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Concerning my last essay, Mark sent me this response:

"I got to thinking (I know, that is dangerous) while reading your latest essay where you wrote: 'The lefty commie traitor globalists are losing in every area and, if this continues, it will take the left more than half a century to get back to where they almost had the power and control to set up their national and global lefty commie traitor dictatorship.'

Reading the part of the above quote, 'where they almost had the power and control to set up their national and global lefty commie traitor dictatorship,' I realized that we , the USA, came to within a hair breadth of losing our Republic. God intervened and saved us once again even though we did not deserve it. I remember how many times He intervened and rescued Israel during the days of the judges and the kings, even though they did not deserve it. Now he has done it for us."

Mark is right. Very few people realize how close we came to having one of the worst tyrannies in history, possibly the worst. The lefty plan was clearly for Hillary to win and finish what the rest had started and Obama had almost finished by setting up a US commie dictatorship and using the US dictatorship along with the rest of the West and the Muslim nations to set up a global dictatorship.

If Hillary had won the election, we would either right now be part of a very ruthless commie global dictatorship with almost all of us living in slavery or dead or the US would be smoking rubble in the middle of the worst civil war in history with the rest of the West, the Muslims, and China "helping Hillary", you know, taking their share of the US pie.

If Hillary had managed to obtain her cherished dictatorship with her being the dictator, her past behavior tells me she would have quickly and quietly removed everyone else in any position of power to consolidate her power and enslave the world. She would have made Saddam Hussein and Stalin look sane, humane, kind, and caring.

Think not?

Just think about the MANY people who helped her and Billy Boy in the past and are now mysteriously dead.

I believe that Hillary is a Stalinist, meaning she would have purged EVERYONE who helped her get into power just like Stalin did. It would have been a 100% power purge. That evil woman would have sent us far beyond back to the Dark Ages with only her and a few others living in anything other than subsistence poverty with billions starving to death.

Plus, she is so ruthless that, if she didn't quickly get everything she wanted, she would have indiscriminately used nukes to get what she wanted. At least half to two thirds of the people on the planet would have been quickly wiped out with almost all major cities being turned to smoldering rubble. It would have been an indescribable hell on Earth.

We didn't just dodge a bullet by the skin of our teeth, we dodged nukes, slavery, starvation, pandemics, and near annihilation by the skin of our teeth. Suffice it to say that there would no longer be a Republic of the United States of America.

At least they are finally admitting there was a coup attempt but they are talking about it in the past tense, you know, like the coup was tried, it failed, and it is over but that couldn't be any further from the truth.

First, the left has been working towards staging this coup since at least the 1960s and Hillary was supposed to finish the job but that coup failed when Trump got elected so the left regrouped, reorganized, and continued using the Mueller "investigation" to stage their coup.

When the Mueller coup attempt also failed, the left regrouped, reorganized, and started lying about Trump obstructing justice, you know, for a crime he didn't commit, as their next coup attempt but that is also failing.

What the lefties are now doing is using the shotgun effect to try to find anything that might work to stage their coup while working towards trying to steal the 2020 election as their next coup attempt. The Commierats are currently desperately trying to find ANYTHING they can impeach Trump for, ANYTHING!

They are currently using the spray and pray or poke and hope strategy for their coup. The lefties are extremely desperate.

Why are there so many commies running for president for 2020?

Because they know that, if the Commierats take back the presidency, especially with both the House and Senate, whoever is president will be the head dictator and they are all a bunch of power mad Marxist Hitler wannabees and they are showing it with their words and actions.

Don't believe me?

Just watch and listen to them and you will see they are proposing things that only a Hitler wannabe would even think of proposing.

Remember that I have told you before that Hitler didn't rule Nazi German by himself but with the help of many other Marxist or Socialist crazy people, you know, just like you are seeing in the Commierat Party now? Hey, Hitler had his Brown Shirts and the Commierats have Antifa.

Gee, what a coincidence. You don't think history is repeating itself, do you? What? You think it isn't? Do you realize that Hitler set up a socialist dictatorship and the Commierats are trying to set up a socialist dictatorship?

