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Russian jets intercepted Israeli jets flying to attack a Syrian air base that had Iranian forces on it.

My first thought was, "Was Russia protecting Iran now?"

It turned out that Russia also has troops on that base. Oops.

The Russian SU-35s turned the Israeli planes back, preventing the attack.

Note that Russian planes have not intercepted Israeli planes attacking Iranian targets before this. Think about it.

Lefty Dilemma

I got this from Newsmax by Brian Freeman:

"Attorney General William Barr decided to release information about former FBI informant Christopher Steele that had been redacted in Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz's report that's being made public on Monday investigating the Russian probe, The New York Times reported."

This means Barr is going to expose what the lefty commie traitors tried to hide. You know this is sending a very clear message to the left that they can no longer afford to lose control of the government for fear their crimes will be exposed and they will go to jail. This means that the next time the left gains control, they must set up their dictatorship and they have to do it soon or many of them will face prison.

If you think they were desperate before, things just got very serious and real for them. The lefties are now seeing prison bars and orange jump suits in their dreams. You can bet the lefties won't sleep well until they do regain control and set up their dictatorship and you better bet that, after this, the next time they get in control, they will set up their dictatorship to permanently cover their crimes.

IG Report

The IG Report just came out saying there was no mischief by the FBI and other top officials in their investigation of Trump's political campaign. More than 2 years of investigation costing more than $12 million was all just a big friendly mistake.

I just got this from Breitbart by Charlie Spiering:

"U.S. Attorney John Durham said Monday that the Department of Justice did not agree with the Inspector General report into the investigation of President Donald Trump's political campaign."

Gee, you don't think the IG and his people are members of the deep state trying to cover up for their pals, do you?

Get it straight, this IG report was just smoke and mirrors to try to cover for the crimes of the deep state and make invalid an investigation into their crimes and you know that the lefties who want to believe the IG report will use it to spread their propaganda to discourage the investigation while the stupid people will fall for it.

A few days later, the IG report is actually backfiring on the left and not helping them.


Don't you just love the lefty definition for transparency?

"Hey, we're transparent, we're hiding the truth but we are transparent (obvious) about it."

You know, I don't agree with Trump about everything but I have learned that it is him or the Devil so I vote for him because I know that, as flawed as he is, you know, just like the rest of us, God is using him to stop Satan's bunch, you know, just like God is using the rest of us true Christians, none of which are perfect.

It has gotten so bad and they are so evil that you can't believe a thing the lefties say and what makes this really bad is they don't care that you can see through their lies because they know that a bunch of you want to believe their lies or are just stupid enough to believe their lies.

Their evil plans are so obvious anymore and it is amazing how many, even on the right, don't see what they are really doing or are just afraid to say what they are really doing. They naively believe that the lefties are just stupid but well intended when they have no good intentions at all and only want to do evil because they are clearly spawn of Satan doing Satan's work.

Get a clue, this isn't left verses right or Marxism verses capitalism or even Islam verses non Muslims but this is Satan verses God and you better decide soon whose side you are on because prophecy tells me that a bunch of us are going to be dead soon because of Satan's bunch and "their good intentions", as a matter of fact, at least two thirds to three fourths of us on both sides will die soon because of the left.

Note that when I talk about conservatives and liberals I am talking about the true Christians and other decent people who want to CONSERVE God's protecting Laws and the liberals are those satanic people who want to LIBERALIZE by dumping God's protecting Laws for Satan's one law of "Do as you will", which means they can do anything they want to anyone they want any time they want, you know, to YOU, which you should clearly see as them being very evil. Wake up, these monsters are human demons, spawn of Satan. There is nothing good about them until they die and turn into good plant food.

It will only be good when they are gone, which is why God told us to use capital punishment against such evil people, you know, to finally stop them causing harm to others. Today, these evil satanic monsters are transparently evil, that is their only transparency.


The House Judiciary Committee just passed the articles of impeachment with a completely partisan vote. Now it goes before that entire House and we will see how many of them have been adequately bribed to give up their careers.

