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This is hilarious. Schiff and the idiot lefties prove once again that most people go into politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much legally.

They tried bluffing Trump and Trump and the GOP go on the offensive instead of playing defense and are calling the idiot lefty bluff, insisting that Schiff, Pelosi testify at their own fake impeachment inquiries forcing Schiff and Pelosi on the defensive for their own impeachment con.


Because, when they testify, they will be under oath and have to either admit the impeachment is a con and coup, which will get them impeached, or commit perjury, which will get them impeached. Trump and the GOP are using the idiot lefty fake impeachment con to force Schiff and Pelosi between a rock and a hard spot in an absolutely beautiful catch 22.

Learn? Who, the idiot lefties?

Get real. They keep staging these cons in an attempted coup and Trump keeps using their own cons against them and the idiots won't learn. As soon as this one finishes backfiring on the lefties, they will dream up a new excuse to stage a new con for their coup.

Mean while, Trump is having Barr investigate them for their crimes in the last con and attempted coup and you know he will also investigate them for this con and coup as soon as it fails. The idiots could easily end up with a couple of life sentences here, which would be good for the nation.

Well, it is definitely better entertainment than anything on TV.

BTW, I realized this morning that the left having a "whistle blower" is just another bluff or lie. They bluffed about having evidence on Trump for the Russian collusion thingy, about evidence for the obstruction of an investigation thingy, and about the Ukraine call thingy so it is only logical that they are now bluffing about having a whistle blower in order to buy time while the lefties try to dream up a way to impeach Trump AND the impeaching Trump thingy may just be a bluff to distract everyone from something illegal they are doing like getting ready to stage a violent coup so they can take everyone by surprise.

It is looking more and more like they don't even have a whistle blower and may have even had someone put a person's name out there to fool everyone.

Think I am wrong? They why did Schiff say that interrogating the whistle blower doesn't matter? If they really do have a whistle blower with damning evidence on Trump, don't you think the lying lefties would get that out in the public as quickly as possible before Trump could do any more damage to their evil plans?

More and more I am believing that the left doesn't even have a whistle blower and having one is just another lefty bluff or lie.

And, since I wrote the above, the lefties have changed their fairy tale from quid-pro-quo to bribery AND Schiff is now saying he doesn't even know who the whistle blower is, so their song changes in mid stream again..well, OK, twice this time.

It also looks like the big Internet companies are complicit in this treason because Twitter, FB, and YouTube are now banning anyone who mentions this supposed whistle blower probably to fool everyone into believing the left really does have a whistle blower.


I was just reminded that I am old when I read about Pat Sajak having emergency surgery.

Interestingly, when I was in LA, my wife and I attended the party, I think in Hollywood, put on by her sister, Laurey Zettler, who was working for Viacom, for announcing Pat Sajak being hired for the Wheel of Fortune TV show. We didn't stay long, we just met him and a few other people, briefly talked to him and, shortly after, left. He seemed to be a nice person. He was pretty excited about his new job, of course.

Gee, that was a long time ago. It was in the late 80s.

I pray that he is OK, gets well and that he is saved.

It is interesting the people you can meet in life, especially in big cities.


The current mass rocket attack by the Muslim terrorists in Gaza prove that the terrorists have been stockpiling rockets for some time to do a mass firing against Israel to overwhelm their missile defenses. This was all obviously planned for some time but Israel's counter attack has the Muslim terrorists demanding a cease fire while still continuing their own firing, which, if the terrorists stop firing, Israel will also stop firing.

And, of course, while demanding a cease fire from Israel, who is only counter attacking because the Muslim terrorists started the rocket firing, the Muslim terrorists are saying they will stop firing their rockets in exchange for Israel stopping killing their terrorist leaders.

Let me see, "We started the rocket firing, we demand you stop shooting back at us, and we will keep shooting at you until we get something we want, while you just sit there and let us shoot at you."

Just how stupid do they think Israel is?

