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OK, this is funny, no, this is hilarious.

You know the big stink the left is always making about Trump working with the Ruskies to get help winning the election?

I got this from AP via CenturyLink by Steve Peoples:

"WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Friday he was briefed by U.S. officials 'about a month ago' that Russia has been trying to help his campaign as part of Moscow's efforts to interfere in the 2020 presidential election.

'It was not clear what role they were going to play,' Sanders said during a campaign stop in California. 'We were told that Russia, maybe other countries, are going to get involved in this campaign.'"

Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! So commie Sanders is the one being helped by the Ruskies. Surprise, surprise! This is just too funny. It just shot the crap out of any "investigation" by the left into the Ruskies helping Trump. No one would believe it now. Well, OK, some stupid people would believe it.

Why would the Ruskies help Bernie AND Trump?

We have already seen that Antifa loves to have their pictures taken with the old Soviet Union flag so someone should sneak a Soviet Union flag on the stage with Bernie and wave it while he speaks. That would be hilarious.

I just read a headline at CenturyLink that said, "Bernie Sanders Receives Another Big Endorsement."

My first thought was, "From China?" I mean, after all, Russia is already endorsing him, though, I guess it could be from Venezuela or Cuba.

To show you just how stupid the lefty upper class trash are, are they not trying to get rid of Bernie? Why are they not now "investigating" him for Russian collusion to get rid of him? I mean, has he not already colluded with Russia going back decades? Is that not already public record or common knowledge?

The upper class trash are so stupid, they have been handed a free pass and it is going right over their heads.

And you think they are more intelligent than you because they have more money than you? Really?


Remember that I have been telling you that most people go into politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much legally and time has proved this to be true?

There is something about this you need to think about. All too often these idiots are writing and/or passing laws about things they know very little to nothing about and, when you think about it, they shouldn't be because you know they will screw those things up, which is why so many of their great sounding stupid ideas fail and make things much worse.

We need much more intelligent and informed people running our government and those who are not that intelligent or informed, should just crawl off into a corner and find something shiny to play with. I don't care what you think, if your thinking is based on ignorance and stupidity because you will probably be wrong.

Listen, if I don't know enough about an issue, I shouldn't be making decisions about that issue and neither should anyone else. It is time we stop making our important decisions based on ignorance, emotion, and personal desires and start making those important decisions based on knowledge, facts, and logic. We would create many fewer problems for ourselves and actually start solving some of our existing problems, something we have not done in a long time.

So I don't care about ignorant people's emotional opinions but about facts and logic.

I love it when airhead lefties ask, "Well, who is right?"

Definitely not the person using ignorance and emotions but try to explain that to ignorant and emotional people.

For example, if drugs are harmful to people, our culture, and our nation, then they should be illegal, I don't care who wants to use them and why because you know what will happen. After they damage their bodies, our culture, and our nation, they will want you to magically clean up the mess they made and pay for it, while they continue to use the dope, making their mess even worse.

This crap needs to stop.


This morning, I realized that this site is easily one of the best and most educational sites on the Internet because you will learn things here that you will learn almost nowhere else, especially that has to do with the military and dealing with bad guys because God has taught me so very much more than most people know, especially journalists. I have already given you dozens of examples to prove this. I have even written a number of hypotheses based on this knowledge and I get to write a ton of "I Told You So" essays because of this, most of them with multiple articles about different topics.

Hint: I ain't writing that many "I Told You So" essays because I is are be iggorant and stupeed.

I have proved to you that most journalists and even college professors know NOTHING about science or the truth about the military and foreign powers or even economics.

For example, did you know that you can tell when a woman is pregnant within the first two to four weeks of her pregnancy and, what amazes me, I have never heard one gynecologist publically say this in spite of the fact they are trained to know a certain fact about a woman's body when she is pregnant?

It's biology time, folks!

A female egg contains 24 chromosomes, the male sperm contains 24 chromosomes, when the male sperm penetrates the female egg, the egg 1) becomes a living organism called a zygote (we have known this in biology for more than 65 years) and 2) genetically it becomes a human being with 48 chromosomes. That is right, upon conception, the female egg becomes a living human known as a zygote and we have known this in biology for at least two thirds of a century.

You never heard that one from the lefty media or most of your college professors, did you?

