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I have been watching and Soros isn't the only rich tyrant giving millions of dollars for the evil lefty cause. I believe he is just a front man to protect the families who are even more wealthy in the advent this all back fires and the upper class trash start losing their heads.

Think not? Then why do we only hear about Soros funding these evil organizations when it is obvious he isn't the only one?

Soros is a distraction to keep you from noticing the rest of the criminal families involved in this global coup. When they don't need him anymore, they will stuff his treasonous butt under ye ole commie bus too. Soros is just a stooge and is being played like everyone else. He is an evil stooge but he is just a stooge.

Remember that a year ago, Soros was rated as being worth $24 billion, then he gave $18 billion to his activist trust fund to save their evil globalist plans from Trump and the nationalist/populist movement, leaving Georgie Boy with only $6 billion, and he recently was rated AGAIN as being worth $24 billion, less than a year later.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Also, one thing I have been watching is that he is almost always the only one of the upper class trash who gets much press for the evil they are doing, while I have read about him having meetings with other rich people for doing their wickedness, which would be normal for a front man.

You put these two things together and you should realize that the real upper class trash core members are feeding Soros tens of billions of dollars to do their dirty work for them and be their front man.


Because the French Bastille Revolution taught the upper class trash to hide behind front men and women so that, when things go bad and their plans fail, they are not the ones to lose their heads.

For those of you who don't understand, before Bastille, the upper class trash or European royalty didn't use front men and women to hide behind so, during Bastille, the people went after and killed off all of the French royalty. Then about a hundred years later, Linen overthrew the Russian Czar or king and killed his entire family.

It was getting just a wee bit dangerous to be publically known tyrants and it is safer to use front men and women. It kind of helps prevent ye ole Bastille hair cut just below the ears via guillotine.

This made the rest of the European royalty just a wee bit scared and caused them to eventually do away with the European royalty directly ruling over the people by giving the people "democracy" so the European royalty could own those politicians or political whores and hide behind them. The politicians are just corrupt puppets for the upper class trash, you know, just like ye ole vassal kings and queens of days gone by.

Since then, the upper class trash have added another layer of protection for their evil heads by raising people like Soros to the upper class and using them to further insulate the upper class trash from the evil they are doing so that, if things go south for the upper class trash plans again, the upper class trash won't lose their heads, the upper class trash front men and women will do the head losing for them, you know, like Georgie Boy. "Hey, Georgie Boy is just a sacrificial scape goat, baby." They have also added another layer of protection by using nonprofit corporations called NGOs to launder their money through to do their evil.

The more complex the upper class trash make it, the easier it is for them to hide behind their curtains while pulling the levers to do their evil. What you have to do is figure out who all of these evil, corrupt human demons are before the revolution hits stride and heads start being removed. You have to get behind the curtain, baby, or they will just regroup, reorganize, and continue with their evil.

A good example of how this works is this video of Georgie Boy being barred from 6 nations for his part in the upper class trash evil while the rest of his upper class trash friends are not being barred for their part in their evil. Only Georgie Boy is being barred from those 6 nations while the rest of the upper class trash can continue to move about freely and are usually not known for their parts in the upper class trash evil.

I am pretty sure that Georgie Boy is just a front man for the rest of the real upper class trash. Note that this is working very well because almost no one even mentions the rest of the upper class trash involved in the globalist evil and only talk about Soros like he is the only evil one in the upper class.

Keep an eye on this.

Kangaroo Court

I hope you realize that what the lefty criminals are doing with this impeach Trump obsession is they are trying to try Trump in their kangaroo court just to get rid of Trump and stop him from destroying their evil, corrupt, treasonous, dictatorship. The left has turned Congress into an illegal and unconstitutional kangaroo court to deny Trump of his right to a fair trial because, if Trump gets a fair trial, the lefty commie traitors lose.

They have no evidence of any crime having been committed, are trying to create a crime to try Trump for, and insisting on trying Trump for anything they can dream up. That is criminal and unconstitutional in an attempt to stage a coup of the US government, which is treason.

Basically, the lefty commie traitors are standing back, throwing feces at a wall, and hoping something will stick but, by the grace of God, the only thing it is sticking to is them.

Believe me yet that the lefty commie traitors are extremely evil?

And you lefties should be worried about this too because, if they get away with this and it succeeds, they will use it against you too, you know, the way the lefty commie traitors have also started using their censorship against you too.