Sailboat Cruising

I have told you that I enjoy occasionally reading and watching videos about the sailboat cruising culture because you see so much of what the world is really like because these people very often go away from the big cities and tourist resorts most Westerners only see for their entire lives. I learn things from them you cannot learn from TV, even from PBS, Hollywood, or the magazines, which all give the world a wonderful candy coating that is out of touch with reality because they want their readers/viewers to keep coming back so they can keep selling advertising.

Another thing you learn is about our own people not doing their homework and really thinking things through OBJECTIVELY. What most people do that causes them to want to go cruising is they read the crap in the magazines, which is candy coated to sell the magazines, or they watch the candy coated crap on TV, which all looks like the sailboat cruising life is just fun, fun, fun with no work or worries.

Hey, who wouldn't want to do that, right?

Yeah but reality says sailboat cruising is a hard life with you making a lot of sacrifices, which most spoiled Westerners, even the poorest of you are at least a little spoiled, find difficult and at least unpleasant to make for very long.

Another problem such people find is that things are always going to break and need very regular maintenance, especially because of the corrosiveness of salt water and air, so that you will spend at least as much time doing hard work, probably more, even if you have purchased a brand new, top of the line boat, because even brand new stuff often breaks, has flaws, and will wear out, forget about the older, cheaper stuff that breaks and wears out faster.

Most cruising starts with a male and female couple, which at least doubles the potential failure for the adventure because two people almost always have different dreams, passions, and fortitude. This is important because BOTH people have to be the type of person who can persevere with the hardships to get the fun and excitement from cruising. Men are more likely to be able to do this but quite a few of these cruisers make the mistake of the man dragging a hesitant woman along, who buckles under the first significant stress or workload, and goes home to mommy, leaving increasing numbers of men "single-handing" sailing areas and around the world, following the divorce.

Because of this, better than 90% of the cruisers give up in less than a year, some within a few months, go home, park their boat where they have to pay a monthly fee, and go back to a more normal life, with that boat cutting into their income and other potential fun. Even most of the couples who last more than a year only last about 3 to 5 years, at the most, with very few lasting much longer. Most cruisers come and go like the wind, baby.

Because of this, used sailboats are a buyer's market with some people even just giving their boat away or abandoning it to eventually sink because they can't sell it and it is costing them money just to keep it, you know, the cost of ownership thingy I have warned you about.

I am currently watching videos of a few cruisers who got free sailboats they had to do a year's worth of repair work on or spend a year or more making alterations, after getting the free boats. To save money, they usually live on the boats to eliminate housing expenses while rebuilding the boats, which takes another special type of person, especially for couples.

Even among the rich, they usually don't use their boats much, get tired of the financial burden of keeping the boats, and put them on the market within just a few years or, if they do stick with it, after a while, they sell the old boat and buy a new boat.

This all means there is a glut of used yachts on the yacht market with prices dropping so quickly that yachts are not only not an investment, but are a bad investment for anything but the fun the owners get and it can be very expensive fun.

Then there is the increasing issue of pirates and, if you pay attention, you should notice that pirates are most likely off the coasts of two types of countries.

The first type of country you have to be careful in going anywhere near is Marxist countries because so many people are starving because of the Marxism that they turn to piracy to feed themselves and their families. For example, there is increasing piracy off the coasts of Venezuela and Nicaragua, both commie countries.

The second type of country you have to be careful in going anywhere near because of piracy is Muslim countries because Islam orders their people to steal from and enslave non Muslims plus the Koran orders Muslims to pay the Imams 20% of what the Muslims steal from non Muslims, which encourages Imams to encourage Muslims to steal from and enslave non Muslims. For example, the worst areas for Muslim pirates are off the coasts of Somalia, Yemen, and Indonesia, all Muslim countries.

This piracy thingy teaches you a lot about Marxism and Islam that you definitely won't learn from the lefty/Muslim schools, media, Hollywood, politicians, bureaucrats, or others.

Hey, don't believe me?

Just watch the sailboat cruising videos and pay attention. They teach the hard truth about life most Europeans/Americans/Canadians won't learn, ever.

