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Prophesied Battles

There are only 3 major prophesied battles left involving Israel and the details for the prophecies about all 3 of those battles say that God will personally intervene.

The first of these battles will be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which will take place in the Northern Hills of Israel or today's Lebanon and Syria and must take place before the Tribulation begins. The prophecy says that God will cause a major earthquake in the area, which will cause confusion in the invading armies, which will cause them to turn their weapons on each other, with a mortality rate of 5 out of 6 or 83.3%, meaning 16.7% will survive.

I also believe the prophesied destruction of Damascus will probably be included in this with that prophecy stating that God will rain down fire from Heaven wiping Damascus completely off of the map forever, you know, just like He did with Sodom and Gomorrah.

It is only human nature that the leaders of the invading armies for the different Muslim and other nations involved in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will gather in Damascus with their massive armies and air forces being a buffer between Damascus and Israel for negotiating who gets to stand on the Temple Mount and give the order that will prove they are the Muslim Mahdi, after the battle is over, and who will get to be on the council of 10 managing the Caliphate (the 10 horns and 10 toes), and who will get other top level positions in that government with different groups making different deals, which is probably why God will completely destroy Damascus turning all of those power mad leaders into Damascus asphalt.

There will be more backroom action taking place for very intense and frantic deal making than in a 1,000 whore houses. Every top member of the Marxist and Muslim upper class trash will want and have to be there to keep from being left out of the deal making. The leaders with the smaller, weaker armies will be making deals to support different leaders with stronger armies for top level positions in that leader's government or Caliphate, you know, the usual quid pro quo thingy. This deal making will take place right up to and during the attack against Israel with leaders changing their deals as the battle progresses.

This is one reason why Obama and Farrakhan will have to leave Valerie Jarrett in charge of the US and beat it over to Damascus as quickly as possible. You can bet they will be right in the middle of the hottest deal making along with people like Al Capone Sharpton and Jesse James Jackson. Every power mad leader in the world will be trying to get the biggest slice of the pie they can get.

Note that God destroying almost all of the upper class trash in Damascus, at least all of the very most powerful, will create a massive global power vacuum at the top of every nation that will result in subsequent wars in all of those nations with those people throwing off what remains of their evil Marxist oppressors to establish freedom for those people and will cause the different Muslim nations to form the Muslim Caliphate to keep Islam from fragmenting into tribal warfare and obscurity.

These wars of the people throwing off the last shackles of Marxist tyranny should be over very quickly with all of the upper class trash leaders dead and their remaining evil governments in disarray and probably even fighting between themselves for power. Then will follow a time of peace because there will be no upper class trash to cause more wars. Gee, what a coincidence.

The new Muslim Caliphate will be forced to spend this same time building their new nation Israel will have physically divided in two (the two feet of Nebuchadnezzar's dream). They will have to establish their government with 5 leaders from each of the 2 western and eastern halves of the Caliphate (the 10 toes from the divided 2 feet, 5 leaders from North Africa and 5 leaders from the Middle East/Asia), develop an economy to build their nation and the massive army they will need to conquer the world before those non Muslim nations can rebuild their armies, and finish building Modern or Mystery Babylon to be their global capitol for Islam.

This period of peace is where the scriptures say the people will be saying, "peace, peace, and then will come sudden destruction", you know, when the Muslims start conquering the world following the beginning of the Tribulation and when, by the strangest of coincidences, most of the nations will have weakened militaries because of the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and their own national civil wars. Gee, what a coincidence.

This will clearly all be done by DIRECT INTERVENTION by God and not by man.

The second of these battles is the Battle of Armageddon, which must take place at the end of the Tribulation. The details of this prophecy tell us that Jesus will come with a two edged sword preceding from his mouth (His Word, He is going to speak as He did when He created the cosmos) and 100% of the people will hemorrhage violently and die, causing their blood to flow up to the reigns of a horse through the middle of the huge Valley of Megiddo, which is about 75 to 100 miles south of what the Bible calls the Northern Hills of Israel. Yep, can't be the same battle as the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Either that or God lied about one of them and my God doesn't lie.

This will clearly all be done by DIRECT INTERVENTION by God and not by man.

The third and last of these battles will take place after the end of the Millennial Reign of Jesus following the Tribulation, will be to the north of Israel (probably in Turkey), and that God the Father will reign down fire on them from Heaven like He did with Sodom and Gomorrah, with a mortality rate of 100%.

This will clearly all be done by DIRECT INTERVENTION by God and not by man.

