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What I am waiting for is for Trump to litigate against the House and everyone involved in pushing the impeachment through because they violated his Constitutional rights by denying him a fair trial in accordance with the US Constitution, therefore, everyone involved is liable.

I am thinking that Barr may be putting together a criminal case against them so Trump is waiting for Barr to gather the evidence, which is normal. Usually, if there are both criminal and civil (litigation) cases, the civil case waits for the criminal case to be finished and then uses the evidence from the criminal case for the civil case.

Keep an eye on this.


This video tells us that Meghan and Harry are hanging out with the Clintons, a money man for the Clintons, and a Clinton advisor.

With the Clintons being companions, I seriously doubt this means nothing and it looks like they could be putting together a political campaign.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, Meghan is 38 years old and the minimum age for US president is 35.

BTW, every day I am seeing at least 2 to more than 4 different stories about Meghan and Harry.

Gee, you don't think this is a PR campaign to get people to accept the DNC nominating Meghan for their presidential candidate and voting for darling Disney princess Meghan, do you?

An easy prediction is Harry got Meghan a job doing voice overs for Disney, probably for at least one Disney princess, and you know the lefty media will use this to make her look even more like a wonderful AMERICAN Disney princess. You just know that the lefties, especially the women will fall for this sucker punch. Gee, what a coincidence.

Hey, where is the royal brat she wanted to get away from the press she is spending so much time with to spend more time with the royal brat?

I have not seen one picture showing she is spending any time with the royal brat in weeks but plenty of pictures without the royal brat telling me the kid is still being raised by ye ole royal nanny.

Are we being lied to...AGAIN...or is it STILL?

I think it is still.

BTW, this theater about her "rejecting the royalty" is just more theater to make it look like "she ain't one of them, she is one of you" and the stupid people will fall for this. Note that she is still the Duchess of Sussex, you know, a member of royalty. She ain't given that royal title up, baby. Oops!


After CNN tried to torpedo Bernie with an obviously planned PR against Bernie, he immediately got more than 100,000 donations from his followers for an undisclosed amount. The attempt to torpedo Bernie backfired so that, once again, some deception by the lefties backfired on them.

Keep an eye on this.


This morning I had just made a comment to a posting on FB about this "transgender" stuff now ruining another sport for women, when God said, "Hey, stupid, what about this."

By giving all of these different groups the lefties have assembled into their treasonous collective the things they want, the Commierats are causing all of the different groups to show their true colors, those different groups are not liking what they see of each other, turning those groups against each other and dividing up and destroying the Commierat Party.

It is the lefty strategy of diversity of sinners that is blowing up in their faces because of the differences in the groups and their conflicting desires. Now that they are all getting what they want, they are all stepping on each other's toes and forcing the upper class trash to take sides with the different groups causing other groups to realize they were just being used and turning them against the upper class trash.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, by doing nothing but failing at impeaching Trump, the Commierats have proved that the US can do without the House for at least 3 years. Send them all home in 2020 because they proved they are a waste of money.

I am so tired of this impeachment crap and want to know why the lefties who were involved in this criminal activity are not under investigation and facing criminal charges because what they did was obviously unconstitutional and criminal.

Oh yeah, the upper class trash lefties are above the law so they can do anything they want. They have made themselves American royalty, in violation of the US Constitution.

Know this, in 1967 the US Supreme Court ruled that all laws must be enforced equally and fairly, which means that even the upper class trash are to live by the same laws we, the people must live by. The trouble is that the lefties have infiltrated the DOJ and they won't prosecute their own, which they proved when Comey let Hillary off with her blatant crimes.

If they don't enforce the US Constitution, then we don't have a constitution.

BTW, that cutsy widdle parade the lefties did to deliver the impeachment documents to the Senate in order to make themselves look important, I call that the lefty "All Fools Day parade". These criminals have made our government a really bad joke.

Listen, the Commierats are already stating that, after their phony charges against Trump are dropped, they will just impeach him again and again "4ever". The only way you can stop these blatant crimes by the Commierats is to vote them out of office, you know, vote a straight GOP ticket. If you don't, they have already told you they will tie up Congress with nothing but one kangaroo court after another in violation of the US Constitution and wasting your tax dollars.

