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Jerusalem Cats

I decided that the story about the Jerusalem cat pandemic is a great teaching opportunity on how to use science, especially biology, to analyze a situation and determine the best course of action to solve a problem. Of course, the first thing is to determine what is the cause of the problem and, therefore, what is the real problem because, too often, people think the symptom of a problem is the problem without realizing what the real problem and potential dangers caused by wrong actions are.

So we are going to do some biology math and this will be fun.

When people say that cats are eating the garbage, they are mostly wrong. They think that cats are eating the food stuff that people throw out but, if you pay attention to what is thrown out by humans before, during, and after meals or while cleaning the refrigerator, very little of it is meat and most of it is fruits and vegetables or vegetation.

I have told you before that cats can eat very little vegetation because their digestive tracts are too short to digest more than a tiny amount or types of vegetation so the only food stuff available for cats in garbage is the relatively limited meat.

What eats the vegetation you throw out in the garbage?

Bugs, rodents, and birds, primarily bugs and rodents, eat the vegetation thrown out in garbage, not the cats. The cats eat the bugs, rodents, and birds, which is the main reason the cats go through your garbage other than the few scraps of meat they find.

Therefore, the correct thought is that the cats are eating the bugs, rodents, and birds that are eating the garbage and the cats are eating very little of the garbage. Without the bugs, rodents, and birds eating the garbage, the cats would have very little to eat in the garbage.

Remember that I taught you about the biology law that says that, "If you increase the food supply for a species, that species population will grow." That is a well known law within biology and everyone who has studied biology and paid attention should know that law.

Knowing all of this and that the cat population is pandemic, then it is required in biology that, if the cat population is pandemic, then the food supply MUST be "abundant" or, in this case, the bug and rodent populations MUST also be pandemic because they are the primary source of food in the garbage for the cats.

This alone makes the problem far more complex and potentially dangerous than anything any of the experts stated in that story. This means that the cats are NOT the problem or even the secondary problem but can only be the symptom of a potentially very deadly problem.

Remember that I told you that another biology law states that, "If you decrease the predation on a species, that species population will grow."

Since the cats are eating the bugs, rodents, and birds that are eating the garbage and at least the bug and rodent populations MUST be pandemic, if you decrease the cat population in any way, you will decrease the predation on the bugs, rodents, and birds causing the bug and rodent populations to grow and go super pandemic. Therefore, decreasing the cat population by shipping cats somewhere else, sterilizing them, or any other way will cause the bug and rodent populations to go super pandemic, which would be a very deadly problem.

What will happen if you cause the bug and rodent populations to go super pandemic?

A number of things can and will almost certainly happen. First, it is a certainty that one or more pathogens or diseases will get into the bug and rodent populations, the bugs and rodents will quickly spread those diseases around the area, infecting humans and other animals, and anywhere from thousands to millions of people will get sick and many will die because you will cause a severe disease pandemic.

Second, you have to remember that snakes also eat bugs and rodents so increasing the bug and rodent populations will quickly increase the snake populations by greatly increasing their food supply, with a number of snakes in the area being poisonous. Therefore, increasing the food supply for snakes while also decreasing the predation on snakes (cats hunt and eat snakes) by decreasing the cat population, which will also increase the snake population even more, would definitely cause a poisonous snake pandemic, which would cause the deaths of many more people.

This should tell you that decreasing the cat population before you decrease the bug and rodent populations by decreasing their food supply by solving the Arab garbage problem is ABSOLUTELY the worst thing you could do and will definitely get a lot of people killed, which means that everyone even talking about just decreasing the cat population is being ignorant or stupid because the cat population is not the problem, it is the symptom of the real problem.

This should tell you that the primary problem is the Arab garbage and the secondary problem is the pandemic bug and rodent problems that are providing enough food to cause the pandemic cat population, which is just the symptom of the first two problems and people wrongly think is the problem.

How do you solve this problem?

The first thing you must do is remove the food supply for the bugs, rodents, and birds while maintaining the cat population to maintain enough predation on the bugs, rodents, and birds. By doing this, you will decrease the food for the bugs, rodents, and birds to where there isn't enough food to maintain their populations above epidemic levels AND the cats preying on them will drive their populations back down to a healthy level much more quickly.

When you see early signs of the cats not having enough food because the bug, rodent, and bird populations are no longer being able to support the pandemic cat population, you can begin trapping cats and shipping them to other areas where they are needed to control bug, rodent, and bird populations, being extremely careful to not decrease the cat population low enough to permit the bug, rodent, and bird populations to return back above epidemic levels and pose a threat to humans.

