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If this is true, which I am watching for confirmation, this is what I have been waiting for. You should read this article at this site because, if this is true, it is the military taking a stand against the traitors staging a coup against the US government. This is really critical.

Law enforcement is already taking a stand against the traitors AND, most importantly, organizing the people into militias working with law enforcement, you know, just like I have been telling you to do.

You need to understand that they always tell you about the "checks and balances of the three parts or branches of our government" but they forget to tell you that our government actually has four branches as part of that check and balance system. You will find this in the Constitution where it says that it is a "government of the people, for the people, by the people" and someone needs to remind our corrupt politicians about that. These means that we the people are the fourth branch of government and the most important part of the checks and balances, which is why we have freedom of speech and the second amendment.

Therefore, law enforcement organizing civilian militias is law enforcement organizing the fourth branch of our government, which is the most important branch of our government, against the increasing tyranny of the lefty commie traitors.

With law enforcement organizing, training, and coordinating the fourth branch of government, the people, law enforcement is taking a stand against the Marxist tyranny the lefties are trying to force on the people with their coup.

The final straw in this coup attempt is when the military also takes a stand against and refuses to enforce the tyrannical dictatorship of the left and I told you years ago that I saw significant evidence that the US Military was already organizing and training militias to work with the Military in stoping this coup by organizing the fourth branch of the US Government, we, the people into militias ready to rock and roll, baby.

If this is true, it is a sign that the military may take the side of the people, which will TEMPORARILY put an end to the current attempted coup by the tyrannical Marxist lefties.

Note that it will only put a TEMPORARY end to their coup because, if you have been paying attention and have studied history, you know the lefties still have one option left and they have been planning for this, which is to regroup, reorganize, and stage a violent coup using their militia forces against us, you know, with their thugs like Antifa and BLM.

Why do you think the lefties have had their black and other gangs smuggling military grade weapons and ammunition into the US in massive quantities for decades and holding training camps for their thugs in using those weapons, like I told you about?

Think about it. The lefties have already shown that they will not quit until they are dead and they do have a plan Z for when everything else fails. If they don't succeed with their coup, they are facing prison and execution for their crimes so they MUST succeed and won't quit until they die or are killed. If their current efforts at staging this coup fail, they will have nothing left to lose by staging a violent coup and I have told you before that, they are facing the choice of either definitely being executed for their crimes or possibly shot by you and they are now almost desperate enough to risk being shot by you to keep from being hung for their crimes.

Keep an eye on the military as to when they will make their move on the side of the people. This will determine what will happen next because law enforcement, the military, and the people taking a stand against these traitors will stop the soft coup and force the criminals to stage a hard or violent coup.

Just like I have been telling you and the lefties have been proving, you can bet the only thing that will stop the lefties is death. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Get it straight, we, the people are the fourth branch of our government and the final check and balance in the behavior for our leaders and it says so in the US Constitution when it says, "a government of the people, for the people, by the people." It is not only our right to take a stand against our corrupt leaders but our responsibility and the US Constitution says so.

The oath I took in joining the US Military at 2 pm on February 2, 1972 was to defend the US Constitution, the nation, and the people against ALL enemies, BOTH foreign and DOMESTIC, you know, the commies currently staging a coup of the US Government.

Will our military keep this oath?

In Europe and most of the other countries around the world, you know, like Venezuela, law enforcement and the military have taken the side of the tyrants and you can see how that is working out. Not very well for the people but it is keeping the corrupt upper class trash tyrants in power long after they should have been hung.

Since I wrote the above, the Commierats have started talking about impeaching Trump again, telling me that they feel they still have time before they must stage a violent coup and want to try their already failed soft coup via impeachment one more time before risking being shot by you and to also buy time to try again to grab your guns before staging their violent coup.

My Research

I just realized that I never fully explained why I did all of that research for designing all of the things I did.

First, I was so sick that I would not have been dependable as an employee because I would fatigue from both physical and mental work in anywhere from just a few hours to maybe 5 or 6 hours and I didn't know how much such work I could do on any day before I would have to call it quits. That would very often leave an employer in a bind because I would undoubtedly fatigue to where I could no longer function when my boss needed that job done right now and me not being able to do it, leaving my boss in a bind. That isn't fair to your boss and will destroy any job potentials in a small town like this because word would quickly get around town about how you screwed that boss.

Second, I am a perfectionist and efficiency nut who tries to utilize everything as efficiently as possible, including my time, and I considered it a fun way to prepare for when I got well with me believing that I was bound to find out what was wrong and recover any time soon. I was preparing for the soon.