If the stupid Commierats pass this, it means that either they are incredibly stupid and are just hoping that, because they impeached Trump, fewer people will vote for him in 2020, which will be the ONLY thing they will have to use against him in the election or the upper class trash have bribed enough members of the GOP in the Senate to vote for the removal of Trump.

That is a concern I have been thinking about, after all, why would they persist in impeaching Trump when they know they will lose control when it reaches the Senate?

So they and their lefty commie traitor media can use Trump being impeached to turn people against voting for him because "it means he is a criminal"?

They either have bribed enough members of the GOP to remove Trump from office or they don't care that it will go nowhere in the Senate as long as they get just one thing they can use against Trump in this next election because they don't have anything else but a lie and even the impeachment is a lie?

It is really hard to second guess stupid people when they get so stupid there is no logic to what they are doing.

This is why Trump wants to drag it out in the Senate to make the lefties look even worse and that Trump's impeachment is bogus so people will still vote for Trump.

It is a gamble the lefties may be willing to take because they don't have anything else.

Note that it now is beginning to appear that the lefties are trying to wiggle their way out of this failed impeachment thing while suddenly passing things for the people to distract people from the mess of their failed impeachment.

Keep an eye on this.

Pie Charts

It is that time of year again where the lefties are putting out false government spending pie charts showing that the US Military is getting from 65% to more than 70% of the US spending when the US Military actually only gets about 21% with healthcare and pensions getting 27% and 24% respectively.

When I see those lefty trolls posting those fake pie charts, I always reply by posting the US Governments own pie chart to show they are lying.

Listen, if the lefties have to put out false information to get you to believe what they want you to believe, then what they want you to believe can't be right.

Why do they put out false information to make it look like the US Military is getting two thirds to three fourths of your tax dollars?

To get you to support them decreasing spending for the US Military.

Why do they want to handicap the US Military by decreasing their spending? Remember that I told you that the black riots in 1992 were a dry run for the Muslims and lefties staging a violent coup of the US and what they learned from those riots?

Remember that what they learned was that the US military, law enforcement, and armed US citizens were all that was preventing them from staging a successful violent coup of the US, especially with the lefty commie traitor media helping them?

Remember that I told you that, after those riots, the lefties and black Muslims began spending tens of billions of dollars to decrease US Military spending to decrease the ability of the military stopping their coup, to infiltrate and handicap law enforcement, and to disarm the law abiding US citizens?

That is exactly why these lefty commie traitors are putting out those fake pie charts, taking over and handicapping law enforcement, and trying to seize people's guns and please note that the lefties are getting more and more aggressive about all of this.


Because they want their dictatorship RIGHT NOW, you know, before Trump and the rest of you can do any more damage to stop them. Hey, they have been trying to set up their Marxist dictatorship for more than 70 years now, increasing numbers of them are dying from old age, and they want to enjoy the power and wealth they have been working for since before WWII. It is my opinion that they should all be tried and hung for treason.


Something the conservatives on YouTube are doing has me seriously concerned about this coming election. They are already celebrating that Trump already has it won.

I have studied too much human behavior and history to know what that will do and it ain't good. It will cause too many conservatives to say, "Eh, Trump already has it won so I don't need to show up and vote", and they will stay home, not vote, and Trump will lose!!!!

They need to stop this because the lefties only need about 10% to a maximum of 20% of conservatives to not show up and vote, you know, just like they did in the 2018 midterms, and everyone except the upper class trash loses.


You better start working to convince ALL conservatives that they still need to vote and get the maximum potential vote out. After all, we can only have these promised conservative landslides if ALL of the conservatives show up to vote.

If I were the left and I wanted to win this election, I would throw my hands up, say, "We give up, you win" to get conservatives to stay home, not vote, and win the election, you know, like they won the 2018 midterms.

Didn't learn from that, did we?

US Military

This is interesting because it sounds like one of Trump's people is actually cleaning out the swamp hiding in the US Military. I got this from Newsmax by Cathy Burke:

"The top Pentagon official in charge or personnel and readiness quit Friday after a little over a year on the job, The Hill reported.

Jimmy Stewart was the second top official this week to announce an exit. Defense Secretary Mark Esper accepted Stewart's resignation, but did not give a reason why he was leaving, the news outlet reported.

