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Increasing Wages

I saw a news item where a corrupt politician was berating bankers for not paying their people "enough" and I thought about it for a while.

Do you know the real reason why the corrupt politicians are on a perpetual crusade to force wages higher?

It isn't because those greedy criminals actually care about you like they tell you it is. If they really cared about you, they would decrease taxes to put more money in your pockets. Note that, with the corrupt politicians pretending to care about voters, they keep increasing taxes to take more money from voters.

Then why are they really on a perpetual crusade to keep increasing wages?

Because their income taxes are taken out based on a percentage of what you earn and the more you earn, they more they can steal from you, the more they can steal from you, the more they can stuff in their own greedy pockets.

For example, 10% of $1,000 is $100 but 10% of $100,000 is $10,000. That is the real reason why the upper class trash and their political whores are on a perpetual crusade to keep increasing wages, you know, so they can steal more from more people faster.

But it gets better because, in order to pay for your increase in pay, the businesses have to increase their prices, which take even more money out of your pocket. Wow, that is two strikes against you for the government increasing your pay.

Hey, the corrupt politicians know this and they love it because sales taxes are also based on a percentage of the price of the products and services so that, when the prices go up to pay for your higher wages, the corrupt politicians get more in taxes on what you buy Taking even more money out of your pocket. Wow, that is three strikes again you for the government increasing your pay.

We have known for decades that with all of these increased costs to you combined, you end up making less money from the politicians increasing your wages and the only ones who end up making more money are the corrupt politicians, which is why they are always coming up with new excuses to increase your wages and taxes.

They clearly don't care about you while pretending and showboating about caring for you because, if they really cared about you, they would stop increasing taxes on you and decrease your taxes so you can keep more of your money but you know they won't do that because then the corrupt politicians won't be able to steal as much from you and will have to take a cut in pay and not get a pay increase.

The caring about you part is just smoke and mirrors for stealing from you by making the bosses look like the bad guys, while the politicians are the real people stealing from you. It is just a con and they are just playing the people for suckers. Quit being the suckers.

This caring for you thingy is just a great sounding lie to throw you off while they steal from you. "No, no, don't look at us stealing from you, look at your evil bosses for not paying you more so we can steal more from you."

Are you ready for a Biblical 10% flat tax with a ban on all other taxes and lefty crusades yet?

You'll get to take more money home and have more money left after shopping.


After days of recounting votes, you know, to keep Bernie from winning, Butthead has been declared the winner of the Iowa election, barely, at least for those dumb enough to believe it wasn't rigged against Bernie, you know, just like in 2016.

In response to his "victory", Butthead said, "My political gay success is part of God's sense of humor."

What does he not get about homosexuality being an abomination to God?

The definition for abomination is: "a thing that causes disgust or hatred." So God says that Butthead being a homosexual is an abomination or a thing that causes disgust and hatred in God and Butthead thinks it is just fine for him to be homosexual? Really?

That makes me ask, "Who exactly is Butthead's god, Satan?"

That is certainly the answer because the God of the Bible says Butthead's homosexuality is disgusting and that God hates it but we know that Satan loves it.

So, now that we at least know who the Commierat Party is going to rig the elections to get them appointed as the Commierat presidential candidate in spite of him lagging behind Bernie in the polls, how many future rigged elections will take days to count the votes? All of them? Don't you think that is going to get a wee bit obvious after the first few primary elections?

Personally, I intend to vote against all of them.

BTW, the lefties rigging the votes to get Butthead elected as the Commierat Presidential candidate is just another sucker punch. They are trying to use the same emotionalism to get Butthead elected they used to get Obama elected. They are hoping that you will forget about what Butthead's Marxist policies are and will just vote for him to be the first homosexual president the way too many stupid people voted for Obama to be the first black president.

Since the lefties don't have anything left to run on that most people would want, they are trying to fool enough stupid people with the idea of us voting Butthead in to be the first US homosexual president. They really are that shallow and are hoping that enough of you will be that stupid.

They are hoping that most of you will say, "No, we don't care that commie Butthead will finish destroying our nation and set up a communist dictatorship to oppress and control us to steal everything we have left, we want to have the first US homosexual president."

