the lefty commie traitor tyrants to silence the truth so these lefty commie traitors can set up their global dictatorship. Those conservatives have become dependent on the money they make from YouTube and being shut down by the lefty commie tyrants will hurt them financially while I am still dependent on God, who is much more reliable.

Mean while, my site is "flying in under the radar" and is getting into places those sites cannot get into because of the evil lefties censoring them. Thousands of people in places like China, North Korea, Iran, the EU, and other places run by tyrannical governments are able to see my site and read the truth because the tyrants in those nations are so focused on censoring the high tech sites they are missing me.

I just quietly slide right in under the wire and deliver the truth to oppressed people while the evil tyrants are waging war against everyone else. That is fine with me and I thank God for it.

That answers a few of my questions.

I also realized that this site is my church and the world is my congregation, though I don't get a tithe from anyone so God takes care of me Himself. I write sermons to teach the truth and to be shared by others. Some of my essays are used by preachers as free sermons to teach others. Some people have even e-mailed me and told me that they accepted Jesus because of my site.

I have shared the Gospel and the truth with at least a few million people in the last 19 to 20 years and will find out on Judgment Day just how many people I have helped. That will be a good day for me and for those I have helped. It looks like I will probably be getting a boat load of crowns for those I have helped just doing God's work.

I have easily taught and helped more people in more countries than most churches and their congregations will ever help with this low tech, primitive site. That is a blessing from God.

Athletic Training

There are some things you need to know about in medicine that show that much of our current bad medicine is intentional.

In college, I studied athletic training or sports medicine and I have learned something important about the physical therapy aspects of medicine that are not nice.

I found out, partially from physical therapists themselves, that they are trained to drag out the treatment and recovery of illnesses and injuries to maximize the potential profits for physical therapy businesses because those businesses are all paid based on the number of visits by the patient, so, to increase their profits, the physical therapy firms slow the recovery process as much as possible to increase the number of visits by the patients.

This got so out of hand by 1988 that the major insurance companies got together with a team of top doctors to put together recommended numbers of visits to physical therapy for all of the different illnesses and injuries to limit the physical therapy businesses' ability to milk ye ole cash cow by drawing out the recovery of their patients too much. After they had their list together, the insurance companies added one to two weeks of physical therapy for each type of treatment to protect the insurance companies from greedy attorneys.

In athletic training or sports medicine, I am trained with a completely different mentality. I am trained so that a coach walks up to me and says, "I want that athlete recovered, back in competitive shape, and back on the field with minimum potential for re-injury as quickly as possible," and I better do it or I get fired.

When I was coaching the Los Angeles Racing Team for bicycle racing and one of my riders got hurt or sick, after they saw the doctor and got the diagnosis with a prescription for physical therapy, I would put them on a purely exercise/rest physical therapy program. When they went back to see the doctor towards the end of their physical therapy, the doctors were always amazed because my athletes were always recovered and already back into competition at least one to two weeks faster than those doctors had ever seen any physical therapist get anyone just recovered.

Now, you have to understand that the physical therapist only has to have the person recovered enough to return to work for an 8 to 5 job and not get them back in competitive shape for sports within that period of time. I got the athletes completely recovered AND back into competitive shape in less time than the physical therapists just got them recovered so they could return to a normal job.

For example, a number of years ago a local physical therapy business hired a coupe of athletic trainers and had to fire them a year or two later because the athletic trainers were getting the patients recovered with fewer visits, the way they are trained to do, costing the business money and making the physical therapists look really bad.

People, this is bad medicine that is intentional and has been going on for at least 3 to 4 decades and almost half a century to milk you and/or your insurance company for more money than they should have been paid.

Now, do you believe me when I tell you that many of today's doctors are giving you bad drugs that cause health problems so they can get kickbacks from those chemical companies? Do you also believe me that lefty shrinks don't want to "cure" their patients because it would be bad for business and not good job security, so, instead, the shrinks just screw their patients heads up more to make sure those patients keep paying the shrinks the big bucks to keep screwing up the patients' heads?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

The God hating lefties have corrupted just about everything in our society with their satanic law of "do as you will" for the love of money. We need to get back to the morals, values, and ethics of Christianity and hold these criminals accountable for their crimes.

BTW, the people teaching these "professionals" bad medicine are the college professors.

Lesson: Don't turn your back on God because it won't end well.

Criminals Voting

I am seeing just how stupid the left is with this great sounding idiot idea of permitting criminals to vote.

Here is an easy prediction: If they permit criminals to vote, it is only a matter of time, when, not if, until our glorious corrupt politicians start changing laws to make it easier on criminals and giving pardons to violent criminals to get those criminals to vote for those politicians. You know, "If you vote for me, I will turn you lose on the people again." You KNOW that is going to happen.

Our corrupt politicians will give violent criminals "free stuff", you know, free passes on their crimes, to buy their votes.

That will not turn out well at all. Therefore, we MUST NOT even give our corrupt politicians the opportunity to start that snowball rolling.

Believe me yet that the left has invented infinite insanity and stupidity?

