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I have been watching Bernie, his workers, and AOC with these revelations of what they really believe concerning their beloved communism. It is time to connect some dots and be prepared to have the living crap scared out of you because this is ugly and getting uglier. This SHOULD scare the living crap out of you because we are talking shades of Linen, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, baby. We are talking about pure evil here.

This video tells you a little bit about this insanity. Please notice that, just like I have been telling you, where these nuts have been radicalized is in the lefty universities by evil lefty college professors brainwashing these nuts because those lefty college professors had to believe this insanity to teach it.

Also watch this video.

Also, what everyone is missing, pay attention to the people in the background of those videos who are with these radical commie nuts because their facial expressions and body English tell you that they have heard all of this before and are in agreement with it. There are no looks of surprise.

Add to that that, in both cases, these nuts were teaching this evil insanity to the guy with the hidden camera, whom they had obviously not known very long but were still freely and vigorously bragging about it to him.

What should that tell you, especially since this has now been stated by two different people in the Bernie campaign?

These people are clearly openly discussing this evil communist crap with each other on Bernie's staff, therefore, it is certain that Bernie has heard it, therefore, those people still working for Bernie means he is in agreement with it, therefore, AOC regularly hanging out with Bernie and his staff means she has to have also heard it, therefore, her continuing to support Bernie means she is also in agreement with this evil commie crap.

People, these people are all telling you just how evil they are and their evil plans, LISTEN TO THEM! They are not lying to you.

It blows my mind that no one seems to be listening to these people bragging about how evil they are, which is exactly what others did BEFORE Hitler, Linen, Stalin, and Mao got into power and PROVED they really were that evil, you know, like Chamberlain didn't listen to Hitler. Today's people are making the same mistake those people made up to more than a century ago. Don't repeat their mistake or you will repeat their history.

People, I have studied enough history that I have seen this many times before and I recognize it. Pay attention to history and what these evil people are telling you about how evil they are. These really are their evil plans.

Also, you need to keep in mind that such evil people never spill all of the beans before they gain power so you have to ask, "What even more evil things are still hiding in their evil minds?"

Do you believe me yet that the lefty college professors and school teachers, who teach this evil crap, are the worst of our problem?

BTW, I disagree with Andrew Klavan because these people are all way too radical to be satisfied with just moving the Commierat Party further to the left and they will stage a violent coup when Bernie loses the election, either with the primary or the actually presidential election will be their planned trigger point, you know, the way Linen did. Klavan is NOT listening to these people and is ignoring much of what they are saying, naively believing, "Nah, dey cain't be evil, dey just gots to be moving der party to duh left."

First, we have one of Bernie's workers being exposed as being a really radical communist saying things like the Soviet gulags were good and all conservatives (you should include moderates in this too because commies see moderates as being conservatives) should be sent to "reeducation camps" which have always been turned into death camps by commies AND these people KNOW those "reeducation camps" were really death camps so they are really wanting to send non Marxists to camps to be tortured and killed.


As open and assertive as this guy was, you know, that Bernie had to hear this crap from this worker and either agrees or just doesn't care that one of his commie workers is so dangerously radical because, when this person's comments were made public, Bernie didn't say anything and has refused to fire the man, which is a really bad sign because it either means that Bernie doesn't think his ideas are that evil or Bernie agrees with the man's evil ideas. Bernie's actions speak volumes.

Then we have AOC, who is close pals with Bernie, publically stated that she thinks 1) the Commierat Party is not far enough to the left and 2) she thinks one of the worst butchers in modern history, Stalin, is just right of center meaning he ain't far enough left or radical enough either and her perspective is insanely skewed extremely far to the left, even much further than murderer Stalin.


Then another of Bernie's workers vigorously boasts about being ready to fight and kill to set up their communist dictatorship showing he is at least as radical as the first worker and you know Bernie has to be aware of this because he could not possibly have two such radical communists working for him without hearing them discussing such things with other members of his staff.

So we now have at least 3 people very close to Bernie who are more radical and further to the left than even murderer Stalin plus AOC openly stating she is more radical than murderer Stalin and you think Bernie is not as radical? What should this tell you?