Are you really that stupid?

They clearly think you are. You watch, they will make the most of him being a homosexual while using it to distract you from him being a commie traitor working to setup a commie dictatorship.

"Hey, baby, don't pay attention to the fact that Butthead is a commie who will destroy the US economy, cause many of you to lose your jobs, bring in millions of immigrants to destroy your wages, murder millions of babies via abortion, after they have already been born, and plunge many of you back into poverty, vote for him because he is a homosexual, hates women, and has sex with men."

If he were straight, I still wouldn't vote for him because he is a commie, I know what his agenda is and it ain't good for this nation.

Hold it, didn't they try using emotionalism to get Hillary elected as the first US female president? How did that workout? Not too well, huh?

I think God has opened too many eyes for that nonsense to work again. But, hey, dey don't gots nuttin' else to win with because dey knoze that you ain't gonna vote for them because they are trying to set up a commie dictatorship.

BTW, I am seeing that now Butthead has been pushed to the forefront by vote rigging, more people are becoming aware of his evil agenda and turning against him. People are finally paying attention and it is killing the left. They want you to vote in your sleep.

Lefty Media

One way that you can tell that the lefty media get their "marching orders" on what to say from the same people is that they always use a few of the same key words because they know that most of you won't watch more than one news station that night but it has become increasingly obvious with the internet making it possible for conservatives to play cuts from all of them in one showing.

For example, it should be very clear that they consistently used the words travesty, sham, and monarch to "discuss" the results of Trump being acquitted in the recent kangaroo impeachment fraud. The reason they always use the same key words is because they are always getting their instructions for what to same from the same source, probably some marketing people owned by the upper class trash. They are inadvertently telling you that they are owned propaganda whores saying what they are paid to say.


No, they don't care about truth. They only care about saying what they are paid to say, even when they know it is a lie, so they can keep getting the big bucks. They are just professional liars and everyone involved should be prosecuted for fraud.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Just think about it, what are the odds that 10 different people would use the same words for the same event even once, much less every time?

They do this for every major story of a political nature. It should be obvious that they are being told exactly what to say by the same people because that is the only way so many different people would use the same key words to describe so many different events. It is a dead giveaway.

This video tells that these propagandists are fit to be tied because they can no longer do what they are paid the big bucks to do because more and more people are realizing that these people are not journalists, they are lying propagandists and the people are stopping listening to them. As more people realize this and stop listening, these evil monsters are losing their power over the people and becoming worth less and less to the upper class trash.

So, when do you think the upper class trash will realize these liars are no longer worth the big bucks and stop paying them the big bucks?


I got this from Breitbart by Hannah Bleau:

"A majority of Democrat voters are 'more likely' to support Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) following the results of the Iowa caucuses, a Morning Consult poll released this week found."

Another great sounding, stupid idea by the left, this time to undermine and get rid of Bernie AGAIN, has backfired on the left. God has opened too many eyes and even the people who chose Satan's side instead of God's side realize they are being manipulated and rebelling against it. The lefty upper class trash can't do anything right because almost everyone is now seeing through the lefty smoke and mirrors.

Don't be surprised to see Butthead lose in the next election to Bernie by a significant margin. Because of him "winning" the primary in Iowa, he is being exposed for what he really is and it isn't pleasing most people. The upper class trash are really going to have to rig that election.

It is interesting watching people drag the skeletons out of the closets for all of the top Commierat candidates. As soon as they make it into the top 3 to 5 contenders, people start raiding their closets looking for dead bodies and finding plenty of them.

It is like God taught me a long time ago, if you don't want skeletons in your closet, don't put them there but these people are evil and have been stuffing their closets with skeletons for years. There is no lack of skeletons in any of their closets and the idiots are having a contest to see who can drag the most skeletons out of each other's closets the fastest.

So, how long do you think it will be until Bernie's commie brats start their shooting war?

People, it should be obvious that Bernie's commie brats are not going to start their shooting war against the conservatives but against the Commierat establishment. They are not going to be just ripping each other apart verbally, they are going to be shooting and bombing each other, you know, like attacking each others' campaign offices.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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