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I have never been lost in the woods or anywhere else. I always knew where I was even in places I had never been to.

One time, I went into strange woods I had never been too with other hunters, followed them in for miles, because of some irresponsible shooting by them, I decided to leave them, go on a completely different route by myself, hunt on my own for a while, and then walk straight back to camp. After miles of wondering around strange woods I didn't know, when I decided to return to camp, I just walked straight back to the camp with no problem. I didn't even think about it because I sort of sensed where I was.

I guess it is just a gift from God to always know where I am no matter where I am. I have always been able to picture the entire area where I was at in my mind with me knowing where I was in that area. I also map out an area in my mind, with a 3 dimensional map as I walk through it. I don't know how else to explain it.

I just saw a headline about, if you find yourself lost in the woods, what to do.

My first thought was, "turn around, look down, find my own tracks, and follow them back to where I last knew where I was or back out of the woods." But I guess that requires that you are able to read tracks, which is really easy, though my brother never could. He couldn't track an elephant in fresh snow.

Another thing I learned in studying geography was that, if you are not in the northern half of Canada or Alaska or in a low lying desert or swamp, just head down hill until you come to a stream, follow that stream until you come to a road or building, and then find your way back to your car or home. Except to get around an obstacle, if at any time, you go uphill, you will eventually be going in the wrong direction. If you are in a low lying desert or swamp, walk uphill until you cross a stream or road that will lead you to civilization.

I don't know if it is possible for me to get lost because of how my mind functions topographically and most of it seems to be done subconsciously. It is like I can feel or sense where I am. Because of this, I have trouble understanding how people can get lost.

This is a good time for me to teach some of the fundamentals for survival, meaning you find yourself in a dangerous or life threatening situation.

The first and most fundamental thing required to survive and extricate yourself from that situation is to keep calm and keep thinking. If you panic and stop thinking, you know, go runningg screaming, you greatly decrease your potential for survival. Your most valuable survival tool is the brain God gave you so use it.

Note that, if you can't just walk into the woods with nothing but the clothes on your body and survive for at least a year, you don't really know how to survive. In learning to survive, that should be your goal.

The second thing you do is what the military calls "situational awareness" or taking an inventory of your surroundings to know whether there is an immediate threat you have to deal with. If there is an immediate threat, then you must next deal with that threat to eliminate the threat.

The third thing you do is, after all immediate threats have been eliminated, you take inventory of your surrounds and resources. For example, what do you have to for building materials, fuel for fire, food, and water. Your strategy for survival will be based on what resources you have such as, will you build a structure to protect you with dirt, rocks, wood, or some combination of those materials? Do have a source for fresh potable water and what sources do you have for food? Do you have any resources you can use to travel out of your survival situation such as building a boat?

This is where having studied archaeology, especially ancient archaeology, will help you a lot because you will have studied how our ancestors survived the same or similar situations, therefore, you will know what to do. Listen, if you want to see a really great "Reality TV" show about survival, just put a bunch of archaeologist on one of those deserted islands and, before you know, they will build a city and that will be much more interesting and educational than the stupid stuff they actually show on those TV shows. Therefore, if you do much traveling, make it fun to study archaeology, which will teach you how our ancestors survived.

The first thing you will need to do before you can do anything else is to sit down and make some basic tools that should include a hand axe, knife, and digging tool. You will need those before you can do any of the following and, if you studied archaeology, you will know a number of different ways to do that.

For water, explore the area where you are stranded to find a source of fresh water and, if you don't find a source of fresh surface water and you know geology, you will probably know where and how to dig to find a source of fresh water. For example, if you have studied geology, you know that the reason some islands have fresh water is because ocean water soaks through the soil of the island, filtering the salt out of the water, reaches a heat source from the volcano which created that island, causing the water to rise and form either a spring or an aquifer feeding a steam, which provides fresh water. Also, you should know that all streams and rivers are created by water tables that rise above the surface of the ground creating surface water that will run downhill.

Therefore, if you are on an island that has no fresh surface water but it does have at least one sandy beach, you can find the high tide mark, go about 20 to 30+ feet inland from the high tide mark, and, if you dig down and reach the water table before you hit bed rock, you should find water fresh enough that it should be safe to drink. The same is true for a stream you may not be sure whether the water is safe to drink. Just go about 20 to 30 feet to one side of the stream, dig down, and, if you hit the water table before you hit bedrock, that would should be safe to drink.