If you want this insanity, waste of time, and waste of money to continue, all you have to do is vote for any Commierat. They have already said they will continue wasting their time and your money on more and more kangaroo courts to get rid of or harass Trump. The lefties don't care about you and how they spend your money. All they care about is their own greed and power and they have made it very clear that they will commit any crime to get your wealth and their power.

Do you believe me yet that when Pelosi talks about "the Lord", she isn't talking about Yahweh/Jesus, she is talking about her Lord Satan? Getting obvious, is it?


Trump just made another easy prediction when he said, "Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. That's what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you Dems!"

This statement and the actions of the Commierats will cause more people to vote against the Commierats than all other PR programs combined.

Now, you don't think the Commierats know that making this outright unconstitutional grab for guns will cause them to lose the next election big time? Do you believe me that the Commierats have no plans for there to be an election in 2020 because they plan a violent coup, which is why they are trying to seize your guns? The Commierats are kind of showing their colors and giving away their plans with their actions, aren't they?

Remember that actions speak louder than words and their actions are pure evil.

Today, after I wrote the above, they had this Virginia gun rally and there was no violence plus the law showed up in support of the Second Amendment, which is fantastic. It is great so see the law on the side of the people and not the side of the upper class trash.

God Working

I keep trying to show you ways that God keeps working in our lives. One way He is working is that you keep refusing to give up your beloved republic the Commierats have seriously corrupted and are trying to finish destroying to set up a much better Christian theocracy. You have let the pagan lefties teach you to put your faith in your republic instead of putting your faith in God.

So, what is God doing about this?

He is going to let the lefties and Muslims finish destroying your pagan god republic you failed to properly manage and replace it with a pagan/Muslim caliphate so that you won't have your republic you worship to replace but will end up replacing their evil Muslim caliphate with a Christian theocracy and you will gladly replace their Muslim caliphate with a Christian theocracy. God is letting them bring down your false pagan god, the republic, so you will turn to the one true God, Yahweh/Jesus.

BTW, you also need to quit worshipping that false pagan god, money. That god only causes harm, when worshiped.

Money is supposed to be a tool you use to create, build, and help you achieve things in life. It is not supposed to be your god.


I am getting the feeling that the lefties are increasingly having their doped up, brainwashed minions murder cops to get the cops to start wanting to disarm the people so the upper class trash can use the excuse of the people not having guns to cause harm to the cops to also disarm the cops so the upper class trash can feel safe in staging their coup without getting their brains blown out.

It isn't the law abiding people having guns that is causing the deaths of increasing numbers of cops. It is the criminals having guns that is causing the cops to die in increasing numbers and please note that the upper class trash only have plans for disarming the law abiding people and not the criminals, which will put the cops at even greater risk.

Keep an eye on this.

Gallup Poll

A recent Gallup poll, which are always lefty biased, said that 51% of the American people don't want Trump removed. You just know it has to be more than 51% because Gallup always polls more lefties than moderates or conservatives when the lefties are really the smallest percentage of our population.

Gee, you don't think the lefty commie traitor impeachment kangaroo court thingy has completely backfired on the traitors, do you?

I just can't wait for Barr to finish the investigations of these lefty commie traitors, try them, and then hang them to stop their evil. The spawn of Satan need to go home to Hell and the sooner the better for this planet.


I just got this from Newsmax By Brian Freeman:

"Rep. Adam Schiff, the head prosecutor in the trial against President Donald Trump, met with at least four other impeachment managers on Sunday to discuss strategy, The Hill reports."

The lefties are always denying they have a conspiracy but, by legal definition, this is a conspiracy because they are conspiring or working together to commit a crime against Trump and the American people who elected Trump.

This is no conspiracy theory because it is a conspiracy FACT. This entire Kangaroo impeachment court has been nothing but a blatantly obvious conspiracy by the lefties against Trump and his voters to remove Trump to stop the investigations into their criminal activities. The only way you can even slow this evil crap down is to 1) vote out the RINOs in the primaries and 2) vote a straight GOP ticket in the election to get these criminals out of office and power.

