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One big reason why Trump is interested in Greenland is because China is making moves to "invest" in Greenland, which never works well for the country and usually ends up with China pretty much taking over the country. This happening with Greenland this close to the US and on the edge of the Artic would be a serious threat to US national security.

If Trump were to purchase Greenland, he could prevent that from happening, which would be good for Greenland, the US, and all free nations around the North Atlantic. That alone is enough reason for the US to purchase Greenland.

This may mean that Denmark saying that Greenland isn't for sale means some kind of deal has been made or is in the making with China, you know, Denmark selling out Greenland, which would be bad for everyone in the North Atlantic. But, hey, the European upper class trash only care about immediate profits regardless of future consequences.

Easy Prediction

Did you know that Israel is expected to make $2 billion from sales of F-35 parts to the US? And they buy the F-35 from the US after making money making and selling those parts to the US? With what, the money they make selling us the parts for our planes? No, the US actually pays for at least most of the weapons we sell to Israel with US grants. And you think our upper class trash are not brain dead stupid?

Here is the prediction: After the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Israel will have the most powerful military in the world (about the only one left standing), will be able to stand by herself against what remains of all other forces, will pretty much isolate herself from everyone else because of everyone else trying to destroy Israel, and will begin to pump out even better weapons systems than the current known US weapons systems because she has the blue prints and know how.

In other words, Israel will quickly become the world's most powerful super power.

People, she has already improved the F-35s she bought from us so that those F-35s are now the best F-35s in the world. That made news months ago.

Keep an eye on this.

Land of the free and home of the brave

Here is a very good article by Wes O'Donnell about a letter written by a French soldier who served with US forces in Afghanistan. It shows how well trained and conditioned our soldiers are and the problems our enemies face. It is well worth the read.

When I was in the Air Force from 72 to 76, I was impressed at the training and education we got while in service, especially for electronic countermeasures. It was already far greater than the training the WWII forces received and I know our forces are better trained today. The only forces I know of who are as good as our forces are the Israeli forces.

If the lefty commie traitors would quit tying our forces hands in battle, our forces would do much, much better and it is a big commendation that our forces do as well as they do with their hands tied by the upper class trash.

When all hell breaks loose and these guys finally break loose without their hands being tied, even hell will tremble.


When I was homeless in Los Angeles for a few months in 1984, they said that about 1/3 of the homeless were mentally handicapped who couldn't take care of themselves, about 1/3 were on drugs, and 1/3 were people on hard times.

When I would leave the homeless shelter in the morning to go look for work, you could see all of the dopers heading in a long line for the beach to beg for money to buy drugs, use those drugs, and lie around on the beach all day. They had absolutely no desire to work or do anything else other than use drugs and lie around all day doing nothing.

Today, they are saying that about 1/3 of the homeless are the mentally handicapped and about 2/3 are on drugs. I have read that most of the ones on drugs even refuse any kind of shelter and prefer to camp outside where they are free to roam and buy drugs. In a shelter, you are locked down for the night so you can't roam the streets at night and buy drugs.

Now, what do you think most of the homeless problem is?

Obviously most of it is being caused by this nation's drug abuse with most of the rest being people who need mental institutions to protect and care for them.

But you ain't heard the media say anything about that, have you?

No, they think they can solve the problem by spending money, building housing, and other stuff that won't solve the drug problem that is causing most of the homelessness.

Until they solve the drug problem, the homeless problem will just keep getting worse because the drug problem will keep making it worse and everything the left has done concerning the drug problem has just made the problem worse.

Pete Butthead

Pete Butthead is increasingly making me believe he is 100% bonkers mad. The more I watch him, the crazier he makes me believe he is. He is now making Daffy Duck look sane and rational.

He is definitely a satanic plant in the church to destroy it from within by distorting scripture.

Keep an eye on him.

But, then again, all of the lefty upper class trash and activists are crazy.

For example, AOC thinks the conservatives are "afraid of the squad because they are so powerful." Really, she believes that.

Is she power mad or what?

Probable Prediction

With Iran being blamed for decreasing Saudi Arabia's oil output by 50% with the Houthis' drone attack and driving up the price of oil, I would not be surprised to see the US invade Iran and Yemen in the not too distant future.

Then I got this from Breitbart by AP:

"'Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply,' Pompeo added."

Note that the wording of this statement makes it a personal threat to US national security. Yep, we're going in somewhere and soon.