Remember that knowledge is a tool you use to create, build, achieve, and succeed and this site is full of knowledge, therefore, this site is a massive tool box to help you in life. What is really interesting and promising for you is that I still have not taught you half of what I know so there is still plenty to come.

For example, did you know that when the zygote drops down out of the fallopian tube and makes contact with and embeds in the side of the wall of the uterus, the female's cervix hardens and pushes down into her vagina to protect the baby from intrusion by other organisms like protists, you know, bacteria and viruses?

If you have a penis long enough you can feel the cervix during sex, you should be able to feel this change when having sex with her but most men don't 1) have a penis long enough to make contact with the cervix (the average penis is only 6 inches long, which means that most men's penises are 6 inches or less) and 2) don't know enough to pay attention to this change. It amazes me that most gynecologists don't look at a woman's cervix to see whether she is pregnant before any of the lab tests can tell at 6+ weeks because you can tell whether a woman is pregnant by the change in her cervix even earlier. I have seen a few gynecologists pay attention to this but most don't.

Knowing this, I knew when my wife was pregnant within two to four weeks of the time she got pregnant with all three of our children from having sex with her and God always told me the children's sex as soon as I knew she was pregnant. I was right 100% of the time because I know biology and I know God.

See how much a little knowledge can help you?

Did you also know that women's vaginas are different sizes, they are not all the same size?

I have even proven a number of things wrong I have seen on Wikipedia and in various documentaries, especially from PBS. God has given me enough knowledge to know to question everything I see or hear and I quickly research things I am not certain about so I still continue learning at more than 70 years of age, soon 71 (April 13).

Nothing like God preparing someone to do a job, huh, you know, teaching you the truth?

So, if you want to learn a lot, you read this site from the beginning to the end because I don't just teach what is going to happen so you can prepare for it but also why and how.


Have you ever wondered why so many stupid people keep voting for the lefties in spite of the fact that the lefty upper class trash corruption has become so blatantly obvious?

It is because they don't pay attention and just blindly believe the lying lefty media. They are the idiots who always tell others not to talk about politics or religion because they prefer to just blindly keep voting for whomever the lying lefty media tell them to vote for because thinking requires too much work for them. They are the people Jesus said He will "spew out of His mouth" because they tick Him off so much. They are the idiot people who make dictatorships possible because they prefer to just blindly and ignorantly do what they are told and believe what they are told. They are the people the upper class trash have used throughout history to support the upper class trash evil.

If you are not going to pay attention and think, you shouldn't vote.

It is because of these fools that blatantly obvious commie Bernie just won the Nevada caucus and is moving to take the Commierat presidential primary.

More Stupidity

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"A self-styled daredevil died Saturday after a rocket in which he launched himself crashed into the ground, a colleague and a witness said.

'Mad' Mike Hughes died after the homemade rocket crashed on private property near Barstow about 1:52 p.m. near Highway 247, the Daily Press of Victorville reported."

People, this rich idiot (it takes money to build a rocket that will launch a human 1,000 feet into the air) was obviously not every intelligent. First he is a flat Earther because he either didn't pay attention in school or blindly believed some stupid teacher or professor or he stupidly believed some other flat Earther. Second, he was trying to prove the Earth is flat by simply and dangerously launching himself only 1,000 feet into the air when all he had to do was take a much safer commercial plane flight for a fraction of the cost up to 30,000+ feet where he could more easily see the curvature of the planet. Heck, even taking a private plane up to 20,000 feet would have cost less, been safer, and provided a better view of the Earth's surface but that would require some intelligence.

Well, stupid spent a lot of money to kill himself and his money didn't save his stupid butt.

Once again, the stupid lefties have made my brain hurt.

Do you still believe that people are smarter than you because they have more money than you? Have you noticed that most rich people are too stupid to have much money and do anything intelligent with it? Have you also noticed that people suddenly wining a bunch of money in a lottery does not suddenly increase their intelligence? You do remember that better than two thirds of the winners of large sums in lotteries have to declare bankruptcy within a year, right? Gee, why didn't getting all of that money make them smarter? Also, you do remember that many other rich people, whether they earned it, stole it, or inherited it go broke?

Having more money does NOT mean you are more intelligent, it just means you have more money and nothing else.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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