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Life Lesson

I want to share a life lesson with you I learned young and helped me get further than most people every get.

When I was growing up and learning in school, I noticed that, when confronted with a new problem or obstacle in life, most people ask, "Can I do this?" Frequently, because they have no knowledge or experience in taking on the new task, the answer is "no" so they give up and fail to try.

But I noticed that great people in history, whether in science, sports, or the military don't ask that question. They always ask, "HOW can I do this?" which causes them to begin researching and thinking about how to accomplish the task, which causes them to LEARN how to do it, at which time, they can do it. Success has a lot to do with attitude.

Therefore, after I got into college and learned that I could be as good as anyone, I refused to ask the question, "Can I do this?" and would only ask the question, "How can I do this?", which always caused me to begin researching and learn how to accomplish the task.

This is why, after the doctors said I should have died 12 to 15 years ago, I am still alive and trying to regain my health to get back in action, doing the things I enjoy. I keep researching and using the knowledge I have to do the physical therapy to help my body recover so I can return to a more normal life. I am working on learning HOW to get well.

After the first three years of my therapy, I was recovering well when doctors screwed up by not properly treating my urinary tract infection, causing it to become chronic and caused my health to relapse.

After that, I knew that my first step had to be rest and recovery from the relapse and now I am slowly working to recover my health with my proven physical therapy program and some improvements because I refused to ask, "Can I do this?" and quit the way my doctors had and most people would. I am still patiently working and using science to answer the question, "How can I do this?" by working to get the job done.

Soaring Gun Sales

Why do we now have soaring gun sales with these quarantines shutting everything down? Do you think it might be because many people realize this is a coup?

Probably. Their coup is getting more and more obvious.

Natural Elites

Here is something that I realized and partly explains why the lefties/pagans hate God and the Bible. According to the Bible, through Noah, we are all family but even with evolution, we are still all family, the upper class trash natural elites just like to believe they evolved better. That means we have the same basic gene pool so it is not possible for the upper class to be superior to the rest of us and explains why we have so many stupid rich people and intelligent poor people. We all have the same basic gene pool so their fairy tale about them being superior to us doesn't hold water and the evidence says it is a lie.

Another thing I realized about that is, as humans, we have one really screwed up family with some jerks and butt holes oppressing, enslaving, robbing, raping, murdering, and committing other crimes against their own family. Those jerks love money more than family.

Is that screwed up or what?

I want my own planet where only good family members can go and no jerks allowed. Oh yeah, we get that AFTER the Judgment, don't we?


There are two things working against us. 1) Many people are not paying attention and 2) many people are not using common sense.

For example, they are wondering about the 21 to 23 million dead Chinese that China is hiding. I see quite a few people thinking they ALL died from COVID 19 but, hold it, didn't these people pay attention to the millions of Chinese who just disappeared without the illness, especially if they exposed the Chinese government lies? What, they think all of those people were killed by COVID 19 WHILE the Chinese organ donor business was also booming?

Yeah, it should be obvious that quite a few of them, probably at least millions were just murdered by China and it is being covered up.

How many?

We have no way of telling because you can bet that China didn't keep records on how many they murdered. We will find out on Judgment Day.


Something you need to keep an eye on and I have been watching closely for more than a year is that it looks like the US is ramping up for a war with Iran, you know, take out ye ole number 1 sponsor of terror.

Keep an eye on this.

Commierat Convention

The Commierat Convention has been delayed until August, just 3 months before the election.

Is this to help Meghan take Trump by even more of a surprise and give him less time to destroy her?

It can't be because of Biden because, even as stupid as the left is, I can't believe they are stupid enough to run Biden against Trump. That would be like putting a five year old in the ring against Mike Tyson, it would be a slaughter.

I still believe that Meghan is the only one who has even a slight chance against Trump. None of the rest have even the slightest hope.

Hillary, Bernie, Cuomo, and the rest won't do much better than Biden and 15% of Bernie's commies have said they will vote for Trump over Biden.

Bernie just withdrew from the race and his more avid commie followers are already starting to work against Biden with their "Bernie or Bust" campaign program. Better than 15% of them are saying they will vote for Trump over Biden AGAIN. But then Bernie only seems to have withdrawn from the race because he is still keeping any and all of his delegates, you know, like he is hoping something happens to Joe.