You also need to be sure not to trap nursing mother cats because their kittens will starve to death so, any trapped nursing mother cats should be turned loose as quickly as possible to return to their kittens.

It should also be noted that trapping pregnant mother cats will be a special bonus for the area the cats are being shipped to because it will more quickly increase the cat population for that area and help bring bug, rodent, bird, and reptile populations back down below epidemic levels faster.

Also, when you move cats from one area to another, it greatly helps to have people in the new area put out small amounts of dry cat food (canned cat food will spoil too quickly) and water to "anchor" the cats in that area so the cats will be less likely to return to the area they came from (small tuna cans of dry food and water should do). Know that feral cats will prefer fresh kill over processed cat food, even canned food, so they will still hunt for fresh kill and only eat the processed cat food when the hunting didn't fill them up for the day or as a snack.

Then why did the veterinarians encourage only sterilization of the cats with some of them saying they could sterilize 500 cats a day? Didn't they know that decreasing the cat population before decreasing the bug and rodent populations would cause very deadly problems?

Well, let's do the math.

First, you have to understand that the average life expectancy for adult free roaming feral cats is only about 3 to 4 years and feral kittens have an extremely high mortality rate. This means that, if they sterilized the cats, their population would take a very sharp nose dive within just a few years and they would be almost wiped out by 4 years leaving pandemic bug and rodent populations to cause disease and poisonous snake pandemics, killing a lot of people.

What, didn't these vets know this? Didn't they pay attention in biology? Are they really stupid?

Nah, just corrupt and seeing a really great opportunity to make a lot of fast money by the state paying them for each cat they sterilized, you know, crony capitalism. You know that, if those vets sold that idea to their stupid and ignorant politicians (very few of whom have studied any science), the politicians would probably pay the vets anywhere from about $20 to $50+ per cat pending whether it is a male or female. Assuming only $20 per cat at 500 cats a day would mean they could make $10,000 per day for 5 days a week or $50,000 a week or more than $200,000 per month until the cats have been sterilized, probably closer to $300,000+ per month. Gee, that sure is a lot of money.

You think that maybe, just maybe that kind of quick cash would be motivation for corrupt vets to seize the day and make some money regardless of the end results?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Hey, they don't care how big of a mess they make and how many people they kill as long as they can make the big bucks. All they could see was the opportunity to make a lot of money flow into their precious bank accounts.

Remember what I told you about all medical people being humans, there are good humans and bad humans, so there are good medical people and bad medical people? Believe me yet?

Just because someone has a college degree, even in medicine, does not mean you should trust them without question because there are a lot of corrupt people with college degrees. The US Congress is filled with them.

So, how do you tell what problem you have when you see a radical increase in population for an organism?

You ask, "Is that growth caused by an increase in food or a decrease in predation or some combination of the two?"

Then you have to know what that growing species eats and what preys on it.

For example, I already told you why you tend to get pandemic populations following a drought. We had been in a drought for at least three years until God broke our drought last fall with more rainfall in just a few weeks than we had in the previous three years.

During the drought, I knew what was coming and prepared for it by maintaining my feral cat population instead of permitting it to dwindle because of the drought.


Because predator species lag behind prey species in growth, which can permit a pandemic to develop before the predator species can grow enough to compensate for the increased growth of their prey species.

For example, we know that coyotes tend to lag in growth by about 2 years behind their prey, which helps prevent the coyotes from over killing their prey populations and causing a starvation die off that could wipe out the coyotes.

Feral cats reproduce faster but so do their prey so the house cat population would probably lag behind the growth of their prey species by about 6 months to one year, pending the prey species, which would permit at least epidemic growth because their prey also reproduce much faster than the house cats.

During the drought, the house cat population would decline because the vegetation would decline causing the rodent, bug, and bird populations to decline, decreasing the food for the house cats and reptiles, which would cause a starvation related biological die off decreasing their populations.

By continuing to feed and maintain the feral cat population, they now have a head start in "catching up" to the sudden and more rapid growth of their prey species so their lag time will be cut in about half, preventing bug, rodent, bird, and rattlesnake pandemic growth causing problems for me.

Mean while, around town, people are telling my daughter they are having a sudden and sharp increase in rattlesnakes in their yards because they didn't maintain a feral cat population to protect them from such a sudden and rapid growth of bugs, rodents, and birds.

Also, by giving the feral cat population a head start, they won't permit the prey populations to get large enough to provide enough food to cause the feral cat population to get as large as it would have, if the feral cat population started out smaller.