Note that, when you dig such a well, you must cover it to prevent it becoming contaminated.

I won't go into making a fire because there are any number of good sources out there for making a fire.

Much more important is building your structure for which the first thing you have to do is take a good look as your situation. You do not want to build your structure where it can be flooded and washed away returning you to a severe survival situation. You want to build on high ground that will be above flood lines so check your area for signs of flooding and build above those sings of flooding. This will usually mean building on a hill or building a form of tree house on "stilts". Your resources will also determine where you can and cannot build your dwelling because it would be impossible to build a mud or rock house in a tree but you can build stone columns connected by arches to build your dwelling on.

The next step that you can actually begin while still working on your structure is starting hunting, fishing, and/or gathering food, storing food, and cooking food.

As soon as you have developed the ability to sustain life, then you should start working on getting yourself "saved" because I have read too many stories about people who did nothing but try to survive, while waiting to be rescued but were not rescued until it was too late. You can actually begin this in most places in the US before you do anything else because, in most places in the US, you can walk out of any forest within a maximum of one to three days, if you just walk downhill until you reach a steam or road and follow that stream or road to civilization or, if you are in a desert or swamp, you can walk uphill for a maximum of one to three days and you will reach a stream or road that will lead you to civilization. When it is hot like in a desert, walk in the cooler evening and morning and, when it is cold, walk when it is warmer, seeking shelter to rest.

If you are stranded on a deserted island like that stupid Tom Hanks was, you can use your knowledge in archaeology to build a sail powered boat really easy and really fast to travel to main land. DO NOT build a stupid raft that will leave you floating around the ocean waiting for someone else to accidentally find you. Save your own butt.

The easiest, fastest and best boat to build is to simply cut down three larger trees to make a trimaran sailboat. cut down two more smaller trees to fasten the first three together and cut down another tree for the mast. Then you can spin fibers from palm fronds to make cord and use the cord to either make rope or material for sails. The later will provide the materials you need for lines, sails, fishing lines and nets, and a trampoline across the open area between the hulls for storing food and water. Then you just hollow out the larger trees to make a shelter and more storage for food and water and add a crude rudder to the after of the center hull. You make crude barrels (you can hollow out sections of trees) to store water and dried food and go cruising.

If you know the basic area where you are stranded, you should know in which direction you will be most likely and quickly to reach civilization and be able to use the sun and moon always rising in the east and setting in the west to guide you to civilization, saving your own butt and not depending on anyone else accidentally saving you.

That is the nutshell version and you need to learn to be able to achieve all of that.

Why sit around on some stupid island talking to a volley ball when you can save your own butt?

Always remember that knowledge is a tool you use to create, build, and succeed and your brain is a tool box you can carry with you wherever you go. Use the brain God gave you to use, that is why He gave it to you to use. God did not give you your brain to keep your ears from slamming together...or to sit around talking to stupid volley balls.


I just saw a headline for a Buzzfeed video that said, "5 minute vs 25 minute vs 50 minute workout".

People, that is stupid and completely ignorant. Don't listen to that kind of crap.

Don't believe me?

Study exercise physiology.

First, 5 minutes isn't even enough time to warm up properly so it could not possibly be a workout.

Second, I can custom design a workout for any period of time of 30 minutes or more to achieve a variety of goals, though time restrictions will limit some things you can achieve. Therefore, the idea of A 25 or 50 minute workout is stupid because I can give you a number of different workouts for those time periods.

The two most important things for working out for any period of time or distance or laps are 1) what is your fitness level and 2) what do you want to achieve with the workout?

Everything else is nonsense. Anyone who teaches anything else is probably a poorly trained instructor who teaches fads, which never really work because they keep changing. If the fads worked, they would never change. Use science, not fads.


When Amazon came out with the absolutely stupid idea of using drones to deliver packages faster, I just knew we were going to have some serious problems.

Just use some common sense and imagine tens to hundreds of thousands of drones from Amazon and other businesses flying around our skies delivering packages, mostly to our homes, meaning most of the traffic will be over and in our neighborhoods.

It will eventually become as bad as a plague of locusts with drones crashing into each other and your homes or heads by the hundreds to thousands.

I watched it and was amazed at how simple minded EVERYONE was about this. What everyone was thinking was that, "I will get A drone (you know, just one drone) to bring my junk to my house more quickly because I am too immature and impatient to wait for a delivery truck."