The only way I can see the Commierats having even a prayer against Trump is by surprising Trump with a late minute run against Princess Meghan and I believe there are just too many coincidences with her story and this election.

Are they hoping that giving Trump less time to do battle with Meghan will increase her chances of winning?

Hey all they may have is the element of surprise. Keep an eye on this.

Also, enough governors, mayors, and major corporations have so completely clamped down on and are oppressing their people in the name of protecting them, that it wouldn't take much to just completely turn this into a tyranny, with many cities and states unconstitutionally already being tyrannies.

For the most part, all they have to do now to setup their commie dictatorship is get rid of Trump, Pence, and the US Military, which is why Obama started government funding of his CNSF to replace the US Military. Basically, they have to murder both Trump and Pence and the replace the military with their thugs.

There are some states and parts of states that are still free but that decreases every day.


It is looking like the lefty COVID 19 "pandemic" is failing because the left is already starting another investigation into Trump as a distraction to keep people from realizing that their pandemic is failing to discredit Trump.

Watch this video explaining it to you.

Every time one of the lefty plans fail, they start another investigation.

Plus, you have to ask the scary question, "What will the crazy left do next?"

Several things you should have learned from this criminal and fraudulent action by the left is that 1) they can shutdown, control, and oppress the people without a violent uprising, 2) some law enforcement will support their tyranny, and 3) they can destroy the economy to impoverish and control the people and to cause people to get poor enough to sell their weapons for food. You better bet this will encourage the left to try again and again until it fails. They don't have much time left before they get voted out of office so you know they are getting more desperate every day.

What excuse will the left use next to oppress and control the people?

What the left is not getting from this is that every stunt the left pulls causes the right to get increasingly angry and rebellious. This will eventually come back to haunt them.

Also, after the left's failed terrifying numbers, the people will be less likely to believe them concerning another disease outbreak (it didn't even come close to the millions of dead we were told about) and there is more likely to be more rebellion and outright refusal to obey such orders again, especially after seeing Sweden not shutdown their economy and do well with the "pandemic" but you know that won't keep the left from trying again.

Speaking of lefties, Mark sent me a link to this story that exposes a couple of the Commierats, Fauci and Birx, causing us so much harm for their power gain. They really seem to relish the new found power they have over the economy and the people.

US Economy

They are making such a big deal out of how bad the current US economy is because of the lefties shutting down and destroying the economy because of COVID 19. The unemployment is being broadcast as being terrible at 4.4%.

Did you know that during Obama's reign, the unemployment rate never got under 4.7%?

As bad as this economy is being touted as being, it is still better than Obama's best economy ever was. Think about that.

It kind of sounds like the economy really isn't that bad yet, yuh think?

Trump should be able to easily rebuild this economy within a year or two, no thanks to the lefties who destroyed it to get their power back.

You can't believe a thing the lefty media tell you.

Following Orders

You cops, national guard, and military need to know that "following orders" in doing something that is illegal and/or unconstitutional is not a valid defense. Precedence was set for this at the Nuremberg Trials when all of the death camp guards used the defense of "just following orders" and they all ended up being hung. The court stated that you are responsible for doing what is right in spite of your orders and, when ordered to do something that is wrong, you are supposed to refuse those orders.

All of you cops, national guard and others enforcing illegal laws against the people will be tried as accomplices for those crimes, after the dust has settled. You are not above the law because someone ordered you to commit that crime.

It is illegal for someone to order you to commit a crime and illegal for you to follow that order. If anything, you should arrest the person or people who gave you that order because they just committed a crime and you witnessed it.

Social Media

After all of this mess and all of these lies, I am seeing a new organized and concerted movement to get away from the lefty social media to break their grasp on communication and news. Keep an eye on this.

Commierat Party

Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierat Party will self destruct?

This video tells you that is happening right now. You are seeing the end of the Commierat Party as you watch the video.

There is absolutely no way the liberals can regain power again via the ballot box, which will absolutely force them to use violence so you better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load. It is easy to say we are wining, drop our guard and celebrate but remember that these criminals will never stop, not even this will stop them. When all else has failed, they will turn to violence.

Note that, just like I told you before, their brainwashing the young commies is turning against them because commies are more radical than them and have turned against them. Instead of turning on the conservatives, they are turning on their own former liberal masters but they will also at least eventually turn on you too. The lefty upper class trash have outsmarted themselves.

