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Founding Fathers

Why are they tearing down the statues of the Founding Fathers?

They intend to use the excuse that the writers of the US Constitution had slaves so it "justifies" the lefties suspending the US Constitution and enforcing Sharia Law, which allows slavery.

Keep an eye on this.

College Professors

When you see the insanity that our lefty college professors have taught our young people, do you believe me that the lefty college professors are a huge part of the problem and need to be gotten rid of?


I got this from Variety via CenturyLink by Pat Saperstein:

"Steve Bing, a producer, philanthropist and screenwriter, has died by suicide in Los Angeles. He was 55."

My first thought was, "What did he know that got him suicided?" Did you know that he knew the Clintons? Have you noticed that it is almost always the lefties who are "committing suicide" and rarely the conservatives?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Maybe they should learn from the others before them and stop drinking the lefty Kool-Aid?

All lefty upper class trash should stay away from tall buildings because they keep stepping out of them or committing suicide with a couple of bullets to the back of the head.

Remember that I have been telling you lefties that the upper class trash will snuff your butts when they no longer need you?

I know that to be true because I have been watching it happen for more than half a century. The lefty upper class trash just keep murdering off their stooges and greed keeps providing them with more stooges to murder off and the stooges never learn.

So, when do you think Jimmy Kimmel is going to commit suicide by either stepping out of a tall building or with a couple of bullets to the back of his head?

Have you noticed that increasing numbers of rich lefty stooges are dying from COVID 19? I guess it is cheaper than two bullets to the back of the head?

Kimmy Boy

Have you noticed that Kimmy Boy is acting up again, causing more trouble for everyone?

I have two words for that jerk; "cruise missile", you know, at 2 am through his bedroom window. Yep, that will stop that crap.

Hey, he can be the first to commit suicide with a cruise missile.

Commierat Crisis

I have been waiting for this. When I was in LA, I paid attention and noticed that the greatest racial tension wasn't between blacks and whites but between blacks and Asians. The second greatest racial tension was between blacks and Latinos with there being significant gang warfare between them. Only the third greatest racial tension was between blacks and whites.

I have been waiting for racial warfare to break out between the blacks and Latinos over who gets the favorite seat at dinner for the DNC, especially since the Latinos took that honor briefly a while back but now the blacks have taken it back, especially with so many blacks changing to the GOP. You know that the left changing favorites has ticked off both sides and turned them against each other.

I got this from The Grio by Blue Telusma:

"Latino leaders in Chicago are calling for a truce after it was reported that Black residents were being attacked in some Latino neighborhoods by local gang members who've allegedly offered to help police deter protestors.

Sunday, four Black women and a child were reportedly driving through the Little Village area when their car was struck three times with bat as men stood in the street. In the Facebook video of the incident, another car can be seen burning in the background.

Another witness video shared on Twitter shows Latino men standing at the corner of Kedzie and Cermak with baseball bats as they throwing bricks at cars driving by. Monday evening, yet another Facebook video showed a group of people with bats and metal pipes gathering near the intersection.

'Non-Black, Latinx gangs [are] armed with bats, machetes,' said Luz Chavez, who shot the footage. 'Any car that passes by with Black people in it, they are yelling at it and throwing s-.'

'Someone just got shot,' Chavez continued, as dozens of people rush down the block. 'Now there's a bunch of armed people there.'"

Read: "You ain't burning down our side of town."

People, this is open gang warfare between Latinos and blacks caused by the left. This is not only going to divide the Commierat Party even more but will eventually turn against the left because, sooner or later, the left will have to choose sides.

I also saw a video about a white woman being beat by blacks because she stopped to go into a convenience store in a black neighborhood with the man beating her telling her repeatedly that she was "in the wrong hood."

The lefties are turning the medium to large cities into small racist city states where you will be attacked if you enter a city state of a different race. History teaches that it is just a matter of time and these small city states will begin waging wars against each other, invading, robbing, beating, raping, enslaving, and murdering the people in other city states. This is going to get really ugly.

You also have to keep in mind that top black leaders have started calling for blacks to leave the Commierat party and start their own black-only party, you know, they have given up on the white Marxist succeeding at staging their coup. I also expect to see Latinos leave the Commierat Party to form their own party.

This is getting interesting.