That is how you use science to prevent problems. I saw A and B, knew I would get C, and acted accordingly.

My next project is to build swallow and bat boxes with my limited wood resources to attract swallows and bats to my place because the increased precipitation will cause an increase in certain bugs like mosquitoes.

An ounce of prevention can save your life, baby.

Catholic Church

One of the biggest concerns you should have about the Pope and Vatican converting the Catholic Church to Islam is that many of the members of the Catholic Church are loyal to the Pope and Church and not to Jesus and the Bible so they will convert to Islam, if the Pope and Church convert to Islam. The Catholic Church is first in their life before Jesus, God, and the Bible. This is critical because it is estimated that about half of the 2 billion Christians in the world are Catholic. If the Pope can get all of those members to convert to Islam, the Muslim population in the world will suddenly jump from 1.5 billion to 2.5 billion people globally or about one third of the global population, while the global Christian population would drop from 2 billion to only 1 billion. All of the Catholics voting in the US will suddenly become Muslims and start voting for Islam against Christianity and all other religions, which will radically change the US and could quickly turn the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other Christian nations into Muslim run nations.

You might want to be just a little concerned about this because you can find yourself living under Sharia Law as soon as this conversion is accomplished. It might be a good idea to prey long, prey hard, prey often.

Now, I don't know, but have been looking for the current conversion rate of Catholics to Islam, which is obviously very critical information. We do see that many Catholics are obviously converting but there are also many fighting the conversion.

The big question is, how many of each?

Obviously, this is God testing the Catholic Church and its members while exposing just how many are not true Christians just like I told you God would do before.

This should also tell you that the Pope and Vatican know that the Euro-centric end time prophecies are false and that what I have been telling you about Islam being the one world government and one world church is true. The Pope and Vatican are trying to force their way into being part of that government and church for power and greed by converting to Islam.

The Pope isn't telling you with words but is telling you with his actions that they KNOW that the Euro-centric end time prophecies are false and were dreamed up by the Catholic Church 1,600 years ago to fool the people and what the real end time prophesies are about, which is the Middle East and Islam, and not about Europe and the Catholic church, so the power mad Pope and Vatican are trying to make those prophecies be about the Catholic Church by converting the Catholic Church to Islam.

Get the picture yet?

FORGET the Euro-centric end time prophesies and KNOW that the one world government and one world religion of the Tribulation God told you about in the Bible are both Islam and that Islam will briefly conquer and rule the world.

KNOW that the Christian Antichrist is the Muslim Mahdi, the Christian False Prophet is a Muslim Imam, and the Christian two witnesses are the Muslim Japals the Muslim children are being taught to fear.

KNOW that the two witnesses, the 144,000 virgin Hebrew males, the false prophet, and the Antichrist are ALL here on planet Earth right now preparing for the soon coming Tribulation and you better get your act together with God by accepting Jesus as your savior or it is going to suck bigger than you can begin to imagine.

The Pope and Vatican are telling you with their actions that they KNOW all of these things, which is why they are converting to Islam. They are telling you they are evil and that the current Pope wants to be the False Prophet of the Tribulation so he can rule the one world religion. It is certain that at least hundreds, if not thousands, of power mad whackos on the left, especially the upper class trash, WANT to be the Antichrist so they can rule the world.

Believe me, the lefties are evil incarnate.

Now, add to all of this that, just like I told you, many protestant churches are also either converting to Islam and/or rejoining the Catholic Church to convert to Islam and we could easily end up with as few as only 500 million true Christians and more than 3 billion Muslims globally.

Do you get the picture yet?

Whether or not you are a Christian, you should be concerned about this a lot.

BTW, have you noticed that many of the Commie-rat politicians, you know, like Pelosi, and many who are running for president are currently Catholics? Have they already converted to Islam and are now closet Muslims?

Think about that because, when they convert to Islam, assuming they have not already done so, they will all be Muslims running your nation for Islam.

Did a light bulb just come on? Getting worried yet? Do you see the big picture yet? Gee, do you think that might be why they are so eager to bring in so many illegal alien Muslims to vote for them and keep them in power?

The next time Pelosi says, "The Lord", you might want to ask, "Whose Lord".

What I expect is, after the dust has settled, there will probably be about 2 to 2.5 billion Muslims and about 1 to 1.5 billion Christians globally. I expect to see entire mega churches convert to Islam and many of the "big names" like Benny Hinn, Copeland, and others also convert because, where the people go, the money goes and, where the money goes, the con artists go. You will also see many church "queens" and "kings" convert to Islam.