Please note that in every one of these battles God will personally intervene to cause the destruction of these armies and those armies will not be destroyed by the might and majesty of man, and that the locations and mortality rates are different so no two of these battles can be the same battle. Quit trying to write God out of the Bible and write man into the Bible in God's place.

This also means that, after the Tribulation begins, there will be no place or time within which the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 can be fought which means that it MUST be fought before the Tribulation begins, which will be very soon.

Other Military Actions

The Bible tells us about several other military actions which cannot be any of these above battles. These military actions are not a battle but an entire series of battles or what we would call a military campaign.

The first of these starts right after the beginning of the Tribulation and says there will be wars that will cause a "quarter" of the people on the planet to die from those military actions and the resultant famines and disease pestilences or pandemics, which are normal following such a war.

The second is mentioned taking place a few years later, probably while the first military action is wrapping up, when the scriptures tell us that the Antichrist will raise up an army of 200 million and conquer everything to the east of the Euphrates River or Babylon and that they will kill one third of the remaining people on the planet with just this military action.

This is about half of the people on the planet will die with just two military actions.

Keep in mind that I have learned that these two wars or military actions will be the Muslims conquering the world before turning on Israel in the middle of the Tribulation.

If you connect the dots, what should these two prophesies tell you?

First, where will the first military action take place?

Well, it should be common sense that, if the second military action will involve the Muslims conquering everything east of Israel and Babylon, then the first military action can only involve the Muslims conquering everything west of Israel and Babylon or the non Muslim nations in Europe, Africa, and all of the Americas plus the islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean.

I do not believe this military action will involved the Muslims using this massive military to break up and spend years conquering the Pacific islands, you know, island hopping, which islands don't have any military strength while such powerful nations as India, China, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia still pose a threat to them. It would only be human nature and common sense for any military leader to want to take care of the latter before they send their military island hopping through the Pacific to take out very weak and vulnerable nations.

Also note that both of these military actions will begin after the Tribulation begins and be completed by mid Tribulation, within just 3.5 years, giving them control of the entire planet, when the Antichrist and the Muslims will turn on Israel.

Note that before the Muslims begin the first of these military actions, they will sign a treaty to prevent Israel from taking the side of any of the nations being conquered, which would be normal human behavior for Israel following ALL of those nations of the world having just sent armies to invade Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. This big mistake will cause Israel to end up facing the very massive Muslim invading army of hundreds of millions by herself, which will, according to scriptures, cause most of the Israelis to capitulate and convert to Islam while the "remnant of God's people", which will include devout Hebrews, Messianic or Christian Hebrews, and Christian Gentiles, to "flee south into the wilderness" under the protection of God.

Also note that, the scriptures tell us that the most evil man in history, the Antichrist or Muslim Mahdi, will wage war against and murder the 2 Tribulation witnesses on the streets of Jerusalem. The scriptures do NOT tell us how long this war against the two witnesses will last and most preachers seem to assume this war will last just a few days, weeks or months, which wouldn't be much of a war, more like a man hunt.

This is very important because the scriptures also tell us that these 2 witnesses will be healed, raised from the dead, stood upon their feet, and taken up into Heaven just 3.5 days after they have been murdered and their bodies left lying in the streets of Jerusalem. Then the scriptures also tell us that one hour after the 2 witnesses are taken up into Heaven, God will cause such a massive earthquake, that 17,000 Hebrew males will be killed in that earthquake and note that is only the Hebrew males and does not include the Hebrew females and non Hebrews, you know, Muslims soldiers, which would also be killed by that earthquake, therefore, it would only be logical for you to expect a mortality rate of at least 50 to 100+ thousand total caused by that earthquake but it gets better.

The scriptures also tell us that, following that earthquake, the people of Jerusalem will revolt and drive the Antichrist out of Jerusalem, which will cause the Antichrist to bring an army of everyone remaining on the planet, all men, women, and children, you know, all of the remaining Muslims and their slaves, to the Valley of Megiddo to invade Israel and wipe out all Hebrews, which will setup the Battle of Armageddon.

The people being able to revolt following such a devastating deadly earthquake tells me that enough of the Antichrist's soldiers occupying Jerusalem will be killed by the earthquake that it will make it possible for the people to drive the Antichrist out of Jerusalem like the scriptures say. Most likely, the Antichrist himself will have barely survived the earthquake with his army in a complete state of confusion.