EVERYONE better stand up to stop this before it goes any further or they will use their illegal kangaroo court to oppress all of you. Once they get away with using their kangaroo court, everyone will be fair game. The upper class trash will be able to do anything they want to anyone they want anytime they want.

BTW, did you notice that the Dems are now trying to prevent Barr from doing his job, you know, investigating their crimes? Hold it, isn't that interfering with an investigation and a criminal offense?

Yep, sure is.

Why are they not being prosecuted for it?


I just got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Sanders' campaign canceled campaign events and pulled TV ads after the 78-year-old U.S. senator had two stents inserted into an artery after he experienced discomfort during a campaign visit to Nevada on Tuesday."

He just had a heart attack at 78 years of age almost certainly because his arteries are clogged up because he doesn't exercise or eat right. They only put stints in two of his arteries, the two which caused the heart attack and were clogged up the worst, but you better know that all of the rest of his arteries are also pretty clogged up, just not enough to be considered immediately life threatening.

With a cardiovascular system that screwed up at 78 years of age, I would be surprised if he lives to see 2024 so, if he does get elected president, you better take a good look at who his vice president is because that will almost certainly be president number 47 before 2024. Just saying.

With his health heading down the toilet and groping Joe falling in the polls like a meteor, it looks like Fauxcahontas is now the primary contender for Commierat presidential candidate so watch power mad Hilarious jump in to save the day for the Commierats, while under investigation for her many crimes, but there still won't be anyone sane on the left running for president.

I think that is a pretty easy prediction.


I want to share this video with you because it is a blessing and this person got it right. The people he refers to here who "came to Jesus" or "converted" to Christianity for promised free stuff from God (Marxists in Christian clothing?) are many of the fake Christians God is currently purging from the church.

Get it straight, people, Jesus didn't die on the cross so you could get free stuff. Those people are commie Christians and commie Christians are hell bound because they tried to make the wrong deal with Jesus because what was in their hearts was them getting free stuff and not God's love, God's mercy, and their salvation.

Our churches are filled with these fake commie Christians who did not come to Jesus for love and Salvation but for promised free stuff from God (promised by Satan's preachers, not God's) because the things of this world are what is really in their hearts and not Jesus and they are destroying our church from within because of their pagan ideas and selfishness.

My prayers for a cabin in the woods near a stream and small lake are me telling God that I don't need castles and palaces or great wealth but Him and His love for me to be happy. I will be completely happy living in a small cabin in the woods, if I just get even a little time with Him in eternity. God's love for me means more to me than everything else combined. I thank God for my salvation numerous times every day because being with Him forever is my paradise.

Sea Gypsies

I have been interested in the sea and sailing since I was about 6 years old, though I never got to do any sailing. I think sail boats and ships running before the wind are beautiful. I have studied boating history and naval warfare as far back as records tell us about boating.

Almost two decades ago, before YouTube, I found and began following blogs by full time sailboat cruisers, who lived on their boats, just for fun. I started calling them sea gypsies because, instead of living in wagons and traveling around, they lived in boats traveling around. The two most popular places for American sea gypsies to hang out were Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

They would go spear fishing and get half a dozen or more fish and lobsters each time, spend time fixing their boats, sail to other islands, hanging out on nice private beaches, explore different islands, and getting to know the local people or occasionally visit with other "cruisers". These cruisers would regularly post pictures of hundreds of fish within 100 square yards and were always talking about how many millions of different fish and lobsters there were. They also occasionally mentioned that some of the locals commercially fished these areas to feed the local populations.

Most of these people worked by fixing rich people's boats and equipment, worked jobs on different islands, and lived off of the sea to be able to enjoy their free life styles.

Their blogs became popular and I watched as more and more people began to enjoy the cruising life style but most of these people were a different kind of people and they slowly changed the cruising scene. More and more of these people were not getting away from the mad city life but bringing it with them and they were the wild party people so that boating in the Caribbean was becoming more like boating in the Mediterranean Sea.

These people spent most of their time fishing during day, hanging out in bars at night getting drunk, stoned, and laid, and the rest of their time recovering from their hangovers or withdrawals. Suddenly, instead of there being a few boats, one to half a dozen, in anchorages, there were dozens to more than 100 boats, eventually, at least for a few months of the year, there would be 200 to 300 boats in just one anchorage.

Much of this was the wild big city party crowd partying on islands instead of in their big cities. They were living their same big city life styles in different places and, just like everything else they do, they really screwed up these beautiful islands.