Third, I saw this as an opportunity to be prepared with a business plan when I finally got recovered enough to start a new business. By designing so many different potential businesses, all I would have to do, after recovery, is do my market research for the market potential for some of the businesses at that time, understanding that markets are always in a state of flux, pick a favorable business plan, and hit the ground running on a start up for that business within a few weeks to months instead of taking a year or more to do that research, after I recovered. This was meant to use the time I couldn't do anything else with to save time in doing a business start up later.

When I first started, I started out with the businesses I would most likely want to do a start up on and, after I did all I could do in designing those businesses, I started doing research on other businesses for other industries I might enjoy, which often required me learning about that industry, which, to me, required me designing other things like homes and hobbies like my $2 million sailboat to learn that business industry and following sailboat cruising blogs to learn from other's experiences. I researched everything boat from river boats, to lake boats, to ocean boats with a number of different businesses for each.

This was all meant to increase my rate of learning and research to be able to better design a business and have a business that I would know enough about that industry to be successful with the business. It just seemed like the logical thing to do for using my time the best I could and, hey, it helped pass time in a more enjoyable way instead of just sitting around moping because I couldn't do anything. At least I was doing something to help me run a business later.

For example, when I designed my castle, I learned a lot about such things as building gyms, designed my own "rim flow" swimming pool, for which I have not seen anything like it, designed a ball room, workshop for both metal and wood working, designed a 50's diner that could be an actual restaurant, and learned a lot about a variety of industries including electric trains, arts and crafts, and building a variety of recreational facilities. I even designed the castle moat to be a recreational swimming, fishing, and boating facility with beaches between the towers and a diving/swimming platform on one side of the bridge leading to the draw bridge. For the solar bailey, I researched all kinds of trees and plants that might work in such an environment.

For the surrounding area, I researched all sorts of fruit and nut trees that might work as an orchard in this area plus I designed a number of outdoor sports facilities.

I was having fun but I wasn't just screwing around. I have at least 125 to 130 folders with a few hundred businesses and even some new potential hobbies that could be fun. It was meant to help me get back on my feet financially as quickly as possible, you know, after I got back on my feet physically.

I was learning everything I could about as many things as I could to have the best possible opportunity to start a successful business when I got well and to do so quickly with plans already in hand. And I have to be honest, with what I learned, I would enjoy starting and building all of those businesses. They would be fun, a lot of hard work, but fun. And, besides, I had already done quite a bit of the work for start up with links to where I could get what I needed for each business saving me from months to a year of research in the future.

Oh yeah, concerning that $2 million sailboat, in doing my research, I found there is an entire industry based on tourist agents in the US and Europe selling rental times on such sail boats, where people would rent a bed for a few weeks to a few months at $1,000 to $2,000+ per week per person for a nice vacation on a sailboat some place like in the Caribbean or South Pacific that can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, you know, cover the cost of ownership for the boat plus a little income for the owner.

Therefore, I designed the boat to have 8 renters, which, for 50 weeks out of the year, would provide $400,000 to $800,000+ per year in revenues, you know, covering the cost of ownership plus a little profit doing a really fun job sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and such. It is a potential business but I would have to get a commercial captain's license. Yes, I even researched boating laws.

With the files I have for building that boat, it would take them 9 to 12 months to build the boat (which is normal), during which time I would get my commercial captain's license, get a commercial scuba license for giving scuba lessons, take care of some other things, and hit the water making money, baby.

You would be amazed at everything I researched and how detailed the designs for all of those businesses are...and how much I learned about a lot of things. It is like I have said, I probably know more about more things than any Ph.D. Because of all of that research and designing, I know more about more business industries than anyone I know about. Even sick, I really am a smarty pants. Truly, God has blessed me.

When God heals me, opening that door for me, you will definitely seen a one man stampede through that door because I RESEARCHED and PLANNED for that stampede, with those plans backed up on a number of devices.

BTW, I just purchased the official repair manual for my 71 VW Bus to fix a few things, I have another book for bodywork backordered, and now have some of the information I will need to rebuild that thing from the ground up and turn it into a hot rod, you know, just like I planned.

I'm just waiting on God now. I'm ready when He is ready because I did my homework while I couldn't do anything else.


Did Van Drew really convert from the Commierat Party or is he an infiltrator into the GOP to begin taking it over?

Before he made the switch, he voted with Pelosi on almost everything the Commierats did. After 10 years in Los Angeles, I learned to never trust a lefty. It could be a sucker punch.

Keep an eye on him.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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