Note that Modern Babylon will be destroyed before the Antichrist turns on Israel, destroying the capitol of Islam, which will cause them to move their capitol to Jerusalem, which is why the scriptures tell us the people of Jerusalem will have to drive the Antichrist out of Jerusalem. This tells us that following the destruction of Babylon, the Antichrist will make Jerusalem the political, financial, and religious capitol of the world under the rule of Islam so there will be a pretty good size Muslim military unit in Jerusalem, which would prevent the people from driving the Antichrist out of Jerusalem...until the Muslim military unit gets devastated by the earthquake.

Gotta pay attention to those details, huh?

Now, if you assume that the Antichrist will win the war against the 2 witnesses in just a few days, weeks, or even months, then you are also assuming it will take him almost 3.5 years to move his army to the Valley of Megiddo for the Battle of Armageddon, which would be preposterous with today's technology. Most likely it will only take the Antichrist 6 to 12 months to bring his entire army to bear in the Valley of Megiddo. If you understand all of the judgments prior to this, you should know that there will probably only be about 500 million to a little over one billion people left on the planet by that time, maybe less.

This creates a little problem in Bible prophesy until you know that God showed me in a dream that the war against the 2 witnesses will last 3 years so that the 2 witnesses will be murdered on the streets of Jerusalem 180 days or 6 months before Jesus returns to win the Battle of Armageddon, which will be more realistic for the Antichrist moving his army to the Valley of Megiddo with modern technology.

Suddenly, everything falls into place. Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Yeah, baby, Farrakhan, Obama, Sharpton, Soros, Schiff, and the rest of those evil human demons are going to get their butts roasted and turned into Damascus asphalt by God! God will take care of it because you won't.

Quid Pro Quo

I got this from Mark:

"Also, about quid pro quo. Isn't that what negotiation is about? Quid pro quo is which side gets what in a negotiation.

When I go to the store and buy groceries, the grocer and I practice quid pro quo. He gets money from me and I get groceries from him. Quid pro quo. What is illegal about that? It is the way the world works. It has always been that way.

Quid pro quo is why British Pounds Sterling are colloquially known as 'quid.'"

He is right. Quid pro quo has been used in negotiations by every country on this planet since there has been two nations. It is basically saying that, if you will do this, we will do that but, if you don't do this, then we won't do that. All world leaders of nations use this for dealing with each other. It is the president's primary job to do this whenever it benefits our nation and it is not a crime.

BTW, quid pro quo is what Trump is using in the trade negotiations with China, Iran, and North Korea. Think about it.

Mass Shootings

Did you notice that the lefties got busy trying to stage a coup to remove Trump and they forgot to keep causing lots mass murders until the conservatives noticed that the mass murders had almost stopped, said something about it, and now suddenly we are having increasing numbers of mass murders again?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you still think the evil lefties are not causing these mass shootings to scare you into giving up your guns, you know, acts of terrorism by the left?


Congress is demanding that ABC president James Goldston explain the Epstein cover up.

How long do you think it will be before he commits suicide?

Hmmm, maybe they should demand that Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Soros, and the rest of the upper class trash testify about Epstein? The suicide rate sure would go up, wouldn't it?


Here is a video that explains a number of things I have been warning you about such as big businesses using crony capitalism to eliminate competition. Everyone should see this video. It is very well done.

Recreational Drugs

The Bible doesn't refer directly to any specific recreational drugs but calls all forms of paganism an abomination and all forms of paganism, especially sorcery, use one of more recreational drugs as part of their rituals or just recreationally.

God tells us that the iniquity of our sins will be visited onto our descendants unto the third and fourth generations.

Let's connect a few dots here.

First, using ANY recreational drug causes genetic damage in the reproductive cells of the parents meaning that the children of those parents will probably have genetic damage and problems.

When I was teaching, knowing this, I noticed a much higher incident of children who were mentally challenged than when I was in school four decades earlier. I watched this for a while and became convinced that it was obviously because of the increased use of recreational drugs by those children's parents.

To see what other teachers thought, I asked four different special education teachers independently of each other, who were hired and trained to deal with such children, if they thought there was an increase and why they thought there was an increase WITHOUT saying anything about what I thought. That is a standard procedure in field research because you don't want to "taint" your research by permitting the people you are questioning to know what you believe.

EVERYONE of them, independently, stated that there definitely was an increasing problem with children being mentally challenged and EVERYONE of them stated that it was "definitely" caused by their parents using drugs. There wasn't even a doubt by one of them about it.

Now, if you understand genetics and cell physiology, you should know that such damage will be passed on for at least 3 to 4 generations before reproduction can even begin to remove some but not all of that damage from the gene pool for their offspring.

Interestingly, God tells us that the "iniquity of the parents will be visited on their children unto the third and fourth generations". This means the sins of the parents will cause significant problems in the lives of their offspring until at least the third and fourth generations before they begin to diminish. Gee, what a coincidence.

