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In Israel, their two top political parties, one right wing and the other left wing, are tied with both of them so big that, if they don't both work together, they can't set up a government, so it was decided that the leader of one party would try to set up a government and, if that failed, the leader of the other party would try to set up a government. If both parties failed, then Israel would have to have a third election this year, which would really tick the people off and probably cause at least one of the two parties to lose votes.

Gantz said he would let Netanyahu try to set up a government first and my first thought was, "This is a sucker punch by Gantz to make it look like Netanyahu caused them to have to have another election because I knew Gantz would refuse to set up a government with Netanyahu as leader and, if Netanyahu then refused to join a government with Gantz as the leader of the nation, then Gantz would claim that Netanyahu caused the third election this year to turn the people against Netanyahu so Netanyahu would get fewer votes and Gantz would get more votes in this next election."

It was just political game playing at the expense of the people.

Sure enough, Gantz just refused to join with Netanyahu to set up a government, which means Gantz will get to try to set up a government and, if Netanyahu doesn't join Gantz's government, then Gantz will blame this next election on Netanyahu and you know the stupid people will fall for it.

Then I am seeing that lefty, Gantz, is considering including the Muslim party, which will give the Muslims partial control of the Israeli government. Not good.

Keep an eye on this.

Why is Kimmy Boy destroying popular tourist destinations in North Korea?

One reason would be that other nations like the US and South Korea use those tourist destinations for their spies, posing as tourists, to gain access to the country and be able to better spy on and gain information about North Korea. Plus Kimmy Boy, like all dictators, is paranoid.

A headline from Chicago Tribune by Lisa Schencke reads, "Do you want your surgeon smoking pot, even when it's legal?"

The lead to the article reads, "Oct. 22-- With recreational marijuana use about to become legal in Illinois Jan. 1, the National Safety Council is urging employers to forbid workers in safety sensitive jobs from using cannabis, even when they're off the clock.

The Itasca, Ill.-based nonprofit on Monday said it 'believes there is no level of cannabis use that is safe or acceptable for employees who work in safety sensitive positions.' The group said research has shown that cannabis can affect psychomotor skills and cognitive ability.

Safety sensitive positions might include workers in health care, transportation, law enforcement or those who work with certain chemicals, said Jane Terry, vice president of government affairs for the council."

I have read from a number of sources that the active ingredients in pot can remain in your system for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, pending how much you use it. That means that it will affect the actions of people doing things that can kill you for up to a few weeks after they use the stuff.

Yeah, and you thought that legalizing pot was a good thing, didn't you? Gee, I wonder how many of the people who have accidentally caused harm to others, especially doctors, were stoned on pot or something else when they caused that harm?

Think about it.

Bette Midler has publically praised the neighbor who beat the crap out of Rand Paul.

Maybe one of her neighbors should beat the crap out of her to see how she likes it? Hey, she isn't just condoning violence but is encouraging it so, shouldn't violence be used against her?

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

BTW, I thought these "wonderful" lefties were supposed to be a bunch of kind, caring, loving peace-niks but it is turning out that they are the most violent people in the nation.

What? You mean the lefties are phonies about everything? Believe me yet that the lefties are evil?


OK, this is how stupid bureaucrats are. I got this from Arutz Sheva by staff:

"Israel Railways announced that starting in December, bikes will be restricted on trains during peak hours on weekdays. Folding bicycles will be allowed to enter the train only in a dedicated carrying case. Trains will allow all types of bicycles to be brought on trains during the low hours and weekends."

This great sounding stupid idea was put out by some idiot lefty bureaucrat who got a job in government because they couldn't get or keep a job in the real world, you just know it.

People, rush hour is when the most people will need to commute by bicycle to save money, help keep the price of gas down, and decrease street congestion and pollution.

Hey, what about decreasing car use for the "Green New Deal" to decrease global warming the lefties are always screaming about?

What would an intelligent person have done?

Uh, put a few extra "bike cars" in the train where bikes can be hung by their front wheel and locked to some kind of post so these commuters could continue to use their bikes to commute? Wouldn't that make more sense? What? You expect bureaucrats to have common sense? Really? Why? Do you believe me yet that the stupid people are running the planet? How much of this stupid crap have I seen from governments in just the last half century? And you want these government idiots telling you how you should, can, or cannot live? Why?

Don't ever expect anything sane, rational, or intelligent from any government, which is the most important reason why Marxism never works.


This is a warning from a concerned friend of Israel.

You Hebrews better get your families safely to Israel as quickly as possible, where you can unite under God to protect yourselves.

The "Jew haters" are clearly quickly increasing in power and escalating their violence against Hebrews everywhere. They are stampeding out of their closets they have been hiding in and going wild with their hatred.

If you Hebrews wait too long, those of you who are outside of Israel will suddenly find yourselves on cattle cars heading towards "work"/"reeducation" camps for a quick shower.

The Nazi upper class trash globalists are causing history to repeat itself because of their evil pagan insanity. It ain't going to be purdy.


We Christians are having our problems and we need to deal with God so God will deal with our problems with these evil pagans who are waging war against Christians.

God gave you Hebrews a sanctuary, use it.

We all need to pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!


It seems that a backlash is building against all women because of feminism. A market is quickly building for "female" robots to replace women and the robots are being designed and programmed to be "perfect women" for men. These female robots are being designed to be sex and labor slaves for the men so that the robots will not do anything that irritates the men and will do things that only please the men.

Because of male hating feminists, increasing numbers of men are looking to technology and robots to replace women in their lives to avoid the stresses caused by women. This is dangerous, especially for women and you know it won't end well for women.