It should now be blatantly obvious that these people are all even more dangerous and ready to murder for their communist dictatorship than Stalin, who murdered at least 40 million people. They are all the spawn of Satan.

So, how many million people do these people plan to murder when they gain control of the US?

Well, we know from at least two of them that they plan to murder all conservatives or 37% of the people plus all of the moderates because they obviously are not far enough to the left either, which is another 35% of the people for a total of 72% of the people just to start with or more than 216 million people just in the US, not to mention the number of people they plan to murder in other countries by using the power of the US military or enough people globally to achieve their goal of depopulating the planet down to a MAXIMUM of 500 million people, which would be for them to murder more than 7 billion people globally.


People, this includes all of the lefty college professors who are the ones who dreamed all of this evil crap up. They are dangerous.

These nuts have to be the most dangerous people in history, especially if they get control of our nukes and you know they plan to get control of our nukes, and are clearly and conservatively the most insane people in history. You better keep an eye on these crazies, a very close eye.

Just remember, just like Hitler, Stalin, Linen, Mao and the rest of the Marxist butchers, they have not told you yet just exactly how evil their evil plans really are and you can bet they will keep those plans to themselves until they are in absolute power over all of us and then they will do as they will.

Now, we have to assume that the rest of these increasingly radical lefties are just as nuts, you know, all of the ones wanting to grab your guns so they will be the only ones with guns so you can't shoot back and they will be the only ones doing the shooting.

Do you now understand why these murdering lefties are so very determined to steal your guns and why they are increasingly panicked to get your guns as soon and quickly as possible?

They are in a big commie hurry to start murdering you and the sooner, the better but the cowards don't want you to be able to shoot back. That is the real reason they are trying to seize your guns.

Then, after I wrote the above, I got this video showing that Bernie's team is trying to cover up the terrible things his two staffers bragged about instead of at least reprimanding them for saying such evil things.

And you don't believe that Bernie and the rest of his staff believe this evil crap?

People, this is very powerful proof that Bernie and the rest of his staff agree with the horrible things Bernie's staffers said and it should scare the crap out of you because, if Bernie gets into power, they are telling you they will do what Stalin did, which was pure evil.

Like I said before, LISTEN TO THEM because they are telling you with both their words and actions just how evil they are and what their evil plans are. These people are proving to you that they are just as evil as Hitler, Stalin, Linen, and Mao. It should be obvious that Bernie and his people gaining control of the US Government will be the worst thing to ever happen to this nation.

Remember that AOC has been hanging out with these evil people and supports Bernie, while trying to get more commies like her and Bernie elected. This is a communist coup, people. Wake up!!!!

Then I got this from Breitbart by John Nolte:

"A poll from the far-left New York Times shows Bernie Sanders leaping to a seven-point lead in Iowa."

If you are not concerned yet, you are not paying attention. People, ALL of the lefty globalists have been openly saying for decades that they plan to "depopulate" the planet down to a maximum of 500 million people globally or murder more than 7 billion people, which is pure evil.

Greta Thunberg

What is Greta Thunberg about?

She is just a useful idiot being used by the upper class trash to use "Climate Change" fear mongering to scare AND shame everyone into giving up capitalism for Marxism so the upper class trash can set up their global Marxist dictatorship.

Everything else is failing so they got a young woman with a medical problem, brainwashed her, coached her, and write scripts for her to go out to scare and shame (why, you're destroying the future of this sweet, innocent, little girl bull crap) everyone to give up "evil capitalism" for "glorious Marxism" to "save the planet for Greta". The lefties love to use and abuse children because they know that most people won't dare to stand up to a "sweet", "innocent" child and, if they do, the left will attack them for standing up to the child.

The lefties are just lying con artists who have to use evil crap like this because everything they say is a lie and they know it. If they had to depend on facts and the truth, the left couldn't sell ice cubes in Hell. That is why you can't believe a thing the left tells you.