We didn't just dodge one bullet by the skin of our teeth but, by the grace of God, we have been and are dodging numerous bullets and the Commierats are so frustrated, desperate, and determined they are now firing a machine gun or shotgun at us to stage their coup so we are right now dodging a lot of bullets at one time.

You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often and remember that man plans, God laughs and praise God for that...and duck. Only God has kept this republic standing this long and I have been warning you about this for years.

What is really funny is that, right now, AOC is staging a coup within the Commierat Party to topple both Schumer and Pelosi. Hey, Schumer and Pelosi have failed to successfully stage the commie coup...several times, the lefty upper class trash are impatient (they want their commie global dictatorship RIGHT NOW), and AOC thinks she can do a better job plus she is a power mad commie whacko who wants to rule the world. Bwahahaha!!!

Believe me yet that the Commierat Party is a power mad, greedy criminal organization?

Keep an eye on this because she and her ultra lefty commie traitor whacko friends should scare the crap out of you. Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao or any of the others ain't got nuttin' on these commies because these commies are just as bonkers mad as any of the others.

Get it straight; you are RIGHT NOW witnessing one of the greatest coup attempts in history against the greatest nation in history but, by the grace of God, it keeps failing...but is close, baby, really close.

It is amazing how many stupid people we have who are clueless to how close the left is to destroying our Republic and setting up their lefty commie dictatorship and most of them are selling their souls to the lefty devils for "free stuff". People, if the government takes $100 from you in taxes and gives you $50 in "free stuff", YOU.ARE.NOT.GETTING.FREE.STUFF!

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often.

Virtue Signaling

More and more lefty parents are sacrificing their children on the alter of virtue signaling by having their children mutilated for the transgender thingy. These crazy parents don't care about their children and should be prosecuted for child abuse because all they care about is their own lefty pride and arrogance at the expense of their children. The left is going full bore evil at the expense of their helpless children. But, hey, pagans have always been willing to sacrifice their children to their false pagan gods.

I wonder how many of these mutilated children will pay their parents back later by killing them in anger for what the parents are doing to them now. These nut case parents will deserve it.

How would you feel if your crazy parents mutilated you as a child to show the other crazy lefty pagans that they are crazy lefty pagan sheep too and belong in the crazy lefty pagan sheep flock with you being the one who has to live with that mutilated body?

BTW, to show you just how wonderful the lefty bull crap is, the US divorce rate is at an average of 50% with most of those divorces being between lefties and not between Christians. The Christian divorce rate is very low compared to the lefty divorce rate.

What should that tell you?

The lefties can't even stand each other very long, many of them won't even get married any more.


I just got this from Arutz Sheva by staff:

"Egyptian media report that Mohamed Morsi, who was president of Egypt from June 2012 to July 2013, has died while on trial on a number of charges at the age of 67."

This is the guy who was put into power by Obama and his upper class trash pals following an Obama supported Egyptian coup but this guy was deposed by the Egyptian military.

It makes me wonder what are Obama and the upper class trash covering up and don't want to come out in that trial?

Hey, you crawl in bed with the bad guys, there is a pretty good chance you will end up dead.

Lefty Insanity

I get so tired of the sick, twisted, demented, evil games of the lefties that I just can't stand to read the news sometimes and have to take the day off. Sometimes I wish I had my own planet so I could get away from the lefty insanity and evil for just a few days or weeks.

Their wickedness is so obvious that I wonder how anyone can continue to vote for them or believe their lies. Just how stupid/evil are their voters? Do those butt ostriches even realize just how close we are to being subjected to the lefty upper class trash dictatorship and tyranny?

All we need is just one more lefty commie traitor president and our Marxist government will make the German Nazi government look sane and timid. These lefties are nuts maximus.

Aiding Criminals

Aiding criminals or helping criminals avoid being arrested and prosecuted is a crime.

AOC and others helping criminals avoid being arrested and mayors and governors providing sanctuary or aiding criminals is a crime so why are these people not in prison?

Oh yeah, because the left has taken over control of law enforcement and the judicial system and those lefties won't prosecute other lefties so they have made themselves above the law, which means they all belong in prison.

The lefties are blatantly and openly committing crimes and getting away with it because they own the legal system. This must stop.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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