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You know why Pelosi is fighting against Trump so hard, other than trying to stop him from stopping the upper class trash, you know, her?

She is next in line for vice president and, if she can get rid of Trump and then Pence, she will automatically become president. She is power mad and this is a power struggle and attempted coup with her wanting to become Queen Pelosi.

BTW, people have noticed a change in her behavior. Some think she is drunk but she could also be stoned, having physical brain problems such as a stroke, having a mental breakdown caused by stress or some combination of those things.

If this doesn't get better soon, she should be removed from office.

Also of interest is that Nadler almost passed out at a press conference. These are two of Trump's worst antagonizers.

Is God taking out Trump's enemies now?

I am now wondering what is going to happen to others like Schiff.

Keep an eye on this and pray for Trump.

BTW, the more I read the news, the more convinced I become that the left is having a global stupid contest.

Hmmm, is that what the left really means by globalism?


The people running Iran are so stupid that they are militarily in a terrible position and just keep beating the war drums. "We gonna kick yu butt, boy!"

Think about this: They are threatening the US with more than 30,000 US troops across their eastern border in Afghanistan, thousands more across their western border in Iraq, and an invasion fleet just off the coast with tens of thousands more US troops within hours of her borders and coast and who knows how many military combat aircraft within hours of Iran.

The media are telling you about the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group now in the Persian Gulf but most are not telling you she is playing war games with an amphibious assault group that has one of those "light carriers" and a few thousand Marines they can quickly put ashore.

Let me give you a clue here, one does not position thousands of Marines off shore in ships as a defensive position. What are all of those Marines going to do to defend that fleet while out there on that water tied up in those ships?

Those Marines are in the fleet as an offensive invasion force to quickly put those Marines on shore, you know, inside Iran.

What should that tell you?

The war games the US Navy is playing in the Gulf ain't for defense but are for offense,you know, taking Tehran in a hurry.

Iran is literally surrounded on 3 sides by a massive potential invasion force that can easily be inside her borders within hours and her stupid leaders keep beating the war drums? What? Do they have a death wish? Isn't that like a Chihuahua barking at a hungry tiger?

The Chihuahua may get one or two bites in but my money is on the Tiger. But, hey, it gets better. I got this from TV7 Israel News by staff:

"The United States has managed to deter a pending Iranian attack against American interests in the Middle East, that after confirmed reports revealed that the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards' elite 'Quds Force' - General Qassem Soleimani - ordered Iranian-proxies in Iraq to target American installations and service members."

People, that is an act of war and, by international law, Trump is now fully justified to invade Iran in retaliation.

Do you believe me yet that it don't take no smarts to be rich and powerful?

Some of the stupidest people on this planet are rich and powerful.

Milk Shakes

People attacking other people with anything, including milk shakes, is battery, a criminal offense.

Why are these criminals attacking people with milk shakes not being prosecuted for battery? Why are the people who are telling those people to attack other people not being prosecuted?

Government Corruption

Why are the big Commie-rat run cities failing and such a mess?

Because none of the Commie-rat politicians are trying to manage those cities, which is what they should be doing. What they are doing is spending all of their time sacking those cities with crony capitalism by such things as channeling money to their family members with such things as contracts being awarded by the city to a business run by a family member and the business doesn't really get anything done so the business can continue to milk ye ole cash cow for years, while pretending to be doing something, by doing the same thing for businesses owned by members of the upper class trash who kick back some of that cash in some way such as campaign donations, insider trading info, and such, or just out right embezzling money into their greedy pockets.

Also, they keep looking for lame excuses to increase taxes so they can have more money to steal via these methods.

The lefties spend all of their time doing these things and running for reelection so they don't really spend any time fixing anything so everything is just going to keep getting worse.

You also have to understand that, if the lefties actually solve any problems, then they can't use those problems to steal more money and will have to find more problems to steal that money. Not actually solving problems is kind of like job security but it is really stealing security so they can continue to steal.

Basically, the left has made government a criminal organization that makes money pretending to get stuff done while doing nothing but lying and stealing. It is gross mismanagement, criminal neglect, fraud, and just plain stealing. They have no intention of ever fixing anything and probably wouldn't know how to fix anything even if they wanted to.

It is also important to understand that the lefty media are often involved in this corruption and cover up for it.

It is like I have been telling you, most people go into politics because they are too stupid and lazy to earn half as much money legally. They are criminals who belong in prison or on a gallows.


Now that the Commie-rats are openly throwing female athletes under the bus for males who pretend to be women, how many women will realize that the left really doesn't care about women and will stop voting for Commie-rats?

Remember that women are the left's single biggest voting block and the left is screwing women for homosexual queens and Muslims. Yep, dey sure is are be smarty pants. Keep an eye on this.

Oprah's New Age Christianity

Steven Bancarz does a very good job of destroying what Oprah teaches as her satanic brand of "Christianity" or New Age Christianity here.

Oprah says she doesn't believe that Jesus came to pay for our sins but to teach a "higher Christ consciousness."

Let me give you a little clue here, it is not Christianity that teaches achieving a "higher consciousness" but Buddhism and Hinduism.

She says that there are many ways to get to Heaven but Jesus said He is the way and the only way to Heaven.

So is Oprah the liar or is Jesus the liar?