People, I am a registered independent because I can't stand either party so, when I tell you to vote a straight GOP ticket, you KNOW that the worst of the two evils is the Commierat Party. You have to get those evil human demons out of power before you can seriously begin to clean up the mess they have made of our government.

The longer the Commierats stay in power, the worse this is going to get.

You do know that the reason why Pelosi changed her mind to impeach Trump is because Barr is investigating the Ukraine corruption with Biden and his son and that Pelosi's son is also involved in that corruption, don't you?

Pelosi is frantically protecting her spoiled rich brat and probably also the rest of her corrupt family because they are all involved in this corruption. She is about to see almost all of her family get hung for the crimes they have been committing because she and her husband taught their kids to commit those crimes. Remember, the nut doesn't fall very far from the tree.

People, this is why, when you take out the upper class trash, you have to also take out most of their families or those families will just replace the criminals you hung. This is why almost all past rulers killed the families of the leaders for the nations they conquered. They didn't want those family members, especially their children leading revolts against them later.

History proves this to be true.

I am waiting for Trump to litigate this entire mess because this kangaroo impeachment court violates his constitutional rights and is illegal. The courts should just throw this nonsense out as being unconstitutional and probably call for an investigation into the crimes committed by the lefties. I think he is probably waiting until just the right moment. Maybe he wants them to commit a few more crimes before he brings the axe down on their evil necks.


The lefties keep trying to get their evil lefty puppets elected based on emotionalism because they don't have anything else to run on. Everything they have tried has failed, you know, all of those great sounding stupid ideas.

I just got this from Newsmax by staff:

"The New York Times, in 'a break with convention,' has endorsed two candidates for the Democratic Party nomination for president,: Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar from the party's moderate wing and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren from the progressive wing.

The paper said late Sunday it had chosen the two most effective candidates from the moderate and progressive sides of the party - without stating a preference for either approach.

It praised Warren as 'a gifted story teller' and Klobuchar as 'the very definition' of Midwestern charisma and grit."

The NYT (New York Traitors) is not endorsing them to get you to vote for them because of what they stand for but because they lie well and have charisma AND they are women, you know, like Meghan, and they are good little lefty commie traitor puppets. This is pure emotionalism and has nothing to do with them being qualified to be president.

Also note that the NYT knows that neither of them can beat Trump so are they endorsing them as women so the people will accept them later endorsing Meghan for president because, by using much greater emotionalism, you know, Meghan being a "real Black American Disney princess", they know she can beat Trump?

I mean, after all, you bad people don't want to make little girls cry by not voting for a real Disney princess, do you?

You just know that is coming and they will once again use children, especially pretty little girls, to get what they want. That is a very easy prediction.

Why would they not do this when they have absolutely nothing else?

I just don't buy that "progressive" Meghan and Harry coming to the US RIGHT NOW "to take the royal family in a new progressive direction" and hanging out with the Clintons is a coincidence. Come on, this was all planned out starting right after Trump won and their Russian conspiracy theory imploded because Meghan and Harry got married in May 2018, you know, at the same time.

There are just too many coincidences here. It won't be long and you will start hearing the lefties openly promoting "Princess Meghan for president". You just watch, you will start seeing huge packs of squealing little girls showing up to see wonderful princess Meghan to yank really hard on stupid people's heart strings. That is the only thing the lefties have that can beat Trump and they know it. That is really why she is here now. This is no coincidence.

I am waiting for the NYT to trade Warren and Klobuchar, who they know can't win, for Meghan, who they know can win. You can bet it will be a really slick sleight of hand that will fool the stupid people.

"Gee, where did the bunny rabbit come from?"

You have to be either really evil or really stupid to vote for any of the other Commierats for president and even the lefty polls are showing there are not that many evil and stupid people left in America so they will use the same kind of emotionalism they used to get terrible Obama elected TWICE, not just once, but twice. Hey, they have already tried everything else short of a violent coup and it has all failed.

BTW, I am seeing different groups making moves to stage their coup to get their people in the top position for dictator of the US. The British Royal Family, the Black Muslims, the lefty commie traitors like Bloomberg and others. It is a form of shotgun effect to see who can seize control of the US first without getting their brains blown out and because the leaders have failed so everyone else thinks they can succeed, you know, "get out of my way, losers". They all get more desperate every day.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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