Idiot Lefties

When the idiot lefties find a problem, they just ban what they simple mindedly see as causing the problem and not deal with who is causing the problem.

With people being killed by guns, they want to ban guns so people start committing murder with knives and the idiots want to ban knives and not deal with the criminals.

We are having problems along our coast lines with plastic items pollution our waters so the simple minded idiots ban plastic straws and Styrofoam cups instead of dealing with the filthy humans who keep littering.

"Oh no, it can't be the fault of humans, it gots to be the fault of these inanimate objects, yeah, that's the ticket, it is the fault of things that can't even think or move on their own."

Instead of outlawing plastic, which can be recycled, why don't they just enforce the littering laws?

OK, I understand why, that would require some intelligence and the left is allergic to intelligence. Besides, they don't want to turn their slob and murdering voters against them or they might not get votes and plastic and guns can't vote.

I just saw another story about AOC and my first thought was, "Why does anyone even listen to the idiot?" I instantly realized the answer; "Because they are also idiots."

Nazi Death Camps

For some time I had been wondering why they keep not telling you about the 6 to 7 million other people who were murdered in Nazi death camps until I just saw someone blaming Christians for those death camps.

You have to understand that Hitler and his bunch only publically professed to be Christians in order to get Christians to at least not resist their dictatorship. The truth is that they were all Marxist pagans, more specifically Luciferians. But the pagan lefties, who hate Christians would have a wee bit more trouble blaming Christians for those death camps murdering 6 million Hebrews if they also admitted that another 6 to 7 million people, mostly Christians, were murdered in those death camps.

When you do point out to these God hating pagans that it wasn't just Hebrews who were murdered in the Nazi death camps, they quickly admit the 6 to 7 million others but falsely claim they were homosexuals instead of Christians.

Get it straight, Hitler was not a Christian and he murdered millions of Christians in his death camps. Hitler and most of his henchmen were Luciferians who worshipped Satan as Lucifer while denying that Lucifer is Satan. The Luciferian cult states that, if the Luciferians will conquer the world and kill off all non Luciferians, Lucifer will return to Earth, set up his kingdom, and make all Luciferians immortal gods.

That is what Hitler and his bunch believed and why they tried to conquer the world and murder off all non Luciferians, especially Christians and Hebrews. Hitler and his bunch were definitely not Christians but the left will refuse to admit that. They conservatively estimate that the Nazis, you know, socialists, murdered 12 to 13 million people, mostly Christians and Hebrews, in their work/death camps AFTER Linen and Stalin, two more God hating Marxists, murdered tens of millions more people, mostly Christians and Hebrews, in their work/death camps and before Mao and Castro, two more God hating Marxists, murdered tens of millions more people, mostly Christians and Hebrews, in their work/reeducation/death camps.

The lefties also fail to tell you about the thousands of Christians who risked their lives to save the lives of others from those death camps, often including Hebrews, from dying in the Nazi death camps, with many of the helping Christians also dying in those camps when caught. If they do tell you about people saving Hebrews from those camps, the lefties fail to tell you that most of them were Christians.

In just the 20th Century, the God hating Marxists murdered at least 100 million and probably more than 250 million people, mostly Christians and Hebrews, in their work/reeducation/death camps.

Then the God hating pagan lefties like to tell the lie that the Crusades were Christians persecuting Muslims but that couldn't be further from the truth. The Crusades were the Christians fighting back against the Muslims to free fellow Christians from Muslim oppression, slavery, and murder. Before Mohammed founded Islam in the 7th Century AD, the Christians ruled everything around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Islam conquered most of that area, especially in the Middle East and North Africa but also in Southern and Eastern Europe before the Christians started the Crusades to fight back and free their fellow Christians who had survived the slaughter. It is conservatively estimate that the Muslims slaughtered more than 125 million Christians plus at least as many pagans in their conquest of those areas. It is also estimated that the Muslims slaughter better than 400 million Buddhists and Hindus in Asia.

Military historians unanimously agree that the "most brutal military leader in history" was Tamerlane, a Muslim who did much of that slaughtering and wiped out entire cities with his men bringing ALL of the men, women, and children from numerous cities before him and cutting their heads off with his men building huge pyramids of human heads on both sides of him while he watched.

Note that Tamerlane is the butcher that the Boston Marathon bomber was named after.

Gee, I wonder why he murdered those non Muslims in the marathon?

The God hating pagans will tell any lie to make Christians and Hebrews look bad to keep people from becoming Christians and to get those people to join the pagan evil ranks to try to destroy Christianity.

Get the picture yet?

But it is the Christians who are the bad guys or, at least, that is what they tell you so you won't realize that Marxists are the bad guys. Marxism always teaches to call the other guy the bad guy so no one will notice you are the bad guy, you know, a little sleight of hand thingy to fool stupid people.

Get it straight, the Nazis were not Christians but were pagans and about half of those murdered in the Nazi death camps were Christians but the lefties don't want you to know that so they can blame Christians to make Christians look bad, which is why they keep not telling you about anyone but the 6 million Hebrews who were murdered in the Nazi camps and not about the millions of Christians that were also murdered in those camps.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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