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I just watched a preacher dealing with the concept that salvation is completely a work of God but we will be held accountable for not accepting salvation because of our free will.

That is easy. First, God's Law was written in our hearts so that we know when we sin once we reach "the age of accountability" and we all chose, by our own free will, to break God's Laws making us all criminals in God's eyes. We, therefore, are accountable for those crimes.

Then God came to Earth in human form as Jesus and lived a perfect life in accordance with His own Laws, as only God can do, was without sin and not a criminal but still CHOSE, of His own free will, to die to pay for our sins so we don't have to spend eternity paying for our sins or crimes. Therefore, salvation is of God and not works and is completely a work of God but it gets better.

Then we know that God gives us humans a second chance or choice between continuing in our sins or crimes against His Laws or accepting salvation through Jesus and we all choose those crimes with our free will, making us responsible a second time for our crimes because our free will failed us a second time.

Then God selects from among us people He causes to turn to Him and accept His amnesty for our crimes again making salvation a work of God. For example, with me, God literally scared the living hell out of me causing me to turn to Him in abject fear and accept his amnesty program via our Lord Jesus the Christ. It wasn't because I was a smarty pants.

Therefore, salvation is completely of God and we can be held responsible for our choices in choosing crime over God. We all chose twice to commit the crimes, God chose to provide salvation for all of us once and we all turned it down the first time, and then God chose some of us to cause us to accept His grace and salvation in accordance with His predetermination because He knew we would all fail with our free will.

We all had free will twice, God gave us all a chance to accept His salvation once, and then God chose from among us people God decided to "pressure" or "inspire" with the Holy Ghost into accepting His salvation.

There is NO contradiction in us having free will and God having pre ordained some of us for salvation, God knew we would fail the test twice and preordained some of us who would be saved. God gave us ALL the free choice to be saved and then, after we blew that chance, God caused some of us to make the right choice so it was a combination of our free will, for which we are responsible for, and God's predetermination because God knew we would all turn the second chance down and then caused some of us to accept a third chance.

We didn't just get one chance, people. We all got two chances we all blew of our own free will, which God knew we would do, and then God chose from among us those He had preordained to force salvation on.


I got this from Breitbart by Penny Starr:

"CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 38 million flu illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths from flu."

And, with only a few thousand infected and about 100 dead, COVID 19 is the pandemic that everyone should panic about? Really?

If COVID 19 is a pandemic, then, obviously, we already have our polydemic or two or more pandemics at the same time and, anyone who gets both within just a short time of the other, is probably dead, regardless of age, especially if they smoke anything, use any recreational drugs, or have some other disease too.

If your body has not fully recovered from one disease and you get the other disease, it will be enough to kill you.

I have also been noticing that this pandemic is increasing the Hebrew move to Israel. The Hebrews kept refusing to move to Israel, so God is driving more of them to Israel with this pandemic created by our lefties and the commies. God will get most of them there one way or another.

I am getting the feeling that, of the ones who don't return to Israel because of this, it is only going to get worse and many will die. They just might want to pay attention to God and get their butts back to Israel.

Here is another blow back against the stupid politicians who are shutting down our economy. With businesses not making money or not making as much money, they now don't have as much money to bribe...uh...give campaign donations to the corrupt politicians, who are now having increasing trouble raising campaign donations.

Watch this video and expect to soon see the same thing here. The people are turning more and more against those shutting down the economy and destroying their lives. This lock down crap is not just backfiring against the left but is finally about to blow up in their faces. The left went too far this time and eyes are opening.


I got this from Breitbart by Penny Starr:

"President Donald Trump's Justice Department (DOJ) is backing a lawsuit by three female athletes who say their sex-based Title IX rights are violated by the forced inclusion of 'transgender' males in their high school competitions.

On Wednesday, the DOJ issued a 'statement of interest' in response to a lawsuit filed by three high school athletes in Connecticut challenging rules that allow individuals to compete in sports based on 'gender identity' rather than biological sex."

You KNOW that this is going to increase the number of women, even feminists, supporting Trump and leaving the Commierat Party. The great sounding stupid idea of the transgender thingy just backfired on the left and will eat away at their biggest group within Commierat voters, women. This is a huge win for Trump and America.

By November, who is going to be left voting for the left?

Oh yeah, the criminals, the commies, and the crazy people.

I just got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Bob Cronin:

"The Pentagon will call back a number of retired and reserve troops to help fight the pandemic, after President Trump issued an executive order Friday night. He did not say if anyone would be returned to service who didn't agree to it, the Washington Post reports.