Yeah, along with thousands of other drones delivering junk to hundreds of other neighbors within a few miles of you. Common sense should tell you that it will quickly get so bad, especially in the more affluent neighborhoods, that you will step outside your home and it will look like mosquitoes in Louisiana during the summer. Many of you will become afraid to step outside because of all of the crashing drones.

You just know that, before someone does something about it, it is going to become a huge mess. I am glad I live in a poor neighborhood where most people can't afford to pay for drone delivery for tons of junk. The rest of you are screwed and don't know it yet.

Yep, another great sounding stupid idea by some twits who forgot to think this thing through. I have the utmost faith in greedy rich people to screw things up really bad. They have a lot of practice and experience at doing this.

And you think the upper class trash are more intelligent than you because they stole more than you can earn?


HL: "How to survive if you are caught in a flood"

Me: "Swim"

HL: "Why suicide bombings are on a decline world wide"

Me: they are running out of suicide bombers?

HL: "Iran offers $80 million for assassination of Trump"

Me: cruise missiles + Iranian leaders' bedrooms + 2 am = much less than $80 million, it's a bargain, baby.

HL: "Politico: Iran Strike Makes Buttigieg's Service Stand Out"

Me: Butthead was in the Navy Reserves from 2014 to 2017, which means that, except for 7 months he spent in Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, he played warrior a few days every month and for two weeks every year. When he was in Afghanistan he was assigned an inside or desk job in intelligence but worked mostly as armed chauffeur for his boss, probably because he was lousy at his assigned job because they normally use military police as armed chauffeurs or drivers.

That is the way the military works, if you are lousy at a job, they put you somewhere that even a flunky can do the job, you know, like driver. It keeps you from screwing up important jobs like intelligence. That is also probably why he was only there for 7 months instead of the normal year for such a deployment AND was only in the reserves for 3 years instead of the usual 4+ years. (And you want him to be president or Commander-in-Chief?)

For example, guys who screwed up in ECM at Udorn, Thailand got sent to work in the post office sorting mail. Just having been in the military doesn't mean crap to me. I saw a lot of good people but also saw some losers, you know, just like in civilian life. I wouldn't hire the guy to manage an outhouse, much less my nation.

HL: "Pelosi to Introduce Resolution Deeming Trump's Soleimani Strike a War Crime"

Me: When are they going to prosecute Pelosi for her many blatant crimes? Why is she not in jail already? Oh yeah, her majesty, Queen Pelosi, is above the law. Notice that Queen Pelosi is attacking Trump for killing a terrorist who has murdered Americans. Isn't that treason?

HL: "Hezbollah Chief: Trump's Head Worth Soleimani's Shoe"

Me: Then why are they offering $80 million for Trump's head? Soleimani must have had one heck of a pair of shoes.

HL: "Khan's London: First Murder Victim of 2020 a 'Good Man' Stabbed to Death"

Me: Yeah, a good guy stabbed to death because you wouldn't let him have a gun to defend himself, twit.

HL: "McCarthy: Pelosi Could Go to a Third Article of Impeachment"

Me: Yeah, please do! Please turn more voters against you Commierats. These idiots never learn and you think they are more intelligent than you because they stole more than you can earn? Why?

HL: "WATCH: Police Find Talking Parrot After Responding to Call About Woman Screaming"

Me: Bwahahahaha!!!


With Iraq demanding the US remove our troops from Iraq, they missed an opportunity to spread US forces out more before starting their war.

Not very smart, huh?

Oh, and now Trump is threatening sanctions against Iraq for demanding the US remove our troops from Iraq.


I just got this from Breitbart by Simon Kent:

"Iran leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei sobbed Monday as he prayed beside the coffin of terror leader Qasem Soleimani who was eliminated in a U.S. airstrike, as Soleimani's daughter promised a 'dark day' for the United States lay ahead."

Now these criminals know how all of the family and friends of the many people they have murdered with their criminal actions felt.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Also remember that I told you that Trump's critics, who are attacking him for killing the terrorist, Soleimani, don't know what they are talking about?

I got this from Newsmax By Sandy Fitzgerald:

"Iraqi Gen. Qassam Soleimani was taken out because the government had intelligence 'which we believe was very strong' that showed the commander and those with whom he was plotting were 'looking to kill American diplomats and soldiers in significant numbers' in upcoming days, National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien said Tuesday.

