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What did Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler expect would happen after he gave Antifa free run of the streets to attack anyone and everyone they wanted?

The lefty commie traitor fool didn't like what he got. The right fought back with a bunch of them showing up to face off against Mayor Wheeler's terrorist organization, Antifa, but this was actually a sucker punch. The right showed up, quietly did their protest, and quickly left Antifa frustrated because Antifa didn't get a war so Antifa took their frustration out on whomever happened to be there by beating up random people, making Antifa look like the Nazi thugs they really are.

The Mayor's great sounding stupid idea backfired on him as he helped this war to escalate, almost beyond his control, and got a bunch of his citizens beat up again.

It is not if, but when will the lefties and their Antifa thugs start the shooting war. They have already started a war but I keep waiting for it to turn into a shooting war and we get closer every day. The arrogant little fools keep playing chicken with the fox.

It looks like Mayor Wheeler moved the place for the flash point for the shooting war to Portland and I am wondering if his voters are going to like that.

This and other events like this should tell you that the right is fed up with the behavior of the lefties and increasing numbers are looking to fight back and put an end to the lefty evil. The conservatives have had enough and the stupid lefties don't get it...but they will eventually...and they won't like what they get. Just like everything else they are doing now, their little war will backfire on them.

What? You expect the left to run a war right when they can't do anything else right? Why should the left change and do anything right?

At least the left is consistent. You have to give them credit for that.

I know how the right feels. Sometimes I get so fed up with the lefty crap I just want to jack slap a bunch of them but God has me nailed down here to teach and guide. I keep wondering how God is going to take care of this lefty jerk, that lefty jerk, and some other lefty jerk and I want video.

You know what will happen when Trump finally designates Antifa a terrorist organization, right?

They will just change their name and continue with their bullying and terrorist attacks.

BTW, the day after I wrote the above, those protests went violent and it became clear that the Mayor and police were helping Antifa. This could easily turn Portland into a flash point for this continuing war that Portland just escalated. One tactic I have noticed cowardly Antifa using was they waited until the conservatives began to break up to leave the protest and, since the conservatives had parked in different places, this meant Antifa could isolate individuals and small groups to attack and beat up, with no help from Portland's commie police, of course. You conservative protestors need to all park in the same places and leave the protest as a group being ready to come to the aid of each other, especially for the last leaving the protest.

Gun Control

You want gun control? I will give you gun control that will work.

You start with every law abiding man and woman of 18 years of age will be drafted into at least one year of military/police/EMT/fire training because your neighbors can get to you during an emergency faster than anyone called via 911.

Every man AND woman who passes that training will be issued a military automatic rifle and hand gun with enough ammunition for practice for one year. They must train with and maintain the weapons and then show up once a year to prove they maintained their ability to shoot effectively just like in Switzerland. If they fail that qualifying class before they are 60 years of age, they must reenter the service for additional training until they can pass weapons qualification.

Every law abiding man and woman over 18 who has qualified with military grade weapons will automatically be qualified for both open and concealed carry in the US. When reasonably possible, they will be required to carry at least their hand gun in public at least most of the time.

Then let's see the lefties stage their coup. We will also see if China, Mexico, or anyone else wants to try to invade the US to grab land.


Trump plays the lefties so well it is very amusing and the stupid lefties never catch on. They just keep taking everything Trump tosses at them, hook, line, and sinker. Trump has the lefties chasing their own tails. a bunch of fools.

And you think they are smarter than you?

It has me wondering just what is Trump using the idea of purchasing Greenland to distract the stupid lefties from actually seeing or paying attention? What is Trump slipping by the idiot lefties with a little sleight of hand? Did you notice that the lefties took the bait hook, line, and sinker, you know, as usual?

BTW, what Trump is offering the people in Greenland is that he will turn their economy right side up from their current up side down Marxist poverty and slavery system so they can make good livings in exchange for the US being able to control access to the Arctic between Greenland and the UK. It is really a great deal for the people of Greenland and the US.


Was Trump's offer to buy Greenland just another distraction to pull the lefty chain and watch them run in circles while Trump does something else?

Trump really knows how to play the lefties .


Everyone on the left is ranting about how they will beat Trump in the 2020 election. Yeah, right.