I just saw a video which asks the question so many people ask, which is, "Are the rich happier than the rest of us?"

Based on my observations of the rich and lower classes, no, they are much more stressed out than most people, especially the power mad and greedy upper class trash. There is a rule that the more you own, the more you have that will eventually break, be damaged, be stolen, or just go wrong so you will have more negative things to deal with in your life.

You have to understand that most rich people have a lot of responsibilities in running big businesses and managing their wealth with things regularly going wrong because they have so many things that can go wrong that they have to promptly deal with. This alone keeps them regularly focused on putting out fires or dealing with negative things in their lives, which is always unpleasant.

With the upper class trash, they have to deal with making back room deals with unpleasant corrupt people, being stabbed in the back by other upper class trash on somewhat of a regular basis, concerned about being caught and going to prison, and getting their evil butts stuffed under the bus, which is all very negative and not conducive to being happy. Their evil lives are very stressful and they deserve it because they chose those evil lives.

Then you have to understand that the rich are regularly confronted by people who are trying to con them out of money or in some way steal some or all of their money. This causes them to constantly be paranoid about dealing with other people, especially people they don't know. Of course, this just increases their stress. This makes them extremely defensive around everyone.

Then you have those who are famous not being able to go anywhere there is a reasonable size public population for fear that someone will recognize them and cause a scene so that they cannot just go out and enjoy doing things in many places that you can enjoy.

Even at home, they live in such huge palaces, on huge yachts, and have other expensive things that are very complex and, therefore, many more things will break, wear out, or go wrong so that they can't really have any peace anywhere for more than just a short time.

Overall, I believe that the rich are less happy less often than most middle class people and even a lot of poor people because the rich have so much more going wrong in their lives because they own so much more that will go wrong.

For example, those salt water yachts require constant maintenance because salt water is one of the most corrosive substances on the planet and is constantly breaking down parts of those yachts, even just the salty water vapor in the air is corrosive. Even middle class cruisers are constantly fixing their boats and have to haul them out of the water every year to overhaul and paint them because of the damage the salt water does.

The rule of thumb in yachting is that your annual maintenance for your yacht will be 20% of the purchase price of the yacht so that a $10 million dollar yacht will cost you at least $2 million per year for maintenance and a $100 million yacht will cost you at least $20 million per year.

Private jets, mansions, and other upper class luxuries are at least as expensive to maintain.

Remember that I told you about the cost of ownership. Part of that cost is the time and stress in dealing with stuff that breaks. Even if you hire other people to take care of your junk, you still have to regularly deal with those other people and fixing your junk. Just look at how often you have to fix or do maintenance on your car and then multiply that times 5 or 10+ cars with more expensive cars costing much more to maintain and fix.

Then you have the cultural stress caused by them having to be proper in all aspects of their lives or they will be ostracized by other members of the upper class. The rich are constantly walking on egg shells hoping they won't screw up somewhere and some righteous zealot will start attacking them as being "improper".

The idea that the rich are happier than the lower classes is an illusion created by Hollywood and the other media. They really are not that happy that often.

Don't believe me?

Read the gossip rags that make a fortune reporting on the problems and unhappiness of the rich and famous. Every time I see those rags at the cashier stand with the unhappy rich and famous people on the fronts, it reminds me that money does not only not buy happiness but often buys unhappiness.

Did you know that the national average divorce rate for everyone combined in the US is 50% but is 80% for people who make over $100,000 per year?

Think about this: that means that, if you remove the people who make over $100,000 per year from the national average divorce rate, the divorce rate for the rest of us will be less than 50% or about half their divorce rate.

And you wonder why I always asked God for a small cabin in the woods by a small stream and by a small pond or lake where not much can go wrong so there will be fewer problems?

Think about it. I don't want a rich man's problems. All I want is a reasonably comfortable living with enough money to fix the few things that will break and enjoy a few things like eating out when I want. I try to enjoy life as much as I can by being appreciative for what little God has given me so that, even with my illness and poverty, I am happier than many rich people I have known because I have less to be unhappy about.

Keep it simple, stupid, and enjoy life more. The more you have, the more that will go wrong and the more you have that will make you unhappy when it does go wrong. Greed has a price you pay with your happiness. We are slaves to what we own so own less to be less of a slave and to be freer.


It turns out that part of Suckerberg's problem is he is trying to start his own crypto currency but, since conservatives won't buy into it because Suckerberg has been persecuting and censoring conservatives, it is failing badly. Then Suckerberg sucking up to conservatives to get them to buy into his crypto currency, is turning lefties against Suckerberg too.

The smarty pants out smarted himself and now he can't win for losing. This is hilarious.


Another great sounding stupid lefty idea bites the dust. Well, at least that is what Germany's Merkel said in this video.

The crap the stupid lefties believe and try to force on us just keeps failing and failing and failing no matter how hard they try. They need to quit listening to those stupid stoned lefty college professors out of touch with reality in their white palaces and start using common sense. The pompous arrogant fools have still not figured out that what we conservatives believe is based on thousands of years of trial and error with reality.

But, hey, they will never learn. They will just regroup in their white palaces, smoke some more dope, reorganize, and dream up more great sounding stupid fairy tales to force on us that they "just know will work." You know, just like all of the rest of their great sounding stupid ideas that have failed.

Note that he points out in this video that the lefty leaders should just bow out and resign but won't because they can't just give up their power and potential wealth no matter how stupid they have been proved to be. So the lefty upper class trash will just regroup, reorganize, and start over with other great sounding stupid ideas that won't work either.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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