Also, with the ability to earn money online with things like YouTube and Patreon, even more people have been able to afford the life of sea gypsies.

With YouTube, I recently found channels for cruisers and started watching for fun but I noticed some really big differences. First, there were always dozens to hundreds of boats in the anchorages so that no one was really getting away from anything or anyone. Then I noticed that the sea gypsies would go out fishing and get only one fish with no lobsters and, increasingly, get no fish. With their Go Pros mounted on their heads, I can watch them fish and they now swim one or two hundred yards and only see one or two fish of any kind.

Me thinks these "cruisers" have fished out the Bahamas and other islands to a critical point. The sea gypsies can no longer live off of the seas around these islands and have to purchase their food, mostly just vegetables and fruits, from the locals in their stores.

Then last year, a hurricane devastated Puerto Rico and this year another one devastated the Bahamas. Me thinks there won't be much for the sea people to return to next spring and they will be forced to find other islands but all of the Caribbean islands and increasing numbers of the Pacific islands are being over populated by sea gypsies and the wild party crowd.

An easy prediction is that most of the true sea gypsies will have to find another life style and the wild party crowd will just find someplace else to screw up with their wild parties, which I am confident they will quickly succeed at.

Keep an eye on this.

Wild Party People

I first became aware of the destructiveness of the wild party crowd right after high school. I was working nights in a pizza restaurant as a cook and the other night time cook and I decide to start playing a few quiet hours of pool after work in a small pool hall down a side street next to the restaurant to wind down before going home so it would be easier to get to sleep at night.

It was really nice, quiet, and relaxing...until the waitresses found out about it and just had to join us. After just one or two nights of them "joining us" they insisted that we start going to another pool hall that was more modern, brighter lit, noisier, and visited by the wild party types. It evolved from there to going to different girls apartments for drinking and, after a few of those, I opted out to get back to the quiet life.

Within a few months 3 of the young girls ended up pregnant, 2 tried to commit suicide behind the restaurant in the alley, and all of their fun and exciting lives quickly went to hell while my life remained quiet, normal, and sane. The two wild party women who just had to join our quiet nights of pool turned out to be using dope and prostituting themselves to pay for their dope. They made the mistake of trying to get me involved in their dope with promises from their pushers for free dope for every new customer or sucker the two women brought them.

I helped the FBI bust two of the three pushers the two women were using with the third pusher leaving for another state the night before the bust. Sanity quickly returned to the restaurant after the two wild party dopers left.

That was in the fall of 1967 and I have watched the wild party crowd screw up EVERYTHING they touch for more than half a century, I have watched the wild party crowd destroy lives by the millions. At least they are consistently destructive.

Life Expectancy

I have been wanting to write this article for some time so, while we are discussing the wild party crowd, let's do it.

Most people have been misled to believe that your diet is the most crucial thing that affects your life expectancy. Many people have been taught this to the extent that they believe the lie that eating a health food diet will undo the damage caused by using recreational drugs, often told to them by their pushers and other dopers. Even many doctors believe this crap today. It ain't true, baby.

I have studied this for over 50 years and diet is one of the least important things you can control that will affect your life expectancy, except in a negative way.

The most critical thing that you can control that affects your life expectancy is your life style or who you hang out with and what you do. I have learned, based on observations, that, if you hang with the wild party crowd, you will greatly decrease your potential life expectancy for a number of reasons and no amount of health food will help. Hanging out and running with the wild party crowd is the one thing that will most likely cause you to die much younger.

The first reason why this will decrease your life expectancy is because violent gang bangers and other violent people tend to frequent those wild parties, where they often shoot and stab people. Statistics show that gang bangers and other criminals are notoriously bad shots and better than 80% of the people shot and killed during such shoot outs are innocent bystanders. Therefore, if you tend to hang out where gang bangers and criminals hang out, you are much more likely to get shot or stabbed to death.

Plus these doped up thugs tend to go off on people they don't know for no or imagined reasons, often killing them. If you are around and they lose it, you know, maybe they bump into and go off on you, you are fair game, baby, and that health food don't plug those bullet holes.

Second, the recreational drugs (including alcohol) the wild party crowd uses cause very significant damage to the human body we have known about for more than half a century, especially over even just a little bit of time and I don't care what your pusher and other dopers tell you or what health food you eat. Many die from overdosing (including alcohol, called alcohol poisoning) at the parties or later that night, forget about what happens over a period of years.