People, Moses and his people didn't know squat about cells, molecules, or DNA and had to get that information from someone much more intelligent and better informed, you know, like God.

You want to know one reason why so many of our young people are so screwed up today?

Just look at the pandemic drug abuse in this nation. It is rampant and getting worse with even many conservatives using recreational drugs in spite of the fact that, in spite of what you keep being told by the lying pagan lefties, we have known for more than half a century that ALL recreational drugs cause serious medical problems, which new research is regularly confirming and adding to what we knew then.

I don't like using aspirin unless I need it to decrease the pain enough to get to sleep. I have a number of bottles of pain pills I quit taking as soon as I quit needing the pain relief. I can't remember the last time I took an entire prescription of pain medication. I know what happens inside your body when you put that crap in your body and I try to keep that damage to a minimum. God requires I be a good steward for my body.

Now, antibiotics, I always take the full prescription because I know that, if I don't, it won't wipe out all of the protists causing the medical problem, will leave the stronger members of that protist alive, which will reproduce quickly, and cause my medical problem to get worse and those protists will be more resistant to that medicine, making it much more difficult to cure that ailment later. It really helps to study college level biology and chemistry.

KNOW that I will not use ANY recreational drugs because I know what happens inside your body and that the pushers and users are lying to me to get me to use their dope and/or support the use of their dope so they can legalize the use of their dope because they are idiots. These idiots have no idea what they are doing to their bodies AND to their children's and children's children's bodies, you know, unto at least the third and fourth generation AND they don't care as long as they get their buzz. I care about my children more than that and this is why I believe that anyone who has used recreational drugs should not have children and I am glad that increasing numbers of lefty dopers are not having children. Children should not be punished because their parents are dope using idiots.


Please note that in my last essay, "I Told You So 292", I forgot to tell you that the Japanese attack on the Philippines was planned to take place at the exact same time as the attack on Pearl Harbor but was delayed for 9+ hours by local weather. When the attack did take place 9+ hours later, the Japanese expected to find the Philippine skies filled with US fighter planes and were pleasantly surprised to find there were no fighter planes because General MacArthur didn't do squat to prepare for that attack in 9 hours.

Also it is important to note that most of the US planes destroyed on the ground by the attack in the Philippines because they were conveniently lines up wing-to-wing for easy targeting by the Japanese were the obsolete P-40s that were not much of a match for the Japanese Zeros and the older B-17Ds the Army was already starting to replace with the B-17Hs. Not much of a sacrifice, huh? Gee, what a coincidence.

The only real sacrifice was the soldiers who were lost but even that was the lesser of two evils because the US not getting into WWII before it was too late would have cost tens of millions more soldier and civilian lives, therefore, they actually ended up saving US lives, especially for civilians.

Do you believe me yet that those two attacks were US sucker punches for the Japanese to get the US into the war before it was too late?

The more I look at it, the more I am convinced that is the only thing that makes sense.

BTW, the pacifist movement in the US at that time to keep the US out of WWII was being pushed by the lefty socialists to permit Socialist Hitler to win the war and set up his socialist global dictatorship.

"But," you say, "Wasn't FDR also a socialist?"

But he was a different faction of socialist who didn't want Hitler to win the war and set up "HIS" socialist global dictatorship. FDR didn't want to be ruled by Hitler, he wanted to do the ruling. You have to understand that almost all of Europe and the Soviet Union were Marxists, either going by the name of socialism or communism and Hitler was conquering them all. WWII wasn't about promoting Marxism under any name but about using Marxism to gain power over everyone else, just like all Marxist ventures since.

Have you noticed that the Marxist leaders NEVER practice Marxism while forcing Marxism on you so they can control you? You think not? Then why are the Marxist leaders always getting rich while the rest of you are always getting poor and enslaved?

They are not true Marxists, they are just power mad and greedy and know that Marxism is the best tool for controlling, enslaving and stealing from you so they can get more power and wealth by stealing more from more people faster, which is why Marxism has and will always fail. Marxism CANNOT succeed because it gives absolute power to the government or ruling class, which will always fail. The upper class trash will NEVER submit themselves to Marxism no matter what they say because they know better than to give so much power to others; besides, they always want that power for themselves and they are just playing you for suckers.

What you should want is a conservative Christian Biblical theocracy where no one is above the law to protect you from the evil upper class trash and a true capitalist free market economy with minimal taxes and regulations, with NO LAND TAXES! because land taxes give control of your home and business to the government, which gives the government too much control of you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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