BTW, the lefties "giving blacks special treatment or spaces just for blacks" is the lefties sucker punching the blacks into segregating themselves so the racist lefties don't have to do it. Most of the blacks have not figured it out yet but the lefties are preparing to eradicate the blacks, you know, the depopulate the planet thingy.

Arctic Circle

The government funded (read deep state) "scientists", who will say anything they are paid to say, are saying that the Arctic Circle is having an unprecedented heat wave with temperatures of 100+ degrees F. You know, ye ole global warming thingy.

Really? Let me get this straight. They are having a super hot heat wave at the top of the planet where they get much less direct sunlight than here in the US with most of the sunlight being filtered through the atmosphere at an angle or reflected back into space and that little bit of sunlight is causing temperatures of 100+ degrees F when I am thousands of miles closer to the equator in a high altitude desert with many times more direct and less filtered sunlight with temperatures in the 90 to 100 degree range and I am supposed to believe that crap because dey said so?

Why am I not believing this fear mongering crap? Because science says they are liars and it cannot be true?

Do you understand why we used to call these people academic whores who prostitute their college degrees?

A good rule of thumb for whether you should believe what "scientists" say is "who is paying their salary?" If the lefty government is paying their salary, take everything they say with a super tanker full of salt because it is probably a lie.

Why do you think I write expert as x-spurt? It is sarcasm.

I get so tired of the blatantly obvious lefty lies.


I have been reading from doctors that masks cause a CO2 build up in your lungs and blood and even told you about it.

I just saw a lefty troll, who has never even studied biology, post on FB where he "proved" that isn't true with an oxygen blood level monitor and then told us to not post a video by someone who used an oxygen blood level monitor to prove it is true, saying that the other person isn't qualified to use an oxygen blood level monitor that you just clip on your finger.

But he is? Really?

I see so much crap being put out by the left and it is all lies.

One thing I am seeing about wearing masks is that some twits are continuing to wear them for virtue signaling. By wearing the masks, they are saying, "Oh look at me, how wonderful I am wearing a mask to protect you from me."

Listen, if you are infected, that mask is not going to protect me one bit because you are going to have the virus all over you. The only way you can be infected and protect me is to quarantine yourself at home until you are no longer contagious.

This is nothing more than ignorant people going around impressing each other about how wonderful they are for protecting the rest of us from them, when it couldn't possibly work and they would still infect everyone they met.

We have become a nation of idiots.

Food For Thought

Remember that I told you that there are no term limits for being vice president and Obama could be vice president as many times as he wants and, if something happens to the president, he can legally become president again?

Obama has two very good options with this. First, as brain dead as Biden is and, if Obama was his VP, Obama could easily use Biden as his front man to literally run the nation for 8 more years. All Obama would have to do is have brain dead Biden sign off on everything Obama brings Biden, you know, be the American Wizard of Oz hiding behind his Biden curtain.

The other option would be for Obama to snuff Biden, become president, finish the lefty coup, and become our glorious dictator-in-chief for life.

Keep an eye on this. You know that Obama and his people have thought about these options and the stupid people would support Obama in doing these things.

Food For Thought 2

Everyone keeps talking about whether we will have a war because they are thinking about it involving set battles between opposing armies in wheat and corn fields like the first Civil War.

This war will not be fought with set battle by opposing uniformed armies in farm fields but is already being fought with guerilla warfare in our cities.

Get this: The Vietnam commies fought a guerilla war, attacking cities, killing cops, and attacking the media to overthrow the Republic of Vietnam. The US commies are fighting a guerilla war, attacking cities, killing cops, and attacking the media to overthrow the Republic of the United States of America. Gee, what a coincidence.

This war started in 2012 just like God told me it would when, with the encouragement and support of Obama, they formed BLM and burned Boston, you know, similar to the Boston Tea Party but, at the Tea Party, they didn't burn businesses. Since then, the lefty commies have been waging a guerilla war against the people and US Government without the people even realizing it because the lefty media have been covering for them by calling these attacks "peaceful demonstrations" even though they are not peaceful.

Get a clue, these are not protests or riots, they are guerilla warfare attacks against the people, our businesses, and our nation. This war has been going on for 8 years without most people realizing it because they don't understand guerilla warfare.

What our commies are doing right now is very similar to what the Vietnam commies did during the Vietnam War for the same reasons, to overthrow a republic and set up a communist dictatorship.

Don't believe me?

Just keep watching and think Vietnam.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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