I just got this from CenturyLink via by Douglas Perry:

"In January 2018, 30 percent of Americans surveyed by the NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll had a 'very positive' view of Biden. Today, four months after the former vice president launched his 2020 presidential bid, he's dropped to just 11 percent in that category."

Even before he started his campaign he was only polling at 30% of the people liked him and Trump has been polling at 45% to 50% and the idiot lefties think Biden ever had a chance at beating Trump? Really? Why? Because the lefties are just really stupid?

Then the next one on the left polling behind Biden is that nut job fraud, Fauxcahontas, who belongs in prison for her admitted cases of fraud, not in the White House. Who, btw, just made another public apology for another lie...uh...mistake.

This is the best the lefties have and the lefties think they have a chance? Really? Why? Because the lefties are just really stupid?



I saw a headline on an Israeli news site where one of their leaders said that the Nazi camp memorials should have Arab tours to educate the Arabs about the Holocaust.

People, this statement shows the ignorance of this person because the Arabs know about but deny the Holocaust so their religious mandate of conquering the world and killing all non Muslims, especially Hebrews and Christians, won't be compared to the Holocaust and turn people against Islam, preventing the spread of Islam.

Showing these people around some Holocaust sites won't change Muslims' minds about conquering the world and murdering all non Muslims because it is the edict of the religion they chose to believe in. The Muslims will still believe what they want to believe because they chose to believe it.

All of these intellectual statements justifying Islam or any other such thing just show the ignorance and stupidity of those making those statements.

Maybe these arrogant fools should do just a wee bit of homework before opening their big mouths and showing the world how ignorant and stupid they really are?

Hey, it wouldn't hurt anything. But you know how it is, that would require work and learning and you know they ain't going to do that.


Have you noticed that AOC and other lefty whackos call everything they don't like racist, especially if it stands in the way of their beloved Marxist dictatorship?

What they are telling you is that they want to get rid of that something but they don't have a sane and rational argument for getting rid of it so they just brand it as being racist and we all know that we should get rid of everything that is racist.

It is also them signaling to other commies that those commies should be for getting rid of that something.

They are destroying the meaning and effect of the term racist and will only hurt those who are really hurt by true racism because fewer and fewer people are listing to anyone about calling anything or anyone racist. Therefore, true racists are getting a pass when they shouldn't because of the lefty commie traitors misusing our language for their political correctness.

What it is doing is causing increasing numbers of people to not listen the commies calling anything or anyone racist and actually increasing the number of people who will support anything the lying commies call being racist. One more great sounding stupid idea of the lefties is backfiring against them.

Mean while, we see increasing numbers of lefties coming out of the closet as being antisemetic and racist without getting any condemnation from the lefties, especially the media. This should be a huge red flag to everyone because it is telling us that, while the left has been making a big deal about them being for diversity of race, they are lying because they are really the true racists.

All of you non whites the lefties have suckered into voting for the lefties, the lefties really hate you and want to get rid of you or enslave you. Pay attention, people.

BTW, you shouldn't be surprised to see lefty Hebrews in the invading army for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. They have been taught to hate Israel and want to destroy her as much as anyone else. They will die in the Northern Hills of Israel (Syria and Lebanon.)


I just saw a headline about a tiger attacking a toddler in Thailand and they used the picture of a leopard instead of a picture of a tiger.

Do these people not know what a tiger looks like?

Some people really make my brain hurt.


I have been watching FB put up postings encouraging you to put more of your personal information on FB.


So FB can make more money selling more information about you to major corporations. It is all about greed, baby. I have not put anything new about me on FB for years. It is a sucker punch, people.


Why are the Commierats raising campaign funds in Mexico?

Because in the US, everyone knows the Commierats won't beat Trump so donating money or bribing a Commmierat candidate is just pouring money down a rat hole. As this reality hits home, it is going to get tougher and tougher for the lefties to raise money for their losing campaigns.

After writing the above, I saw this video. Hey, only a corrupt fool would bribe someone who has no hope of winning and doing what they are being bribed to do. That is just throwing money away and only a fool would do that.

Bringing It Home

Bernie "the commie" Sanders is calling for the nationalization of energy production in the US, you know, just like the socialists did in Venezuela just before their economy went through the toilet. Bernie wants to do the same stupid crap that got Venezuela where it is now.