Don't believe me?

Stick around and we will both find out because it is happening right now. Everyone on this planet is in the process of making that decision or has already made it. The Pope and Vatican have made their decision and are acting on it.

Then I found this at Arutz Sheva by David Rosenberg:

"Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan spoke at a Catholic church in Chicago Thursday night, decrying social media outlets for banning his account, while denying accusations of anti-Semitism and racism.

Farrakhan was invited to speak at the St. Sabina Church in Chicago by the congregation's controversial spiritual leader, Michael Pfleger."

Remember that Louis Farrakhan is the leader or head Imam of black Islam in the US.

Nah, the Catholic Church isn't converting to Islam, is it? If not, then why is a Catholic Church inviting Farrakhan to speak to its congregation?

I also expect to see a large number of black churches and Christians convert to Islam but definitely not all of them.

Then I found this on Breitbart by Joel B. Pollak:

"Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is facing criticism after Democrats invited anti-Israel Imam Omar Suleiman to deliver the invocation at the opening of the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday.

Suleiman, who gave the invocation on the occasion of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, was invited by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX). He delivered the invocation as Pelosi looked on, stressing themes of peace and unity."

Gee, you don't think the lefties really are closet Muslims, do you? How much more is it going to take to convince you that what I am telling you is true?

It won't be long now. You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often. We need it.

US Light Carriers

Why has the US focused on super carriers and only recently turned to light carriers to beef up its navy?

The light carriers have some weaknesses the super carriers don't have. First, the light carriers are not nuclear powered and must be refueled on a regular basis so that their range between fuelings is limited. The super carriers can travel for 25 years without being refueled.

The light carriers can only hold a maximum of about 20 fixed wing aircraft or the equivalent in other aircraft where as the super carriers can have 80 to more than 100 aircraft making it possible for them to have a complete mini air force on a very mobile base. This means the light carriers won't have things like AWACS, anti-submarine, and other air craft that increase the mission capabilities and defenses of the super carriers.

The super carriers can carry much more in munitions and aircraft fuel so they can sustain operations much longer without refueling or rearming.

The light carriers have a much shorter deck without catapults which limits the types of aircraft they can use and requires all of their aircraft to be vertical takeoff aircraft.

Those are just a few of the reasons why the US Navy has focused on using super carriers instead of light carriers. They are only now adding light carriers to increase their carrier force at a minimal cost to confront the current threat by hostile nations.

Bad Medicine

I have been wondering why they have been making a big deal out of measles returning to the US with just a few hundred cases nationally. When I was a kid, everyone I knew got measles and I never knew or even heard of anyone who was incapacitated or killed by the disease but today they are running around screaming about the sky is falling because measles is "a deadly disease."

This is a video by "Patriot Nurse", a registered nurse who has been behind too many closed doors and seen some of the bad stuff I have seen, which explains that. She is clearly as upset as I get concerning all of this corruption.

There are a lot of good doctors but there are also a lot of bad doctors so you need to be careful because the bad doctors in just the US bury more than 50,000 healthy people a year with bad medicine.

Then, as she points out, there are evil doctors who sold their soles to Satan and the government for a little money and will do or say anything they get paid to do or say because they live by Satan's one law of "Do as you will" with no Christian morals, values, or ethics. Doctors are human and there are good humans and bad humans so there are good doctors and bad doctors.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

BTW, Patriot Nurse teaches quite a bit of stuff like this and she does her homework.


Remember that I have been telling you that China's economy is in trouble and getting worse?

From what I am seeing, her economy is now in very serious trouble and where Venezuela is now, China will soon be. She is currently having a real estate/banking problem or bubble that is already imploding, her national debt is more than 300% of her GDP, unemployment is said to be high and increasing, and her jobs market has recently dropped by better than 51%.

Yep, ye ole Chinese wonder military is about to get much weaker, be forced to scale back to survive, and may even be forced to stage a coup to survive with a strong possibility of the nation being divided up between generals or war lords.

Remember that I warned you about a military coup and/or civil war years ago and, not too long ago, China dissolved at least 3 to 5 military divisions to prevent such a coup. If her economy implodes, there will be a military coup.

When her economy finally snowballs or the "bubble bursts" it will take down all major corporations from other nations which have made significant investments in China to gain access to that overrated Chinese market, you know, like FB, Google, Apple, and others. They will all suffer very significant damage and some CEOs will probably get fired.

Who says God won't hold the greedy, power mad "Masters of the Universe" accountable for their actions?

Keep an eye on this because it doesn't look like it will be much longer.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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