A few days later I got this from Newsmax By Todd Beamon:

"Iran fired more than 20 drones and cruise missiles from the northern end of the Persian Gulf to cripple two Saudi Arabian oil plants over the weekend - and the kingdom's air defenses were useless because they were pointed in a different direction, according to a senior U.S. official."

Oops, it turns out that it wasn't the Houthis who attacked Saudi Arabian oil fields but Iran. This is an outright act of war by Iran against Saudi Arabia.

Yep, me thinks we is going into Iran, folks. At the very least, there will be serious punitive action against Iran causing very significant damage. Think US bombers dropping lots of bombs and lots of cruise missiles hitting on specific targets leaving piles of smoldering rubble.

Note that I am seeing lefties saying that we don't owe defending Saudi Arabia against this and other attacks.

Yes, we do, it is called being an ally of Saudi Arabia. Being an ally of another nation is meant to provide a mutual defense for both nations to decrease the potential for either nation being easily conquered by one or more other nations and has been something that has been done for thousands of years.

What? Did these stupid lefties flunk history? Probably, they seem to have flunked everything else worth taking, you know, science and math.

Keep an eye on this.


I got this from Breitbart by AP about pop rock star Sam Smith:

"NEW YORK (AP) - Sam Smith has declared his pronouns 'they/them' on social media after coming out as non-binary in what the pop star called his 'lifetime of being at war with my gender.'"

My first thought was, "Does this mean he is demon possessed?" Probably because demons possessing a person tend to speak of themselves as being we, us, they and them because it almost always involves more than one demon possessing the person.

Keep an eye on this.

Over Population

Here is an interesting read at American Thinker By William Sullivan on the myth or lie concerning over population of our planet.

Please remember that we are so close to reaching the limit of our food production for everyone that our governments are literally paying farmers to not grow more food to keep the food prices higher and help the farmers make a larger profit.

Uh, doesn't that mean that the supply of food in relation to the demand is much greater than the demand?

People, we are not even close to not being able to produce enough food for everyone so the idea of our population exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet is just a bogus excuse for murdering off people so the evil upper class trash don't have to share their planet with the rest of us. When we have to stop paying farmers to not produce more food, increasing the food supply to its potential limit, and the price of food quickly sky rockets at the same time, then you should be concerned.

Just like everything else the lefties tell you to scare you, the global human population problem is just another lie.


The New York Slimes came out with a fake news story about Kavanaugh having sexually assaulted a woman, who later said she couldn't remember the event, but, assuming he is guilty until proven innocent, the lefties began DEMANDING that Kavanaugh be impeached.

My suggestion for Kavanaugh is litigate, litigate, litigate and DEMAND that everyone who demanded he be impeached have the decency to resign from their job but, hold it, lefties don't have any decency so just DEMAND they be fired for demanding he be impeached without due process.

Why are the lefties resorting to such stupid tactics?

Because they don't have anything else to try and win elections with so they do stupid stuff. For example, Nadler's impeachment investigation is already starting to fail because that dead horse ain't going to get up and run no matter how much or who beats it. Plus such things make good distractions when the people find out an ugly truth about the left, you know, like Beto admitting on TV that the lefties really do want to confiscate everyone's guns.

"Quick, everyone, look over here at Kavanaugh or impeaching Trump!!! Don't look at us trying to steal your guns so you can't stop our commie dictatorship!"

The lefties will never stop their evil until they are all dead...or burning in the Lake of Fire forever.

What has divided this nation?

Lefty behavior and lies.

Food For Thought

Think about this: The lefties have to regularly see their shrinks because they are so confused, can't find themselves, and can't figure out how to best manage their lives but they think they know how to best manage your lives to the point they are trying to force their "superior" ideas on you.

Yep, that is just how stupid the lefties are. They don't know who they are, they can't find themselves, they can't figure out what their gender is, they can't figure out which sex they should have sex with, or just about anything else but dey sure do know how you should be living.

Do you believe me yet that the stupidest people on the planer are trying to seize control of the planet and run it?


In the 1960s and 1970s, the lefty hippies were considered and loved the label of being rebels who were rebelling against the oppressive establishment. I just found out that being a rebel against the oppressive establishment is becoming popular with young people but the oppressive establishment they are rebelling against is the oppressive lefty socialist and PC establishment.

Socially and politically, we have gone full circle because the lefties seized control of our culture and government, became the oppressive establishment, and young people are now rebelling against them, you know, the ones who rebelled against conservatives decades ago.

Oops! Hey, God said, "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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