Is Bernie intentionally trying to destroy the US or is he really that stupid?

My guess is quite a bit of both. Actually, he wants the government, you know, him and his crony pals to get all of the money from oil and gas production so they can stuff it in their greedy pockets. It is all about the money, baby, they get richer and you get poorer.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

"Hey, if abject poverty caused by socialism is good enough for Venezuela, it should be good enough for the US."

Yeah, while you get rich, right, Bernie?

"Hey, if you can't steal it fast enough from everyone else, nationalize it, baby, then it is all yours."


I have been waiting and watching something and no one else seems to have noticed it.

Obama and Valerie have been quietly working towards staging a coup of our government and getting rid of Trump ever since Trump got elected. What they are doing seems to be working so far while what everyone else on the left is doing is not only failing but is backfiring on the Commierats with the upper class trash openly dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into their failing projects.

Then, suddenly and out of nowhere, people are making memes about Obama buying a $15 million dollar mansion in Martha's Vineyard, a very exclusive and expensive neighborhood that is at sea level. The thing everyone seems to be focused on is that Obama buying this mansion at sea level proves he doesn't really believe the "Climate Change" bull crap is going to cause sea level to rise in less than 12 years.

I am wondering if the left started this meme as a distraction from the more important meaning of Obama buying a $15 million mansion in Martha's Vineyard. Let's do a little math and find out, you know, connect a few dots.

1) When Obama left office 2.5 years ago, he was only worth $10 million total

2) He increased his personal wealth from $1 million to $10 million during the 8 years he was in office and, since he is no longer in office, he shouldn't be worth half as much in bribes as he was while he was in office

3) Suddenly Obama can buy a $15 million dollar mansion in an exclusive and expensive neighborhood, you know, pay 1.5 times what he was worth just 2.5 years ago for a mansion

4) The cost of ownership EVERY YEAR required to maintain and keep this mansion in that neighborhood has to be at least 20% to more than 30% of the purchase price of the mansion or about $3 to $4 million dollars per year, you know, just a wee bit expensive

5) That cost of ownership would require that Obama suddenly and mysteriously has at least another $30 to more than $40 million dollars invested that is just for providing at least 10% ROI or return on investment per year just to barely maintain the property

6) This requires that, within the last 2.5 years, Obama suddenly got at least another $50 to more than $100 million dollars

7) By the strangest coincidence, Obama just started another political program for getting rid of Trump, you know, while still running what he had been running before.

The most important questions here are 1) who is paying Obama that kind of money? 2) Why are they paying him that kind of money? And 3) why are they paying him that kind of money while the lefties are failing at staging their government coup and his efforts are succeeding?

I have not seen one other person or organization who has picked up on this. It should be blatantly obvious that someone is paying and financing Obama to stage a coup of the US government, get rid of Trump, and set up the lefty commie traitor dictatorship of the US government.

Yeah, Obama is showing his hypocrisy in that he really doesn't believe the climate change bull crap but the more important issue here is where is he getting that kind of money, how much is he getting, and why hasn't anyone else noticed that there is just a wee bit of a problem with Obama buying and maintaining a $15 million mansion if he is only worth $10 million? Gee, you don't think he is being paid to stage a violent coup when everything else the lefties are doing fails, do you, you know, like I have been telling you they would?

Hey, when the upper class trash set up their global dictatorship so they can steal as much as possible from everyone on the planet, they stand to make hundreds of trillions of dollars so that even one billion dollars would be a very tiny investment for that kind of return, virtually chump change.

Gee, what a bunch of coincidences and kind of obvious too.

Medical Testimony

I recently developed a urinary tract infection or UTI and had to go to the emergency room because it is the only place I can afford to go with this socialized medicine. Every place else, I have to pay some kind of fee but not at the emergency room.

So, this last Monday, I trotted my sick little butt down to the emergency room and spent at least 3 to 4 hours being tested and waiting on doctors to get around to me because Medicaid don't pay them enough for them to care about me. I don't count because Medicaid don't pay them enough for me to count.

What? Ye Ole bank account is more important than ye ole patient? Who would have figured?

After I started the medication, my symptoms started to go away but returned with other problems so I read ye ole paper they had given me and it told me that, if I got those other problems, get medical attention right away so, yesterday, Friday, I called an ambulance because I live alone and should not drive with some of those other problems. I try to be a responsible person and respect others and their safety.