The permanent damage caused to the human body and mind by those drugs regularly cause depression, which increases the potential for suicide, plus the stupid things people tend to do while drunk or stoned often cause problems in people's lives, which also increases the potential for suicide.

Why do you think most lefties see shrinks to try to solve the problems they get themselves into with their life style?

Then we have the fact that one of the two biggest reasons many people belong to the wild party crowd is easy and "free" sex or adultery, which causes the spread of STDs, which destroy your health, which decreases your potential life expectancy significantly. While in Thailand, I saw STDs that kill people in 6 months or less.

The wild party crowd members also tend to smoke things like tobacco, pot, and crack. If you suck any kind of chemicals into your lungs, you are going to cause lung tissue damage, which will eventually kill you. You see this today with the vaping and it amazes me that even doctors are not figuring out that just the vaping using anything will cause at least some lung damage.

Don't smoke anything!!! "But, hey, man, I gots to be cool!!!" Yeah, you are going to be real cool dying in a hospital from the crap you sucked into your lungs and most of your cool friends ain't going to come around to visit you.

I have also noticed that athletes who belong to this crowd are much more likely to use performance enhancing drugs, which are killing professional athletes right and left because of the damage these drugs do to your body. Today, increasingly in bicycle road racing, young men are dying in their early to mid 20s because of them using performance enhancing drugs, you know, that their pushers (often MDs) told them were safe.

Also, running with the wild party crowd is much more likely to get your butt thrown in prison, where you are definitely much more likely to die young. You are also more likely to die from automobile accidents, other accidents, and other problems caused by the irrational behavior of the wild party crowd.

A great example of this is that the wild party crowd tend to buy expensive sports cars to impress everyone and they are stupid enough to believe that, if they have the money to buy such a car, then they automatically know how to drive such a car like a professional race car driver on city streets. These people die from this all of the time.

In the Los Angeles area there is a winding mountain top road called Mulholland Drive with steep canyons on both sides that are so filled with such cars that the cops don't even bother checking for wrecked cars in them anymore. They figure that most of those cars still contain the remains of the idiots who thought they could drive those expensive cars like fools on that road, especially at night.

North of LA on Pacific Coast Highway is a long curve where such wild party drivers tend to lose control of their expensive cars and drive them into the surf at 100+ miles per hour, killing most of them instantly or incapacitating them so they drown in the cars. I don't know how many expensive cars I have seen them pull out of the water at that location.

Please note that wealth does not save the lives of such wild party people. They die young and wealthy and other people, including the government, get to spend their money.

Note, that to avoid dealing with this problem, members of the wild party crowd like to focus on the few members who manage live to be old instead of the many younger people rotting in cemeteries and prisons.

Don't believe me?

Just watch the news and keep track of all of the rich and famous will party people who die young for these and other such reasons. Anymore, I see two or more such young wild party people reported in the news as deceased each week. Without the wild party crowd dying so young, the US average life expectancy would probably hit 100 years old so, if you stay away from that crowd, you are more likely to live longer.

Then you have to understand that some jobs are dangerous enough or cause enough damage to the human body that they decrease your life expectancy.

Your life style is easily the most critical factor for determining your life expectancy. If you are crazy enough to enjoy hand feeding sharks, you are more likely to spend the rest of your time on this planet as a shark turd, that is just common sense, of which many people have none.

Next is exercise. Even most doctors don't know that exercise strengthens your body, especially your immune system, and decreases potential harm from injuries and illness. A stronger immune system will better protect you from harmful diseases, a stronger heart and cardio respiratory system will better protect you from injury or illness to those organs, and exercise also increases the strength of muscles, bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, decreasing the potential for injury and the affects of such injuries. You will find that a healthy body will heal many times faster than an unhealthy body, pending your level of fitness. This can range to anywhere from 2 to 5 times faster than for normal people for different medical problems in relation to your fitness level.

Also, not getting exercise causes the body to atrophy down to the level of your exercise. This is a survival mechanism built into your body in case of famine. You see, more molecules in your cells require more energy to maintain so the body is programmed to atrophy or shed molecules it is not using to conserve energy. This helps you survive when there is a shortage of food.

When you exercise your cells, those cells will increase their molecular structure to more easily handle that work load with less damage to the cells called training effect. This strengthens the cells making them more capable of handling injury or illness.