Another thing I learn by watching these cruising videos is human behavior because you get to study the differences in behavior between different people, the different sexes, different classes of people (lower, middle, and upper class), differences between conservatives and liberals, and the different ages of people. This is especially interesting concerning the different pleasures and hardships provided by sailboat cruising.

A very important lesson here is to do your homework before charging off to do a dream, make your analysis objectively without the warm fuzzies, and listen to your spouse better than most people do, especially pay very close attention to their body language when discussing such things. If you don't, most likely your dream will become a very ugly nightmare very quickly.

Find something you will both enjoy doing and forget the bull crap you see in magazines, TV, Hollywood, and other such sources.

Now there are plenty of couples who do enjoy sailboat cruising for about 3 to 5 or even 10+ years before they move on with their lives and even a few who end up doing it for life.

Just a little FYI.


So you transies or queens think you are a woman because you want to be a woman or you "feel" like you are a woman? Really?

OK, let's find out.

If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, which only men can have, and you accept treatment, then you are admitting you are not a woman because a woman would never accept treatment for prostate cancer because women don't have a prostate and can't have prostate cancer. But, if you are not a woman and you have prostate cancer and you don't get treatment, it will spread throughout your body and kill you, proving you are not a woman.

If you are diagnosed with opedimo orchidis (a testicular infection), which only a man can get because women don't have testicles, and you accept treatment for it, then you are admitting you are not a woman. But, if you are not a woman and you get opedimo orchidis and don't get treatment, it will get into your lymph system, spread to your kidneys, destroy your kidneys and you will die, you know, just like a man and only a man can, proving you are not a woman.

If you are diagnosed with a urinary tract infection or UTI and if you accept the longer treatment men are supposed to get (men are supposed to be treated for 30 days because of their prostate and women only need to be treated for 10 days because they don't have a prostate), you are admitting you are not a woman but, if you are a man and get the shorter treatment women get, the UTI will come back again and again and again because of your prostate until it destroys your kidneys and kills you, proving you are not a woman.

But, hey, if you really are a woman, you don't have to worry about any of that because you can't get prostate cancer, opedimo orchidis, or won't require the longer male treatment for a UTI because you won't have a prostate or testicles. Only a man can have a prostate or testicles.

BTW, if you study exercise physiology, you learn that you have to coach men and women differently for marathon sports because, as I teach in my e-book, "A Better Way To Train", during their period, women lose a lot of water, iron, and other nutrients and should cut their training in about half during their period. If you are not a woman, you don't have to worry about that and can maintain your normal training program all of the time, proving you are not a woman.

You see, I don't care how much you want to be a woman, you feel like a woman, or think you are a woman, it doesn't mean you are a woman unless you have two X chromosomes instead of an XY set of chromosomes, which would make you a male.

Let me give you a clue, geniuses. If you study college level chemistry, you should know that, if you have 2 test tubes with exactly the same chemical solution in both test tubes with exactly the same number of molecules, any chemical reactions in those 2 test tubes will be exactly the same. But, if you put testosterone in one test tube and estrogen in the other test tube, the chemical reactions CANNOT be the same no matter how much you want to believe they will be the same, it is just scientifically impossible.

The same is true for the human body. Men have testosterone bathing their cells and women have estrogen bathing their cells so it is not possible for their cells to have exactly the same chemical reactions and this means their bodies CANNOT function the same.

As a matter of fact, your chromosomes are molecular programming that order your body to function in certain ways. The female XX chromosomes will always order a woman's body to function like a woman and the male XY chromosomes will always order a man's body to function like a man. Therefore, I don't care what any quack doctor does to your body to make you look or feel like a woman, if you have the XY chromosomes, your body will still function like a man's body and you will still be a male.

This is also why women tend to think differently than men. Their brains just are not wired the same chemically.

Remember that looks can be deceiving and plastic surgery is nothing more than deception.

I don't care what you want to believe, how you feel, or any of that ignorance based crap, if you have an XY set of chromosomes, you are a male and, if you have a XX set of chromosomes, you are a female, end of discussion. Only ignorant, stupid, and/or crazy people will argue otherwise. Grow up and deal with it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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