At the hospital I got a pretty good nurse who had been in nursing for about 20 years but had only been at this hospital a few days so she didn't really know anyone that well. She is in this nursing program where she travels a lot working for different hospitals because she likes seeing different place (I didn't even know this program existed) and she taught me some really interesting things.

She couldn't understand why the doctor had given me the antibiotic they had given me on Monday because it is used for tooth infections and not for urinary tract infections, you kind of at opposite ends of the body thingy. Maybe he forgot his human anatomy? What? The doctor didn't know this but a nurse did? Really?

It became quite obvious that the doctor had intentionally given me the wrong antibiotic because most doctors have a thing about not being paid much by Medicaid to see poor people, we are talking about less than half what the doctors normally get paid, and they tend to be mean and even rude to poor people, you know, like we designed these programs that don't pay the doctors enough. Some doctors use such a long waiting period to see a new patient on Medicaid that the patient will die or just get well on their own before they can see the doctor so the patients go somewhere else to get treatment.

I had one doctor I was referred to who left me sitting in the examining room for more than half an hour, finally came in, asked me what I wanted, I started to explain my problem, and, after just a few seconds of me talking, literally less than one minute, he looked at his watch, said, "I have patients to see", you know, like I ain't no patient, got up and walked out because Medicaid don't pay him enough to spend more than a few seconds with me. Oh, I got war stories about how doctors treat patients who are on Medicaid. Believe me, you don't want anything to do with any healthcare program put together by the left.

Gee, I wonder why God plunged me into poverty to learn all of this crap. I realized yesterday that every time I do anything, I end up learning things I would not have learned without being poor and then I get to share those things with you.

This doctor at the emergency room on Monday had given me the wrong antibiotic knowing it would show temporary results but I would quickly relapse and be forced to go back to see them with them not getting paid enough to give me good medicine again. Basically, he was being mean and cruel to me because our commie government won't pay him enough for him to give me good medicine, you know, it is are be my fault for being poor and him giving me bad medicine might cause me to croak, which would get rid of one more poor person.

Listen, this bad medicine for poor people is not the poor people's fault, it is the corrupt rich people's fault because we poor people don't write the laws or bribe the corrupt political whores to pass those laws. We just get to live by the lousy laws the upper class trash and their political whores force on us.

You can bet that, via medical organizations, all rich doctors have given money to the corrupt political whores to steal from others to give to those doctors. These rich criminals, not just the doctors, who bribe the political whores to steal from others give to them don't realize that the other corrupt rich people are also bribing those corrupt political whores to steal from those rich people and give to the others. Everyone is bribing those corrupt political whores to steal from others and give to them and they don't get it.

What? They are stupid enough to think they are the only corrupt rich people bribing those political whores? Really? And you think rich people are more intelligent than you because they have more money? Why?

Well, those really bad Medicaid payments to those doctors is those political whores stealing from the doctors many of those doctors bribed to steal from others and give to those doctors and those doctors think the poor, who can't bribe anyone, are at fault? Really?

The over educated idiots think a lot of things are the fault of the poor because the rich political whores keep lying and saying they are for and are going to take care of the poor. That makes everything our fault.

I have a question. If those corrupt political whores are really for and going to take care of the poor, you know, for more than a few decades now, why am I still poor? Why have they not taken care of me? Gee, you don't think it is because those rich political whores are just using the poor to make people think the corrupt political whores actually care about anything or anyone but their own bank accounts, do you?

I can guarantee those lying corrupt political whores who keep saying they are for and will care for the poor don't really care about the poor because we are still poor. If they really cared about us, then we wouldn't still be poor, especially with them getting richer and stealing from you and keeping it.

But, hey, it is easier to blame and "learn" the poor a lesson by bulling us than to stand up to the powerful corrupt rich political whores and stop their crimes. Hey, these rich bribers are cowards who take their frustration out on the poor.

I guarantee that those lying corrupt political whores have no intention of ever taking care of the poor because they need to keep us poor so they can pretend they care about us and are eventually going to take care of us, you know, in a few centuries...or millennia...or whenever.

It ain't our fault so quit blaming the poor for what the corrupt political whores keep doing to you in our name. The poor are just pawns in this game of political corruption.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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