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Mail-in Ballots

For those of you who are not paying attention to news about lots of mail-in ballots being sent to a relatively few addresses, this is how rigging the vote with mail-in ballots works. They send a lot of ballots to a relatively few activists who illegally fill out all of those ballots and mail them back with the postage being paid for by your tax dollars. It is called rigging the vote and is a federal felony so I want to know why the FBI isn't investigating these blatantly obvious crimes.

That is what this mail-in balloting is really all about, rigging the vote.

Why would they do this and risk going to prison?

Because they know they can't win without rigging the vote and are power mad enough to risk going to prison to keep their power, besides, the people who always end up going to prison are their activist stooges.

With them doing this at this level, it is telling me that they know they have to create a lot of false votes to win the election because people's eyes are opening and their voters are leaving their sinking ship so they are trying to replace those voters with increased vote rigging.

You should be contacting your Congress people to investigate this because these criminals are stealing your votes from you by rigging the vote. Besides, it proves they really don't like democracy and you the people being in control. These criminals want ALL of the power and control so they can steal more from more people faster.


You still think the lefties are not the Nazis and bullies?

Watch this video about people being bullied by a tyrannical government and I have already proved that none of this has anything to do with science or the virus and why. This is all about power and control of the people by power mad people at the top.

Do you believe me yet that all of these tyrannical bullies belong in prison?

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes and more and more people are turning from Satan's lefties to the conservatives?

This video shows how severe this is happening. The people are fed up and angry. The lefties are their own worst enemies. Their obsession with power over other people turns other people against them.

Remember that I told you that you cannot believe government funded x-spurts without question because most of them tend to be what we used to call "academic whores" because they will say whatever they are paid to say?

This video points out some of that. It should be obvious that Fauci is saying what he is being told to say when he is being told to say it. If his statements were based on true science, they wouldn't keep changing because the science doesn't change.

Also note that it proves what I have been telling you that this lockdown is not about science and the virus but about fear mongering to control people and grab power.

The Giant

The lefties were able to get as far as they did with their coup because too many of the people were "asleep", basically just working and getting along in life, not paying attention to what the left was doing while blindly believing the lefty media lies and the feel good lies of the politicians because they just sounded so great.

The crap about Billy Boy being impeached started to get the people's attention and then the crap about Obama not being a US citizen got their attention even more but the thing that really woke the giant and got the giant's attention was the crap about impeaching Trump, especially when one after another attempt failed, with them immediately starting the next attempt, and the media being repeatedly proved wrong and in collusion with the lefty commie traitor Commierat politicians trying to impeach Trump.

Each effort to impeach Trump woke the giant more, especially when they all failed, proving the left's lies wrong. As more people woke and began paying attention, they began to see the blatantly obvious corruption of the left and RINOs, which has been causing more and more of them to abandon the Commierat sinking ship. They don't like what they are seeing.

The problem for the lefties is that they are too stupid to realize that their desperate and fraudulent attempts to impeach Trump have awakened the giant and it is paying attention, which is turning the giant more and more against the left so the lefties just keep right on doing the same corrupt things they got away with when the giant was asleep and not paying attention. This just keeps making it worse and worse for the lefties and they are just too stupid to get it.

"Hey, it worked before so it is bound to work again, even if now the giant is awake and paying attention" so they just keep doing more and more of the same stupid and corrupt stuff that isn't working anymore, which is really stupid.

The lefties are not smart enough to figure out that the best thing they can do for achieving their evil agenda is back off and do nothing until they can put the giant back to sleep. As long as the giant stays awake and paying attention, the lefties doing their corruption will just keep the giant awake, keep the giant's attention, and keep showing the giant just how evil the left is, turning the giant more and more against the left. America is waking up.

These unconstitutional and illegal government lockdowns over COVID 19, the financial damage it has caused the giant, and the deaths it has caused among the giant's family and friends have infuriated the giant against the left so he isn't going back to sleep any time soon, possibly for another generation or two. Now the angry giant is fighting back and starting to win, destroying the left's soft coup efforts.

Man plans, God laughs.

The arrogant fools have pushed the giant too far and still refuse to quit because dey just gots to hab der power and control.

But, hey, it gets better, especially with such things as Biden's recent screw up about blacks not being black if they don't vote for him. It seems that increasing numbers of blacks are bailing on the Commierat Party destroying anything resembling a chance of them even just doing well in the next election and the party actually even losing both the presidency, Senate, and House in mass with enough damage that the Commierat Party may never be able to get a majority in either house of Congress again and the Commierat Party probably won't survive this latest screw up by the left.

Watch this video. At the very least, many blacks will not vote because of this comment with many more voting for Trump and the GOP. This will force the Commierats to turn back to Obama in a vain hope of getting back some of the lost black voters, with him not being able to legally be president again, which will force a violent coup by Obama and his black Muslim friends.

I don't expect the left to figure it out any time soon so I expect to see the left continue angering the giant until the giant gets mad enough to crush the left and their treasonous coup.

Basically, the giant ain't happy no more and is turning on the lefties.