Oprah is teaching paganism in the name of Christianity, which is blasphemy.

Conservative Psychiatrist

Here is a video of a conservative psychiatrist saying what intelligent people have been saying for a long time.

Yes, there are some conservative psychiatrists but very few.

Planned Obsolescence and Profit Maximization

Everyone who has been paying attention knows that the upper class trash uses "planned obsolescence" and "profit maximization" to increase their wealth at your expense but God showed me that planned obsolescence and profit maximization have failed.

Why have they failed?

Because the businesses which are using planned obsolescence and profit maximization are losing market share and going broke.

Let me give you several examples.

First, the American car companies are using planned obsolescence to design and build cars so they wear out sooner requiring more maintenance to increase the business profits because the customers have to pay for more repairs and requiring the customers to buy new cars more frequently.

The problem is that this is being done on the assumption that branding loyalty or a person's loyalty to a brand will remain even when that customer realizes the brand is no longer dependable, which is flawed thinking. With American car brands no longer being dependable, increasing numbers of people are breaking their brand loyalty and buying Japanese cars, which are more dependable causing the American manufacturers to lose market share to the Japanese companies.

The idea is a typical great sounding stupid idea that has failed and the intellectually superior, natural elite, highly educated, upper class trash are too stupid to realize it has failed, much less that it would naturally fail. It worked fine for increased short term profits but as people realize they are being screwed, it is failing for long term profits.

Another example is the clothing business. I have been watching clothing get increasingly expensive while lasting less and less in time before they fall apart forcing people to buy new clothing sooner and sooner.

Again, the upper class trash idiot CEOs assumed that the people would not realize they are being screwed, would not break brand loyalty, and would just permit the greedy upper class trash screw them forever. These idiot CEOs think too much of themselves and too little of the people.

What is happening is that people are realizing they are paying the price of gold for garbage and they can only get garbage, no matter where they shop, so they are going to where they pay as little as possible for the garbage, you know, like Walmart or Amazon.

For example, I used to buy Levi's and my Nike shoes at JC Penny's but they got to where their clothes are not even lasting a year before they fall apart.

I was paying $35+ for a pair for Levi's genes that would last as little as 6 months but not more than one year and started buying Wranglers at Walmart for $17 that last about one year each so I can buy 2 pair of Wranglers that each last as long as the Levi's for the same price as one pair of Levi's causing me to get twice the wear for my money.

I also paid $70 for a pair of shoes that only lasted 3 months when I can get other types of garbage shoes at Walmart for about half the price which will last at least as long giving me twice the wear for the money.

I have completely stopped shopping at JC Penny's because they are really screwing me, I have been told the same by others, and JC Penny's, Sears, and others are now closing stores and having to lay off employees. Gee, who would have thought?

People, if your business has to start closing stores, it is ALWAYS because you are losing customers and any sane, rational person would ask why and where are their customers going, forcing the business to close stores but, instead of admitting it is their bad business strategies causing them to lose business, they just blame Walmart and Amazon while continuing with their failed business strategies chasing customers to Walmart and Amazon. The inevitable end to such stupidity by the upper class trash is ALWAYS bankruptcy.

Listen, all of these businesses got as big as they were by selling quality products at a reasonable price to gain market share and the idiots are now selling junk for the price of gold thinking they won't lose market share by chasing their customers away. Yes, they really are that stupid.

Right now, everyone is selling junk because of these failed strategies, you know, dreamed up by their idiot dope smoking college professors, with the only difference being how much you are paying for junk. The people are going where they pay the least for junk, which is only natural.

This stupidity has created a really fantastic business opportunity for anyone who has the seed capital and more brains than a toad. All you have to do is purchase one of these failing businesses and take it private (you MUST take it private to get away from the stupid bean counters on Wall Street), do a PR campaign to make sure everyone knows your business is under new management, you will return to selling quality products for reasonable prices, and you will steal market share from these greedy criminals like a pirate. These business opportunities being missed by the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, intellectually superior, natural elite, arrogant upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities are mind boggling.

I really wish I had the money and health to purchase and manage companies like Ford, Chevy, Penny's, Sears, and others. Right now, taking market share from these over educated idiots who got the right degrees from the right ukneebersities would be like taking candy from babies.

Only an over educated, greedy idiot would chase off their market share for short term profits by screwing their customers. I call this the McDonald's phenomenon because look where it got McDonald's, yeah, bankruptcy.

Now, if you tell this to these over educated idiots running these businesses, they are so simple minded that they will say, "But you will lose money because you won't be stealing as much from each customer." My response is, "No, fool, I will make more money and you will lose money because I will steal your customers from you." It used to be called taking market share by using good business practices and strategies.

Look, people, those garbage shoes only cost a few dollars each to make, they are selling them for many times the shoe's manufacturing price, and they can't add a few more dollars worth of materials and work to produce good quality products and still make a killing?

Nah, the more frequently you have to buy their product, the greater the killing they make...until you go somewhere else, which is what is killing them. It is hard enough to get new customers and much easier to keep them.

What kills me is that these geniuses can't figure out why they are bleeding customers and going broke while screwing people by selling them junk for the price of gold.

Just how stupid are they?

Oh yeah, infinitely stupid because their stupidity is never ending. They are so greedy they can't understand reality, all they can think about is how can they steal more from more people faster.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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