Man plans, God laughs.

More Coincidences

I have been watching this and I must write about it now to warn you.

About 100 years ago the upper class trash began teaching you to hate house cats.

Don't believe me?

Study the animal animations going back to at least the 1930s and you will find that, until recently, better than 90% of the time the bad guys were house cats and the good guys were birds and mice. While you were a child watching cartoons, you were being taught to hate house cats.

In the 1970s the upper class trash began using conservation to get you to kill off free roaming feral cats knowing that it would cause bird, rodent, and bug population pandemics. By 1988, I realized that we had a rodent pandemic from coast to coast. During the 1990s the upper class trash turned the West Nile Virus lose on the Atlantic Coast to see how long it would take for it to get to the Pacific Coast via the bird population. The experts estimated it would take 90 days but it only took 30 days telling them that we had a severe bird pandemic. Those experts said that it was not if but when a disease would get into that pandemic bird population and kill millions of you but the MSM refused to really cover that story more than an occasional mention so most of you forgot about it.

Mean while I was trying and failing to warn you about our rodent pandemic and the threat it posed but no one wanted to listen.

By the strangest of coincidences, during the 1990s the upper class trash began preaching their globalism and depopulation of the planet down to a MAXIMUM of 500 million people globally.

Gee, I wonder how they plan on doing that?

Then Trump became president and the upper class trash became completely fixated on getting rid of him and were failing to do so because Trump is clean and, while distracting us with their impeachment thingy, Bill Gates patented a vaccine for COVID 19 in November 2019 so no one else can make it (telling me that all of the upper class trash involved in this got the vaccine before they turned the virus loose on the rest of us just like I told you they probably did), got MIT to start working on putting a tracking device inside that vaccine by December, then 2 college professors and a doctor sold COVID 19 to the Wuhan bio-weapons lab in China, then COVID 19 got loose (because of bats?), the Chinese used the outbreak to oppress their people and stop the protests, the virus got to Iran, where they used it to oppress their people and stop their protests, then it showed up in Europe where they used it to oppress their people and stop protests while members of the US deep state illegally brought infected people into the US against Trump's orders and the lefties continued to insist on bringing illegal aliens into the US, the virus began to spread through the US with the lefty media terrifying US citizens with their fear mongering while clearly sending lefties out to spread the virus with things like the Spring Break, parties, and people contaminating food in stores, the lefty politicians used that fear to shut down and oppress the US economy with x-spirts like Fauci scaring everyone with predictions that 2 million or more people would die and when that failed, they cut their estimates back to 200,000 and, when that failed, they now cut it back to 60,000 with their glorious pandemic now failing and the left waging war to stop you from using hydroxychloroquine because the left wants as many of you as possible to die so they can use the higher death numbers to continue to scare and control everyone.

Why did the lefty start out by lying to their people and telling them to not worry or use precautions?

Because the left wanted to maximize the death count to maximize the people's fear to maximize the left's control of the people, even if it meant killing off their own stupid minions and I believe that, by the time it got to the US, they knew it had mutated and was not as deadly as they thought it was going to be so they were trying to make it more deadly by helping it spread faster.

Remember that I told you how a virus works?

The virus attaches itself to a cell and injects either DNA or RNA, pending the type of virus, into the cell to turn the cell into a virus making factory. The problem is that, when the cell creates those new viruses, the cell puts some of its own DNA/RNA into the virus causing the virus to mutate, which can cause a virus to become less lethal. This happens all of the time.

For example, when a human catches the New Castle disease virus from birds, which is very lethal to most species of birds, especially chickens, the human genes cause the virus to mutate into a harmless flu virus that won't effect the birds any more.

Man plans, God laughs.

Based on the lies and actions of the lefty upper class trash, it is probable that they knew the virus had mutated, was less deadly, and they were trying to maximize the number of people who would die. People, this was an act of terrorism by the lefty upper class trash against their own people.

I realize that, just because this pandemic failed, it does not mean the lefties will quit the biological and economic warfare and terrorism against the US citizens so my first question was, "What diseases will they turn loose on the people next?" I figured it would be something that is either spread by birds or rodents because they know they caused pandemic populations in both of those groups, you know, like SARS or Yersinia Pestis.