Stewart was confirmed as the assistant secretary of Defense for manpower and reserve affairs in October 2018 and also filled the under secretary role for personnel and readiness."

Keep an eye on this because, if it is what it sounds like, this is a very good thing and could be what is going to cause the Mexican standoff between the lefties and the conservatives after Obama and company stage their violent coup.


I just saw a headline that said that China has labeled the US "the trouble maker of the world", yeah, they are trying to take over the South China Sea islands, Senkaku Islands, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and every other place on the planet and we are the trouble makers?

Well, OK, we are making trouble for their efforts to seize control of the world and force their communism on the rest of us but that is a good thing.

Newsmax headling: "Appeals Court Blocks Miss. 15-Week Abortion Ban." This is just more proof that the lefties are using their evil judges they have infiltrated into our legal system to force their evil on us. This is more proof that we must clear these criminals out of our courts to get our nation back.

Saint Greta said, "We will put world leaders against the wall", you know, for a firing squad.

Gee, aren't the lefties supposed to be the peaceful, kind, caring, tolerant, loving people of the planet?

Yeah, right; the only peace they want is every piece of the planet, the only kindness they know is when they are kind to their fellow criminals, the only caring they do is caring about themselves and their bank accounts, the only tolerance they accept is us tolerating their evil ways, and the only people they love is themselves and they are now proving this every day.

Well, hey, at least she is telling you that the only way you will get relief from their evil is to execute them. If they like walls, stand them up against a wall and aim straight, baby.

Do you get it yet that this is a war against us for our freedoms, rights, liberty, and lives? When are you going to start fighting back against these evil traitors and tyrants?

I just saw a headline that the UK National Health Service is going to administer hormone blockers to a 12 year old child.

Personally, I think that anyone who does anything like this to children should have everything between their legs cut off and the area welded shut...for starters.

You can't treat children this way just because you are crazy and evil.

I pray daily that God will save us from these evil monsters and human demons. Please, Lord, save us from our own stupid butts soon!!! If for no other reason than for the children.

Free Stuff

Have you figured out yet that the ONLY reason the evil lefties are promising and giving free stuff is so you will become dependent on them so they will have control of you and enslave you?

The more stuff you depend on them for like "free healthcare" the more control they have over you to enslave you. The more control they have of EVERYTHING, like the economy, businesses, and everything else, the more control they have over you and the easier it will be for them to enslave you. That "free stuff" has the price of your freedoms, rights, liberty, wealth, and lives and that is a very steep price to pay for "free stuff".

War on Information

If you think the lefties are not currently winning the war on information, then you need to pay attention to this:

I got this from Breitbart by Penny Starr:

"The generation that has grown up with the constant drumbeat of manmade climate change is now shaping public policy, including some young conservatives who have launched a nationwide campaign in support of a carbon tax.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation reported on the campaign, which runs counter to the stance of the Republican Party and President Donald Trump that the issue is more about globalization than saving the planet:

Drawn from Republican groups on more than two dozen university campuses, the Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends called for laws to tax oil, natural gas and coal producers of planet-warming greenhouse gases.

The taxation plan would make fossil fuels more costly while the resulting revenues would go to taxpayers.

'We claim to be the party that cares about the future that our children will inherit, and we need climate policy that reflects that,' said Kiera O'Brien, 21, a senior at Harvard University who co-founded the group."

The lefties are successfully infiltrating the GOP the way they did the Democrat Party and took it over to turn it into the Commierat Party. The lefties are RIGHT NOW turning the GOP into the Commiepublican Party because dey just gots to get der wittle slavies back! Dem just gots to rule duh woild! ...and the stupid people are falling for it.


God has given us one last chance and we better not blow this one because it will hurt a lot.


If the Brits could, so can you. Hey, do what Greta said and put them all up against a wall.

Get a clue, people, the evil lefties are staging their coup, RIGHT NOW!!!

This isn't just me because I am seeing more of this same message from more people. Eyes are opening but they need to open faster and wider.

This is not going to be purdy because we slept too long.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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