The order covers retirees, though, and Trump said some of them have 'offered to support the nation in this extraordinary time of need.' Under the order, Defense Secretary Mark Esper is to return units and members of the National Guard and Reserves, as well as some Individual Ready Reserve members, to active duty, per the Military Times.

'Decisions about which individuals may be activated are still being reviewed,' a Pentagon spokesman said in a statement issued after midnight.

No one said how many troops will be brought back, but an Army spokesman said roughly 15,000 veterans have shown interest. Recalls of Ready Reserve forces are rare, per Stars and Stripes. Trump's order says returned troops could be kept on active duty for as long as 24 months."

I am certain that Trump knows the left is running out of ideas and they are getting ready to stage a violent coup. Based on his actions so far, he has good intel.

Is Trump using this pandemic as a cover to quickly beef up the US Military for this coming coup?

I wouldn't be surprised.

Note that they can be kept on active duty for up to 2 years.

My Church

I just realized that, with all of these churches shut down, it makes my church or web site one of very few still feeding the people. That knocked my socks off.

Wow, me thinks that is definitely one reason God has had me writing this site, especially for now. For many of you, my site is one of few churches for you to attend.

And, when they censor the YouTube religious channels, which probably won't be long, this will be one of very few churches still getting out the Word of God.

BTW, I am seeing significant changes in the Christian churches right now and this hostile takeover of the government by the commies is accelerating these changes. I am waiting to see where this is going and I am inclined to believe it will result in the elimination of the paganism currently in the church and a revival of true, conservative, Biblical Christianity with the poser Christian churches openly turning to some form of paganism.

I am waiting to see whether it will result in one unified Biblical church or several.

Basically, God is cleaning house. I see His hand moving everywhere.

Term Limits

A lot of people like to simple mindedly believe that term limits will magically solve our problems but, here in New Mexico, we have learned the hard way that term limits can cause as many problems as they could solve.

We had a very good governor but term limits forbid her from continuing to be governor and she got replaced with really, really bad upper class trash that is as bad as any bad politicians anywhere all because of term limits.

Believe me, term limits won't solve a thing and, in less than 5 years, will cause us to lose the best president we have ever had. What is required to solve our problems is for the law and Constitution to be enforced against our leaders and the bad ones to go to prison or be hung. Term limits is no magic wand and can backfire on you.

Hanging more than a few would do much, much more good than term limits could ever do. It would do much more good to build a special gallows or guillotine just for corrupt leaders and use it every now and then. I have really learned to understand why God ordered us to use the death penalty when necessary.

Kenneth Copeland

Just put on one of his big "healing" drama shows that has made him wealthy by pretending to heal COVID 19, you know, using God and lies to get rich.

What will be his lame excuse when that fails and people keep dying?

I can just hear it. He will claim that the people are still getting sick and dying because dey don't gots enuff faith.

People, read the Bible and you will see that, when Jesus sent his apostles out to heal people and they returned after having healed everyone but one man, Jesus did not say it was because that one man didn't have enough faith. He said the apostles didn't heal the man because the apostles didn't have enough faith, after healing everyone else.

Jesus showed us that, if they can't heal everyone, then they don't have enough faith. These phony preachers using God's name in vain to pretend healing people for money are calling Jesus a liar when they say they didn't heal someone because of that person's lack of faith. They fail to heal millions every year because they are phonies and you watch them all convert to Islam after the Muslims take over this nation because "they suddenly saw the light."

Copeland didn't heal anything except his bank account and God will turn this against Copeland when it fails. God is tired of our crap, which is why we are where we are now.


This worker strike by Amazon is just another lefty try to shut down the economy even worse and gain more control over everyone as part of their coup. They know that, if they can dry up the food supplies even more, the economy will suffer even more and they are trying to make it bad enough that you will vote for the lefties to stop the destruction.

Believe me yet that these people are evil and really don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts? Do you believe me yet that beating the left won't cause them to stop, only death will cause them to stop?

Trump needs to send the National Guard in until Amazon can replace the striking people with robots. This is a national emergency.

Conservative News

I am seeing more and more conservative YouTube channels start up their own news channels elsewhere telling me that they are expecting YouTube to shut them completely down soon, because YouTube is already demonetizing them so they are setting up their own private channels elsewhere to make money, and to get out from under the oppressive and tyrannical control of these lefty run companies.

We may not see conservative news on YouTube much longer. I am now considering following them to their other channels but only if I don't have to pay because I simply cannot afford to pay for their news. Keep an eye on this.

Hey, if God wants to keep me doing this, He has to provide a way for me to keep doing this, you know, like God did with Mark hosting this site years ago.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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