It is looking like Trump is in the process of putting together criminal cases against the top lefties. I keep hearing and reading about this and this video says so too. It seems that there are increasing fears in Washington DC about Trump bringing charges against at least some for treason. The trouble is that it takes time to cross all of the Ts and dot all of the Is to make sure the cases will hold up in court.

With all of their desperation and frantic actions, it should be obvious that the lefties are running scared, which is the main reason they are trying to get rid of Trump.

This is really great. Trump is taking the shield protecting these big tech firms from litigation because the big tech firms have been abusing their power over the people. Trump has put these big tech giants between a rock and a hard spot so that, if they continue to censor content on their sites, they can be litigated and to be protected from litigation again, they must stop censoring content.

This is going to be interesting because, if the big tech firms refuse to stop censoring content, there will be a sudden mass of litigations and, if they stop censoring content, then the conservatives can share and learn the truth to stop the left. The lefty plans just keep failing.

Man plans, God laughs.


I am seeing people acting like trolls who had never posted anything political or attacked anyone who told the truth. This is causing the number of lefty trolls to increase and tells me that either they have awakened sleeper trolls and/or are recruiting more trolls to post propaganda and attack truth tellers, especially with so many people now being out of work because of the lockdowns and needing money.

This will quickly increase to intimidate, bully, terrorize, and censor the truth tellers and their readers until the election. They are clearly desperate and all they are doing is doing more of what has not been working or has been backfiring on them because they are so simple minded and stupid they actually think that what they need to do is do more of the same.

"Why, if we just do more of the same, it will work." They showed and proved this with their relentless and consistently failing impeachment thing and them now talking about doing the repeatedly failed impeachment thing again.

The commies are so stupid they make my brain hurt but, hey, they can't be intelligent and actually believe in any form of Marxism, especially after more than a century of Marxism failing every time it has been tried. It is like I have been telling you and they keep proving, the first requirement for being a lefty is to not have a lick of common sense. Hey, the dumber they are, the better peasants they make.

With the increasing anger I am seeing among the people, I am getting the feeling that it is almost time to crowd fund a guillotine factory. It is like the lefties are determined to lose their heads. "Here, take mine, I never use it." Keep an eye on this.

BLM Rioting

Gee, what a coincidence that BLM rioting breaks out just as the people are forcing the lockdown to end. Nothing like distracting people from the lefty upper class trash lockdown failing and staging riots across the nation to create chaos and confusion, while trying to get back some of their lost black voters.

This is now a violent coup by the left and Muslims, just like when Linen took over Russia. This is no longer a soft coup because two federal agents have been shot with one being killed.

I watched some video of the left staging these riots and protests and they are clearly orchestrated and preplanned. I noticed that many of the riot leaders and rioters are lefty whites and not blacks, though there were also plenty black leaders and rioters. Get it straight, contrary to what the lefty media are telling you, this is NOT just the blacks reacting to a black being killed. This is not a race riot but is rioting to stage a hard or violent coup that is clearly being staged and managed by the lefty white upper class trash, where blacks are just the front people.

I think it was in St Paul that the mayor said that everyone arrested was from out of state, you know, hired and brought in, A.K.A. mercenaries.

Gee, there ain't no conspiracy, is there?

Crossing state borders to riot is a federal felony and it clearly shows conspiracy and coordination by the upper class trash. These rioters are being funded by the upper class trash to do this. This is not about a black man being killed by cops but is about power. The black man is just being used as the excuse.

With all of their previous attempts to seize power failing and their top big tech propagandists now facing criminal charges and litigations, the rioting by the left just coincidentally happens. The left just took their coup to the next level and the street fighting has started just like in Russia in 1917. I understand that there has so far been rioting in more than 20 cities across the US. Gee, what a coincidence and all by accident. "No conspiracy here, folks, look over there."

This means the left has run out of other ideas, is impatient, and know that, if they don't seize power soon, they will be facing criminal charges anyway so they just started the shooting war, literally.

I told you that, when everything else failed, the left would turn to violence and they just did. When this fails, the left will get even more violent and murder even more people to get what they want. The only thing that will stop them is death.

So, what is the left really doing with this rioting crap?

The lefties refuse to give up the power they illegally grabbed with the COVID 19 crisis just because the people are refusing to obey the corrupt politicians' orders so the left is staging these riots to create another crisis so they can continue the lockdown and continue to destroy the US economy to get people to vote against Trump or just seize control of the government and to get their lost black voters back in the flock. It is the same thing they used COVID 19 to do and it is just a different crisis they also manufactured.

"Hey, if the first crisis you caused didn't get the job done, then cause another crisis."

The US Military is now on standby. It just got real.

Some ignorant people are saying the US Military can't legally do anything because they are not permitted to enforce the law but 1) they can when the states fail to do the job and need help (it is called the state has a national emergency that can be called by either the governor of that state or the president) and 2) this is not just enforcing the law but is stopping a coup and the US Military is sworn to protect the nation, the people, and the US Constitution from BOTH external and INTERNAL threats and a coup is an internal threat. The US Military can intervene in this coup but they prefer to wait until it is absolutely necessary because the people need help in stopping the coup. It is looking like it may soon be absolutely necessary.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because we need it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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