This morning, one of the first headlines I saw was about a "New deadly highly pathogenic bird flu" spreading in South Carolina. Surprise, surprise. It just magically appeared out of nowhere, you know, while they are starting another impeachment effort against Trump.

You better be ready because the left has started a continuous campaign of biological and economic warfare and terrorism against you to get rid of Trump and finish their coup. It is going to be one disease after another to destroy the economy and control you with fear. They are not going to quit this terrorism until either they get what they want or they are dead.

Mean while, what happened to all of those mass shootings they were using to get rid of your guns? I guess they feel they don't need those anymore because their new plan is to destroy the economy to impoverish you enough so you will be forced to sell your guns to buy food?

Gee, what a bunch of coincidences all just accidentally happening at just the right time and right place and the lefties always just accidentally being ready to take advantage of those coincidences.

"But, hey, it ain't no conspiracy because their evil leaders are too stupid to work together to achieve their common evil goals."

Mean while I am watching the lefty upper class trash murder off their own stupid lefty followers and activists just like I said the upper class trash would do and the stupid lefty minions are too stupid to figure out that they are most of the people being murdered by their glorious leaders so they keep supporting those lefty upper class trash murdering leaders.

Does that make your brain hurt enough?

People, I have told you, I have told you, I have told you that the only thing that will stop these human demons and spawn of Satan is death and they keep proving me right. After 3 years of openly conspiring to get rid of Trump with fake and fraudulent impeachments that have all failed, they are starting another impeachment.

Do you think that, after all of the damage and control they got with the first "pandemic" they will stop because it failed too?

No, they are going to keep bombarding you with pandemic after pandemic until they kill you all, you know, depopulate THEIR planet the way they said they would or they die. The only question is, "which disease will be next?" Oh yeah, a deadly bird flu, you know, another virus that magically appeared out of now where at just the right time.

Do you get the picture yet?

The US lefties are a far greater threat to US national security than Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and all other threats to the US COMBINED! I know the US military has to wait until the people are in revolt to step in and help the people get rid of these evil despots so you people hurry up and get fed up or it is going to keep getting worse.

Speaking of which, I am seeing that increasing numbers of people are getting very fed up and on the verge of revolution. The military can only help you overthrow these evil tyrants so you must lead so they can follow and one of the first things you have to take down is the lying lefty media.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because these evil spawn of Satan and human demons are openly waging biological and economic warfare against you to murder almost all of you off with their globalist depopulation thingy.

In frustration, I prayed for God to send us a champion to fight for us. Then God said, "I already have, his name is Trump."

Pray for him.

Food For Thought

Why is God permitting the lefties to destroy the US and suspend the Constitution to deny you your constitutional rights and freedoms so they can have control over you and enslave you?

Because, 1) it will bring all of them out of the closet so you will know who they all are and 2) after they suspend the US Constitution and you start your rebellion, they won't have any constitutional rights either so you won't be restricted by the US Constitution or laws in how you fight them. It will quickly degenerate into medieval warfare, you know, SOS, Shoot On Sight.

Man plans, God laughs.

By destroying your constitutional rights and protections, they will also be destroying their constitutional rights and protections. By destroying our Constitution and civilization, they will be taking themselves right back to merciless barbaric warfare with them fighting very angry people they ticked off. The fools are too stupid to realize that, by destroying our constitutional protections, they are also destroying their constitutional protections. It will quickly be open season on everything left, including the upper class trash, the corrupt politicians, deep state, media, activists, and Hollywood with no holds barred by a constitution.

Remember that I told you that the first and most important job or responsibility for a nation or government is to protect good people from bad people. By destroying your protection, they are also destroying their protection and as mad as you are going to be, they will wish they had not destroyed their protection. It is going to be open season on the left with no bag limit and they know this, which is why they keep trying to steal your guns so they will be the only ones with guns.

Man plans, God laughs.

What is really funny about this is that these arrogant fools have failed at everything else they have tried and they persist in starting a shooting war with you? And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn? Really? Why?

If you think about it, they have gone beyond the point of no return so that, if they do quit now, they will either go to prison or hang. They have created such a huge mess that they must continue in vain hopes of succeeding after nothing but losses. They are so stupid they have forced their way between a rock and a hard spot with death being the only way out and they are hoping that death will be your death and not their death.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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