'I can tell you that there were plans that were being made and Soleimani was in the midst of that plotting," O'Brien told Fox News' "Fox and Friends.' 'That's why he was traveling in the region in Damascus and Beirut and Baghdad, to conspire with people to attack American facilities that contained diplomat soldiers, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen. We were, the president was very concerned about that activity. Soleimani and the Iranian regime knew exactly what they were doing. What they did was underestimated the president and his restraint.'"

So the lefty commie traitors are berating Trump for protecting the lives of US diplomats and soldiers, something the president is supposed to do. That means that these lefties are aiding our enemy, which is treason. Everyone who has condemned Trump for this should at least be investigated for treason and remember that I have told you that freedom of speech and the press do NOT give you a right commit crimes like treason.

Listen, Soleimani was ALREADY murdering US citizens, which REQUIRES Trump to stop Iran from murdering US citizens and ANYONE attacking Trump for stopping Soleimani is saying that we should not have stopped Soleimani from murdering US citizens, permitting Soleimani to continue murdering US citizens, because they are afraid that Iran would murder more US citizens, when Soleimani was already working to murder more US citizens.

That is like saying that we should not stop a serial murderer from continuing to murder because we are afraid his brother would murder more people.

Wouldn't the intelligent thing to do be to stop the serial murderer and then stop his murdering brother?

This shows the stupidity and lack of common sense for everyone attacking Trump for stopping the serial murderer, Soleimani, because they are afraid Iran will continue to murder people, when Iran was already continuing to murder people because we shouldn't just stop Soleimani from continuing to murder but should also stop everyone else involved in murdering people. Soleimani should only be the beginning of protecting US citizens.

BTW, I expect Iran to focus more on staging attacks in Europe than in the US to get Europe to pressure the US into stopping killing Iranians who are murdering people because most European leaders are bigger cowards and have less common sense than conservative US leaders and Iran knows it.

Rand Paul and Tucker should be ashamed of themselves and owe the president and American people an apology.

About Time

This is absolutely wonderful. I just got this from Breitbart by David Ng:

"Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais skewered Hollywood during his opening monologue of the annual award show on Sunday, cracking jokes about virtue signaling celebrities, Apple sweatshops, and (their 'friend') Jeffrey Epstein.

'You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg,' Gervais told the A-list crowd at the top of the show.

'So, if you win, come up, accept your little award tonight, come up, accept it, thank your agent and your God, and fuck off. No one cares about your views on politics or culture.'

Gervais saved his most stinging barb for Apple, which entered the entertainment business last year with the debut of Apple TV+. Apple CEO Tim Cook was in attendance during Sunday's ceremony.

Gervais started by complimenting Apple's The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, but soon switched into attack mode.

'A superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company the at runs sweatshops in China,' the actor-comedian said.

'If ISIS started a streaming service, you all would be calling your agents.'"

Bwahahaha!!! Tell it like it is!!! This made my day.

Then I got this from Breitbart by John Binder:

"Actor Joaquin Phoenix called out Hollywood's faux environmentalists for flying 'private jets from Palm Springs,' California, to award shows during the 77th Golden Globes on Sunday evening."

More bwahahahaha!!! The idiot lefties didn't have a good night patting each other on the back that night, did they?

But, hey, you know it just went in one lefty ear and out the other lefty ear without hitting anything in between.


I just saw a picture of Epstein's neck with the wounds on it at this video and, as the doctor later stated, I immediately notice that the wounds don't match with him having been hung or strangled with a sheet. The wounds are too narrow and look exactly like he was strangled with some form of garrote, almost certainly a wire. There is absolutely no way a sheet made that wound.

It is obvious we are being lied to and an assassination is being covered up. You can bet it was the upper class trash, especially since it had been previously reported that he was singing like a canary to the feds, providing evidence against others.

That is why this case is under investigation as a crime. It is almost certain Epstein was murdered.

Note that I have kept mostly quiet about this until I could see some evidence.


Remember that I told you that the Commierat Party is shattering and many of them will only vote for certain Commierat politicians?

This video by a liberal says the same thing. He literally says that, if certain of the people he likes don't become the Commierat presidential candidate, he won't vote for any of the others.

I am seeing more and more of this from the left. After this election, there probably won't be much if any of a Commierat Party.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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