It is just a commie PR campaign or stunt using lies, misinformation, and propaganda to scare and shame people into giving up capitalism and turning to Marxism, where you must willfully submit yourself to the absolute control of your commie government, you know, the upper class trash, so the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated (but very ignorant), intellectually superior (to a rock?), natural elite, upper class trash, who got the right degrees from the right universities but have NEVER done anything even close to right for the people "can take care of you", but not in the way they tell you. The commies are using Greta to tug at ye ole heart strings and the stupid people are falling for it. If you believe their crap, you are one of the stupid people and should just crawl off into a corner and find something shiny to play with, while the adults clean up your mess.

No one can figure out why Greta is focusing her efforts on the US and Europe, when China, India, and other nations are polluting far worse. It is because it ain't about saving the planet, it is about destroying the free market capitalism of the West to set up their Marxist dictatorship, which requires them to focus on the US and Europe first. Climate change is just smoke and mirrors for what they are really doing.

It is just another lefty commie traitor con to seize power and control so they can steal more from more people faster. The left does nothing but lie to sell their evil and their normal strategy is to use fear to control stupid people and shame to silence the truth and opposition. That is all that Greta is, fear and shame to control the people.

I have stated before that the problem with the lefties is that they think they are smarter than they are and that we are dumber than we are, which is why their plans keep failing. They think we are ALL so stupid that they can say any stupid thing and we will ALL just blindly believe it and not think for ourselves because ALL of their voters are that stupid.


HL: "Trump Breaks Jim Carrey: Actor Vows No More Hate Paintings While Promoting 'Sonic the Hedgehog'"

Me: Jimmy Boy is afraid you will boycott his latest movie so he is stopping the propaganda until the movie has stopped making the rounds so boycott his movie anyway. Why give the guy who clearly hates you money to continue hating you with? Send him to the poor house.

HL: "Rob Reiner: Adam Schiff Has Proved 'Trump Is Putin's Useful Idiot'"

Me: Is Rob Reiner low on cash so he is taking pay from the upper class trash to spew his hatred against Trump? It sure looks like it.

HL: "Beijing Deploys Military to Fight Coronavirus......1000 Cases" and "China expands lockdown" and "Patients Turned Away from Hospitals......Supply Shortages"

Me: This is beginning to look like the virus has gotten into the rodents and/or birds because they obviously have lost complete control and it is getting worse quickly. Besides, is God going to use this to incapacitate part of China's Army?

HL: "Lindsey Graham: 'I don't want to turn this trial into a circus.'"

Me: Too late.


I am easily the most safety conscious person I have ever known and could be considered a fanatic about safety. I think about safety concerning everything because, over the years, I have seen too many events like this helicopter crash causing the deaths of Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter, and everyone else on the chopper in which someone wasn't quite safety conscious enough and it cost them their lives.

From what I have found out, the pilot wasn't "instrument rated" or trained to fly in zero visibility by using his instruments, which probably caused him to fly into the mountains. Ground control even asked if he was "VFR" or instrument rated.

Because of seeing far too many events like this in my 70+ years on this planet, I am so safety conscious that I decided a long time ago that, if I were to get a pilot's license, I would insist on being instrument trained so that I could fly with zero visibility by using my instruments because weather changes quickly.

You should see all of the electronics navigation and communication instruments I included in the design of that $2 million sailboat. I learned from the Air Force to include enough redundancy that, if a critical instrument failed at a critical time, I could use one or more other combined instruments for backup and get home alive. Instead of depending on the usual static life boat for an emergency, where you just helplessly float around in the ocean waiting for others to save your butt, I designed the dingy to be a pro active life boat I could use to save my own butt instead of just sitting around waiting for others to accidentally find and save my butt. I designed it to be versatile enough to be able to use an engine, oars, and a sail to get me and my family home alive and not have to depend on others to get our butts home alive.

I just couldn't make a good Marxist, could I? After all, I just can't see letting a proven incompetent government take care of me.

I just have trouble understanding how others cannot be as safety conscious as I am, especially when you should realize that it is the only life you have so you just might want to take care of it. It isn't a fear of death, it is just a fear of dying because you were stupid. Why waist a good life? It just doesn't make sense to me.

I believe that you should take every reasonable precaution you can to prevent injury or death. It has saved my butt more than once in the last 50 years. There have been plenty of times I would have been seriously injured or died had I not been so safety conscious.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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