One of the worst mistakes older people make is, when they retire, they tend to retire their butts to a rocking chair to "take it easy", which is the wrong thing to do because your body will atrophy down to the workload you are doing, weakening your body. Your fitness level will chase your workload down, down, down, until your body can't support life or fight off injury or illness (why at 70 I am doing gardening for physical therapy to help me recover from my prolonged illness by rebuilding my body to a higher fitness level. I use a 2 gallon water can instead of a water hose so I have to do more walking to water everything. The most important thing I am growing with my gardening is my body and it is working, you know, the old fart the doctors said should have died at least 12 to 15 years ago and they gave up on is getting better. My science is good science. Besides, I have some doctors' graves to pee on and I hope they live a long time because it is good motivation. :-))

When a person is on prolong bed rest or traction in a hospital and they finally recover enough from their injury or illness to get out of bed, the medical personnel must first start that person on a fitness recovery program called physical therapy or those people won't even be able to stand and walk because their bodies atrophied down to where they don't have the strength and no longer have the neurological programming to stand and walk.

When old people park their butts in a chair, it won't be long until they will need a cane to walk and then a walker and then a wheel chair and then that will be quickly followed by death. The thing that kills me about this phenomenon is that even doctors don't understand what is happening and they just keep telling the person to take it easier, causing the problem to get worse, when they should start the person on a physical therapy program to start undoing the damage by improving their fitness.

When you start having trouble walking, do more walking to rebuild your fitness and not less walking to lesson your fitness and worsen the problem.

There are tens of thousands of people in the world who exercise regularly and, at 80 to over 100 years of age, are healthier and more capable of doing things like running, bicycling, swimming, cross country skiing, and other activities long distances (i.e. bicycle 50 to 100+ miles through mountains) because they have maintained their fitness level and for no other reason, regardless of diet. These old people are healthier than the average young adults in the US and can do more with less effort for no other reason than their fitness level and even most doctors don't know about this.

Learning about this is one of the most important reasons I started racing bicycles on the road in 1968. It meant that, just like many others, I could continue to race bicycles until I was 100+ years old and, therefore, enjoy life more and longer. The permanent changes I made to my body with exercise are a big part of what has kept me alive when the doctors said I should have died at least 12 to 15 years ago because everyone of their other patients would have died if they had gotten as sick as I got.

The doctors of this nation could really help improve the health of this nation a lot by studying the sports sciences and sports medicine. Many of their medical practices would change. They could probably improve the health of this country by at least 50% to more than 100% just by studying the sports sciences and sports medicine. Many people would live longer, healthier, more active lives.

Some people would have put DNA before exercise because some families are genetically deposed to certain illnesses and even early death from things like heart attack BUT, based on my studies and research, I have a medical hypothesis that says that even these people can be helped with exercise to increase their average life expectancy.

It is only common sense exercise physiology and sports medicine that a person whose family tends to die at say 35 from heart attack, should be able to prolong that if they build their cardiovascular system with proper scientific based exercise. We know as a fact that a stronger cardiovascular system is more resistant to heart attack, therefore, using exercise to strengthen the cardiovascular system should prolong those people's lives.

Think not?

Remember that I told you that biologists and MDs who do research with normal people can only push those normal people to about 90% of fatigue for fear of their test subjects going into cardiac arrest but in the sports sciences, we push athletes to 100% fatigue again and again with no fear of cardiac arrest because of their stronger, healthier cardiovascular systems?

Think about it.

In the name of science, I will make you an offer. If you have or know anyone who has this genetic problem, where their family tends to die younger because of heart attack caused by DNA problems, let me know, provide proof of your problem, we will determine your fitness level, and, for free and as an experiment to advance medicine, I will program you to gradually build your cardiovascular system to see if we can prolong your life and by how much we can prolong it.

Hey, what do you have to lose?

I have helped people doctors have sent to me who already had heart surgery for existing heart problems. I am certain I can help you. You have to do EXACTLY what I tell you to do, the way I tell you to do it, and I expect accurately weekly reports by e-mail concerning what you did. If you can't stick to an exercise program, you will be wasting our time.

Then I finally rank diet close to the bottom of things you can control which affect your life expectancy. If you follow fads, diet very often to lose weight, use health food diets, don't eat properly in relation to how and how much you exercise, believe what you see about diet and exercise on TV, or get away from normal eating, you are killing yourself, plain and simple. If you just eat normally with portions based on how and how much you exercise, then there shouldn't be any ill effects and you should remain healthy.

You would be amazed at some of the diets people have who live to be 100+ years old because they remained physically active all of their lives. Hint, hint!

Hopefully, this information will help some of you to make better life choices to have longer and happier lives.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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